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Defiance County, Ohio
Genealogy and History


1883 List of Pensioners
on the Roll

JANUARY 1, 1883


Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Mamre Wilson

[We've sorted this into alpha order to make for easier finding of your ancestors]


Post Office

Cause for Which Pensioned


 Date of
Original Allowance

Ackerman, Louis Defiance wd. l. foot $5.00  
Adams, Caleb H. Defiance ulceration eye $8.00  
Allen, Louisa Evansport widow $8.00  
Ames, Eliza Hicksville widow $8.00  
Anderson, David W. Defiance wd. r. forearm $6.00  
Anderson, James The Bend dis. liver $6.00  
Anderson, John Defiance dis. heart $10.00 Oct 1870
Andrews, Geo Defiance dis. eyes $6.00 Oct 1880
Ankney, Joshua Defiance wd. face $6 June 1879
Arrants, Eliz Hicksville widow $8.00 Dec 1867
Barnes, Sylvester Hicksville loss r. thigh $24.00  
Barringer, John W. Defiance loss r. arm $24.00  
Bayes, James Defiance loss of distal phalanx of rt. Little finger $1.00 Nov 1882
Beall, Joseph Defiance dis. of abdominal viscera $6.00 May 1879
Bell, Benj. F. Hicksville wd. l. shoulder $18.00  
Bitterman, John Defiance wd. l. thigh $6.00 June 1881
Bixby, Jonah E. Defiance wd. both hands $10.00  
Block, Franklin Defiance wd. l. arm $2.00  
Bloom, Sam'l L. Sherwood chr. rheum $6.00  
Blosser, John Hicksville wd. r. hip $2.00 Dec 1881
Bogart, Jesse W. Defiance wd. l. shoulder $6.00  
Boggs, James M. Defiance widow $18.00 Oct 1882
Bostater, Abram Nev inj. l. leg $6.00  
Bowker, Emily E. Hicksville widow $8.00  
Brinker, Simon P. Hicksville wd. r. hand $4.00  
Brown, Joseph Defiance wd. l. shoulder $2.00 Nov 1881
Brown, Mary S. Farmer widow $8.00 Mar 1868
Buckmaster, Sarah A. Defiance widow $8.00 Apr 1867
Butler, John Defiance inflam. eyes $72.00  
Cameron, John S. Evansport wd. r. thigh $4.00 Jan 1882
Capper, Geo Defiance wd. neck $4.00 Oct 1880
Carpenter, Lyman Defiance loss r. forearm $18.00  
Cary, Robt Defiance urethra & bladder $24.00  
Clark, Susan Defiance widow $8.00  
Colwell, Mary E Defiance dep. Mother $8.00 Feb 1870
Conrad, Fred'k Defiance wd. l. leg $8.00  
Cornell, Charles Cicero, Defiance Co., Ohio injury to abdomen $2.00 Oct. 1878
Cory, Edwin Farmer wd. l. humerus $18.00  
Corzillius, Peter Defiance wd. face $4.00  
Craig, Catharine Defiance widow $8.00  
Critchfield, Lyman R. Mark Centre varicose veins $8.00 Nov 1882
Crow, Wm. H. Defiance chr. bronchitis $4.00 Feb 1882
Culley, Frank C. Defiance injury to abdomen $8.00 July 1881
Daniels, Henry Defiance wd. l. arm $6.00  
Day, Eli H. Defiance chr. diar., dis. eyes $17.00 June 1881
Diehl, Sam'l Hicksville chr. diarr $6.00 Feb 1880
Donatin, Julia G. Hicksville widow $8.00  
Durell, Eliz Defiance dep. Mother $8.00 Oct 1865
Dutterer, Susan Hicksville widow $8.00 Oct 1867
Dvarman, Orlando Defiance chr. diarr. & dis. of abd. vis $12.00  
Ebright, Wm Defiance wd. l. thigh $2.00 June 1877
Elliott, Emory B. Defiance wd r. leg    
Feger, Henry F. Defiance inj. l. foot, erysipelas $4.00 Aug 1876
Ferris, Lewis Hicksville loss l. arm $24.00  
Ferry, Mary Hicksville widow $8.00  
Fisher, John B. Defiance wd. Head $4.00 Oct 1881
Fitzgerald, Eleanor Mark Centre widow $8.00 May 1882
Fryman, Rachel Defiance widow $8.00  
Fullmer, John Defiance wd. r. hip $4.00 May 1866
Gallentine, Thos Hicksville chr. diarr $4.00 Oct 1880
Gay, Timothy E. Hicksville loss l. leg $24.00  
Gitts, Peter Defiance wd. jaw $2.00 May 1875
Gleason, David A. Defiance wd. r. leg $20.00 Mar 1865
Grainger, Joseph A. Defiance injury to abdomen $8.00 Apr 1878
Grubb, Isaac N. Defiance wd. r. leg $8.00  
Hagen, Paul Mark Centre wd. l. arm $4.00 Oct 1881
Hahn, Chas Defiance wd. r. hand $14.00  
Hall, Geo Defiance wd. r. leg $2.66. May 1866
Hanna, Kezia Defiance widow $14.00 July 1881
Harrison, Deborah Hicksville dep. Mother $8.00 Oct 1878
Hatter, Wm. M. Wilseyville wd. r. arm $18.00 Oct 1865
Haymaker, Eliz. R. Defiance dep. Mother $8.00 May 1864
Helpman, Perry E. Defiance wd. body $8.00 Aug 1868
Higgins, Wm Defiance wd. l. leg $4.00  
Hill, Wm. L. Defiance wd. l. hand $8.00  
Hofferd, Wilson S. Defiance wd. l. breast $8.00 Aug 1877
Hollinger, Chas Hicksville loss l. leg $18.00  
Hollinshead, Jeremiah Defiance widow $12.00 Feb 1882
Hollopeter, Gideon W. Evansport wd. r. shoulder $5.00 Apr 1870
Horn, James W. Mark Centre loss part of finger $2.00 Apr 1878
Horn, Thos. A. Mark Centre wd. r. forearm $4.00 Apr 1872
Hosack, Uriah W. Farmer wd. r. shoulder $4.00 Mar 1878
Houck, Benj. F. Farmer wd. l. arm $18.00  
Hutter, John Defiance loss l. thumb $4.00  
Johnson, Julia A. Hicksville widow $8.00  
Jubinville, John Defiance wd. l. leg $4 Dec 1868
Karnes, Elijah Defiance chr. diarr $7.50 Oct. 1882
Kepler, Rachel Defiance widow 1812 $8.00 Mar 1879
Kibble, Joseph Defiance inj. Spine $6.00  
Kimmel, Rinaldo Farmer hypertrophy $6.00  
King, Silvester Defiance phthisis pul $18.00  
Kinmont, Thos. C. Hicksville wd r. leg $24.00  
Kintigh, Isaac E. Hicksville wd. l. thumb $7.50  
Kline, Wm. H. Defiance rheum $5.33-1/2  
Krontz, Jacob Defiance wd. legs $5.00  
Krouse, Theo. Defiance wd. r. arm $8.00  
Lee, Ann Defiance widow $8.00  
Lewis, John Defiance rheum $24.00 May 1878
Lewis, Jonathan Defiance wd. l. leg $4.00 Jan 1882
Lichtv, Joseph Nev dis. Eyes $6.00  
Lockwood, Reuben Defiance chr. diarr $4.00 Apr 1881
Lorah, Charlotte Hicksville widow $8.00  
Mansfield, Job Defiance widow $10.00  
Mansfield, Johiel Defiance dis. eyes $12.00 June 1880
Marihugh, Henry Defiance wd. l. arm $6.00  
Martin, Reuben Farmer surv. 1812 $8.00 July 1871
Mavis, Abraham J. Farmer wd. l. side $2.00 June 1882
McCalla, Simon Hicksville chr. diarr $4.00 Oct 1880
McConkey, Andrew P. Farmer varicose veins $8.00  
Meek, John W. Hicksville loss l. little finger $1.00 June 1882
Miller, Johnson Defiance wd. l. eye $2.00  
Miller, Mary Defiance widow $8.00 Mar 1868
Mitchell, Martin V. B. Defiance wd. l. thigh $4.00 Nov 1881
Morris, John H. Defiance injury to abdomen $8.00 June 1878
Morse, Betsey Defiance widow 1815 $8.00 Jan 1880
Mullenix, Thos. B. Hicksville wd. l. leg $4.00  
Murphy, Phebe A. Hicksville widow $8.00 Apr 1868
Myers, Benj. F. Defiance inj. r. knee $4.00 May 1882
Myers, Jane Defiance widow $8.00  
Nagel, Christopher Evansport wd. l. shoulder $6.00 May 1877
Nelson, John Hicksville wd. throat $8.00  
Newell, Nancy Defiance widow $8.00 Sept 1877
O'Hern, Mary Defiance widow $10.00  
Oldfield, Geo. B. Hicksville dis. l. ear $2.00  
Otis, Geo Hicksville consumption $18.00 May 1876
Pahner, Geo. W. Hicksville wd. l. leg $18.00  
Palmer, Wm. H. Jewell wd. head & chr. diarr $8.00 Mar 1881
Pickard, Wm Defiance injury to abdomen $4.00 Mar 1879
Pickering, Wm Defiance rheum $6.00 Nov 1881
Pressler, Jacob Hicksville chr. diarr & dis. abd. viscera $4.00 June 1882
Randall, Felix Defiance dis. eyes $6.00 Dec 1882
Relue, John Defiance rheum $6.00 Oct 1880
Rex, Wm. A. Hicksville wd. r. arm $18.00  
Reyff, Eusebius Sherwood wd. l. shoulder $6.00  
Rhamy, John W. Defiance sunstroke $4.00 Apr 1881
Rice, Hiram F. Farmer wd. buttock $4.00  
Richardson, John E. Defiance chr diarr $6.00 Oct 1881
Rittenour, Adam Hicksville rheum $4.00 June 1882
Rock, Henry, ar Sherwood wd. l. arm $6.00  
Rohn, Charlotte O. Mark Centre widow $8.00  
Romine, Uriah W. Defiance dis. l. shoulder $4.00  
Rose, Amelia Hicksville widow 1812 $8.00 Nov 1878
Scheuerman, John Defiance loss r. leg $24.00  
Schmick, Henry Defiance wd. r. thigh $6.00  
Semasters, Abraham R. Hicksville wd. r. thigh $4.00  
Sheaffer, Henry B. Defiance chr. diarr. & dis. of abd. vis $8.00 Nov 1879
Shirley, Stephen M. Defiance wd. l. ankle $14.00  
Shoup, Eliz Defiance widow 1814 $8.00 Dec 1880
Shulters, Wm. D. Defiance chr. Diarr $4.00 Feb 1882
Sieren, Peter Defiance inj. back $2.00 Nov 1881
Smith, Andrew Defiance scurvy $8.00 Feb 1881
Smith, Eliz Defiance dep. Mother $8.00 July 1879
Smith, King Defiance dep. Father $18.00 June 1882
Soals, Wm. L. Defiance wd. l. leg $4.00 Jan 1882
Speiser, Christian Defiance wd. l. foot $6.00  
Sponsler, Wm. C. Defiance wd. Thigh $8.00  
Staggs, Nancy Hicksville dep. Mother $8.00 Apr 1875
Stephens, Dan'l Defiance wd. l. shoulder $2.00 Aug 1878
Stephens, Margaret Defiance dep. Mother $8.00 May 1867
Stewart, Eliz Defiance widow $8.00  
Stinger, John Nev widow $10.00 Feb 1882
Stoddard, Sophronia S. Defiance widow 1813 $8.00 Feb 1880
Strong, Emma G. Defiance widow $25.00 Mar 1882
Stucky, John Defiance wd. head $2.00 Apr 1881
Sullinger, Sarah Evansport widow 1812 $8.00 June 1878
Sweet, Harry Farmer wd. l. shoulder $8.00  
Thornton, Mary E. Defiance widow $20.00  
Thrailkill, Rich'd H. Defiance   $3.00  
Van Dusen, Matilda Defiance dep. Mother $8.00 Dec 1864
Vanskiver, Alvaro Defiance wd. l. hand $6.00  
Viall, Benj Defiance wd. l. & r. leg $12.00  
Wagner, Johon The Bend wd. face, loss eye $8.00  
Wall, Joseph Defiance frac. r. arm $6.00  
Ward, John H. Defiance wd. neck $2.00  
Welker, Rebecca Hicksville dep. Mother $8.00 June 1876
Wells, Mary Defiance dep. Mother $8.00 Dec 1867
Willey, Frances M. Defiance widow $10.00 Mar 1881
Wineland, David Mark Centre varicose veins $6.00 July 1879
Winne, Magdalena Defiance widow $8.00  
Wintersteen, James Defiance wd. l. shoulder $8.00  
Wisler, John Defiance surv. 1812 $8.00 Feb 1879
Wolf, Mary Mark Centre widow 1812 $8.00 Oct 1879
Woodcox, Sarah Hicksville widow $8.00  
Yeager, Absalom Defiance wd. l. knee $4.00 Jan 1882


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