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Marriage Announcements

These are listed in loose alpha order based on the surname of the groom.

MARRIED---On Tuesday morning, May 2d, in Columbus, by Rev. H. L. Hitchcock, Dr. S. C. Bailey, of Gallipolis, O., to Miss Jenny Marple, of that city. [Source: Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, OH.) Thursday, May 11, 1854 - Submitted by Kathy McDaniel]

E.J. Bickerton, 22, and Anna Eberle, 20, both of Columbus, Ohio, were married in Covington Monday evening by Judge W.H.R. Wheeler, of that city. [The Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, OH) 6 Jul 1898, pg. 8; tr by KT]

A Columbus Couple - William Fradel, 21, and Marjorie Stratton, 20, both of Columbus, Ohio, were married in Newport yesterday.  [The Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, OH) 11 Aug 1909, pg 4]

J.W. Gardner and May Findling, both of Columbus, Ohio, were married yesterday morning by Judge Shine.  The groom is 22 years of age and the bride 17. [The Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, OH) 13 Jun 1888, pg 1, tr by KT]

August Kubel and Grave Carz, both of Columbus, Ohio, were married in Newport (KY) yesterday. [The Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, OH) 26 Sep 1912, p. 7; tr by KT]

Eaton Rapids Pastor Takes Bride In Ohio
Eaton Rapids, Oct 30 - Rev. Richard Millard, paster of First Methodist Episcopal church of this city, was married Friday to Miss Gertrude Budd of Columbus, O., at the home of the bride. Miss Budd formerly was a member of the faculty of Atens collect in Tennessee at the same time Mr. Millard was on the faculty. She is a graduate of Ohio State University. Mr. and Mrs. Millard will come to Eaton Rapids next week. [Source: Grand Rapids Press (Grand Rapids, MI), Saturday, October 30, 1920 - Submitted by FoFG]

Married in Newport : B. Rapkin, 25, and Bertha Seevy, 21, both of Columbus, Ohio, were married in Newport yesterday.   [The Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, OH) 13 Jun 1908, pg. 3; tr by KT]

MARRIED. -- At St. Paul's church, Columbus, O., Oct. 4, 1870, John Sadler, M. D., and Miss Christena E. Taylor, all of Columbus. [Source: Western Reserve Chronicle, (Warren, OH.) Wednesday, October 12, 1870 - Submitted by Kathy McDaniel]

Married in Newport yesterday:  James Slyph, 20, and Mary Jones, 22, both of Columbus, OH; married by Squire Donelan.  [The Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, Ohio) 18 Dec 1906, p 9; tr by KT]

Romance of School Days Ends With the Preacher's Marriage
Syracuse, NY, August 15 - The conclusion of a pretty romance was witnessed this afternoon when Rev. Joseph Taylor, pastor of the 10th Avenue Baptist Church, of Columbus, Ohio, was married to Miss Myrtie Evelyn Jones, of this city.  The young people met many years ago in the Cook Preparatory School, at Montour Falls, and became engaged.  They were true to each other until both had completed a college course.  Mr. Taylor last May graduated from Rochester Theological Seminary and Miss Jones from Syracuse University.  After a wedding journey the young people will live in Buffalo. [The Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, OH) 16 Aug 1901, pg. 8; tr by KT]


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