Defiance County, Ohio
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Source: GNIS






Bethlehem Lutheran Cemetery 412417N 0841539W  
Blair Cemetery 411604N 0843237W  
Brunersburg Cemetery 411828N 0842255W  
Buck Cemetery 412538N 0842530W  
Catholic Cemetery (historical) 411641N 0842305W  
Colby Cemetery 411512N 0843543W  
Cromley Cemetery 411350N 0842511W  
Defiance County Children Home Cemetery 412045N 0842517W  
Defiance County Home Cemetery 412025N 0842518W  
Doll Cemetery 412250N 0842945W  
Domersville Cemetery 412256N 0841928W  
Evansport Cemetery 412427N 0842347W  
Farmer Cemetery 412325N 0843828W  
Forest Home Cemetery 411808N 0844630W  
Foster Cemetery 411512N 0842158W  
Frazee Cemetery 411604N 0842108W  
Funk Cemetery 412023N 0843059W  
Glore Cemetery 411550N 0843203W  
Hill Cemetery 411658N 0842808W  
Hill Cemetery 411327N 0841628W  
Hire Cemetery 411647N 0841744W  
Hohenberger Cemetery 411622N 0841614W  
Independence Cemetery 411753N 0841807W  
Kahol Cemetery 411644N 0842123W  
Kent Cemetery 412213N 0844049W  
Kibble Cemetery 412131N 0842621W  
Lentz Cemetery 412234N 0843225W  
Lost Creek Cemetery 412119N 0844012W  
Mansfield Cemetery 411100N 0841926W  
Marysdale Catholic Cemetery 412100N 0842729W  
McCauley Cemetery 412211N 0842513W  
Moats Cemetery 411957N 0843110W  
Myers Cemetery 411301N 0842007W  
New Saint Johns Methodist Cemetery 412314N 0842335W  
New Saint Stephens Catholic Cemetery 411656N 0843055W  
Ney Cemetery 412308N 0843138W  
Noble and Tiffin Cemetery 411941N 0842416W  
Old Evansport Cemetery 412427N 0842341W  
Old Forest Home Cemetery 411807N 0844635W  
Old Presbyterian Cemetery 412303N 0844030W  
Old Saint Johns Methodist Cemetery 412317N 0842339W  
Old Saint Stephens Lutheran Cemetery 411445N 0841443W  
Pleasant Bend and Ayersville Cemetery 411508N 0841721W  
Poplar Ridge Cemetery 412135N 0841741W  
Presbyterian Cemetery (historical) 411659N 0842134W  
Riverside Cemetery 411617N 0842243W  
Riverview Memory Gardens 411738N 0841530W  
Rohn Cemetery 411747N 0841552W  
Saint Johns Lutheran Cemetery 411833N 0843535W  
Saint Marks Lutheran Cemetery 412446N 0841933W  
Saint Michaels Catholic Cemetery 412147N 0841822W  
Saint Stephens Cemetery 411412N 0841411W  
Saint Stephens Cemetery 411629N 0842944W  
Sherwood Cemetery 411724N 0843303W  
Shoemaker Cemetery 411632N 0842651W  
Six Corners Cemetery 411917N 0844255W  
Spindler Cemetery 411545N 0844011W  
Tamarack Cemetery 412442N 0844232W  
Taylor Cemetery 411351N 0842147W  
Tittle Cemetery 412201N 0841709W  
Trinity Cemetery 412406N 0843207W  
Zion Lutheran Cemetery 412534N 0844236W  


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