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Smith Burying Ground

Researched by Henry Timman Norwalk, Ohio

  Lot 10 Range 2 of Berlin Township was settled by Hezekiah Smith at an early day, and might still be owned by his descendants.  There was a family cemetery near the house, and the stones were later used for a sidewalk to the outside privy, so I'm told.  I have a Genealogical History of the Descendants of Rev. Nehemiah Smith of New London County, Conn., published 1889 by H. Allen Smith.  Hezekiah of Berlin was a descendant, and these dates and burials are listed in this "family ground".

Eunice Smith, daughter of Stephen Smith, b. East Lyme, Conn., 11 July 1782.  Married Richard Caulkins.  She died March, 1842 and buried "family lot, Homestead farm, Berlin, nine miles from Norwalk, Ohio.

Henry K. Smith, son of Hezekiah and Rebecca Miner Smith, b. 5 Nov. 1806; d. 17 Sept. 1835. (Had married Clarissa, daughter of Samuel Carpenter of Bloomingville, and may have died there.  A Young son Newton, also died young).

Hezekiah Smith, son of Paul Smith and Mary King.  B. 24 July 1765, East Lyme, Conn., d. 1 Oct. 1827, Be rlin Twp.

Smith, infant, b. 16 Feb. 1827, Berlin Twp., d. 16 Feb. 1827.

Laura Smith, b. East Lyme, Conn., 25 July 1814, d. 19 Jan., 1816 (possibly in Berlin).

Mathew K. Smith, b. 27 Sept. 1821, Berlin Twp., d. 28 Sept. 1821.

Phebe Smith, b. 21 Jan. 1825, Berlin Twp., d. 24 June 1825.

Rebecca Miner, daughter of Turner Miner of Waterford, Conn., and wife of Hezekiah Smith. Died 23 April 1833, Berlin Twp.

Mary Smith, daughter of Richard and Eunice Smith Caulkins and wife of Hezekiah Smith, Jr. B. ca 1804, d. 18 June 1837 aged 33 in Berlin Township.



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