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Ohio Legislature: The House passed without objection the Kimball bill relieving D.A.
Austin, treasurer of Geauga county, who lost $11,563 county funds in the failure of the banking company of Broughton, Ford & Co., Chardon. [The Hocking Sentinel, Logan, Ohio, March, 17, 1904 - Sub by Kate Watson]

Young Woman Upheld by Board of Education When She Determines to be Boss.
Chardon, O., Mar. 9,- After facing the board of education and a crowded court room as the result of an attempt to oust her as teacher in Hudson school district No.8, Chardon township, Miss Bertha
Fisk, who was charged with having no drinking water in the room, with doing fancy work in school and showing partiality to pupils was acquitted here.
Miss Fisk immediately after the trial went to her school, faced the pupils who had enjoyed a holiday the day before with their teacher on the grill and resumed her position. Miss Fisk throughout the ordeal did not loose her nerve. Miss Fisk's pupils were on the stand to testify against her. Miss Fisk says she is teacher, and intends to be boss at the little school house which has a reputation of having more trouble than any other school in Geauga county. [
The Mahoning Dispatch; Canfield, Ohio, March 11, 1910 - Sub. by Kate Watson]

It might be told, as a matter of news, that Mr. S.D.
Hollenbeck, of Geauga county, has sent a nice pony to Col. Dick. The fact that Mr. Hollenbeck is a candidate for the appointment as U.S. District Marshal is a mere incident. The Beacon goes over the local field every day with a hay-rake for news about Col. Dick, but this interesting bit of information about the pony seems to have gone through the prongs. Henceforth our esteemed neighbor should use a fine-toothed comb. [Akron Daily Democrat; Akron, Ohio, November 29, 1899 - KT - Sub by FoFG]

Mr. S. D.
Hollenbeck, of Geauga, will be appointed U.S. District Marshal, and Senator J.J. Sullivan, of Warren, will be appointed District attorney. Stick a pin in that. [Akron Daily Democrat; Akron, Ohio, November 29, 1899 - KT - Sub by FoFG]

Mills, superintendent of Burton schools for many years, and one of the most popular educators in Geauga county, will retire this year and engage in other work. Prof. Mills is well known and has many friends in Canfield where he has attended teachers' institutes and visited Prof. E.D. Williams and wife who some years since were instructors in the Normal college. [The Mahoning Dispatch; Canfield, Ohio, April 29, 1910 - Sub. by Kate Watson]

Will Drill for Oil.
Chagrin Falls, June 13. - Citizens of Parkman township, Geauga county, are enthusiastic over the promising outlook for the discovery of oil in paying quantities in that township. More that 4,000 acres of land have been leased by Cleveland capitalists, who propose making a thorough test for oil and gas. Nearly all of the machinery for drilling has arrived at Parkman. The derrick is being built and the first test well will be sunk as soon as it is completed. The first well will be put down east of Parkman village. Forty years ago Alonzo
Smith, a Parkman pioneer, sunk a well at this place, and at the depth of about 200 feet found both oil and gas. [Perrysburg Journal; June 15,1900 - Sub by Kate Watson]

Swarthout, a Cleveland man, may own Geauga county's only coal mine in Newbury. Swarthout has been in Chardon inquiring into the matter. If the mine suits him he will make an effort to get control of it. Swarthout has been in the mining business for forty years. [Los Angeles Herald; September 30, 1907 - Sub by Kate Watson]

Wadworth Will Retain His Office
Chagrin Falls, O., July 9,-The government recently issued an order abolishing the postoffice at Auburn and establishing rural free delivery service. The office has been conducted for 33 years by S.L.
Wadsworth, a Geauga county pioneer, aged 90. Wadsworth's friends protested because of his age and service, and the order to discontinue the Auburn office was rescinded. [Perrysburg Journal; July 15, 1904 - Submitted by Kate Watson ]


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