Hamilton County Ohio
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1891 Deaths in Cincinnati, Ohio
with Ohio Burials Outside of Hamilton County


Originally Transcribed by Kenny R. Burck and Doris Thomson and pub. in Ohio Genealogical Society Quarterly, Vol. 46, No. 4;
transcribed by Genealogy Trails Transcription Team

Perhaps you cannot locate a death record for an Ohio ancestor or relative who died in 1891. Below is a list of people who died in the City of Cincinnati and are buried in Ohio, but outside of Hamilton County. Additional information usually given in the actual record includes such things as cause of death, and name of physician. A copy of the entire record can be obtained from the Elm Street Health Center, 1525 Elm St., Cincinnati, OH 45210. The original books are at Blegen Library at the University of Cincinnati.






Cemetery Location


-----, ------     Ohio December 3 Lebanan, (OH) 90
Anderson, Mabel E W 2y3m Cincinnati April 13 Mt. Orab, (OH) 276
Apgar, Amelia A. W 41y Ohio November 2 Lebanon Cemetery 51
Archer, Martha W 55y Ohio August 31 Mt. Moriah, (OH) 484
Atkinson, Ida W 1y1m Ironton, OH August 16 Ironton, OH 285
Aubery, Maggie W 22y Ohio March 30 Fayetteville, OH 563
Baird, Mariah C. W 34y Ohio March 13 Greenville, OH 232
Baker, Freddie W 8y8m Ohio March 19 Dayton, OH 360
Bartlett, Maggie A. W 28y Ohio November 24 Mt. Vernon, OH 403
Beach, Clara M. W 19y Ohio April 9 Felicity, OH 200
Becker, Henry W 34y New York September 6 Chillicothe, OH 105
Bell, Jane W 72y United States March 31 Milford, OH 24
Bennett, Joseph W. W 34y Cincinnati May 22 Batavia, OH 434
Bennington, Jennie E. W 22y Ohio December 15 Ripley, OH 395
Besse, Emma R. W 18y Ohio September 2 Ballard, OH 36
Bingaman, Stella W 1m Cincinnati June 24 Bufford OH 366
Bishop, Ralph D. W 3y10m Cincinnati July 29 Williamsburg, OH 535
Blevins, Ella W 40y United States April 28 Troy, OH 598
Boring, Mary C. W 67y Maryland December 20 Martinsville, OH 613
Bothwell, Fannie E. W 38y England December 25 Cleveland, OH 705
Bracelin, Pressley T. W 46y Ohio May 16 Williamsburg, (OH) 283
Brannan, Maggie W 81y Ireland April 9 Washington C. H., OH 180
Braun, Clarens W 1y7m Kentucky August 17 Milford, OH 337
Brockell, Edith B W 3yr Kansas February 12 Newtown, OH 233
Brophy, Infant W 8hrs Cincinnati April 7 Columbus, OH 165
Brown, Robert M. W 23y Ohio April 9 Sandy Springs, OH 189
Browne, Carrie M. W 26y Ohio May 16 Miamiville, OH 278
Bruns, Henry W 31y Ohio May 16 Dayton, OH 305
Burton, Archer J. C 7m Cincinnati October 3 Hamilton, (OH) 56
Butt, John W. W 30y Ohio December 24 St. Marys, OH 679
Camerson, Lulu B. W 20y Ohio April 4 Miamiville, OH 181
Campbell, Mary A. W 60y Ohio February 8 Hamilton, OH 158
Carey, M. W. W 29y Ohio February 20 New Vienna, OH 319
Casey, infant (male) W 2d Cincinnati January 19 Pleasant Plain, OH 300
Child, Fannie W 23y Ohio December 2 Williamsburg, OH 66
Cogswell, Samuel W 1y5m Ohio July 15 Ripley, OH 302
Collier, Charles H. W 28y New York November 6 New London, OH 126
Corns, John W. W 20 y Dayton, OH March 10 Dayton, OH 182
Cost, Clifford G. W 20y Ohio February 4 Xenia, OH 69
Crawford, Hannah T. W 54y Ohio April 1 Hamilton, OH 49
Curry, Amelia B. W 38y Ohio February 10 Connersville, OH 157
Curtis, Freddy C. W 1y3m Ohio June 28 Williamsburg, OH 485
Dewis, Edith M. W 2y6m Ohio December 27 Newtown, (OH) 806
Dörner, Jennie W 7d Cincinnati April 6 Mt. Moriah, (OH) 142
Dugan, Wm. J. W 21y Ohio May 19 East Clarendon, OH 362
Dumont, Sarah B. W 44y Ohio December 22 Hamilton, OH 639
Dustin, Thomas B. W 45y   December 21 Batavia, (OH) 630
Edwards, Oliver S. W 68y Ohio July 13 Mt. Moriah, (OH) 266
Emmert, Eliza W 39y Ohio April 22 Wellston, OH 449
Everhart, George B. W 74y Ohio May 22 Batavia, OH 402
Farnsworth, Alice W 35y Ohio October 18 Columbus, OH 258
Feldner, Rebecca W 51y Ohio March 12 Lower Salem, OH 203
Fickel, Harry W 23y Ohio March 14 Mansfield, OH 265
Fillegar, Edna W 15d Cincinnati July 19 Brown Co., (OH) 363
Foot, James H. W 48y Cincinnati January 6 Hillsboro, (OH) 133
Francis, James W 16y Ohio April 18 Winchester, OH 388
Gabriel, Minnie W. W 29y Cincinnati September 1 Springfield, OH 18
Gates, Geo. W. W 70y Pennsylvania April 17 Portsmouth, OH 369
Gates, George W 27y Ohio April 14 Otway, OH 311
Gibson, William W 45y England April 11 Nelsonville, OH 252
Goodpaster, Thomas W 20y Ohio August 8 Level Station, (OH) 157
Gray, Harry C. W 15m Ohio January 27 Neville, OH 429
Green, Alice B. W 31y Ohio November 21 Levanna, OH 378
Green, Eliza W 27y Ohio February 7 Newtown, OH 104
Green, F. C. (Miss) W 40y Ohio May 11 New Richmond, (OH) 200
Grove, Thos. A. W 9y9m Cincinnati September 11 Mt. Moriah, (OH) 154
Groves, Earl J. W 3m Cincinnati June 15 Miamiville, OH 242
Gudgeon, Chas. W. W 64y West Virginia January 1 Mt. Moriah, (OH) 39
Gunther, Margaret J. Y. W 33y Pennsylvania April 21 Greenfield, OH 440
Hackedorn, Blanch C. W 24y Ohio March 26 Lima, OH 478
Hahn, Sarah W 80y Ohio May 31 Newtown, OH 25
Hamilton, Samuel C 51y Ohio March 15 Washington C. H., OH 300
Harris, John M. W 43y Ohio March 5 Greenfield, OH 97
Harrison, Nannie W 29y Ohio September 14 Ripley, OH 199
Haskins, Farnsworth C. W 24y Massachusetts August 5 Cleveland, OH 75
Hathaway, Benjamin W 56y Ohio June 28 Lebanon, OH 18
Hathorn, Wm. H. W 2y Cincinnati July 25 Newtown, OH 473
Haynes, Thornton F. W 75y Ohio November 6 Luttasville, OH 123
Hellman, Ida M. W 28y Ohio December 7 Bantam, OH 158
Helvring, Clide W 6y Ohio June 10 Felicity, OH 156
Hickey, Mary W 34y Indiana March 3 Piqua, OH 77
Hickey, Mary E. W 24y Ohio August 24 Springfield, OH 416
Hinton, Lestine C 2m Cincinnati January 8 Hillsboro, (OH) 132
Holden, Lawson W 18y Ohio June 27 Highland, OH 445
Holland, Dan W 48y Ohio February 19 Hillsboro, OH 360
Houk, Joseph W 72y Germany April 16 Newtown, OH 343
Howard, Florence M W 22y Ohio December 9 Toledo, OH 216
Huber, Freda M. W 4y Cincinnati May 8 Dayon, OH [sic] 148
Jackson, Andrew B. W 51y United States January 11 Mansfield, (OH) 200
James, Love w 23y Ohio January 18 Waynesville, OH 277
Jennings, Henry W 13m Cincinnati February 3 Moscow, OH 56
Johnson, Carrie W 22y Ohio January 17 Portsmouth, (OH) 317
Johnson, Ogden E. W 23y Hamilton Co. March 13 Mt. Moriah, (OH) 253
Johnson, Tillie W 32y Ohio January 6 Brown Co., (OH) 99
Johnson, Rosetta B. W 61y New York May 23 Newtown, OH 442
Jones, Ralph W 81y Ohio November 3 Georgetown, (OH) 89
Jones, Wm. G. W 21y Cincinnati Mar. 21 Newtown, OH 417
Julien, Mary E. W 68y Kentucky March 8 Milford, OH 128
Kappes, Catherine W 23y United States January 4 Miamisburg, (OH) 83
Kennedy, J. B. (Mrs.) W 48y Ohio March 12 Steubenville, OH 264
Kirgan, Annie W 45y Ohio October 9 Mt. Moriah, (OH) 144
Kiser, Elizabeth W 68y Ohio January 11 Springfield, OH 184
Köstel, Peter H. W 30y Germany May 8 Mt. Moriah, (OH) 145
Lane, Sophia E. W 46y Ohio September 5 Kent, OH 94
Langdon, Myrtle W 5m Cincinnati August 18 Zaleski, OH 330
Laughlin, Mabel W 1y Ohio March 2 Williamsburg, OH 39
Leadley, Rebecca W 68y Cincinnati April 18 Columbus, OH 428
Leming, Isabella M. W 2y5m Ohio February 4 Milford, OH 65
Lening, Elizabeth H. W 8m Ohio March 18 Milford, OH 329
Linn, Chas. A. W 68y Germany December 5 Ripley, OH 121
Livengood, Lillie K. W 1y6m Cincinnati March 21 Batavia, OH 395
Macomb, Ella P. C 6m Cincinnati November 26 Chilo, OH 457
Maddaford, Isaac W 53y England December 20 Hamilton, OH 550
Marsh, John F. W 73y Cincinnati September 15 Miamiville, OH 207
Mayer, Emelia W 49y Ohio February 23 Marietta, OH 409
McCool, Josephine C 16y Ohio June 2 New Richmond, (OH) 42
McLaughlin, Phoebe A. W 49y Ohio April 20 Louisville, OH 414
McQuiston, Carrie W 26y Ohio September 19 Xenia, OH 266
Meeker, Vella M. W 6m Cincinnati March 15 Mt. Moriah, (OH) 269
Metzger, Jonas W. W 30y Ohio June 17 Circleville, OH 258
Miller, Homan C 21y West Virginia June 4 Hamilton, OH 71
Miller, Lizzie W 18m Cincinnati March 11 Ironton, OH 209
Miller, Michael W 38y Germany July 12 Rome, OH 264
Miller, Missouri W 38y Ohio November 30 Morrow, OH 46
Miller, Raford C 16y Kentucky March 15 Branch Hill, OH 275
Moore, Nannie J. W 13d Cincinnati March 10 Batavia, OH 163
Moran, Eliza D. W 56y New York May 16 Van Wert, OH 297
Morgan Archer W 51y Ohio November 4 Goshen, OH 96
Morsbach, Eva W 37y Ohio March 29 Foster Crossing, OH 535
Mount, Anna C. W 29y Ohio November 19 Wilmington, OH 348
Murray, Sam H. W 60y Indiana April 16 Columbus, OH 342
Nisonger, William A. W 4m Cincinnati May 10 Mt. Moriah, (OH) 183
O'Brien, John W 27y Ireland September 21 Charleston, OH 295
O'Connell, Leora R. W 3y5m Ohio May 22 Ripley, OH 403
Parker, Ella C. W 20y Ohio November 29 Maineville, OH 504
Parker, Lottie C 39y Kentucky June 4 Ripley, OH 75
Pearson, Elizabeth H. W 73y United States November 8 Burlington, OH 169
Perkins, Levi M. W 76y Kentucky January 30 Batavia, OH 476
Perry, Mary E. W 52y Pennsylvania July 14 Wilmington, OH 287
Platt, Joshua W 38y Ohio December 2 Union Landing, OH 79
Power, May W 33y Ohio May 16 Mt. Vernon, (OH) 296
Powers, Florence W. W 1y6m Ohio July 4 New Richmond, (OH) 94
Price, Chas. E. W 35y Ohio September 23 Miamiville, (OH) 348
Pugh, Gordon C. W 20m Ohio March 10 Middletown, OH 195
Quitteo, Clarence W 8m Cincinnati July 13 New Boston, OH 276
Randolph, Katie W 17y Ohio March 17 Hamilton, OH 409
Rau, Andrew W 15y Ohio January 17 Batavia, OH 275
Redmond, Bridget W 90y Pennsylvania October 28 Somerset, OH 475
Ressler, Frank W 27y Ohio August 10 Columbus, OH 190
Rilea, Sarah W 42y Ohio April 3 New Richmond, OH 75
Ritter, Wm. W 63y Ohio December 9 Dayton, OH 257
Rockwell, Marion W 30y Ohio April 23 Ripley, OH 500
Rollins, Fannie W 34y Ohio May 8 Ripley, OH 151
Rose, Emma W 3y3m Cincinnati October 16 Clermont Co, OH 238
Ross, Andrew S. W 57y Ohio September 11 Miamiville, OH 163
Ross, Benjamin C 25y Ohio May 19 Foster, OH 378
Rowalt, Virginia A. W 7m Cincinnati September 21 Greenfield, OH 312
Royal, Nora D. C 15d Cincinnati April 20 Ironton, OH 427
Ruckelhausen, George L. W 1y Cincinnati September 17 Mt. Orab, OH 245
Ryan, Clara M. W 3m Cincinnati June 22 St. Martin, OH 354
Sargent, Frank S. W 9y11m Cincinnati October 1 Tabasco, OH 42
Schmidt, Frank M. W 19y Ohio November 13 Marietta, OH 227
Schoonover, Anna W 14y Ohio December 9 Milford, OH 239
Schoonover, John W 22y Ohio January 15 Columbus, OH 235
Scott, Jennie C 2m Ohio August 4 Ironton, OH 63
Scully, Margaret W 37y Ohio July 3 St. Martin, OH 72
Shannon, Amanda W 28y Ohio May 9 Mt. Moriah, (OH) 182
Shannon, James W 7m Cincinnati January 20 Mt. Moriah, (OH) 311
Shannon, Pearl W 4y Cincinnati March 2 Mt. Moriah, (OH) 38
Short, Thomas B. W 8m Cincinnati July 5 Amelia, OH 106
Smart, Eliza M. W 75y Pennsylvania August 10 Xenia, OH 194
Smith, Anna C. W 31y Cincinnati December 22 Milford, OH 647
Smith, Edward L. W 33y Ohio February 6 Williamsburg, (OH) 91
Smith, Edward W 23y United States May 6 Camden, OH 203
Smith, George B. W 30y Ohio January 1 Columbus, (OH) 27
Smith, Sarah M. W 53y Ohio April 19 New Castle, OH 420
Spicer, Carrie W 36y Virginia July 31 Mt. Moriah, (OH) 12
Spreen, Hannah W 30y Ohio July 25 Newtown, OH 458
Stall, infant (male) W 15min Cincinnati January 28 Mt. Moriah, (OH) 432
Steininger, Fred C. W 25y Ohio December 23 Zanesville, OH 690
Stevens, George C 8y Ohio September 14 Batavia, OH 205
Strobel, Carrie W 21y United States March 21 Eaton, OH 408
Stubbs, Quincey W 6y Ohio December 6 Morrow, OH 127
Sutphin, Catharine W 39y Ohio April 30 Dayton, OH 3
Tener, Martha W 55y Ohio April 7 Peebles, OH 166
Theinener, Ruben W 35y   July 4 Gallipolis, OH 99
Todd, George W 1y8m Ohio August 21 Miamiville, OH 355
Truman, Emma W 29y Ohio November 29 New Richmond, OH 6
Tudor, Flora W 10y Cincinnati June 26 Milford, OH 434
Tway, Julia W 60y Ohio February 13 Bethany, OH 211
Valentine, Christ W 11y Cincinnati April 27 New Richmond, (OH) 587
Vissing, Herman W 29y Kentucky September 2 Hamilton, OH 42
Walsh, Carrie W 51y Ohio September 24 Mason, OH 345
Walter, John T. W 19y Ohio March 31 Lebanon, OH 29
Warren, George H. W 51y Ohio April 14 Mt. Moriah, OH 289
Whippy, Alfred D. W 2y5m Ohio February 23 Milford, OH 407
Whippy, Harvey D. W 3y11m Ohio March 25 Milford, OH 466
White, Alfaretta M. W 1y3m Cincinnati February 3 Mason, OH 50
White, Mary W 44y Ohio June 23 Mt. Orab, (OH) 387
Whitehead, Maude W 4y6m Cincinnati January 30 Hamilton, OH 503
Widmer, Elizabeth W 73y Germany October 29 Madison, OH 474
Wintermute, Frank W 37y United States July 31 Newark, OH 31
Wolf, Francis S. W 23y Ohio January 28 Blanchester, OH 466
Wolfe, Napoleon B. W 68y United States June 17 Lancaster, OH 267
Wolfrom, Christopher W 73y Germany January 1 Buena Vista, OH 13
Wones ?, Edith W 10y Ohio May 9 Springfield, OH 166
Woodrow, Edgar W 62y United States March 1 West Union, OH 8
Wright, Smithson E. W 84y Ohio March 2 Columbus, OH 26
Yakey, Bertha W 19y Ohio December 27 Goshen, (OH) 803
Yakey, infant (female) W 3d Cincinnati December 27 Goshen, (OH) 804
Zinkhorn, Lewis W 20y Ohio August 7 Rome, OH 132


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