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William Nast
NAST, William, educator, was born in Stuttgart, Germany, June 15, 1807. He was graduated from the University of Tubingen, studied theology, immigrated to the United States in 1828, and was a teacher at the U.S. Military academy. He joined the Methodist Episcopal church in 1835; was licensed to preach at the general conference of 1837; was appointed to establish a German mission in Cincinnati, Ohio, and subsequently German Methodist churches were established all over the United States, and in Germany, Norway and Sweden. The honorary degree of D.D. was conferred on him. He edited the German publications of the Methodist Episcopal church including the Christian Apologist, 1837-99. He is the author of: Christological Meditations (1858); A Commentary on the New Testament in German (1860); Gospel Records (1866); Christologische, Betrachtungen (1866), and Das Christenthum und seine Gegensatze (1883). He died in Cincinnati, Ohio, May, 16, 1899.

William I. Nixon
William I Nixon has been a resident of Randolph County (Illinois) since 1844. He is the son of Robert Nixon, a native of Ireland, and of his wife Sarah, whose maiden name was Wilson. He was born on the third of April, 1813, on the spot where now stands Walnut Hill College within the limits of the present city of Cincinnati.
Mr. Nixon's grandfather, James Nixon, was a sailor, who had traveled the world over. In the Irish Rebellion he was unwilling to join either side, and some time about 1795 emigrated to the United States, with which country he had become acquainted in his voyages. Settling first at Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, he afterward removed to Washington County, of the same State, where Robert Nixon married Sarah Wilson. Directly after his marriage, about the year 1808, Robert Nixon moved to Hamilton County, Ohio, and located in the suburbs of the city of Cincinnati, then a small settlement. Here William I. Nixon, as has been stated, was born.
When five of six years old his father removed to Preble County, Ohio, where William was brought up. He worked on his father's farm till thirty-one years of age. At this time, in 1844, Mr. Nixon removed to Randolph County, (Illinois) where an older brother had located five years before. He settled on the place where he now lives, entering the first year eighty acres of land at the government price. The year after his coming to Illinois, he married Lucretia Stipe, who had been born and raised in Virginia, and who had come to Randolph County within a few months of Mr. Nixon. Mr. and Mrs. Nixon have had ten children, of whom four daughters are married. During his long residence in the County, Mr. Nixon has been favorably known as an industrious and good citizen.
["An illustrated historical atlas map of Randolph County, Ills. : carefully compiled from personal examinations and surveys". (1875) - Sub by Jeana Gallagher]


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