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Gallia County, Ohio
Birth Records


Berridge, C. Eugene, 01 Aug 1867, Gallia Co., Ohio, John L. and Missouri (Lewis) Berridge
Berridge, John L, 27 Dec 1844, Gallia Co., Ohio, C. C. and Deborah (Josephs) Berridge
Berridge, Lilian, 28 Feb 1912, Gallipolis, Ohio, Meril and Mierl (Thomas) Berridge
Berridge, Nellie, 18 Feb 1888, Gallia Co., Ohio, Cornelius and Nancy Jane (Roe) Berridge

Clenderic, Kate, 28 Nov 1866, Gallipolis, Ohio, Charley and Sophia (Cross) Clenderic
Cook, Hannah Cecila, 27 Dec 1847, Gallipolis, Ohio, Isaac and Jean (Edwards) Cook

Lewis, Missouri A., February 17, 1843, Joshua and Annie (Wetherholt) Lewis

Roe, Nancy Jane, 16 Apr 1849, Clay Twp., Gallia, Ohio, Neal and Nancey Jane (Cottrell) Roe

White, Ross Franklin, 20 Mar 1884, Gallia Co., Ohio, John and Louise (Berridge) Franklin

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