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Fairfield County, Ohio Cemeteries
Source: GNIS




GNIS Map Designatiom

Amanda Presbyterian Cemetery 393852N 0824433W Amanda
Amanda Township Cemetery 394114N 0824555W East Ringgold
Amish Cemetery 394318N 0823013W Lancaster
Applegate Cemetery 394313N 0823232W Lancaster
Asbury Cemetery 394320N 0823321W Lancaster
Augustus Cemetery 393404N 0824458W Clearport
Baltimore Cemetery 395046N 0823554W Baltimore
Baptist Cemetery 394623N 0823022W Baltimore
Baugher Cemetery 394702N 0823810W Carroll
Bethel Cemetery 394037N 0822254W Bremen
Bethel Cemetery 394842N 0823543W Baltimore
Betzer Cemetery 394728N 0824423W Carroll
Bibler Cemetery 394317N 0823029W Lancaster
Bickel Cemetery 395223N 0823758W Carroll
Brick Cemetery 394558N 0824831W Canal Winchester
Bright Cemetery 394955N 0824024W Carroll
Brushy Fork Cemetery 393654N 0823514W Rockbridge
Bunker Hill Cemetery 393508N 0824953W Stoutsville
Carpenter Family Cemetery     Lancaster, OH
Carroll Cemetery 394745N 0824227W Carroll
Chapel Cemetery 394806N 0822640W Rushville
Colins Chapel Cemetery 394235N 0822946W Bremen
Conrad Cemeteries 393656N 0824525W Stoutsville
County Infirmary Cemetery 394420N 0823521W Lancaster
Custard Cemetery 394901N 0822523W Rushville
Dovel Memorial Cemetery 395307N 0824457W Pataskala
Dresbach Cemetery 393339N 0824953W Stoutsville
Drinkle Cemetery 393527N 0824341W Clearport
Driver Cemetery 394252N 0822820W Bremen
Drumm Cemetery 394905N 0822501W Rushville
Dumontsville Cemetery 394639N 0823648W Baltimore
Dutch Hollow Cemeteries 393852N 0824723W East Ringgold
East Union Cemetery 394135N 0824145W Amanda
Elmwood Cemetery 394237N 0823524W Lancaster
Emery Cemetery 394042N 0823326W Lancaster
Fairchild Cemetery 394858N 0824041W Carroll
Fairview Cemetery 395216N 0824208W Carroll
Fletcher Chapel Cemetery 395524N 0823528W Millersport
Floral Hills Memory Gardens 394603N 0823526W Baltimore
Forest Rose Cemetery 394358N 0823618W Lancaster
Freisner Cemetery 394331N 0823133W Lancaster
Geiger Cemetery 394852N 0823125W Baltimore
Geohegan Cemetery 395046N 0823551W Baltimore
Gideon Cemetery 394504N 0823521W Baltimore
Grace Cemetery 394454N 0822857W Bremen
Grandview Cemetery 394313N 0822456W Bremen
Graybill Cemetery 394430N 0823753W Amanda
Green Mound Cemetery 394200N 0823956W Amanda
Greencastle Cemetery 394625N 0824531W Canal Winchester
Greenfield Township Cemetery 394528N 0824002W Carroll
Guseman Cemetery 394250N 0823850W Amanda
Hamburg Cemetery 393908N 0823950W Amanda
Hampson Cemetery 394809N 0823134W Baltimore
Heistand Cemetery 394936N 0823526W Baltimore
Hilyard Cemetery 394045N 0822523W Bremen
Hooker Cemetery 394450N 0824014W Amanda
Hopewell Cemetery 393704N 0823948W Clearport
Hopewell United Brethren Cemetery 394452N 0824218W Amanda
Hoshor Cemetery 394907N 0824539W Canal Winchester
Jerusalem Cemetery 394226N 0822322W Bremen
Jobs Cemetery 395117N 0824529W Canal Winchester
Julian Cemetery 393349N 0824425W Clearport
Kern Cemetery 393445N 0824149W Clearport
Lamott Cemetery 394134N 0823426W Lancaster
Lithopolis Cemetery 394753N 0824826W Canal Winchester
Maple Grove Cemetery 394336N 0823107W Lancaster
Maple Hill Cemetery 393602N 0824922W Stoutsville
McNamee Cemetery 394958N 0823149W Baltimore
Mennonite Cemetery 394054N 0822400W Bremen
Millersport Cemetery 395350N 0823216W Millersport
Mount Carmel Cemetery 395046N 0824135W Carroll
Mount Carmel Cemetery 393729N 0824049W Clearport
Mount Olive Cemetery 395333N 0824006W Pataskala
Mount Tabor Cemetery 394313N 0823103W Lancaster
Mount Zion Cemetery 394237N 0824218W Amanda
Mount Zion Cemetery 394227N 0822800W Bremen
Mount Zion Cemetery 395508N 0824048W Pataskala
Mudhouse Cemetery 394459N 0823254W Lancaster
Myers Cemetery 394128N 0823059W Lancaster
Neff Cemetery 393456N 0824838W Stoutsville
New Basil Cemetery 395043N 0823728W Baltimore
New Conrad Cemetery 393656N 0824526W Stoutsville
New Dutch Hollow Cemetery 393851N 0824724W East Ringgold
New Oakthorpe Cemetery 394827N 0822615W Rushville
New Saint Peters Cemetery 394752N 0823435W Baltimore
New Saint Thomas Cemetery 393749N 0823805W Amanda
New Salem Methodist Protestant Cemetery 395047N 0822819W Rushville
Old Basil Cemetery 395043N 0823646W Baltimore
Old Betzer Cemetery 394726N 0824416W Carroll
Old City Burying Ground (historical) 394243N 0823557W Lancaster
Old Conrad Cemetery 393655N 0824534W Stoutsville
Old Dutch Hollow Cemetery 393847N 0824726W East Ringgold
Old Methodist Cemetery 393926N 0823939W Amanda
Old Oakthorpe Cemetery 394824N 0822613W Rushville
Old Saint Peters Cemetery 394750N 0823432W Baltimore
Old School Baptist Cemetery 395027N 0823301W Baltimore
Olive Branch Cemetery 394121N 0822733W Bremen
Pine Grove Cemetery 393503N 0823941W Clearport
Pisgah Cemetery 395544N 0824717W Reynoldsburg
Pleasant Hill Cemetery 394444N 0823151W Lancaster
Pleasant Hill Cemetery 394018N 0823031W Lancaster
Poplar Creek Cemetery 395131N 0823946W Carroll
Presbyterian Cemetery 395204N 0823030W Baltimore
Raver Cemetery 395009N 0824607W Canal Winchester
Ream Cemetery 393904N 0823317W Lancaster
Refugee Cemetery 395454N 0823604W Millersport
Reid Cemetery 394818N 0822512W Rushville
Royalton Cemetery 394343N 0824546W East Ringgold
Ruffner Cemetery 394617N 0822822W Rushville
Rushville Cemetery 394536N 0822540W Rushville
Sacred Heart Cemetery 393953N 0822511W Bremen
Saint Marys Cemetery 394125N 0823611W Lancaster
Saint Mathews Cemetery 394446N 0823006W Lancaster
Saint Matthews Lutheran Cemetery 393716N 0823233W Rockbridge
Saint Thomas Cemetery 393750N 0823824W Amanda
Salem Cemetery 394745N 0824546W Canal Winchester
Schadel Cemetery 394051N 0824037W Amanda
Shaeffer Cemetery 393555N 0824127W Clearport
Sharp Cemetery 393713N 0823313W Rockbridge
Shelley Cemetery 395128N 0823703W Baltimore
Shoemaker Cemetery 395137N 0824737W Canal Winchester
Spengler Cemetery 393355N 0824928W Stoutsville
Sponagle Cemetery 393657N 0822958W Logan
Stevenson Cemetery 394711N 0822730W Rushville
Stonewall Cemetery 394129N 0823822W Amanda
Stoutsville Reform Cemetery 393613N 0824935W Stoutsville
Stuckey Cemetery 393804N 0823321W Lancaster
Sugar Grove Cemetery 393713N 0823237W Rockbridge
Sugar Hill Cemetery 394015N 0822257W Bremen
Tarklin Cemetery 393953N 0823502W Lancaster
Tarlton United Brethren Cemetery 393328N 0824646W Stoutsville
Turkey Run Baptist Cemetery 394054N 0824929W East Ringgold
Union Cemetery 394842N 0823430W Baltimore
Union Cemetery 395256N 0823831W Pataskala
Van Meter Cemetery 394114N 0824405W Amanda
Warner Cemetery 395204N 0823505W Baltimore
Welty Cemetery 393946N 0822517W Bremen
Wesley Chapel Cemetery 394430N 0824355W Amanda
West Rushville Cemetery 394552N 0822633W Rushville
Wolf Cemetery 393525N 0824827W Stoutsville
Woolard Cemetery 394950N 0822649W Rushville
Zeigler Cemetery 394658N 0823438W Baltimore
Zion Cemetery 393526N 0824236W Clearport
Zwingley Cemetery 394025N 0822651W Bremen

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