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History and Early Settlers of Fairfield County, Ohio

Pleasant Run Church Members
Pleasant Run Baptist Church was first constituted in the year 1806. The place of worship from the first was a short distance north of Strickler's Crossroads, in the northeast corner of Pleasant Township. The first pastor was Rev. Lewis Stites,Sr. 
Membership about 1809 as follows;
William Hopwood
Abraham Hite
Magdalen Ruffner
Elizabeth Warner
Adam Giger
Mary Giger
Magdalen Giger
Conrod Hite
Aaron Powel
Sister Powel
Martin Coffman
Ann Coffman
Magdalen Wise
Ann Miller
Elizabeth Histand
Frank Bibler
Mary Bibler
Andrew Hite
Ann Hite
Samuel Hite
John Hite
Ann Hite
Christian Hover
Susan Musselman
Barbary Hite
Samuel Comer
Elizabeth Comer
Sister Hannah
Sister Bibler
Christian Cagy
Mary Cagy
John Hite
Sister Cussman
Jacob Bibler
Jacob Bibler,Jr.
Caty Bibler
David Bibler
John Bibler
Barbary Bibler
Lewis Sites
Ann Sites
Christiana Woolf
Emanuel Ruffner
Jacob Spitler
Ann Spitler
Timothy Collins
Pheobe Collins
Barbary Beaver
Magdalen Taylor
Joseph Stider
John Moorhead
Christian Coffman
Mary Coffman
James Owens
Smith Goodens
Aaron Ashbrook
Eli Ashbrook
Caty Ashbrook
Neely Bibler
Magdalane Spitler
Magdalane Hite
George White
Jacob Spitler
Susan Spitler
Jacob Musselman
Peter Spitler
John Hite
Betsy Bibler
Mady Hoopwood
Abraham Hite
John Bibler
Abraham Bibler
Sister Keller
Cissa Miller
Joseph Hite
James David
Thomas Warner
Susanna Spitler
Martin Histand
Cissa Studer
Jacob Studer
Sister Brumlang
Mary Bibler
Jacob Bibler
Barbary Bibler

Brethren Church Members
The Brethren or Dunker church in Fairfield County was first established in1809 on Rush Creek and the Racoon in the eastern part. Some of the members at that time were as follows:

Casper Hufford & wife
Isaac Beery & wife
Solomon Hufford & wife
Daniel Hartsough & wife
Fred'k Friezner & wife
Jacob Hunsaker & wife
Abraham Beery & wife
Jacob Stoner & wife
George Bright & wife
John Mircle & wife
Abraham Hufford & wife
Sally Hartsough
John Beery & wife
Early preachers were:   
Elijah Scofield,
Jacob Staley,
George Bright,
Isaac Beery
and Daniel Snider.

Methodist Episcopal Church
The first Methodist Society was formed in 1799 and first meeting place at cabin of Edward Teel, three miles east of Lancaster.   
First members were:
Jesse Spurgeon & wife       
Edward Teel & wife
Ishmael Dew & wife
Nimrod Bright & wite
Elijah Spurgeon & wife
In 1812:
Jacob D. Betrick & wife;
Peter & Sarah Reeber;
Christian & Elizab eth Weaver;
George & Mary Canode and
Thomas Orr & wife.

(From History of Fairfield County, Ohio by Hervey Scott, 1877)
Submitted & transcribed by Barb Zigenmeyer


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