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Sick List

Listed in loose alpha order

The family of Mr. S. L. Beall, of near Jamestown, seems to have been sorely afflicted for some time past. The mother died a couple of years ago and a few weeks ago a daughter died. We made note the other day of the death, from typhoid fevor, of Miss Bertie, another daughter, and now we learn that a son, Lewis Beall, is very dangerously ill with the same disease in connection with heart trouble. His recovery is very doubtful. [Xenia Daily Gazette (Xenia, OH) 14 Oct 1899]

Edward Donoghue, an employee of the Little Miami railroad, whose home is at Grafton, West Virginia, had his right arm badly crushed this morning, at 11 o'clock, while making a coupling in the freight yard, by having it caught between the bumpers. The flesh was badly crushed between the elbow and wrist, but no bones were broken. Only yesterday he had his finger mashed while engaged in making a coupling and he has about come to the conclusion to give up rail-roading. This makes the third accident of this kind which has occurred to Little Miami yard hands here within a week. Each of the three men having their right arm crushed between bumpers, in the same place, between the elbow and wrist. This is certainly a coincidence. [Xenia Daily Gazette (Xenia, OH) 22 Dec 1882, Fri, p.7]

Misses Nellie and Libby Mealey, of Dayton, are visiting their sister, Mrs. Chas. Goodin, of East Market street.  They came over in consequence of the serious illness of Master Harry Goodin, who has been suffering for the past 10 days from an affection of the throat, but who is now much better and out of danger.  [Xenia Daily Gazette (Xenioa, OH) 22 Dec 1882; tr by KT]

Xenia, O., Mar 7- Lorena Harness, 4, daughter of Lawrence Harness, a farmer living near Jamestown, this county, was probably fatally burned when her clothing caught fire from matches with which she was playing in the yard at her home.
[Lima Daily News, Mar 7, 1906 - Sub. by L. Dietz]

Mr. Clyde McCallister has been quite ill for a week or two past, but is now showing improvement and is getting along nicely. [Xenia Daily Gazette (Xenia, OH) 13 Aug 1903,p. 4; Tr by KT]

"Colored Society" - Mr. Alexander Morgan met with a very unfortunate accident yesterday afternoon in the gravel pit near J.B. Lucas'.  He had on a load of gravel and was starting from the pit when a stone rolled down and struck one of his horses and frightened the animal.  He was sitting on the front end of the wagon with his legs hanging over, and the frightened horse threw his whole weight back against Mr. Morgan's right leg and broke it at the ankle, pretty badly.  He was brought to town and Dr. Dice set his leg. [Xenia Daily Gazette (Xenia, OH) 14 Oct 1899, tr by KT]

Jamestown Press:  Mrs. Hussey, widow of Kitt Hussey, who resides near Bowersville, had the misfortune to fall from her veranda Friday and break her hip.  She is 82 years old, which makes the case more serious.  Her daughter, Mrs. Wm. Huston, resides in Jamestown. [Xenia Daily Gazette (Xenia, OH) 14 Oct 1899, p.7]

Miss Anna May Stewart, of Clifton, is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Marshall, of North King street, having been called here on account of the illness of her aunt, Mrs. Marshal (sic).  The latter is resting easier and it is hoped she will fully recover in a short time.  [Xenia Daily Gazette (Xenia, OH) 13 Aug 1903, p. 4; tr by KT]

Mr. and Mrs. Petts, eighty years of age, residing near Xenia, after a happy married life over half a century, found themselves childless and penniless with winter coming on. Relatives of the wife would care for her, but not the husband. With tears and fond embraces the old couple, who had lived together so many years, parted for this life, the wife to be taken away by her friends, and the husband to end his days in the poor house.
[The Daily Herald, Delphos, O, Oct 24, 1895 - Sub. by L. Dietz]


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