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Birth Records - (partial listing)
Name Birth Date Birth Place Parents Source
Kennedy, Raymond F 28 Oct 1904 Spencer Station, Oh Julius & Lilly (Galloway) Kennedy sub. by C. Skinner
Lanning, Elizabeth 1868 Jefferson Twp George & Keziah (Spur) Lanning sub. by C. Skinner
Malvin, Georgia E 23 Feb 1913 Cumberland Elmer & Amanda (Ranson) Malvin sub. by C. Skinner
McBride, Everett E 5 Mar 1891

Madison Twp

W. R. & (?) McBride sub. by C. Skinner
McConnell, Cora G 20 Apr 1867 Jefferson Twp Robert & Margaret (?) McConnell sub. by C. Skinner
Mendenhall, Isabel 19 Jul 1916 Buffalo, Oh Joe & Effie (?) Mendenhall sub. by C. Skinner
Naylor, Millard F 9 Mar 1886 Guernsey Co Frank & Jessie (Marsh) Naylor sub. by C. Skinner
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