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Frederic DeForest Allen
FREDERICK DeFOREST ALLEN; professor Greek and Latin, 1866-1868 and 1870-1873. Graduate of Oberlin College, 1863; Ph. D. from Leipsic, Germany, 1870; tutor in Greek, Harvard University, 1873-1874; professor Greek and Latin, University Cincinnati, 1874-1879; professor Greek, Yale University, 1879-1880; professor Classical Philology, Harvard University, 1880-1897. Author of Euripides' Medea; Remnants of Early Latin; Homeric Verse, published in Kuhn's Zeitschrift; a revision of Hadley's Greek Grammar; a translation and edition of Wecklein's Prometheus of Aeschylus; Greek Versification in Inscriptions; a contribution of Etymological and Grammatical Notes to the first volume of American Journal of Archaeology, and in later volumes. Greek and Latin inscriptions and an article on Prometheus and the Caucasus; also made extensive research on the history of religions. Died August 4th, 1897.
[University of Tennessee record, Volume 1 By University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 1898 - TK - Sub by FoFG]

Lemuel True Atwood
Lemuel True Atwood was born at Abington, Mass., fifty-six years ago. He was a graduate of the Law Department of the University of Michigan with the class of 1876. In 1881 he became connected with the Cincinnati Post, one of the papers of the Scripps-McRae League, and was gradually advanced from a member of the city staff to the position of Editor in Chief. In 1900, on the death of George H. Scripps, Treasurer of the League, Mr. Atwood was elected to succeed him and retained this office until the day of his death, which occurred at his home in Cincinnati, Ohio. Dec 7, 1909 , after an illness of six months. He was buried at Amelia. Ohio, December 10, 1909, He is survived by a widow and five sons.
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