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Geauga County, Ohio
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Drainage Paying 25 Per Cent Dividends
Tile drainage is proving to be a profitable investment for Emerson
Dayton on his farm southeast of Burton, Geauga County. When he bought his original farm 16 years ago there were but two acres of plow land on the entire tract. The remainder was wet, cut over timber land.
Last fall, after he got all of his land paid for and had gone over his fields with the county agricultural agent, he invested in nearly two carloads of tile.
Mr. Dayton says that the increased crops for this year alone have paid 25 per cent interest on the investment in tiled rainage. For instance, oats on land that had formerly been under water for a considerable part of each year yielded 53 bushels per acre. A bumper crop of corn was produced on swales this year which before had sometimes scarcely been worth harvesting.
Mr. Dayton also realizes the value of lime and acid phosphate and is using them, as well as tile in increasingly large amounts.
[Perrysburg Journal; Perrysburg, Ohio, November 27, 1919 - Sub. by by Kate Watson]

King of Troy, Geauga county, reports having raised a White Star potato that weighed 4 pound and 14 ounces. [The Mahoning Dispatch; Canfield, Ohio, October 24, 1913 - Sub. by Kate Watson]


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