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Source: GNIS

Cemetery Latitude Longitude
Allen Cemetery 400528N 0812823W
Antrim Presbyterian Cemetery 400711N 0812126W
Banker Cemetery 401044N 0813827W
Barker Cemetery 395843N 0811401W
Battle Ridge Cemetery 400054N 0813050W
Beech Grove Chapel Cemetery 395856N 0813430W
Bells Cemetery 400711N 0813317W
Bethel Cemetery 401219N 0813333W
Bethel Methodist Episcopal Cemetery 395404N 0813504W
Bethel Methodist Protestant Cemetery 395710N 0813120W
Birds Run Methodist Episcopal Cemetery 400956N 0813901W
Birmingham Cemetery 401036N 0812626W
Bond Cemetery 400712N 0811523W
Buffalo Cemetery 395518N 0813052W
Bunfills Cemetery 400617N 0811603W
Carlisle Cemetery 400251N 0812202W
Cedar Cemetery 395610N 0814045W
Center Baptist Cemetery 400354N 0813212W
Chestnut Hill United Brethren Cemetery 401059N 0812130W
Clear Fork Cemetery 400916N 0812628W
Clear Fork Cemetery 400926N 0812704W
Cumberland Cemetery 401110N 0812658W
Cumberland Cemetery 395114N 0813954W
Darby Cemetery 401011N 0812315W
Earleys Cemetery 401315N 0813652W
East Union Cemetery 395800N 0813930W
Eldon Cemetery 395753N 0811550W
Elizabethtown Cemetery 400212N 0812426W
Engle Cemetery 401229N 0812310W
Enon Cemetery 395747N 0813217W
Fairview Cemetery 400312N 0811430W
Flat Ridge Cemetery 401151N 0813127W
Flat Ridge Cemetery 400744N 0814011W
Fletcher Cemetery 400203N 0811537W
Ford Cemetery 400229N 0813816W
Forney Cemetery 401039N 0813910W
Founders Cemetery 400126N 0813521W
Frame Number One Cemetery 395948N 0812423W
Friends Cemetery 395803N 0811731W
George Cemetery 401202N 0812443W
Gibson Station Cemetery 395832N 0812448W
Glenview Cemetery 400616N 0812602W
Greenlawn Cemetery 395825N 0811731W
Greenwood Cemetery 395800N 0813254W
Guernsey Memorial Gardens 400133N 0813300W
Harmony Cemetery 395621N 0813653W
Hawthorne Cemetery 400614N 0814233W
Hopewell Methodist Episcopal Cemetery 400548N 0813842W
Irish Ridge Cemetery 401054N 0812812W
Jones Cemetery 401139N 0813406W
Kimbolton Cemetery 400830N 0813342W
Leatherwood Church Cemetery 395956N 0812159W
Lebanon Cemetery 400341N 0814138W
Lore City Cemetery 395847N 0812710W
McCleary Cemetery 400735N 0813035W
McCoy Cemetery 400614N 0811600W
McQuade Cemetery 400137N 0812552W
Morrow Cemetery 400614N 0814234W
Mount Calvary Cemetery 395808N 0813331W
Mount Calvary Cemetery 400042N 0813733W
Mount Herman Cemetery 400648N 0813748W
Mount Zion Cemetery 395728N 0813529W
North Salem Cemetery 400830N 0813242W
Northfield Cemetery 400653N 0814212W
Northwood Cemetery 400235N 0813514W
Old Cemetery  
Old City Cemetery 400118N 0813507W
Old Hartford Cemetery 395457N 0813102W
Old Kimbolton Cemetery 400910N 0813424W
Old Washington Cemetery 400210N 0812635W
Pisgah Cemetery 400343N 0811742W
Pleasant City Protestant Cemetery 395434N 0813159W
Pleasant Hill Cemetery 400519N 0813116W
Pleasant Hill Methodist Protestant Cemetery 401133N 0812051W
Quaker Cemetery 400919N 0811404W
Saint Michael Cemetery 395737N 0813009W
Saint Patricks Cemetery 395835N 0812353W
Salem Baptist Cemetery 395752N 0812451W
Salt Fork Baptist Cemetery 400438N 0811937W
Sandhill Cemetery 395812N 0812158W
Sarchet Run Cemetery 400430N 0813810W
Scotch Covenanter Cemetery 400926N 0811804W
Senecaville Cemetery 395622N 0812747W
Sigman Cemetery 395935N 0813250W
Sunset View Cemetery 400901N 0811754W
Township Cemetery 401144N 0813538W
Union Hill Cemetery 401225N 0813828W
Weaver Cemetery 395910N 0812419W
Winterset Cemetery 400628N 0812455W
Worthing Cemetery 400943N 0813858W
Yankee Point Cemetery 400804N 0811600W
Zion Cemetery 395753N 0813937W
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