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Sick List News

From the Cleveland Advertiser:
Cholera in Cleveland - Again it is our painful duty to refer to the violence of the Cholera in Cleveland.  Within the 48 yours ending on Friday, the following individuals have been interred int he village graveyard, who have died of cholera:  Matthew williamson, Capt. Lee, Capt. Chauncy Warner, Residents of Cleveland.  
John Gaze, Robt. Williamson, JOhn Craig, Isaac Ryan, Bridget Comfort, Horace Burneit, ___ Peckham, painter.  Abraham Tapyke (?), residence not known.
Patrick Cayton, residence  somewhere either in Fairfield or Berry counties, Ohio.  Besides these there has been one or two deaths, whose names are unknown.  Such a sudden destruction of human life as is here recorded, is indeed frightful.  From whence originated the cause of the mortality no human mind attempts to define.  All that is known of its approach is, that the cholera came borne on the same blast, as it were, with what is usually termed the equinoctial storm, and with its cessation passed away.  No deaths or new cases, as we can learn, have occurred since the weather has become settled and we trust in Heaven, that we may never again have occasion to record a like mortality, as the one that has so recently made its appearance and exit.  [Huron Reflector (Norwalk, OH) 9 Oct 1832, tr by KT]

Contagious Diseases

Scarlet fever - 1115 Superior, 150 University
Typhoid fever - 1038 Superior, 19 Catawba
[Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer; 11 Jul 1890]

CLEVELAND, Sept. 28 - Senator Kyle, who is stillat his apartment at the Forest City House recovering from his recent illness, expected to be able to leave forhis home to-day, but upon examination it was found that a blood clot had formed at the base of the brain, and hisphysician advised him to remain quiet for a while longer. The clot, while not in the least alarming, might maketrouble if the senator excited himself, and as there is no reason for his immediate departure, he has decided toremain here until the blood has absorbed. He is to all appearances, about as well as ever, although his attendantsstill insist upon his remaining quiet, and visits are required to be few and brief. ["IndianaJournal", October 5, 1898 - BA - Sub by BA]

Cleveland - Edward Mickovsky, 15, was believeddying here Saturday night from shock and loss of blood following loss of a hand and other Injuries about the faceand body, received in a dynamite explosion. A stick of dynamite handled by the boy exploded in a shed in the rearof his home. [Lima News, Jan 11, 1920 - Submitted by LD]

Word has been received from Cleveland, Ohio, of a serious accident which happened to Mr. George A. Myers, a well-known leader and business man of that city. He suffered a break of both legs, one in two places, between the knee and the ankle, and  the other at the ankle, besides bruising and otherwise injuring himself. He fell down the elevator shaft at the residence of Mr. Southworth, on Euclid avenue, from the second floor to the basement. He is doing as well as could be expected under the circumstances. The Colored American (Washington, D.C.) October 29, 1904, page 3

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Subotnikwere in a serious condition in a hospital here Monday, following an attempt by thewoman to burn herself to death and her husband 's actions in beating out the flames. Police said the woman setfire to her clothing following a quarrel with her husband. Subotnik said he heard his wife screaming and ran tothe basement where he found her enveloped in flames. He managed to put out the fire, but was himself badly burned.They have five children. Mrs. Subotnik is 29. (Lima News Jan 5, 1920 - Submittedby LD)



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