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Greene County, Ohio
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Fatal Fight of Rival Lovers
Cincinnati, Ohio, August 9 - A murder took place at Strington, near Xenia, Ohio, on Sunday night. Wallace Davis and William H. Hudson were suitors of Miss Parker (colored) and some time ago had a fight about her. On Sunday night last Miss Parker refused Davis's offer to escort her home from church and accepted Hudson's. On the way home Davis overtook Hudson and threatened to whip him. Miss Parker and her sister ran away and left the two men together. Three shots were fired, and Hudson rejoined the girls. yesterday Davis's body was found in the road with a bullet through the head. Hudson has not been arrested.
[The Daily Dispatch., (Richmond, VA) August 10, 1881]

In the Hudson murder trial at Xenia, Ohio, the prisoner entered a plea of guilty to the charge of manslaughter.
[Belmont chronicle. (St. Clairsville, Ohio), December 22, 1881]


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