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Soldiers in the War of 1812

[Source: "History of Guernsey County", Ohio, Vol 1 (1911) Col. Cyrus P. B. Sarchet]
Transcribed by Jeanne Hall

Guernsey County was represented in the war of 1812 by three companies of militia, commanded respectively by Capt. Simon Beymer, Capt. Absalom Martin and Capt. C. P. Beatty. We have recently come into possession of the names of the members of these companies, which we publish below, as a contribution to the history of the county. Few, if any, of the present generation know anything about the experiences of their ancestors in eastern Ohio, during that war. Few know that Guernsey county, sparsely settled at it was in 1812, sent so many soldiers into the field. The following two companies were in the detachment commanded by Col. Robert Bay:


Simon Beymer, captain
Stewart Speer, first lieutenant
Henry Beymer, second lieutenant
David Slater, sergeant
Andrew Dougherty, sergeant
George Wines, sergeant
Robert Ewings, sergeant
William Beymer, corporal
David Moore, corporal
Nicholas Baumgardner, corporal
Frederic Beymer, corporal
William Englehart, corporal
Alex. Barton, corporal
John Bickham
Daniel Bates
Findly Collins
David Dougherty
George Dye
James Hawkins
Levin Lewis
Andrew McGowan
Joseph Reed
Frederick Saltsgayer
John Sickman
Henry Steers
Moses Steppenson
Thomas Smith
Andrew Sickman

Jacob Thomas
Nehemiah Williams
Argus Morris
Thomas Brannon
Ezekiel Bates
William Cook
Ichabod Dilley
Elisha Evans
Henry Llewellyn
James Lard
James McConnell
Samuel Shevel
William Satterfield
William Smith
William Sherman
John Vanpelt
Charles Birch
Ford Barnes
William Chance
Joshua Clark
Abraham Dilley
Peter Fry
Joseph Lyn
Robert Lancing
John Rainey
Presley Sickman
Moses Wright


Absalom Martin, captain
Wyatt Hutchinson, first lieutenant
James Sherman, second lieutenant
John Bratton, sergeant
George Sudden, sergeant
Thomas Mullen, sergeant
William Israel, sergeant
Thos. De Britner, corporal
Edward Milner, corporal
C. Donover, corporal
James Edwards, corporal
Edw. Davis, corporal
Henry Wolford, corporal
Josiah Barron
Moses Beard
Thomas Read
Henry Carrel
Bernard Duwit
Jacob Hart
Aaron Hedges
James Miles
Philip McWilliam
Thomas Merritt
John Read
Jonathan Stull
Jacob Dedrick
David Wilson
Thomas Wilkins
James Warnock
Atkinson Mitchell
David Burns
Joseph Bowers

William Kerns
Henry Davis
James Everett
William Hanna
Lewis Lambert
John Mealman
William Moore
John McGiven
Joshua Reaves
George Shipley
John Dedrick
Jonathan Warne
John Woodbeck
Peter Wirick
David Brown
Thomas Barron
Joseph Bell
Joseph Coyle
David Delong
William Kirk
Henry Hite
George Launce
William McGiven
William Maple
Samuel Poke
Philip Shoaf
John Sealer
Michael Dedrick
Andrew Wirick
Robert Warnock
David Delong


Cyrus P. Beatty, captain
David Burt, lieutenant
Nicholas Stoner, ensign
John Leverick
Henry Whetstone
Joseph Archer
James Delong
James Thomas
William Linn (absent)
Samuel Beymer (absent)
William Gibson
James Shipley
James Fuller
John McKee
Robt. Atkinson
Elijah Williams
William Talbutt
James Noble
David Clark
James Parkhill
Jonathan Eastman
William Stewart
Samuel Styers
Isaac Styles
Joseph Ward
James Waddle
James Bigham
James McMullen (absent)
Joseph Wilkey

John Shipley
Michael Wirick
George Warn
Alexander Harper
George Miller
Eli Bingham
John Wiley (absent)
William Roak
William Van Horn
Garret Reasoner
Richard Scott
William Gibson, Jr.
Robert Lowery
John Beymer
Arthur Adair
George Shivel
William Anderson
Ezekiel Shipley
Andrew Henderson
Thomas Dennis
William Oyler
Hugh McCoy
Rodney Talbutt
Robert Lansing
Ford Barnes
John Bollen (absent)
William Morehead (absent)
John Conner

On the back of the muster roll of the above company. Lieut.-Col. Z. A. Beatty writes that he has inspected the ammunition, arms. etc., of the detachment, and finds them to be as follows: Powder in horns, two and one-half pounds; balls in pouches, ninety; pouches and horns, eleven; rifles, thirteen; muskets, one. By a note on the muster roll we learn that Lieutenant-colonel Beatty forwarded this report to Colonel Bay on August 11th. Beatty being then at Zanesville. He explains in this note why no non-commissioned officers have been appointed, the officer desiring to become better acquainted with the men before making those appointments.


In the early days of Cambridge, the only blacksmith shop in town was that of William McCracken, father of Alexander McCracken. Day after day, the sound of the hammer was heard in his place, and trade was busy. But then came the war of 1812, and all the able-bodied men of the place enlisted for active service. William McCracken quenched the fire in his forge, put down his hammer, locked the door, and set off with a musket. But to this the worthy people of Cambridge could not agree. Some one must shoe their horses, and there was none in the land of Guernsey who approached McCracken in skill and capacity. So a collection was taken up, to which the interested ones gladly contributed, a substitute was hired to shoulder the musket, and William McCracken perforce returned to his forge, kindled the fires and once more the blacksmith shop rang with the sound of the hammer.


At a meeting of the soldiers of the war of 1812, held in the court house square September 3, 1869, the following registered their names for the purpose of petitioning the general government for pensions:

Elijah Grimes, aged eighty years, residing at Cambridge.
George Macomber, aged seventy-five years, of Cambridge.
Peter Klingman, aged eighty-one years, of Cambridge.
Joseph Waller, aged seventy-eight years, of Cambridge.
George McGannon, aged eighty-three years, of Cambridge.
William Phillips, aged seventy-eight years, of Cambridge.
William Turnbaugh, aged eighty-one years, of Cambridge.
John McGiffin, aged eighty-five years, of Cambridge.
Adam Rankin, aged seventy-five years, of Midway.
Thomas Brown, aged seventy-six years, of Washington.
Andrew Bay, aged seventy-one years, Leatherwood.
Thomas N. Muzzy, aged eighty years, of Cumberland.
George McCormick, aged eighty-one years, of Antrim.
Adam Bucher, aged eighty-two years, of Rochester.
Edwanl Milliner, aged eighty-four years, of Millinersville.

Others who reported later were: Samuel F. McKinnie. aged eighty-seven years, of Washington township;
Joseph McKinnie, aged seventy-six years, of the county, and also Robert Richey.

Governor R. B. Hayes and Col. John Ferguson spoke on the occasion of the meeting above referred to.

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