Darke County, Ohio
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Pioneers and Early Settlers

(These excerpts were taken from "History of Darke County, O." by W.H. Beers Co.. pub. 1880)
and were originally published in the Ohio quarterly "The Cross Road of Our Nation" Vol. XIV October-December 1973

Retranscribed and Contributed to Genealogy Trails by Friends for Free Genealogy

ALLEN, WILLIAM b Butler Co., 0. 8-13-1827, son of John born in Ireland, to N.Y. in 1812, to Butler Co., in 1818 and here in 1838. William married in 1851 to Priscilla Wallace whose father was here in 1834. They had 4 sons and 4 daus. William was a lawyer, jurist and statesman. His son Matthew b 9-17-1848.

ALBRIGHT, SIMPSON b Anderson Co., E. Tenn. on 1804, son of Philip & Chriatena, natives of N.C. who came to Preble Co. in 1814 and here in 1834. Simpson married Mary Snoderly in 1828, dau, of Henry & Mary Snoderly. Simpson & Mary had 12 ch. Johnson, Henry, Henderson,Daniel, Philip, Wm., Adam, Catherine, Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary & Martha. Members of U. B. Church in Christ.

BRINEY, CHRISTOPHER born 1-2-1811 in Warren Co., O., son of Adam & Euphemy Briney to Ohio early from Pa.; to this county in 1835. Christopher married in 1835 to Mary Mills, dau. of John V. fc Elizabeth Milla. She was b in Pa. in 1816 and here with her parents when an infant. They had 14 ch. Ellen, Emeline, Adam, Silas, Herod & Israel twins, Mary & Joseph living about 1880.

ARNOLD, GEORGE was son of Moses Arnold,, a native of N. & S. Caroline. Moses was a brother of William (above). George was born in S.C. in 1800. Moses married Rachel Lynch and came to this county in 1816. George came here with brother Aaron and David and sister Lydia who later married James Townsend. George married in 1820 to Mary Dines, b in KY. in 1800, dau. of Chambers & Millie (Cole) Dines. George & Mary had: Amelia (married M.Floyd-res. Ks.), Lydia (married H. Houkrea. Mo.), Rachel (married J. Shiverdecker), Mary (married S.Schlechty), John C. b 1826 , married in 1847 Mary Shepherd, dau. of Wm. & Mary (Heath)Shepard. had 9 ch.

ARNOLD, GEORGE came from Penna. and settled on Fetter's Run in Pleasant Twp., in 1801. He was the father of Daniel, Henry, Jacob and George. Daniel was the first tanner here. He was the father of Mrs Elizabeth Sherrick. The first deaths here were that of Katy Ditto in 1806 and that of the father of Jacob, Coonrod and Philip Fetters about the year 1808.

ARNOLD, NOAH was son of William b in S.C. and came to this county in 1816. Noah was born in Warren Co., 0. Feb.2, 1816, 6 weeks before his parents came here. Noah married in 1839 to Emily Stingley, dau. of George & Barbara Stingley early settlers here. Emily died in 1848. They had Isaac, Effie, Mary,George. Noah married 2nd Martha (Larimore-Banfield) Bierly, dau. of Hugh & Nancy (Martin) Larimore, who came here in 1817. Martha married 1st John Banfield who was killed by falling tree. Noah & Martha had dau. Margaret (married W.McCool).

BECHTOLT, SAMUEL b Miami Co., O., 1819; when an infant to Warren Co., O. with parents. He came here in 1849; married Eleanor Vannote. Had Mary, Geo., Jos., & Cath.

BISHOP, WILLIAM F. born in N.J. , 4-27-1800, son of Frazee Bishop of N.J. born in 1775, and married there in 1797 to Elizabeth Lamb. William F. in Butler Co., O. at age of 5 years, came to this county in 1842. In 1825 he married Maria Bogus born in Ky. 12-6-1805. They had 10 ch. Their son Thompson L. b 11-8-1829, married Cynthia A. Dunham of Warren Co., O. in 1856 and had 3 ch.

BRANDON, ALEX. B. born in this county, 12-14-1820, son of James R. born in W. Va., 4-14-1792 and wife Anna Hole born Butler Co., 0., 1-22-1798, dau. of Zachariah Hole who came here in 1818. Anna died in 1857 and James in 1876. James Brandon and his sister Elizabeth also came in 1818. Alex, married Anna Shaffer in 1846, dau, of John Shaffer. She was born Bedford Co., Pa. 4-30-1626. They had 10 ch.

BRYSON, JOSEPH born 11-30-1821, son of James an early pioneer here from Bedford Co., Pa. in 1817. James was born near Hagerstown, married. 5-21-1786 and died here 1863. He married in 1817 Mrs Rachel (Creviston) Rush who was born 3-3-1784 and died 1855, and was here in 1810. Her 1st husband was Henry Rush and they had a son Lemuel Rush. James & Rachel had: Morris, Mary, Joseph, Rachel, Eliza and James. Henry Rush died in campaign of Harrison and his brother Andrew killed by Indians in 1812. Joseph son of James & Rachel born 1786, married Mary A. Cole and had 10 ch.

CALDERWOOD, ANDREW ROBESON born in Montgomery Co., O., 9-14-1818, son of George & Margaret (Robeson) Calderwood, natives of Hunterdon Co., Pa., married in 1811, to Ohio 1817, here 1832. He died in 1849 and she in 1873. George was of Scotch parents and wife of Scotch, Irish,Welsh. Andrew an attorney served in C. War.

CALDERWOOD, G.M. born here 1849, son of J.R. & Jamima (Otwell) Calderwood. J.R. born in Montgomery Co., O., 11-6-1821. G.M. married in 1872 Isabella Reed. Had 3 ch.

CALKINS, CHARLES born 2-11-1827, Bradford Co., Pa., son of Moses, married Elizabeth Stamm a native of Pa. and had 4 ch.: Luella, Harriet & Henry twins, George.

CALKINS, HENRY, bro. of Charles born Bradford Co., Pa., son of Moses & Eveline (Broffett) Calkins. Moses born Bradford Co.,Pa. 4-6-1797. His father one of first settlers in the county in 1790, was the father of 5 sons and 4 daus. Moses & Eveline had 6 ch. Charles born 1827, Edward, Alfred, Emma (Northup) and one other. The grandmother of Eveline was a Gore whose husband was killed in the Wyoming massacre. Her dau. Rebecca born 1774, married in 1794 to James Broffett, and their 5 ch. were early settlers here. Henry married in 1862 Harriet McClure of Peru, Ind. and had 6 ch. of whom 3 died early.

CHENOWETH, CHARLES W. born Md. in 1838, here with parents who later removed to Randolph Co., Ind. He married in 1853 Minerva J. Harrison and had 7 ch. She died in 1878. In 1879 he married Mary A. Felton. He was member of Christian Church.

CHENOWETH, THOMAS F. came here from Franklin Co., 0. in 1818. His son L.E. an attorney was born here 12-3-1840, married Effie Arnold, dau. of Noah Arnold, had 2 ch.

CHERRY, THOMAS here in Walnut Twp., in 1810. Already here were: Wm. BANE, Samuel CRAWFORD, Andrew CRAGER, Jas. HOLMES, Wm. BOWMAN, Wm. MURPHY, Mathias MILLER, Wm. PUGH, and Henry EVERSOLE. Soon came: Abel WILLIAMS, Peter HAUER and David KELLER. The first death was that of Samuel CRAWFORD, and soon after that of Andrew CRAGER. Early marriages were Lydia Cherry married Robert WHITE and Jane Cherry married Robert McARTHUR. The father of Thomas died in 186 3 and his mother two years before. The parents of Thomas had: John, Nathaniel, William, James, Lydia, Jane, Betsy, Rosanna and Mary all of this area.

CLOYD, JAMES b in Va. in 1780, served in War of 1812. He was one of the first settlers here. At close of the war he married Elizabeth Norftsinger, dau. of Andrew Norftsinger one of first settlers here before War of 1812 and erected a blockhouse. He married here and had 7 ch. He died 1872 and his wife in 1875. Their son Gordon born 1822, married in 1846 to Julia A. Woodmansee of Butler Co. 4 ch.

COLE, SAMUEL,Sr. a native of Sussex Co., N.J. , one of first settlers here. He had son Samuel Cole, Jr. who married Elizabeth Cox and had 11 ch. Their son Henry M. born here in 1845 was an attorney. Their son William b 1849, married Clarissa Alexander and had 5 ch. She was dau. of Samuel & Elizabeth(Roberts).

COURTRIGHT, ABRAHAM came to the Greencastle area about 1802 and died there about year 1825. His 3 sons settled in the same area, namely John, Jesse & Abraham. Abraham married Miss McFarland, dau. of William McFarland who came here in 1799. William had 2 sons John & Walter. John was the father of Wm., Robert & Walter, and Walter was the father of John McFarland of Greenfield.

CRAIG, DAVID born in Montgomery Co., O., 10-5-1804, son of John Craig a native of Va., who went first to Ky. then to Montgomery Co., O. where he died in 1812. David and twin brother came to this county in 1816. He married in 1834 Ruhannah Shanon born in Cumberland Co., Pa. 2-17-1816, here with parents in 1832. They had Elizabeth, James, Thomas, Marietta, Martha, Phoebe and David E.

CROOK, EPHRIAM came early to Berne Twp. Later in 1805 came his son William. Six other sons came earlier. William served in War of 1812 as Major and Colonel. He died here in 1855. His wife died in 1813. Neighbors were: Thomas STONE, the CARPENTERS: Emanuel,Sr., David, Wm., Israel, Emanuel,Jr., John (father of Mrs John Pearce); John & Jacob VANMETER; Jas. PEARCE; Jacob & Abraham REAM. Sampson, Wm., Absalom, Abram & George, sons of Abraham REAM. Jacob Ream had 2 sons-Philip & Jacob. Also here early: Peter STURGEON, Abram WALKER, Nicholas CRAWFISH, Jas.MUMFORD the father of Thomas JACKSON,Esq., and father of Jos. & Samuel STUCKY. The first mill was built by the father of Jacob, George & Henry ECKERT and also KUNTZ £ SHELLENBARGER mills.

CHRISTIAN CRUMLY came from Penna. about 1802 to Bloom Twp. Other early settlers were Abram Haines; Daniel Hay, father of Isaac; Mr. Needles father of J.B.;and Adam Snyder. Neighbors were: Courtrights, Glicks, Ritters, Brights, Clarks, Alspaughs, Solts,Rolers, Lambs, Swartzs, Thrashs, Bennadums, Bogarts, Moreharts, Crites, Homrighouses, Scotts, Bovings, Fellows, Leaphart,Gordon, Crowleys, Donaldsons, Hesmores.

CULBERTSON, SAMUEL of Pa., born in June 1801, here early with his family. He had married Rebecca Westfall in 1823 and had: Orrin, Mary, T.W., Elizabeth & James. He died 1837 and his wife in 1853. Son T.W. b 10-25-1828, married Elizabeth Harper in 1857. She was dau. of Wm. S. Harper of Pa., here early. They had 7 ch.

DENICE, JOHN S. born in N.J., 3-25-1803, came here when quite young. He married in Warren Co., O. in 1824 to Margaret M. Clark b in Warren Co., 8-15-1804 and had 10 ch. Their oldest son Aaron was born in Butler Co., 0., 1-16-1825.

DEVOR, JOHN born in Pa., here in 1808 and laid out town of Greenville in 1810. In 1816 moved his family here from Montgomery Co., O. He was a surveyor. His son James was born in 1795 near Maysville, Ky. while on way here from Pa. He held county offices. He married Patience Dean, dau. of Aaron Dean one of early settlers here. They married in 1828 and had 10 ch. James died in 1855. Their son John born here in 1831, married Elizabeth Travis, dau. of John Travis of Butler Co.,O Elijah, son of James born here 10-16-1849, married Emily Webb, dau. of H.A. Webb.

DOWNING, JOHN married Margaret Faris, both of Irish descent, here from S.C. in 1818. Their son Jason born 4-14-1811 in Chester Co., S.C, married 1841 to Rebecca Beard, dau. of John & Jane Beard and had 8 ch.: Robert, Samuel, Margaret, Sarah (Armacost), George W. & Fanny(Armacost).

DOWNING, JOHN E. born in S.C. came with parents to this county when a boy, Sarah M.(Morrison-Brawley) Downing born in Preble Co., O. came here with her husband in 1833. She had 9 ch. by her 1st husband John Brawley and 9 by her 2nd husband John E. Downing. Their son James L. b 2-20-1852.

FISHBAUGH, MORDECAI came here from Baltimore Co., married., in 1812 to Violet Twp. His 2 brothers, Acquilla & Henry also here. Henry died two years later. Mordecai married in 1816 Isbella McDONALD, and had 3 sons and 5 daus. Two early mills were built by Jacob NEPPER and Solomon BARTS. Neighbors were Michael KRANER, Alex. DONALD, Philip EBRIGHT, Andrew PECK, Jas. BIGHT, Edw. RICKETS, Geo. FENSTERMAKER, Henry HUNTWORK, John BOWSER, Frederick SHOWERS, Jacob GROWLEY, John CHANEY & Thomas HOMES. Many were in War of 1812.

FLEMING, AARON born in Butler Co., O. in 1803, here with his parents in 1816. He married in 1831 Rachel Arnold born Warren Co., O. in 1810. Had James,Henry & Wm.

FOSTER, M.A. born 5-7-1791, Providence, R. Is. came to Lancaster in 1810.

FUNK, ISAAC born in Adams Co., Pa. 12-28-1810, son of Jacob born there in Jan.1779. The father of Jacob was Daniel Funk born in Lancaster or York Co., Pa. They were descendants of Martin Funk who emigrated with brothers from Holland in the beginning of 17th century. Isaac came to this county in 1835. He married in 1834 to Eliza A. Deardorff b Warren Co., 0., 9-29-1818 and died 1879. They had: Elizabeth, Daniel, Allen W., Wm. P., Ancil, Mary, Charles & Laura.

GARD, DR. ISAAC NEWTON native of Butler Co., O. born 3-20-1811, son of Stephen & Rachel(Pearce) Gard, both natives of N.J. who came early to Ohio. Stephen was a Baptist minister and organized many churches. Rachel died in Butler Co., in 1816, aged 36 years and Rev. Stephen died 1839. Dr. Isaac married in 1835 to Lucy Todd born in Ky., 3-20-1816. They had: Hentietta, Charles, Catherine, Mary & Stephen. Dr. Isaac held many government positions.

GARVER, L.C. born Washington Co., married.,10-21-1842, to this county in 1852 where his father, Isaac Garver was killed by falling timbers in 1854. L.C. married in 1865 Charlotte Warvel, b here 12-13-1847. They had 4 ch.

GILBERT, BENJAMIN F. born Miami Co., O., 3-11-1838, son of Benj. & Jane(Lutz) Gilbert. He came with parents to this county in 1840. Benj. F. married in 1866 to Hulda Grissom b 1-25-1848 and had 4 ch.

GILBERT, LEVI born Lebanon Co., Pa., 9-26-1806, son of James who was born in Md.and taken to Pa. by his parents where he married Mollie Reeser in Lebanon Co. where they spent their lives. He died in 1814 and she in 1816. They had 6 ch. Sons Levi and Benjamin to Darke County and Joseph to Montgomery Co. Levi married in 1829 to Mariah Spires born in Lancaster Co., Pa. 7-13-1808 and came to Miami Co., in 1837. They had Henry, Levi S., Frances (Merrick), Mollie (Holman), Elizabeth (Beck), Elmira (Flomerfield). Son Henry born Lancaster Co.,,Pa. 10-23-1830; married in 1859 to Nancy Hill born Miami Co., in 1839, who soon died and he married 2nd Mary E. Harry born Dayton, O. 1843. They had 7 ch. Levi S. born Lancaster Co., Pa., 9-13-1835, son of Levi & Mariah to this county in 1842. He married Rosana_? dau. of Mathias & Arnstena, in Montgomery Co., in 1840. Had 5 ch.

GILBERT, SOLOMON born 1818 and wife Sarah born 1819, natives of Md., removed to Montgomery Co., O. in 1847. They has son Silas born Frederick Co., Md. 11-20-1845. He married Frances Resler in 1866, dau. of John & Sarah Resler from Va. in 1845 to Montgomery Co., O. John d 1847 and Sarah 1858 in Muncie, Ind. Solomon had 7 ch.

HAHN, AARON born 3-26-1816, Mahoning Co., O., son of Samuel & Hannah(Pauline) Hahn, natives of married. Samuel born ca 1791 and Hannah in 1795. They came to this county, Franklin Twp. in 1831. Aaron married in 1839 Mary Reck and had 5 ch. Mary died in 1853 and he married 2nd Catherine Feeser b Frederick Co., married. 7-7-1834, and had 10 ch. Members of M.E. Church.- AMOS HAHN son of Samuel & Hannah was born 2-1-1818 in Columbiana Co., O-; married in 1843 Catherine Finfrock, dau. of Peter & Mary Finfrock, natives of Pa. They had Clement, Luella & Albert.

HALL, JOHN W. born here 5-4-1834, son of James Hall who came from S.C. to Miami County, then to this county, among early settlers. John W. married Frances D. Carnahan in 1854. They had 8 ch.: Jas., Isaac, Sarah, Elias, Adela M. Charles C., Julia E. & Rollie S.

HARMON, FREDERICK came to Violet Twp., from Westmoreland Co., Penna. in 1800 and settled 5 miles east of Lancaster. With him came 7 families: Lewis & Christ BONSEY, George HENRY, John MILLER, Jacob FOX & Debolt MACKLIN. In 1815 son George m Sarah CRAMER whose parents lived here. They had 6 sons and 2 daus. George was the oldest son of Frederick and was in War of 1812.

HART, ELIAS born Warren Co., O., 9-30-1830, son of George W. & Rachel, natives of N.J., later to Warren Co., 0. George d in Hamilton Co., O. 1840, age abt. 43 years and Rachel died in this county aged 70 years. Elias married in 1855 Ann Baker, dau. of Michael & Elizabeth, of Montgomery Co.,O. They had 5 ch.

HART, MANNING F. born Hampshire Co., W.Va., 4-7-1821, son of Dr. Wm. Hart of Berks Co., Pa., who married in Pa. Elizabeth Pettit-here early in 1839 with 3 sons and 3 daus. , to Greenville in 1846. Manning married 1st in 1844 Mary Hoover and had 3 ch. She died in 1849 and he married 2nd in 1850 Rebecca A. Knopp born in Miami Co.

HARTER, DAVID son of Francis Harter among first settlers in Butler Twp.natives of Va. David & Sarah had son Elias b here in 1821, who married Gertrude Biddle born in N.J. in 1826, dau. of Wm. Biddle of N.J., an early settler here. Gertrude & Elias had Geo., John, Wm., Milroy, Charles, Sarah, Gertrude,Allie.

HARTER, ELAM, gr-son of Francis and son of Solomon, served in C. War. He married in 1853 to Christina Ray, b in Butler Twp., 5-20-1834; had 2 ch.

HARTER, SOLOMON born in Va. 2-3-1808, son of Francis who brought him to this County at: age of 8 years. In 1830 he married Margaret Ullum born 8-15-1808. 5 ch. Aaron, son of Solomon born in Butler Twp., 11-15-1829; married 1851 to Susan Boyer, born Preble Co., O., 11-8-1832. Had sons William & Alvin.

HARTMAN, ROBERT S. born Clermont Co., O., 12-2-1824, son of Samuel b Middlesex Co., N.J., 3-19-1790. Samuel to Ky..with parents in 1795 and in 1801 to Clermont Co., O. The 1st wife of Samuel was Sarah Dunham who died in Brown Co., O.in 1841 leaving 8 ch. Robert S. came to this county in 1856. He married in 1849 Abigail Jones who died in 1860, leaving son Franklin. He married 2nd in 1862 Mary E. Marsh dau. of Wm. Marsh here in 1853. They had: Wm. T., Nancy,Robert & Geo. The grandmother of Samuel Hartman was Ann Hutchinson b 3-16-1700 (old style) and the mother of Wm. Hutchinson whose dau. Mary married Christopher Hartman in 1777. Wm. Hutchinson was born 12-13-1724 and Catherine Vohn his wife b 5-17-1831 and they had: Mary, Wm., Hannah, Robert, Sylvester, Aaron, Ezekiel, Ann & Catherine. The father of Samuel Hartman was Christopher Hartman born 5-6-1750 who married Mary Hutchinson b 3-24-1755 and had: Wm., Isaac, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Katharine, Samuel, Fanny, & Rachel. Samuel married 2nd in 1844, Mrs Elizabeth (Huntington) Browning and had: Sarah, Jane, Emily & Nancy.

HUFFER, SAMUEL b married., 9-24-1799, son of Jacob & Bariara (Bechtel) Huffer, here in 1838. He d in 1873 and wife Catherine in 1879. Had 7 ch. Dau. Magdalena b 1844, married Jonathan Hart and dau. Elizabeth married Ambrose Green.

IRIC, JOHN of Berne Twp., was the son of Jacob who came from Maryland in 1805 and settled 2 miles south of Lancaster where he died in 1859. John married Miss Hensel, a dau. of Michael Hensel who came here in 1804 and settled on Rush Creek. One of Michael's daus. married John U. Geisy and 2 of the daus. married brothers, Wm. & George Crook. Neighbors were: Gen. David Reece, Martin Baker, Mr. Pannebaker and the Carpenters and shellenbakers. In 1820 Nelsy Robinson married Lawrence Beck. In 1812 Henry Shellenberger & the father of Sampson and George Ream died.

JACKSON, WILLIAM, father of Thomas came from Frederick Co., Maryland to this county in 1805 with 2 sons and 2 daus. Dau. Polly married Joseph SHEETS. Neighbors were: The father of Jacob, John & George BROOKS; David & Wm. CARPENTER; Samuel CARPENTER; Peter GrrcnY.and Mr. RETOOLDP.

JOHN, JACOB B. born Franklin Co., Pa., 5-7-1789 and married Eleanor Phillips of the same county. In 1810 they moved to Montgomery Co., O. He served in the War of 1812. They removed to Darke County in 1837 to Richland Twp. Eleanor John, mother of Jacob B. was one of 8 ch. of Rev. Joseph Powell (Baptist) of Bedford Co., Pa. and married David John in 1785 and had 13 ch. David was of Little Cove Franklin Co., Pa. They came to Montgomery Co., O. in 1810-and David died in 1812. Jacob & Eleanor had Jesse B. b Montgomery Co., O., 3-2-1833; married Abbie Kaylor in 1860. She was born in Logan Co., O., 4-29-1835, dau. of Reuben Kaylor born 10-31-1805 in Rockingham Co., Va. and wife Elizabeth Warvel born 6-19-1807 and died 1876 in Bellefontaine, O. Jesse & Abbie had Bowen, Lizzie & Willie B.

KARN, JOHN son of Henry & Susan(Good) Karn. Henry was a native of Pa. and came to Ohio when a youth. Susan was a native of Va. They were married in Butler Co., O. but soon came to Butler Twp., this county. Henry was brother-in-law of Rev. Voght, pastor of Timothy's Reformed Church. Their son John married in 1846 to Susan Bobenmoyer, dau. of Frederick & Christena Bobenmoyer. Had son Wm. Henry.

KETRING, DAVID born Fairfield Co., O. in 1808, came to this county, German Twp., with his parents in 1818. His father from Germany and his mother from Pa. He married in 1830, Martha Brant of Preble County but later made her home in this county with Jonathan Pearsons. They had 9 ch.

LANDIS, MARTIN,Sr. moved to Madison Twp., in 1799 where he died in 1814. He had 2 sons and 4 daus.: Mary married Wm. GUY> Katy married Isaac WOLFE; and Sarah married Emanuel DUNIC; Nancy did not marry. Son Martin,and a son who died young.

LECKLIDER, JACOB C. a native of Middletown, Frederick Co., married. was born 4-12-1802, son of Lewis & Catherine; to Ohio when he was quite young. He married a Miss Willey who died in 1836 leaving 2 ch. He married 3nd Nancy Eshleman born in Pa. He had married 1st in 1825 Charlotta Creager who died in a few years. He married Catherine Willey in 1833 who died in a few years and married Nancy in 1835. He had 12 ch. Their son Charles born 1842, married in 1874 Martha Hershey from Pa. Their son W.C. born 2-13-1834, married in 1855 Margaret Riffle born here 3-4-1834 and had 7 ch.

LYNCH, DR. ELIJAH born Warren Co., O., 9-25-1809, son of Isaiah & Charity(Hasket) Lynch who came from S.C. in 1805 and settled in Warren Co. Mr. Lynch was of Welsh descent and was born in S.C. in 1769 and settled in Warren Co. in 1814. Charity was of English descent and born in S.C. in 1799 and died in Butler Co. in 1848. Dr. Elijah married in 1832 to Mary O'Brien born in Vt. in 5-15-1811. Had 8 ch.: Rebecca married Dr. Woods; William a doctor; Isaac a jeweler; Mary & Ida; Sarah died aged 19; Charles died leaving a widow and 3 ch.; Thomas d aged 11 years.

MARK, JOHN born in Adams Co., Pa., son of Peter Mark a native of Pa. who lived and died there. John married in Pa. in 1830, Mary Wirtz. They came to Darke Co., O. in 1834. Mary d 7-1-1842 and b 3-2-1807. She and her father d same night and same hour. John married 2nd Catherine B. Zumbum b 7-28-1816. Her father was a native of married. and died at age of 44 years. John had 19 ch. and 14 by 2nd wife.

MARTIN, ROBERT of Greenville, was born in Youngstown, O., 7-23-1804, son of Wm. Martin born in Pa. where he married to Sarah Larintore and came herein Mar. 1816. Sarah died in July 1816. Wm. died in 1864. He married 2nd in 1828 to Dorcas Boyd, born Warren Co., O. 7-21-1807 and came here with her parents when 6 mos. old. Robert & Dorcas had: Ira, Martha, Sarah died 1834, Minerva, Emily.Nancy, William & Sarah twins, Hettie, Eliza, Robert & Mary. His wife Dorcas died 1877. Son Robert married in 1873 Florance A. Judy born Greene Co., O., 12-7-1853. Had 2 ch.William son of Wm. & Dorcas b Trumbull Co., O.. 12-25-1812: here with his parents in 1817 and married 1st Sarbara Adney, a native of Gallia Co., O., who died.in 1846 leaving 5 ch. He married 2nd Mary M. Slaughter in 1848 and had 8 ch. John Holmes Martin born in Trumbull Co., O. 6-19-1810, son of William who was born in Ireland and came to Maryland with his parents when an infant, then to Pa. when he was 15 years old, to Ohio in 1801 and to this county from Butler Co. in 1819. John H. married in 1833 Casandra Cheneweth born in Franklin Co., O. in 1813, She died in 1879. They had: Margaret, Elizabeth, Mary, Wm, Rachel, John & James P. Wm. killed in C. War. Members of Presbyterian Church

MARTIN, SAMUEL born in this county 1-11-1844, son of Sebastian, who came here early from Pa. Samuel married in 1864 to Julia A. Beanblossom, dau. of David, early pioneers here. They had Franklin, Mary & Viola. Martin, John Hershey born in Adams Twp., 11-29-1844, son of Jacob & Maria (Hershey) Martin, here in 1832. John H. married in 1871 Nancy Robinson in Hardin Co.

MATCHETT, WM. HERNDICKSON a physician in Greenville, born Butler Co., O., 3-9-1825, son of Eric & Johanna (Hendrickson) Matchett, natives of Monmouth Co., H.J., to Butler Co., O. in 1820 and here in 1831. Eric died June 1867 and Johanna died in 1839. Wm. H. served in Civil War. He married in 1852 to Eleanor Lindsay, dau. of William of Richmond, Ind. They had 6 ch.

McClure, Ira born Washington Twp., in 1845, son of George, a native of Pa. who came here in 1836. Ira married in 1869 Sarah Skidmore a native of this county. He married 2nd in 1872 Rebecca Musselman and had Benj., Capitola and Henry E.

McClure, David R. born 12-7-1827, Rockbridge Co., Va. became an orphan at age of 9. Came first to Fairfield Co. with bro-in-law W.K. McCabe and in 1844 they came to this county. David married in 1854 to Martha Kyle, dau. of Thomas Kyle born 1809 in Butler Co., O. who married in 1835 Eliza Harcrader and went to Preble Co. David & Martha had Ann E.,Wm,,Cora (Coppock), Luella, Frank.Thodore, Ambrose

MENDENHALL, WM. B. born in Preble Co., 0. 6-22-1820, here in 1840. He married in 1839 to Mary Bailey born in Preble Co. in 1820. They had 8 ch. including: Rebecca (married W.H. Granger), Hannah (married H.T. Martin), Thomas & Aleri B.

MILLER, DANIEL born in Preble Co., O., 11-19-1829, son of George C. & Elizabeth Miller who came here in 1831. Daniel married Rebecca Lawrence dau. of Rile.

MILLER, GEORGE, a native of Pa., here to Harrison Twp., in 1824, first to Warren Co., O. in 1817. He had son George D. born in Warren Co., O. 11-20-1818. George D. married in 1850 Elizabeth Rush, b in this county in 1825. They had 4 ch.

MILLER, ISAAC born in Pa. in 1818, here in 1832, married Mary Ross b in German Twp. in 1820. Had son A.T. b in 1841; married Mary Stines in 1861.

MILLS, JOHN W. born in Greenville, 10-14-1825, grandson of James Mills, a native of N.J.; married Sarah Read, then went to Pa. and in 1802 to Butler Co., O. He was officer of militia in War of 1812. His son Mark T., the father of John W., also took part with him in the seige of Ft. Meigs. Mark was then only 17 years of age. James came to this county in 1816 and died of cholera in 1833 at Ft. Jefferson. Mark married in 1821 to Lydia Burdg, dau. of Anthony & Sarah (Vale) Burdg, early settlers of Neave Twp. and then went to Butler Twp. John W. married in 1848 to Melinda Rush, dau. of John & Elizabeth Rush. Had 3 sons and 1 dau.

MORNINGSTAR, WM H., born Green Co., O., 9-15-1815; to Greenville Twp. in 1832 with his father George Morningstar who died in 1850. Wm. H. married 1st abt. 1848, Elizabeth Wagoner who died in 1869. He married 2nd in 1874 to Frances Zell native of Clinton Co., O. Had John H., Benjamin F. & Alice.

MORRISON, NATHANIEL b in Va., married Catherine Ludy b in married. and settled early in Butler Twp. They had son James N. b 7-28-1834 in Montgomery Co., O. He married in 1857 to Amanda Nyswonger, dau. of Daniel Nyswonger and had 10 children.

MOTE, NOAH the third settler in Monroe Twp. Had son Nelson born here 5-30-1842 who served in Civil War. Nelson married in 1866 Sarah Hansberger, dau. of George & Mary, of Darke Co., O. George born in Va. in 1810 and wife Mary born in Ky. in 1816 and came to Darke Co. in 1823. Members of Christian Church.

MURPHY, EDWARD from Va. in 1799 with his father and brothers and settled one mile west of Rushville. His wife raised many orphans and her own five.

MURPHY, WILLIAM came from Va. about 1800 and settled in what is now near Millersport. With him came his 2 bros., Edward & Benjamin and his father Wm. Murphy. James HOMER settled near. First teacher was John GRIFFITH. First school was in 1824 and second teacher was John GRANTHUM.

NISWONGER, JOHN born Montgomery Co., O.5-28-1815, son of John & Elizabeth who were born in Va. abt.1786 and settled near Dayton, O. in 1807. John died in 1850. They had: John, Eli, Frances (Baker), Elizabeth (Baker), May, George, Rachel, Nellie.

NISWONGER, DAVID born Montgomery Co., O. 5-29-1834, son of George & Elizabeth. George b in Montgomery Co., in 1809 and Elizabeth b in Pa. in 1811. They had: Eli, David, Catherine (Peffly), May(Wanger) & Moses who went to Mich. David married Anna Pebbly, dau. of Jacob & May from Pa. to Montgomery Co., in 1823. Son Eli 8-31-1836 of George & Elizabeth(Warner). Elizabeth b in Pa. in 1811. George & Elizabeth had 10 ch. Eli married Mary Cauffman who was one of 10 ch. Eli & Mary had 8 ch.

NISWONGER, JOHN born here 1-6-1843, son of John (above). He served in C. War. David married in 1867 Elizabeth Oldmine. Her father from Pa.s mother from Va. 6ch.

NYSWONGER, JONATHAN born in Pa., 7-9-1790 and to this county at early date. He married Elizabeth Clark, sister to the mother of J.N. Lowry and was born in Pa. in 1797. Both Jonathan and his father served in War of 1812. They had son John, born in Greene Co., Pa. 10-3-1817. They came to Neave Twp., in 1829 John married in 1843 Susannah Ault, dau. of John Ault a native of Pa. and had: Hiram, Wm. & Elijah went to Calif., Jacobis to Iowa, Rebecca (married Eubank).Alfred,Addie,Susan

PARENT, SAMUEL,SR. a native of New Jersey came to Ohio ca 1814 to Butler Co., O. and 3 years later to this county. He married in Ohio Miss Hackney and had 11 ch. She died in 1861. Son I.D. born here 3-1-1830, married Lucinda Friar and had son Leander. Son Samuel, Jr. born 10-23-1818 married Mary Coble in 1840 and had 5 ch.

PERRY, NATHAN C. and wife Isabella(Buchanan) moved their family from Miami Co. O., in 1838.to Washington Twp., this county. Their son Oliver Clinton born 2-28-1830 was elected Auditor and Deputy Clerk.

PETERS, WESLEY of Hocking Twp. His father came from Baltimore Co., married. in 1812 and in 1817 removed to Clear Creek. He was the father of 9 sons, viz: Henry, Robinson I., Nathan, Wesley, Stephenson, Andrew, Gideon (d 1844), Lewis & Ebenezer. The 4 daus. married as follows: Rachel married Wm. Broomfield, Leah married Broad Cole; Mary married Daniel Walters and Elizabeth married Newton Williamson. Their neighbors in 1817 in Amanda Twp. were Valentine REBER; Joseph HUFFMAN; Jacob RESTLER; Abram MYRES, Geo. DISINGER, Squire Stevens, Squire Wm. HAMILTON, Jacob PRESTLER, Mr. HANAWAY, Jesse HUTCHINS and Mr. HUBFR.

RADIBAUGH, JACOB ZELLER of Greenfield Twp., came from Berks Co., Pa. in 1805. Those who came with him from Penna. were: Benj. BOUCHER, Frederick KLINGER and their families. Neighbors were Mr. WATTS and John ZELLER. An early wedding was that of Mary Cisco and Jas. Phillips and early death was that of small son of Adam SELLERS. Jacob Radibaugh was a Brethren preacher.

RECK, DAVID, was the son of Christian Reck born Littlestown.Pa.; married Srtphia Buker born in Pa. and had 9 ch. Christian died in 1606 and Sophia in 1820. David was born near Gettysburg, Pa., 10-14-1803. He married in Adams Co.,Pa.in 1826, Ann Maria Lightner born in Md.., 7-14-1800; to this county in 1839. They had: Levy, Sophia, Franklin, William, Ann Maria & Amos (born 1841-died 1876). Members of Presbyterian Church.

RECK, JOHN born in Adairs Co., Pa. in 1785; married Ann Hiner born Frederick Co., married. in 1788. They came to Ohio in 1827 to Adams Twp. this county. They had 11 ch., including Samuel, John, Eli, Lydia, Elizabeth & Michael. Son Michael born Adams Co., Pa. 10-23-1810; married 1st in 1833 Eliza Hershey who died in 1834. He married 2nd in 1836 Mary Warwick; had: Sarah, Wilkins, Jeremiah, Frances, Nancy, Mary, Charles & James. John Reck, son of John born Adams Co., Pa. 2-27-1814; married in 1837 Isabell Belew, born Miami Co., O., 1-13-1819. They had 6 ch. including Isaac, Silas & Rebecca. Members of M.E. Church

REIGLE, DANIEL born Berks Co., Pa. 7-3-1805 in 1831 to Belmont Co., O. 1833 to Fairfield Co., 0.; here 1841. He married in Pa., 1827 Sarah Bitler and had 10 ch. , including Samuel, Daniel, Catherino(Humbert), Sarah, George, Mary, Rebecca, Charles, Solomon & Joseph. His wife died in 1872. Daniel married 2nd in 1872 Lydia Simpson-Burr and had Wm. & Orlando.

RIFFLE, JACOB born 1793, native of Randolph Co., Va.; with his parents to Montgomery Co., O. in 1796 and in 1818 to this county, the 2nd family in Richland Twp., where he died in 1853 and his wife in 1852. Their son David b 11-2-1816; married in 1841 Mary Beeler of Butler Co., O. and had 5 ch. Silas son of Jacob born 4-27-1828 married in 1852 Emeline Fogger who died in 1854. He married 2nd in 1859 Leah Schultz, a native of Dauphin Co., Pa., born 3-23-1832 and had Florence, Elmer & Grace. The wife of Jacob was Mary Van Scoyk.

ROSS, ELIAS born Pickaway Co., O. 2-20-1811, son of Henry Ross, a native of Va, He was a local minister of the M.E. Church. He was the father of 12 ch. Elias married in 1834 Lucy Chapman who died in 1850. He married 2nd Mrs Rebecca Furrow.7ch

RUSH, JOHN R. born in Bath Co., Va.,near Hot Springs6-3-1798, son of Dr. John Rush of Va., near relative of the celebrated Dr. Jienjamin Rush. John R. came to Ohio ca 1800 and to Harrison Twp. this county in 1816. He married in 1824 to Elizabeth W. Hill, b York Dist., S.C. in 17R8, here with her parents in 1817. He died in 1863 and his wife in 1871. Their son Dr. A.B. Rush born in Harrison Twp., 1-19-1842, of German and English ancestry. He married in 1866, Miss Smelker, dau. of Jacob H. & Christina, natives of Germany. Jacob from Eppingen, Baden; to America 1819; married Christina Denner and had 14 ch. Dr. John R. had 3 ch.

RUSH, JACOB born in Pa., here in 1829; married Jemima House in Butler Co., O.; born in Warren County. He died in 1842 and she in 1854 had 7 ch. Son Isaac born Trenton, Butler Co., 12-8-1815; married in 1843 to Nancy Swisher born Montgomery Co.; here in 1830. They had: Mary, Abram, John, Ie and Alaska.
In 1810 came from Pickaway Plains near Circleville, James, Henry & Andrew Rush and Henry Creviston. Creviston and bro-in-law Matthew Young bought land near Coleton. James became a judge and in 1828 with family removed to Eel River in Indiana except a daughter who married John Deardorff. Andrew was murdered by the Indians in 1812. Henry d in 1813 leaving a widow who married Janes Bryson, and 4 ch., including son Lemuel. John Hiller, bro-in-law of Rush brothers with his family went to near Piqua after the murder of Andrew Rush, where he died in 182B leaving widow, 5 sons and 3 daus., including Aaron Hiller.

SHEAFFER, SAMUEL came from York Co., Pa. to Madison Twp., with Christy STALTER and George DUSH. (That is what is now Madison Twp.) Already here were: Martin LANDIS,Sr, Mike SHELLENBARGER, Nathan OWENS, Peter PROUGH, the father of Mathew, John, Wm., Robert & Joseph YOUNG. Later came: George BUZZARD, old Mr. STALTER, John, Nicholas and Daniel CONRAD, Abram SHEAFFER (father of Joel), and a Mr. WOLF. The first mill in township was built by Charles FRIEND; first teacher, Richard CLARK; first marriage George PROUGH and Barbara SHOEMAKER; first death that of George LUSK and child.

SITES, PETER came from Rockingham Co., Va. and settled in Pleasant Twp. in 1809. He bought the land from Jacob & Philip Lamb. Peter died there at age of 85 and his wife 10 years later at age of about 90 years. Neighbors then were Judge Burton, Thomas, David & Mathew Ewing, Jas. Duncan, John & B.Feeman.

SNELL, JOHN born Hagerstown, married., in 1782 and married Mary Shively, of Pa. and came to Washington Twp. in 1617. They had son Henry b in Hamilton Co., O., 1-14-1812. Also son Daniel born 3-1-1809, Warren Co., O. who married in 1834 Maria Rush born 1813, dau. of Honry Rachel (Creviston) from Pa. here in 1808. Daniel & Maria had: Mary (Harrison), Thomas, Alonzo, Wm. , Rachel (Moyer) & John (married Margaret Wenger).

SNODGRASS, JOSEPH G. born Preble Co., O., 3-7-1830, died 1877. He married Emily Lawrence, dau. of Rile Lawrence early settler of Harrison Twp. She was born here 7-6-1835. Joseph served in C. War. They had: Olive, Mary & Eliza.

STAHL, JACOB K. born in Pa. in 1812 and died in Greenville Twp., in 1861. He married Sarah Limber. Jacob was son of Henry Stahl, one of first settlers here. Their son David J. of Richland Twp., married Sarah Curtis in 1872, born in Miami Co., O. in 7-16-1850, dau. of Wm. Curtis and wife Anna (Feece). Anna born 1-7-1832. Had 3 ch

SWISHER, JESSE born Preble Co., O., son of William from Pa. to Preble Co. at an early date. Jesse married Rachel Paddock, 6-2-1831 in Preble Co. Jesse born 3-2-1807. Later came to Harrison Twp. Had son Robert b 12-21-1845 who married in Richmond, Ind. in 1869 Miranda Banks and had 4 ch. Jesse & Rachel had: Henry, Robert, Wm., Samuel, Minerve (McQuinney), Cynthia (Scarce), Sarah(Templeton), Samantha(Mrs R.L. Kelly of Richmond,Ind.).Angeline(Carney)of Ind.),Wm.& Annie.

TILLMAN, JOHN,SR. born in Va., 4-17-1780; to Tenn. at age of 10 years and to Ohio in 1800. He married in Tenn. Nancy Harlers a native of Va. born 9-10-1790 and had 17 ch. He died in Preble Co., O. in 1850 and his wife d in 1863. Their son Henry came to this county, Van Buren Twp. in 1840. He married in 1840 Rachel Townsend born 4-3-1820 and died 1848, and had Noah & Lydia. He married 2nd in 1839, Martha Thorn born in Ind. in 1824, dau. of Thomas A. Thorn a Darke Co. pioneer. They had Belle(Hetzler), John A., & Susie (Boyde). Members of Christian Ch.

JOHN TILMAN born Preble Co., 0. 7-16-1816; married 1838 Thisby Snyder, a native of N.J. born 5-18-1817. Thisby died in 1843 and left 2 ch. He married 2nd in 1846 to Margaret Daugherty, native of Ohio born 8-7-1818 and had: Nancy, Martha, Humphrey Cellia. John died 1879.

TILLMAN, JOHN C. a physician, born in Freble Co., O., 9-17-1850, son of Joshua born in Preble Co., in 1824 who married Cynthia Estabrook, a native of Mass. born in 1824 and had Mollie, Lizzie & John C. who married in 1879 Estella Swigart born 1858.

TEAFORD, GEORGE born Augusta Co., Va. early to Fairfield Co., O., then to German Twp. this county. In 1820 he married Magdalena Ketring also here early. They had; George, Rebecca, Jonathan & Barney twins, Hester, Elizabeth, Amelia,Susannah, Sarah, David & Aaron. Son Barney born here 2-3-1825; married in 1859 Margaret Stapleton born Wayne Co., Ind., 11-13-1838 whose paternal ancestor an early pioneer here. Had 7 ch. Son Jonathan born 2-3-1825, married Sophia Smelker 1848. Had 10 ch.

TURPEN, HENRY born Middletown, Conn., 11-16-1775, married in Middletown, Mary Hubbard born in Middletown, Conn. 4-16-1780. Both of their parents b in England. A Mr. Turpen came from England to this country in 1700. A George Hubbard born 1590 in England, came first to Hartford,Conn.; married Elizabeth Watts and went to Middletown, Conn, in 1650 and had 8 ch. Mary, Joseph, Daniel, Samuel, George, Nathaniel, Richard and Elizabeth. Henry & Mary(Hubbard) Turpen had 12 children. Son Thomas P. born near Lebanon, O. 10-1-1820; married in 1843 Mary J.Hunter born 6-17-1824. They had 4 sons and 1 dau. Their son John C. born 1845; married in 1869, Mattie Wharry, dau. of Judge John Wharrv and had 4 ch. George H. Turpen, son of Henry Turpen (b 1775) was b in N.Y. City, 10-7-1813 His father resides in N.Y. City abt. 11 years; then in 1819 went to Warren Co., O., and then to this county in 1828. Henry died in 1839 and Mary, his wife had died in 1838. Son George H. married 1st Margaret White, born 5-1-1819 and d 1835. George married 2nd Anna Pugh a native of Ohio b 9-26-1816. George was the father of John H., Mary, Joseph Connel, Ancel H., Lucy B., Sarah, Wm., Cordelia, Margaret & George Alonzo.

VANDERMARK, REV. ELIAS, came with his father Garcd Vandermark from Luzerne Co., Pa. in year 1810 as age of 5 years. His sister Jane married David Westenbarger in 1812. Neighbors were: Peter WOODRING,Jos. HUNTER, Mr. McKEY, Samuel GRABILL, Joseph WORK, Jesse Spurgeon and Mr. Stewart father of Levi.

VANTILBURGH, JOHN born in N.J.; went 1st to Montgomery Co., O., then to Warren Co., and in 1835 to this county where he died in 1837. His wife was Sarah Francis. They had son Henry b 3-6-1813 who married in 1843 Mabel F. Holly, born in Butler Co. in 1821. They had: Nancy, Albinia, Eliza, Louisa, Sanford, Mabel & Maria.

WADE, WILLIAM,SR. born in Preble Co., O. before 1812, to Harrison Tvp., here in 1818. Son William,Jr. born 11-9-1818; married in 1842 Susannah Ross, dau. of Nathaniel Ross here in 1819. They had dau. Mary who married Charles Sentmen.

WARVEL, CHRISTOPHER born Rockingham Co., Va., to Warren Co., O. in 1817,then to Montgomery Co., and in 1838 came here. Son John married Mary Souders in 1838, born in Montgomery Co., O., 4-15-1819; d 1841 leaving a son Nathan. He married 2nd in 1841 Barbara Holloway, born 1-30-1820, died 1844 leaving sons Allen & Irving. He married 3rd Phebe Harney in 1845, who was brn 8-29-1820, died 1846. He married 4th in 1847, Elizabeth (Beanblossom) Baker born 12-6-1813, Montgomery Co. and had 4 daus. and 1 son. She was the dau. of Christian Beanblossom b in N.C. and here in 1817. She had married 1st Andrew Baker in 1841, who died in 1844. Son John H. b Warren Co., O., 5-16-1818. Christopher served in War of 1812.

DANIEL WARVEL, son of Christopher born in Va. 2-27-1796 who married Charlotte Lilly, born in Va. 7-4-1799 who died in 1855. He died 1851. Christopher & Charlotte had: John, Wm., Sarah, Mary, Adaline, Daniel, George, Sarah(Hathaway), Elizabeth, Solomon B., Mary, Daniel H., Andrew C. & Margaret (Hathaway). Son Daniel born 9-5-1834, married in 1856 Catherine A. Kaylor b Logan Co., O., 5-7-1837, died 1857, had son Joseph. He married 2nd in 1858, Sarah Powell born Monroe Co., O., 1-27-1836. Had: Mary( Eley),Lucy, Laban, Amos and Clement.

WARVEL, JOHN born Rockingham Co., Va., 7-27-1798; married Delilah Lepe in 1829. She was born in same place, 5-13-1807. John died 1866. Their son George H. born in Va. 7-27-1829, married in 1856 Mary Simes born 1-12-1838, died 1865, dau. of Henry P. Simes. Had 3 ch. He married 2nd in 1866 Lizzie Hartzell, born 6-8-1845, d 1867, dau. of George Hartzell. He married 3rd in 1870 to Susan M. Earhart born 11-28-1840, sister of 2nd wife. She died 1878. They had Lilley & John H.

WESTFALL, JACOB born in Va.; early to Fairfield Co., O., then to this county abt. 1827 and died here abt. 1840. He married in Montgomery Co., Barbara Crawn born in Va., died here in 1878 aged 88 yrs. Son Martin C. of Greenville Twp., married in 1858 to
Mary Pannel born in Va. and had 3 ch.

WESTFALL, JOHN E. born near Cincinnati 9-19-1810, to Adams Twp., this county with parents, at age of 5 years. He married in 1832 to Priscilla Williams born in Ohio, 9-21-1805 and had 7 ch. Son George born 1-19-1841 married Martha Phillips born in Butler Co., O., 12-17-1843 and had 5 ch. Son Isaac N. born 2-21-1843 married in 1864 Mary E. Bell born Adams Twp., 11-29-1846, dau. of Jacob Bell and wife Mary Zimmerman here early from Pa. Isaac & Mary had 5 sons.

WESTON, WASHINGTON A. born Alexandria, Va., 3-3-1814, died in Greenville,O. in 1876. He was son of Wm. Weston a sea captain and wife Rebecca Conyes who died early.

WILLCOX, JAMES,SR. born in N.Y. State on Mohawk River. His father served in Rev. War. He settled first in Montgomery Co., O., then to Preble Co., and in 1839 to German Twp., this county. He married Elizabeth Kester a native of Lancaster Co., Pa.; here with her parents when quite small. They had: James, John, Charles, David, Phebe, William, Elizabeth, Elijah, Levina, Memlius, Levi, Jeremiah, and Mary. He died in 1856 and his wife in 1855. Their son James born in 1817; married in 1841 Sarah J. Clendenine who died 5 mos. later. He married 2nd in 1848 Elizabeth Ketring and had 9 ch. Members of Christian Church of Palestine.

WINNER, JOHN L. b in Warren Co., O., 11-19-1816, son of Isaac & Mary Powell Winner, natives of R.J.; married in Philadephia and came to Ohio in 1816. Both died in 1832. John L. married in 1837 Charlotte Clark, dau. of John Clark,Esq. of Warren Co., O. She died in 1863. He married 2nd in 1867, Mrs Jane Crider, widow of Frederick Krider and dau. of John w. Porter.

YOUNG, EDWARD married Rachel Miller Apr. 2, 1802. Rachel came with her parents in 1799 with 4 other families to this county. She was b in Huntingdon Co., Pa. May 1, 1784. They settled near present site of Bremen. The other famlies were: Eliz. Miller and her mother; Andrew, Joseph, Frederick ASHBAUGH; Jos. MILLER; Rachel Miller; John Ashbaugh,Sr and wife and 3 daus.; John Ashbaugh,Jr. and wife and Joseph Ashbaugh a baby. An early marriage here was that of James Wilson & Patsey Hammel and first death that of Mr. Harcerly.

ZIMMERMAN, HENRY came to this county from Pa. in 1835. Had son Daniel born in Lebanon Co., Pa., 1-25-1827 who married in 1849 Catherine Hartzell. Had Mary & Lily


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