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Around the Parent Bough: Mrs. Adelaide Maguet, then Adelaide Leclere, in October, 1792, at the age of five years, came with her father from Havre-de-Gras, France, to Gallipolis. In 1806 she married Anthony R. R. Maguet, who died in 1829, by who she was the mother of seven children, four of whom are still living, viz; Mrs. Harriet Bankard, aged 67, Mrs. Lucy Hern, aged 65, Mr. L. P. Maguet, aged 62, and Mrs. Louisa Halliday, aged __ years.
Friday last was the eighty-eighth birthday of Mrs. Maguet, and her descendants gathered around her at the residence of Mr. E. P. Ralph, on Fourth street, to celebrate the event. There were present four children, twelve grand-children, and thirty-four great-grand-children. Besides these there were relatives to these descendants by marriage present, making the total number sixty.
The guests were entertained by Mrs. Ralph, who, by the way, is a grand-daughter, in true style. A pleasant afternoon was spent, and all departed wishing their venerable parent, the sole survivor of the French emigrants and founders of our city, many years of earthly life yet.
[Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, April 01, 1875]

HAPPY FAMILY REUNION -- At the residence of Mr. Joseph Vanden, on Front street, Thursday, his descendants met to celebrate his 88th birthday. Mr. Vanden is one of our oldest and most respected citizens. He was born at Amsterdam, Holland, in the year 1787. He came here in 1791, and in 1814 was married to Mary, daughter of Christopher Randall, she being eight years his junior. They are both still living, having lived together sixty-one years, and being the parents of quite a family of children.
The children are James Vanden, aged 59; Mrs. Joanna C. Rathburn, aged 57; Mrs. Mary A. Kerr, aged 54; Mrs. Susan Beck, aged 51; Jno. C. Vanden, aged 48 years, and Joseph Vanden, aged 46 years. There are forty grand-children, twenty-seven of whom were present on this occasion, and eight great-grand-children. "And the children to the third and fourth generation were brought upon Joseph's knees."
Mr. Vanden first settled, when he came to Gallipolis upon the public square, in the old block house thereon. He served as a soldier in the war of 1812, and has attended nearly every election since, voting intellgently upon all questions at issue. Though verging upon four score years and ten, he possesses unusual vigor and bids fair to live years yet. We hope he and his aged wife, who is also quite vigorous, may live to bless many grand-children and great-grand children yet. We look upon them as the only links connecting us with the forgotten past, and can not be spared without being sorrowfully missed.
[Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, April 08, 1875]

Sixty years ago Alfred White and Mary, his wife, both long since dead, settled in Gallia county. The former died while on his road to California soon after the discovery of gold there, and was buried upon the plains. They were the parents of quite a family of children, all remarkable for their longevity. The children now living are Mrs. Armennie Scurlock, aged seventy years, Mrs. Armanda Miller, aged sixty-eight, Rufus White, aged sixty four, Mrs. Cynthia Burke, aged sixty, George White, aged fifty-six, and Mrs. Rachel Thompson, aged fifty-two. These parties had not been together for thirty-two years, until the other day, when they met at Rufus', in Perry township. The greetings were warm and true, and the stories of childhood repeated. It was a happy, happy occasion upon which memory will longingly, lovingly linger.
[Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, March 18, 1875]


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