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Cemeteries of Franklin County

Source: GNIS

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Agudas Achim Cemetery 395502N 0825604W  
Alton Cemetery 395717N 0831006W  
Arlington Burial Park 395124N 0824906W  
Asbury Methodist Episcopal Cemetery 395341N 0825223W  
Ayers Cemetery 400154N 0824904W  
Baptist Cemetery 395709N 0824803W  
Beth Jacob Cemetery 395456N 0825600W  
Blendon Central Cemetery
[aka Central Cemetery; aka Old Church Central Pioneer Cemetery]
    Listing of first burials:
Old Church Central Pioneer Cemetery
Burnside Cemetery 400618N 0824641W  
Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery 395638N 0830434W  
Carlisle Cemetery 395710N 0825056W  
Central Cemetery 400542N 0825414W  
Clime Cemetery 395544N 0830557W  
Clover Cemetery 395743N 0831010W  
Concord Cemetery 395014N 0830421W  
Cox Cemetery / Sharp Graveyard     Was located in Section 30
Dague Cemetery 400311N 0825035W  
Davis Burial Ground 400502N 0830637W  
Dublin Cemetery 400551N 0830701W  
Eastlawn Burial Park 395946N 0825713W  
Ebenezer Cemetery 395329N 0830941W  
Edwards Graveyard    

Burials moved to Obetz Cemetery

Evergreen Burial Park 395947N 0825725W  
Feebleminded Cemetery 395703N 0830232W  
Fernwood Cemetery 394901N 0825910W  
Flint Cemetery 400755N 0830034W  
Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens 395853N 0825054W  
Franklin Hills Memory Garden 394823N 0824934W  
Franklinton Cemetery 395747N 0830120W  
Galloway Cemetery 395433N 0830941W  
Gander Graveyard     lost
Glen Rest Cemetery 395719N 0824650W  
Gray Graveyard     no stones remain
Green Lawn Cemetery 395625N 0830157W  
Grove City Cemetery 395252N 0830555W  
Groveport Cemetery 395057N 0825312W  
Gundy Cemetery 395258N 0830921W  
Havens Cemetery 400057N 0824848W  
Headley Cemetery 400235N 0824825W  
Hendren Cemetery 395154N 0825402W  
Hill Road Methodist Cemetery 395725N 0824736W  
Hockman Cemetery 395255N 0824849W  
Hopewell Cemetery 394813N 0825332W  
Huddle Graveyard    

relocated to Groveport Cemetery in 1954

Indian Run Cemetery 400608N 0830655W  
Insane Cemetery 395747N 0830348W  
Jefferson Cemetery 400000N 0824835W  
Kempton Cemetery 400332N 0830208W  
Kile Cemetery      
Kramer Cemetery 394934N 0824844W  
Leatherlips Cemetery 400823N 0830706W  
Little Pennsylvania Cemetery 395103N 0831202W  
Maplewood Cemetery 400436N 0824848W  
McKendree Methodist Episcopal Cemetery 400206N 0825745W  
Mennonite Church Cemetery 395204N 0824939W  
Methodist Cemetery 400745N 0825608W  
Middletown Cemetery 394928N 0824946W  
Mifflin Cemetery 400106N 0825302W  
Mount Calvary Cemetery 395650N 0830128W  
New Albany Cemetery 400452N 0824836W  
Oak Grove Cemetery 395340N 0831247W  
Obetz Cemetery 395232N 0825653W  
Old Church Central Pioneer Cemetery     Modern Name:
Blendon Central Cemetery
Old Insane and Penal Cemetery 395754N 0830328W  
Otterbein Cemetery 400718N 0825607W  
Peace Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery 400134N 0825236W  
Pool Cemetery 400759N 0830107W  
Postle Cemetery 395634N 0830838W  
Powell Methodist Cemetery 395446N 0824944W  
Rarey Cemetery 394925N 0825339W  
Reformed and Lutheran Cemetery      
Rings Cemetery 400344N 0831059W  
Riverside Cemetery 400211N 0825544W  
Saint James Lutheran Cemetery 395851N 0830900W  
Saint John Cemetery 400531N 0830930W  
St. John Episcopal Church Cemetery      
Saint Johns Cemetery 400518N 0830101W  
Saint Josephs Cemetery 394928N 0825954W  
Saint Pauls Lutheran Cemetery 400706N 0825228W  
Salem Cemetery 395451N 0830628W  
Sandy Corners Cemetery 400447N 0830926W  
Scioto Cemetery 394836N 0830204W  
Seceder Cemetery 395626N 0824738W  
Seeds Cemetery 394832N 0830427W  
Silent Home Cemetery 395705N 0824757W  
Stevenson Cemetery    

Also known as: Stevenson-Campground Cemetery, Stevenson-Ruffner Cemetery

Sunset Cemetery 395646N 0831105W  
Temple Israel Cemetery 395647N 0830123W  
Thomas Adams Cemetery 395134N 0830415W  
Tifcreth Israel Cemetery 395459N 0825556W  
Truro Cemetery 395451N 0825146W  
Tussing Cemetery      
Union Cemetery      
Union Cemetery 400107N 0830122W  
Union Cemetery 400135N 0830155W  
Union Cemetery 400652N 0825118W  
Union Grove Cemetery 395132N 0824908W  
Union Methodist Cemetery 395508N 0830302W  
Vandemark Cemetery      
Wagner Cemetery 400553N 0824809W  
Walnut Grove Cemetery 400431N 0830132W  
Walnut Hill Cemetery 395139N 0825840W  
Welton Cemetery 394859N 0825123W  
Watkins Cemetery 395228N 0825917W  
Wesley Chapel Cemetery 400100N 0830605W  
West Pioneer Cemetery 400617N 0825535W  
Whims Graveyard      
Worthington Methodist Cemetery 400458N 0830051W  

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