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History of Gallia County: Containing A Condensed History of the County; Biographical Sketches; General Statistics, Miscellaneous Matters, &c; James P. Averill; Hardestty & Co., Publishers, Chicago and Toledo, pub.1882.

(These biographiesare online and accessible by clicking the alpha links above.  
Many thanks to Anna Parks for all her work transcribing these!)

Alcorn, E. G., Dr. - Gallipolis Township

Alexander, John M. - Gallipolis Township

Allison, Simeon J. - Walnut Township.

Ashworth, Thomas - Cheshire Township

Bailey, Charles D. - Gallipolis Township

Baker, John Henry - Harrison Township

Bandy, George - Raccoon Township

Bard, John Henry - Huntington Township

Barger, Horace C. - Ohio Township

Barker, Robert - Ohio Township

Barlow, W. E. - Guyan Township

Barry, James - Guyan Township

Bay, Thomas J. - Guyan Township

Beardsley, Henry J. - Gallipolis Township

Belcher, John W., Dr. - Walnut Township.

Berridge, John L. - Guyan Township

Bing, John J. - Addison Township

Blake, Anselm T. - Ohio Township

Blake, Cincinnatus B. - Gallipolis Township

Blake, Miles L. - Guyan Township

Blake, Samuel J. - Springfield Township

Blanc, Jean Francis Jules - Springfield Township

Blanc, Julius Augustus Francis Henry - Springfield Township

Blazer, Adam - Gallipolis Township

Blazer, Henry - Gallipolis Township

Blessing, A. - Gallipolis Township

Blosser, John W., Jr. - Springfield Township

Boatman, Isaac - Cheshire Township

Boggs, James A. - Walnut Township.

Boggs, John - Greenfield Township

Bolles, H. H. - Gallipolis Township

Booton, Ira W. - Gallipolis Township

Bostick, Andrew A. - Walnut Township.

Bradbury, Asa - Cheshire Township

Bray, William - Springfield Township

Brothers, John - Clay Township

Brothers, Wheeler - Clay Township

Brown, John A. - Cheshire Township

Brumfield, Isaac - Guyan Township

Buck, John Bernhard - Huntington Township

Bunce, William - Addison Township

Burnett, Napoleon - Guyan Township

Butler, William Francis - Huntington Township

Caldwell, James E., Rev. - Guyan Township

Calhoon, James - Huntington Township

Campbell, Elias - Ohio Township

Campbell, George - Ohio Township

Campbell, John - Ohio Township

Campbell, Louis - Guyan Township

Carrell, William Jefferson - Springfield Township

Carter, John H.- Perry Township

Carter, William A. - Harrison Township

Chapman, Augustus A., Rev. - Guyan Township

Chapman, George L. - Guyan Township

Chapman, I. Floyd - Gallipolis Township

Chapman, John - Guyan Township

Cherington, Clem W. - Huntington Township

Cherrington, Pennel - Addison Township

Clark, Alexander - Clay Township

Clark, Amos - Clay Township

Clark, Samuel V. - Clay Township

Clark, William W. - Morgan Township

Codot, Lemuel Z. - Gallipolis Township

Cofer, Chester B., Rev. - Guyan Township

Colwell, Joseph T. - Guyan Township

Coon, William - Clay Township

Coughenour, David - Cheshire Township

Coughenour, Isaiah - Cheshire Township

Coughenour, Jacob - Cheshire Township

Cousins, Francis - Gallipolis Township

Coverston, Daniel - Springfield Township

Craig, William

Daily, Vincent, Rev. - Guyan Township

Daily, William N. - Guyan Township

Daniels, Silas - Springfield Township

Davies, David T. - Greenfield Township

Davies, David W. - Gallipolis Township

Davies, John A., Rev.- Perry Township

Davis, Charles, Rev. - Gallipolis Township

Davis, David D. - Harrison Township

Davis, Moses W. - Raccoon Township

Deckard, Richard - Huntington Township

Delille, Joseph - Springfield Township

Denny, Lewis - Springfield Township

Dickerson, Enoch R. - Huntington Township

Donnally, William - Guyan Township

Drake, Asa - Walnut Township.

Drake, Samuel - Walnut Township.

Drummond, Samuel - Harrison Township

Drumond, Thomas - Walnut Township.

Dunn, J. - Gallipolis Township

Dyer, Joseph S., Sr. - Springfield Township

Eagle, George W., Sr. - Raccoon Township

Eagle, William Clendenin - Raccoon Township

Eagle, William H., Junior - Huntington Township

Eakins, Hiram W. - Walnut Township.

Eakins, William L. - Walnut Township.

Earwood, Nathan - Clay Township

Eastham, Hartwell C. - Guyan Township

Ecker, Henry - Gallipolis Township

Ecker, John W. - Gallipolis Township

Ecker, William H. C. - Gallipolis Township

Edmiston, Francis M. - Huntington Township

Edward, Robert - Guyan Township

Edwards, Evan - Greenfield Township

Edwards, John E. - Greenfield Township

Edwards, Richard D. - Huntington Township

Elliott, Thomas Irvin - Guyan Township

Ensley, Asa - Guyan Township

Entsminger, William S. - Gallipolis Township

Evans, David Milton - Raccoon Township

Evans, William R., Rev. - Greenfield Township

Ewing, George B. - Springfield Township

Fife, George A. - Cheshire Township

Fillinger, Jonathan L. - Guyan Township

Fisher, Cassius M. - Morgan Township

Fletcher, William J. - Clay Township

Ford, Frederick - Gallipolis Township

Foster, Seth - Greenfield Township

Fowler, Harrison - Guyan Township

Frederick, David - Springfield Township

Frederick, Henry - Morgan Township

Fry, Charles E. - Ohio Township

Fry, Guy - Guyan Township

Fuller, William Greenleaf - Gallipolis Township

Fulton, Earl M. - Addison Township

Garlic, William L. - Guyan Township

Gates, David M. - Walnut Township.

Gates, Samuel H. - Addison Township

Ghrist, Columbus C. - Clay Township

Gillette, Henry Austin - Clay Township

Glassburn, David - Springfield Township

Glassburn, James - Raccoon Township

Gothard, James R. - Guyan Township

Graham, William D. - Clay Township

Grayum, Henry - Springfield Township

Green Township

Green, Alonzo J. - Gallipolis Township

Griffiths, Griffith D.- Perry Township

Gross, John Colby - Raccoon Township

Gross, Martin R. - Gallipolis Township

Grover, William H. - Cheshire Township

Guthrie, Charles A. - Cheshire Township

Guthrie, Truman, Senior

Hall, William D. - Walnut Township.

Halley, Jessy - Clay Township

Halley, Ross - Guyan Township

Halley, William R. - Guyan Township

Halliday, Samuel - Springfield Township

Hamer, George Washington - Greenfield Township

Hamilton, Asher B. - Huntington Township

Hannan, Henry H. - Ohio Township

Hannan, William Franklin - Ohio Township

Harbour, Richard - Guyan Township

Hathaway, Jacob D. - Clay Township

Hay, Hamilton - Clay Township

Hesson, John - Guyan Township

Hill, Henry F. - Springfield Township

Hobbs, Elisha - Guyan Township

Holcomb, Edward T. - Huntington Township

Holcomb, Samuel R. - Huntington Township

Holley, Henry - Ohio Township

Hott, Samuel Harrison - Gallipolis Township

House, George - Gallipolis Township

Howard, Joseph - Walnut Township.

Howell, John W. - Harrison Township

Hutsinpiller, David - Gallipolis Township

Ingels, Jesse - Harrison Township

Irion, John - Gallipolis Township

Irion, Simeon - Gallipolis Township

Irwin, John - Springfield Township

Irwin, Josiah - Harrison Township

Isaacs, Richard- Perry Township

Jacobs, David R. - Cheshire Township

Jacobs, Rufus - Raccoon Township

Jacobs, Rufus D., M. D. - Raccoon Township

Jenkins, David E.- Perry Township

Jenkins, David E. - Greenfield Township

Jenkins, Evan T. - Greenfield Township

Jenkins, George W. - Harrison Township

Jenkins, William S. - Cheshire Township

Johnson, Walter - Guyan Township

Johnson, William - Guyan Township

Johnston, James - Gallipolis Township

Johnston, Robert C. - Addison Township

Johnston, Samuel - Addison Township

Keller, Robert N.- Perry Township

Kennedy, Cornelius W. - Ohio Township

Kerr, Charles W. - Springfield Township

Kerr, James M. - Gallipolis Township

Kerr, John Nisewanger - Springfield Township

Kerr, Samuel J. - Springfield Township

Keye, Frederick H. J. - Springfield Township

King, Moses A. - Gallipolis Township

King, William A. - Clay Township

Klages, Freddrick - Walnut Township.

Knight, John J. - Gallipolis Township

Lakin, James Q., Rev. - Raccoon Township

Lasley, David - Cheshire Township

Lear, Henry - Walnut Township.

Leslie, William E. - Greenfield Township

Lewis, Benjamin - Raccoon Township

Lewis, David T. - Morgan Township

Lewis, Jesse B. - Harrison Township

Lewis, William - Huntington Township

Lindsey, William - Cheshire Township

Little, George B. - Walnut Township.

Lloyd, Thomas L. - Greenfield Township

Long, Solomon, Dr.- Perry Township

Loucks, William - Harrison Township

Lowry, Lee- Perry Township

Maddy, James W. - Addison Township

Markin, William H. - Harrison Township

Martin, James - Addison Township

Martindale, Alvin R. - Huntington Township

Martindale, John A. - Addison Township

Martt, James L. - Walnut Township.

Mason, George W. - Gallipolis Township

Maupin, Daniel G. - Guyan Township

Mcbride, George D. - Gallipolis Township

Mccall, Josiah - Harrison Township

Mccarley, Andrew C. - Huntington Township

Mccarty, Jonas, Jr. - Cheshire Township

Mccomber, Jonas - Huntington Township

Mccormick, John Rodgers - Gallipolis Township

Mcdaniel, Frank, Jr. - Walnut Township.

Mcdaniel, Jehu L. - Clay Township

Mcdaniel, Marion - Walnut Township.

Mcdaniel, Sylvester - Walnut Township.

Mcdaniel, William H. H. - Walnut Township.

Mcfaden, John P. - Harrison Township

Mchale, Martin - Gallipolis Township

Mcleod, Robert B.- Perry Township

Mcneal, James - Huntington Township

Miller, Henry C. - Greenfield Township

Miller, James - Morgan Township

Mills, Elza F. - Springfield Township

Mills, John E. - Springfield Township

Mink, Jacob - Addison Township

Mitchell, George F. - Cheshire Township

Montgomery, Thomas J. L. - Guyan Township

Mooney, John T. - Ohio Township

Mooney, Matthew - Ohio Township

Moore, Edward T. - Gallipolis Township

Morehouse, Daniel W. - Springfield Township

Morgan, David J.- Perry Township

Morrell, Francis E. - Greenfield Township

Morton, Thomas R. - Addison Township

Mossbarger, Jacob- Perry Township

Mossman, Thomas - Springfield Township

Moulton, Albanus A. - Raccoon Township

Mueller, John P., Rev. - Walnut Township.

Myers, Enoch B. - Walnut Township.

Myers, John William - Walnut Township.

Nash, William - Gallipolis Township

Neal, Anderson - Gallipolis Township

Neal, Jacob Y. - Walnut Township.

Neal, John Thomas - Walnut Township.

Neal, Samuel F. - Gallipolis Township

Newsom, J. L. - Gallipolis Township

Newton, Abraham - Gallipolis Township

Nida, Franklin D. - Harrison Township

Nida, Stephen E. - Walnut Township.

Niday, Francis T. - Guyan Township

Niday, Hugh C. - Guyan Township

Northrup, Henry C. - Clay Township

Notter, Jesse A. - Guyan Township

Notter, John J. - Walnut Township.

Null, W. D. - Walnut Township.

Oiler, James - Huntington Township

Oliver, John - Greenfield Township

Olmstead, Jesse D. - Gallipolis Township

Pake, James H., M.D. - Cheshire Township

Park, John - Cheshire Township

Parkins, Franklin - Greenfield Township

Parmley, William G. - Ohio Township

Parry, Lewis- Perry Township

Patterson, Daniel, M.D. - Walnut Township.

Patton, William K., Dr. - Guyan Township

Paulin, Thomas W. - Cheshire Township

Peden, Thomas E. - Raccoon Township

Phillips, Evan - Greenfield Township

Pierce, Archelaus - Clay Township

Pollock, Stephen - Ohio Township

Pollock, Thomas A. - Ohio Township

Pool, John J. - Gallipolis Township

Porter, Daniel - Ohio Township

Porter, Rufus P. - Huntington Township

Prose, William- Perry Township

Ralston, Mccoy - Addison Township

Rankin, Hiram - Guyan Township

Reed, Ruben - Cheshire Township

Reed, Silas M. - Cheshire Township

Rees, Samuel - Addison Township

Regnier, Charles - Gallipolis Township

Richards, Richard, Rev.- Perry Township

Rickabaugh, Henry - Raccoon Township

Ridgway, William - Raccoon Township

Rife, Charles A., M.D. - Cheshire Township

Riggs, Jacob - Clay Township

Roach, Calvin Edward - Ohio Township

Roadarmour, Alden Lothrop - Gallipolis Township

Robinson, Samuel - Morgan Township

Rodgers, William - Clay Township

Rose, James - Raccoon Township

Rose, John D. - Greenfield Township

Rose, Joseph W. - Greenfield Township

Rose, Pleasant - Greenfield Township

Rothgeb, David - Cheshire Township

Roush, Admiral Rodney - Cheshire Township

Rowles, William Y. - Morgan Township

Russell, Reuben A. - Huntington Township

Safford, L. M. - Gallipolis Township

Sanders, Joseph - Guyan Township

Scott, James K. - Clay Township

Serriere, George - Harrison Township

Shack, George W. - Huntington Township

Shaffer, David R. Severenus - Addison Township

Shaffer, Michael - Greenfield Township

Sharon, Lewis C. - Addison Township

Shaver, James - Springfield Township

Sheets, Brice H. No. 1 - Guyan Township

Sheets, Edward - Guyan Township

Sheets, Gory W. - Guyan Township

Sheets, John H. No. 1 - Guyan Township

Sheets, Lewis M. - Guyan Township

Shelton, Claiborn - Greenfield Township

Shelton, John - Greenfield Township

Shively, John - Huntington Township

Shoemaker, John L. - Harrison Township

Sibley, Benjamin - Ohio Township

Siders, George - Springfield Township

Sims, Charles G. - Guyan Township

Sisson, Nelson B., Dr. - Springfield Township

Small, Richard - Ohio Township

Smith, Brice H. - Guyan Township

Smith, George R. - Ohio Township

Spence, Zachariah - Greenfield Township

Sprague, James D. - Springfield Township

Steel, William - Raccoon Township

Stevers, John L. - Guyan Township

Stewart, John - Walnut Township.

Stewart, John J. - Greenfield Township

Stirling, David - Gallipolis Township

Stover, Jubel - Guyan Township

Strait, William Alonzo - Clay Township

Stuart, Charles - Gallipolis Township

Summers, Charles H. D. - Gallipolis Township

Swain, Othe - Guyan Township

Swain, William H. - Guyan Township

Swanson, Benjamin F. - Raccoon Township

Swanson, Silas W. - Cheshire Township

Swisher, George W. - Cheshire Township

Symmes, William - Cheshire Township

Tate, James C. - Cheshire Township

Tate, William - Cheshire Township

Thomas, Abraham- Perry Township

Thorniley, Walter S. - Clay Township

Tobin, Wesley - Raccoon Township

Trackler, Joseph - Addison Township

Trefftzs, John J. - Springfield Township

Trotter, William - Harrison Township

Tuck, Andrew M. - Addison Township

Turner, William Henry - Huntington Township

Tyler, Abner Johnson Holcomb. - Huntington Township

Urwin, Thomas - Ohio Township

Varney, John  

Vaughn, Jacob - Raccoon Township

Waddell, Ephraim E. - Gallipolis Township

Wagoner, Jacob - Greenfield Township

Wagoner, Philip - Greenfield Township

Walker, Jesse - Cheshire Township

Wall, Pinckney T. - Gallipolis Township

Walter, Francis - Harrison Township

Walter, Joseph - Walnut Township.

Warner, Arthur Wellesley - Raccoon Township

Watkins, William - Springfield Township

Watts, Andrew - Springfield Township

Watts, David - Springfield Township

Watts, J. A. C. - Springfield Township

Watts, James W. - Springfield Township

Watts, Ross S. - Springfield Township

Waugh, Charles L. - Ohio Township

Waugh, John H. - Ohio Township

Waugh, Theodore - Ohio Township

Waugh, Thomas - Ohio Township

Wells, David D. - Guyan Township

Wetherhalt, James M. - Clay Township

Wetherholt, Thomas - Clay Township

Whitacker, Andrew J. - Clay Township

White, Enoch - Walnut Township.

White, Rufus- Perry Township

White, William R. - Gallipolis Township

Wilhelm, William - Clay Township

Wilkenson, Joseph - Ohio Township

Willey, John - Clay Township

Williams, David B. - Raccoon Township

Williams, Elijah - Guyan Township

Williams, George E. - Greenfield Township

Williams, George G. - Greenfield Township

Williams, Isaiah S. - Walnut Township.

Williams, James K. - Walnut Township.

Williams, William G. - Greenfield Township

Willis, Edward - Gallipolis Township

Wilt, David - Morgan Township

Winegar, James - Cheshire Township

Wise, George - Clay Township

Wiseman, Andrew, Rev. - Walnut Township.

Womeldorff, Francis M. - Springfield Township

Wood, Harrison - Raccoon Township

Wood, Lewis R. - Raccoon Township

Wood, Sylvester P - Raccoon Township

Worthington, Joseph G. - Walnut Township.

Wright, John W.- Perry Township


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