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Sick List

These are listed in loose alpha order based on the surname of the first individual mentioned in the story.

Columbus - George D. Arnal aged 30, a student at the Ohio Medical university, sustained a stroke of paralysis which affected his right side and rendered him speechless. ["Mansfield News", (Mansfield, OH), Jan 2, 1900 - Submitted by Linda Blue Dietz]

Tuesday, November 3, 1846 - Miss Dix, the philanthropist, lies dangerously ill at the Lunatic Asylum, Columbus. ["Newport Daily News" (Newport, RI) NP - Sub by FoFG]

A curious case occurred last week at Rome, in Franklin county, Ohio. Mrs.
Peters, wife of a German of that name, after a short illness was supposed to have died. Her husband made immediate arrangements for her funeral, having procured a coffin in this city. On placing her body in the coffin, a general perspiration was observed throughout the skin, which was reported to the husband, with the suggestion that the burial be deferred, in the hope of reanimation. To this the husband objected, and had her interred the same day, (Saturday). After the burial services were over, some relatives of the supposed deceased, who reside in this city, which had already taken place, and hearing of the circumstances, caused the body, which then had been four hours in the grave, to be disinterred, when, to their surprise and joy, they found signs of life still remaining. Restoratives being administered, Mrs. Peters gradually recovered, was taken by her friends in this city, and is now well. We are informed that she refuses to again live with her husband. The circumstances connected with the affair are strange, indeed, and should undergo investigation. Columbus (O.) [Sparta Democrat, (Sparta, Wisconsin) 31 August 1859, page 3 - Sub by Diana Morse]

A letter dated September 29, from a gentleman in Columbus, Ohio, to his friend in Baltimore, states that there never had been more sickness in that state than during the present fall. In that small town there have been three buried in one day. Forty to fifty were then lying sick. The inhabitants on the Ohio and Muskingum rivers have the yellow fever to an alarming degree. The report was, that there are more than three hundred cases of yellow fever in the neighborhood of Marietta; they are dying fast; numbers are removing from the water coursed to the highlands.
The crops were abundant, but the squirrels had been very destructive to the corn. The inhabitants had associated for the purpose of destroying the animals. On the first of September they formed themselves into two parties, and, on counting, nineteen thousand six hundred and sixty scalps were produced, besides about 500 which were not taken into the account. American.
["Gettysburg Compiler" (Gettysburg, Penn) Wednesday, October 23, 1822, Page 1 - NP - Sub by FoFG]


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