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Source: GNIS





Aeschliman Cemetery 413053N 0841309W Wauseon
Aetna Cemetery 413758N 0840347W Lyons
Ai Cemetery 413743N 0835617W Assumption
Amboy Township Cemetery 414113N 0835444W Assumption
Archbold Cemetery 413010N 0841821W Archbold
Ayers Cemetery 413546N 0841347W Wauseon
Bayes Cemetery 413329N 0841014W Wauseon
Beck Cemetery 413354N 0841606W Archbold
Berkebile Cemetery 413315N 0840325W Delta
Bethlehem Lutheran Church Cemetery     Adams Ridge
Butler Cemetery 413954N 0841018W Morenci
Centerville Cemetery 413440N 0835322W Swanton
Dutch Ridge Cemetery 413846N 0835721W Assumption
Eckley Amish Cemetery 413350N 0841458W Wauseon
Edgar Cemetery 414026N 0840216W Lyons
Fluhart Cemetery 413437N 0840647W Delta
Fowler Cemetery 413236N 0840325W Delta
Fulton County Infirmary Cemetery 413609N 0840751W Wauseon
Fulton Union Cemetery 413537N 0835751W Swanton
Greenlawn Cemetery 413431N 0840045W Delta
Gull Cemetery 413321N 0842204W Archbold
Johnson Cemetery 413446N 0841954W Archbold
Keen Cemetery 413230N 0835817W Swanton
King Cemetery 413333N 0840000W Delta
Lauber Hill Cemetery 413428N 0841606W Archbold
Lena Cemetery 413103N 0841023W Wauseon
Lutheran Cemetery 413125N 0835631W Swanton
Lyons Cemetery 414153N 0840437W Lyons
Mikesell Cemetery 413304N 0840947W Wauseon
Mount Salem Cemetery 413732N 0842257W Alvordton
Old Delta Cemetery 413452N 0840042W Delta
Ottokee Cemetery 413602N 0840819W Wauseon
Our Lady of Fatima Cemetery 414018N 0840404W Lyons
Pettisville Lutheran Cemetery 413156N 0841325W Wauseon
Pettisville Mennonite Cemetery 413148N 0841329W Wauseon
Pettisville Union Cemetery 413146N 0841329W Wauseon
Pleasant View Cemetery 414011N 0841957W Fayette
Raker Cemetery 413146N 0835907W Swanton
Reform Cemetery 413013N 0841823W Archbold
Rose Cemetery 414154N 0841021W Morenci
Rose Hill Cemetery 414053N 0840650W Lyons
Rupp Cemetery 413050N 0841639W Archbold
Ruppert Cemetery 413204N 0840515W Delta
Saint Caspar Cemetery 413254N 0840922W Wauseon
Saint James Cemetery 413234N 0841547W Archbold
Saint Luke Lutheran Cemetery 412946N 0840803W Napoleon West
Saint Marys Catholic Cemetery 414017N 0835447W Assumption
Saint Peters Cemetery 413234N 0841718W Archbold
Saint Richards Cemetery 413522N 0835352W Swanton
Salsberry Cemetery 413605N 0840303W Delta
Shiloh Cemetery 413003N 0835738W Swanton
Smith Cemetery 413545N 0841354W Wauseon
Snow Cemetery 414144N 0841831W Fayette
Tedrow Cemetery 413608N 0841151W Wauseon
Union Cemetery 413253N 0840923W Wauseon
Wauseon Union     Wauseon
West Franklin Cemetery 413719N 0842337W West Unity
Westbarre Cemetery 413059N 0840644W Delta
Wyse Cemetery 413352N 0841608W Archbold
Zion Cemetery 413214N 0840441W Delta


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