Defiance County, Ohio
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The bodies of the four members of the Carey family killed in the automobile accident at Butler Saturday night were all interred in one grave in the Hicksville cemetery. The auto in which they were driving was a Chevrolet two passenger roadster. Mr. and Mrs. Carey occupied the seats. The youngest child sat upon its mother's lap and the oldest boy sat in the front of the machine. It is estimated that the train which struck them was traveling at a speed of 70 miles per hour, as it was running late. Mr. Carey carried a $1000 life insurance policy in the Lincoln Life.
As a sequel to the Carey accident at Butler Saturday evening Mr. and Mrs. Ora Zigler and child, who were on their way home, had a runaway. Their horse became frightened at the noise of the train and the smashing of the Carey automobile and ran away, throwing the occupants out. They were all bruised up some but Monday were feeling as well as might be expected after such an exciting experience. They were near the scene of the accident when the crash came. - Auburn Dispatch [
Submitted by Kate Watson]

Defiance, O., Aug. 12 - Three persons were killed and three badly injured in a trolley car wreck at the Baltimore and Ohio crossing in this city just before noon to-day. The killed: Mrs. Helen Reisenwetter, Cleveland, O., 27 years old; Gerald Gaede, aged 5; Rollin Gaede, aged 3, both sons of Rev. M. Gaede, of Defiance.
The wounded: Mrs. Olga Gaede, Earl Barnhart, Harold Fraghl.
The latter two are members of Company E, Sixth Regiment, Ohio National Guard, of Hicksville, en route to drill at the Maumee Valley chautauqua.
The crossing is at a curve, and the motorman did not see a cut of cars backing down. The trolley car had a trailer and both were crowded. The injured will recover.
[Philadelphia Inquirer, Aug 13, 1904]


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