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History of Gallia County: Containing A Condensed History of the County; Biographical Sketches; General Statistics, Miscellaneous Matters, &c; James P. Averill; Hardestty & Co., Publishers, Chicago and Toledo, pub.1882.

(These biographies are online and accessible by clicking the alpha links above.  
Many thanks to Anna Parks for all her work transcribing these!)

Alcorn, E. G., Dr. - Gallipolis Township

Alexander, John M. - Gallipolis Township

Allison, Simeon J. - Walnut Township.

Ashworth, Thomas - Cheshire Township

Bailey, Charles D. - Gallipolis Township

Baker, John Henry - Harrison Township

Bandy, George - Raccoon Township

Bard, John Henry - Huntington Township

Barger, Horace C. - Ohio Township

Barker, Robert - Ohio Township

Barlow, W. E. - Guyan Township

Barry, James - Guyan Township

Bay, Thomas J. - Guyan Township

Beardsley, Henry J. - Gallipolis Township

Belcher, John W., Dr. - Walnut Township.

Berridge, John L. - Guyan Township

Bing, John J. - Addison Township

Blake, Anselm T. - Ohio Township

Blake, Cincinnatus B. - Gallipolis Township

Blake, Miles L. - Guyan Township

Blake, Samuel J. - Springfield Township

Blanc, Jean Francis Jules - Springfield Township

Blanc, Julius Augustus Francis Henry - Springfield Township

Blazer, Adam - Gallipolis Township

Blazer, Henry - Gallipolis Township

Blessing, A. - Gallipolis Township

Blosser, John W., Jr. - Springfield Township

Boatman, Isaac - Cheshire Township

Boggs, James A. - Walnut Township.

Boggs, John - Greenfield Township

Bolles, H. H. - Gallipolis Township

Booton, Ira W. - Gallipolis Township

Bostick, Andrew A. - Walnut Township.

Bradbury, Asa - Cheshire Township

Bray, William - Springfield Township

Brothers, John - Clay Township

Brothers, Wheeler - Clay Township

Brown, John A. - Cheshire Township

Brumfield, Isaac - Guyan Township

Buck, John Bernhard - Huntington Township

Bunce, William - Addison Township

Burnett, Napoleon - Guyan Township

Butler, William Francis - Huntington Township

Caldwell, James E., Rev. - Guyan Township

Calhoon, James - Huntington Township

Campbell, Elias - Ohio Township

Campbell, George - Ohio Township

Campbell, John - Ohio Township

Campbell, Louis - Guyan Township

Carrell, William Jefferson - Springfield Township

Carter, John H.- Perry Township

Carter, William A. - Harrison Township

Chapman, Augustus A., Rev. - Guyan Township

Chapman, George L. - Guyan Township

Chapman, I. Floyd - Gallipolis Township

Chapman, John - Guyan Township

Cherington, Clem W. - Huntington Township

Cherrington, Pennel - Addison Township

Clark, Alexander - Clay Township

Clark, Amos - Clay Township

Clark, Samuel V. - Clay Township

Clark, William W. - Morgan Township

Codot, Lemuel Z. - Gallipolis Township

Cofer, Chester B., Rev. - Guyan Township

Colwell, Joseph T. - Guyan Township

Coon, William - Clay Township

Coughenour, David - Cheshire Township

Coughenour, Isaiah - Cheshire Township

Coughenour, Jacob - Cheshire Township

Cousins, Francis - Gallipolis Township

Coverston, Daniel - Springfield Township

Craig, William

Daily, Vincent, Rev. - Guyan Township

Daily, William N. - Guyan Township

Daniels, Silas - Springfield Township

Davies, David T. - Greenfield Township

Davies, David W. - Gallipolis Township

Davies, John A., Rev.- Perry Township

Davis, Charles, Rev. - Gallipolis Township

Davis, David D. - Harrison Township

Davis, Moses W. - Raccoon Township

Deckard, Richard - Huntington Township

Delille, Joseph - Springfield Township

Denny, Lewis - Springfield Township

Dickerson, Enoch R. - Huntington Township

Donnally, William - Guyan Township

Drake, Asa - Walnut Township.

Drake, Samuel - Walnut Township.

Drummond, Samuel - Harrison Township

Drumond, Thomas - Walnut Township.

Dunn, J. - Gallipolis Township

Dyer, Joseph S., Sr. - Springfield Township

Eagle, George W., Sr. - Raccoon Township

Eagle, William Clendenin - Raccoon Township

Eagle, William H., Junior - Huntington Township

Eakins, Hiram W. - Walnut Township.

Eakins, William L. - Walnut Township.

Earwood, Nathan - Clay Township

Eastham, Hartwell C. - Guyan Township

Ecker, Henry - Gallipolis Township

Ecker, John W. - Gallipolis Township

Ecker, William H. C. - Gallipolis Township

Edmiston, Francis M. - Huntington Township

Edward, Robert - Guyan Township

Edwards, Evan - Greenfield Township

Edwards, John E. - Greenfield Township

Edwards, Richard D. - Huntington Township

Elliott, Thomas Irvin - Guyan Township

Ensley, Asa - Guyan Township

Entsminger, William S. - Gallipolis Township

Evans, David Milton - Raccoon Township

Evans, William R., Rev. - Greenfield Township

Ewing, George B. - Springfield Township

Fife, George A. - Cheshire Township

Fillinger, Jonathan L. - Guyan Township

Fisher, Cassius M. - Morgan Township

Fletcher, William J. - Clay Township

Ford, Frederick - Gallipolis Township

Foster, Seth - Greenfield Township

Fowler, Harrison - Guyan Township

Frederick, David - Springfield Township

Frederick, Henry - Morgan Township

Fry, Charles E. - Ohio Township

Fry, Guy - Guyan Township

Fuller, William Greenleaf - Gallipolis Township

Fulton, Earl M. - Addison Township

Garlic, William L. - Guyan Township

Gates, David M. - Walnut Township.

Gates, Samuel H. - Addison Township

Ghrist, Columbus C. - Clay Township

Gillette, Henry Austin - Clay Township

Glassburn, David - Springfield Township

Glassburn, James - Raccoon Township

Gothard, James R. - Guyan Township

Graham, William D. - Clay Township

Grayum, Henry - Springfield Township

Green Township

Green, Alonzo J. - Gallipolis Township

Griffiths, Griffith D.- Perry Township

Gross, John Colby - Raccoon Township

Gross, Martin R. - Gallipolis Township

Grover, William H. - Cheshire Township

Guthrie, Charles A. - Cheshire Township

Guthrie, Truman, Senior

Hall, William D. - Walnut Township.

Halley, Jessy - Clay Township

Halley, Ross - Guyan Township

Halley, William R. - Guyan Township

Halliday, Samuel - Springfield Township

Hamer, George Washington - Greenfield Township

Hamilton, Asher B. - Huntington Township

Hannan, Henry H. - Ohio Township

Hannan, William Franklin - Ohio Township

Harbour, Richard - Guyan Township

Hathaway, Jacob D. - Clay Township

Hay, Hamilton - Clay Township

Hesson, John - Guyan Township

Hill, Henry F. - Springfield Township

Hobbs, Elisha - Guyan Township

Holcomb, Edward T. - Huntington Township

Holcomb, Samuel R. - Huntington Township

Holley, Henry - Ohio Township

Hott, Samuel Harrison - Gallipolis Township

House, George - Gallipolis Township

Howard, Joseph - Walnut Township.

Howell, John W. - Harrison Township

Hutsinpiller, David - Gallipolis Township

Ingels, Jesse - Harrison Township

Irion, John - Gallipolis Township

Irion, Simeon - Gallipolis Township

Irwin, John - Springfield Township

Irwin, Josiah - Harrison Township

Isaacs, Richard- Perry Township

Jacobs, David R. - Cheshire Township

Jacobs, Rufus - Raccoon Township

Jacobs, Rufus D., M. D. - Raccoon Township

Jenkins, David E.- Perry Township

Jenkins, David E. - Greenfield Township

Jenkins, Evan T. - Greenfield Township

Jenkins, George W. - Harrison Township

Jenkins, William S. - Cheshire Township

Johnson, Walter - Guyan Township

Johnson, William - Guyan Township

Johnston, James - Gallipolis Township

Johnston, Robert C. - Addison Township

Johnston, Samuel - Addison Township

Keller, Robert N.- Perry Township

Kennedy, Cornelius W. - Ohio Township

Kerr, Charles W. - Springfield Township

Kerr, James M. - Gallipolis Township

Kerr, John Nisewanger - Springfield Township

Kerr, Samuel J. - Springfield Township

Keye, Frederick H. J. - Springfield Township

King, Moses A. - Gallipolis Township

King, William A. - Clay Township

Klages, Freddrick - Walnut Township.

Knight, John J. - Gallipolis Township

Lakin, James Q., Rev. - Raccoon Township

Lasley, David - Cheshire Township

Lear, Henry - Walnut Township.

Leslie, William E. - Greenfield Township

Lewis, Benjamin - Raccoon Township

Lewis, David T. - Morgan Township

Lewis, Jesse B. - Harrison Township

Lewis, William - Huntington Township

Lindsey, William - Cheshire Township

Little, George B. - Walnut Township.

Lloyd, Thomas L. - Greenfield Township

Long, Solomon, Dr.- Perry Township

Loucks, William - Harrison Township

Lowry, Lee- Perry Township

Maddy, James W. - Addison Township

Markin, William H. - Harrison Township

Martin, James - Addison Township

Martindale, Alvin R. - Huntington Township

Martindale, John A. - Addison Township

Martt, James L. - Walnut Township.

Mason, George W. - Gallipolis Township

Maupin, Daniel G. - Guyan Township

Mcbride, George D. - Gallipolis Township

Mccall, Josiah - Harrison Township

Mccarley, Andrew C. - Huntington Township

Mccarty, Jonas, Jr. - Cheshire Township

Mccomber, Jonas - Huntington Township

Mccormick, John Rodgers - Gallipolis Township

Mcdaniel, Frank, Jr. - Walnut Township.

Mcdaniel, Jehu L. - Clay Township

Mcdaniel, Marion - Walnut Township.

Mcdaniel, Sylvester - Walnut Township.

Mcdaniel, William H. H. - Walnut Township.

Mcfaden, John P. - Harrison Township

Mchale, Martin - Gallipolis Township

Mcleod, Robert B.- Perry Township

Mcneal, James - Huntington Township

Miller, Henry C. - Greenfield Township

Miller, James - Morgan Township

Mills, Elza F. - Springfield Township

Mills, John E. - Springfield Township

Mink, Jacob - Addison Township

Mitchell, George F. - Cheshire Township

Montgomery, Thomas J. L. - Guyan Township

Mooney, John T. - Ohio Township

Mooney, Matthew - Ohio Township

Moore, Edward T. - Gallipolis Township

Morehouse, Daniel W. - Springfield Township

Morgan, David J.- Perry Township

Morrell, Francis E. - Greenfield Township

Morton, Thomas R. - Addison Township

Mossbarger, Jacob- Perry Township

Mossman, Thomas - Springfield Township

Moulton, Albanus A. - Raccoon Township

Mueller, John P., Rev. - Walnut Township.

Myers, Enoch B. - Walnut Township.

Myers, John William - Walnut Township.

Nash, William - Gallipolis Township

Neal, Anderson - Gallipolis Township

Neal, Jacob Y. - Walnut Township.

Neal, John Thomas - Walnut Township.

Neal, Samuel F. - Gallipolis Township

Newsom, J. L. - Gallipolis Township

Newton, Abraham - Gallipolis Township

Nida, Franklin D. - Harrison Township

Nida, Stephen E. - Walnut Township.

Niday, Francis T. - Guyan Township

Niday, Hugh C. - Guyan Township

Northrup, Henry C. - Clay Township

Notter, Jesse A. - Guyan Township

Notter, John J. - Walnut Township.

Null, W. D. - Walnut Township.

Oiler, James - Huntington Township

Oliver, John - Greenfield Township

Olmstead, Jesse D. - Gallipolis Township

Pake, James H., M.D. - Cheshire Township

Park, John - Cheshire Township

Parkins, Franklin - Greenfield Township

Parmley, William G. - Ohio Township

Parry, Lewis- Perry Township

Patterson, Daniel, M.D. - Walnut Township.

Patton, William K., Dr. - Guyan Township

Paulin, Thomas W. - Cheshire Township

Peden, Thomas E. - Raccoon Township

Phillips, Evan - Greenfield Township

Pierce, Archelaus - Clay Township

Pollock, Stephen - Ohio Township

Pollock, Thomas A. - Ohio Township

Pool, John J. - Gallipolis Township

Porter, Daniel - Ohio Township

Porter, Rufus P. - Huntington Township

Prose, William- Perry Township

Ralston, Mccoy - Addison Township

Rankin, Hiram - Guyan Township

Reed, Ruben - Cheshire Township

Reed, Silas M. - Cheshire Township

Rees, Samuel - Addison Township

Regnier, Charles - Gallipolis Township

Richards, Richard, Rev.- Perry Township

Rickabaugh, Henry - Raccoon Township

Ridgway, William - Raccoon Township

Rife, Charles A., M.D. - Cheshire Township

Riggs, Jacob - Clay Township

Roach, Calvin Edward - Ohio Township

Roadarmour, Alden Lothrop - Gallipolis Township

Robinson, Samuel - Morgan Township

Rodgers, William - Clay Township

Rose, James - Raccoon Township

Rose, John D. - Greenfield Township

Rose, Joseph W. - Greenfield Township

Rose, Pleasant - Greenfield Township

Rothgeb, David - Cheshire Township

Roush, Admiral Rodney - Cheshire Township

Rowles, William Y. - Morgan Township

Russell, Reuben A. - Huntington Township

Safford, L. M. - Gallipolis Township

Sanders, Joseph - Guyan Township

Scott, James K. - Clay Township

Serriere, George - Harrison Township

Shack, George W. - Huntington Township

Shaffer, David R. Severenus - Addison Township

Shaffer, Michael - Greenfield Township

Sharon, Lewis C. - Addison Township

Shaver, James - Springfield Township

Sheets, Brice H. No. 1 - Guyan Township

Sheets, Edward - Guyan Township

Sheets, Gory W. - Guyan Township

Sheets, John H. No. 1 - Guyan Township

Sheets, Lewis M. - Guyan Township

Shelton, Claiborn - Greenfield Township

Shelton, John - Greenfield Township

Shively, John - Huntington Township

Shoemaker, John L. - Harrison Township

Sibley, Benjamin - Ohio Township

Siders, George - Springfield Township

Sims, Charles G. - Guyan Township

Sisson, Nelson B., Dr. - Springfield Township

Small, Richard - Ohio Township

Smith, Brice H. - Guyan Township

Smith, George R. - Ohio Township

Spence, Zachariah - Greenfield Township

Sprague, James D. - Springfield Township

Steel, William - Raccoon Township

Stevers, John L. - Guyan Township

Stewart, John - Walnut Township.

Stewart, John J. - Greenfield Township

Stirling, David - Gallipolis Township

Stover, Jubel - Guyan Township

Strait, William Alonzo - Clay Township

Stuart, Charles - Gallipolis Township

Summers, Charles H. D. - Gallipolis Township

Swain, Othe - Guyan Township

Swain, William H. - Guyan Township

Swanson, Benjamin F. - Raccoon Township

Swanson, Silas W. - Cheshire Township

Swisher, George W. - Cheshire Township

Symmes, William - Cheshire Township

Tate, James C. - Cheshire Township

Tate, William - Cheshire Township

Thomas, Abraham- Perry Township

Thorniley, Walter S. - Clay Township

Tobin, Wesley - Raccoon Township

Trackler, Joseph - Addison Township

Trefftzs, John J. - Springfield Township

Trotter, William - Harrison Township

Tuck, Andrew M. - Addison Township

Turner, William Henry - Huntington Township

Tyler, Abner Johnson Holcomb. - Huntington Township

Urwin, Thomas - Ohio Township

Varney, John  

Vaughn, Jacob - Raccoon Township

Waddell, Ephraim E. - Gallipolis Township

Wagoner, Jacob - Greenfield Township

Wagoner, Philip - Greenfield Township

Walker, Jesse - Cheshire Township

Wall, Pinckney T. - Gallipolis Township

Walter, Francis - Harrison Township

Walter, Joseph - Walnut Township.

Warner, Arthur Wellesley - Raccoon Township

Watkins, William - Springfield Township

Watts, Andrew - Springfield Township

Watts, David - Springfield Township

Watts, J. A. C. - Springfield Township

Watts, James W. - Springfield Township

Watts, Ross S. - Springfield Township

Waugh, Charles L. - Ohio Township

Waugh, John H. - Ohio Township

Waugh, Theodore - Ohio Township

Waugh, Thomas - Ohio Township

Wells, David D. - Guyan Township

Wetherhalt, James M. - Clay Township

Wetherholt, Thomas - Clay Township

Whitacker, Andrew J. - Clay Township

White, Enoch - Walnut Township.

White, Rufus- Perry Township

White, William R. - Gallipolis Township

Wilhelm, William - Clay Township

Wilkenson, Joseph - Ohio Township

Willey, John - Clay Township

Williams, David B. - Raccoon Township

Williams, Elijah - Guyan Township

Williams, George E. - Greenfield Township

Williams, George G. - Greenfield Township

Williams, Isaiah S. - Walnut Township.

Williams, James K. - Walnut Township.

Williams, William G. - Greenfield Township

Willis, Edward - Gallipolis Township

Wilt, David - Morgan Township

Winegar, James - Cheshire Township

Wise, George - Clay Township

Wiseman, Andrew, Rev. - Walnut Township.

Womeldorff, Francis M. - Springfield Township

Wood, Harrison - Raccoon Township

Wood, Lewis R. - Raccoon Township

Wood, Sylvester P - Raccoon Township

Worthington, Joseph G. - Walnut Township.

Wright, John W.- Perry Township

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