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These are listed in loose alpha order based on the surname of the first individual mentioned in the story.

A letter from Chillicothe, gives the following account of the damage sustained by those little animals, the quantity of which almost exceeds belief: "As we passed thro' the country, from Dayton to Zanesville, it is impossible to describe the havoc and destruction made by the gray and black squirrels. Whole field of corn, from 5 to 10 acres, are said to be wholly destroyed -not an ear left. During a squirrel hunt of about a week in The exact number, I think was 19,626. Hundreds were seen every day swimming the Great Miami, Mad River, Scioto, and other streams. Children, from 6 to 10 years of age, would wade into into the shallow water, before the squirrels reached the shore, and kill them with sticks. Many of them are fat and fine eating - many families almost live upon them.
We saw many little boys and some men, with from ten to thirty or forty on their backs. They seem to be almost as destructive as the locusts formerly were in Egypt. They have never before been known so numerous in this section of the country. It is supposed thaty swim in to find mast, as the nuts are scarce in this quarter, and then attack the corn-fields. They will, probably, occasion a scarcity in many places." Nat. Intel. "Gettysburg Compiler" (Gettysburg, Penn) November 13 1822 Page 2 (Contributed by Nancy Piper)

Michael Lenkhardt and James Ryan have mysteriously disappeared from Columbus, O.   [The Indiana State Sentinel; (Indianapolis, IN) April 3, 1889]

Eileen Zent
Even though Eileen was new to our school last year, she has proved herself capable and very entertaining to have around. She gave the students a bit of excitement in March after chasing Dr. Simon all over the score looking for the cymbal crashes she managed to sneak in. He found out later they were hidden under the rests! Honor Society 4; Band 4. (1944 Galion High School Yearbook - submitted by Ida Maack Recu)


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