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Isaac Sanford Family Letters

Sources: "The Isaac Sandford family : 1796-1975" Phillip F. Schlee, Printed by Lee's Letter Shop, 1975, KT - Sub by FoFG

Spellings are "as is"

Letter Addressed To Mrs. Malinda Sanford, New Markets, Vigo County, Indiana; Post- marked Hamilton, Ohio, Nov. 30; Dated Hamilton, Ohio, Nov. 27; From Jane Hubbell;
[Probably written in 1847.]

Dear Neice,
I take my pen in hand to inform you that we are all well at present, and may these few lines find you enjoying the same blessing. My health has been declining ever since I saw you, but within these last two months it has been getting better. Mr. _and Hubbell have sold out, and expect to move on the tenth of May, to Cincinatti. What business they will go into I do not know. I visited your uncle Sampson Hubbell and your Aunt Polly Snowdon this Spring. They were all well, and I have heard from them since, and they are well at present. Your Uncle Hesakiah Hubbell lost his wife, and lived a widower 10 month, and married again, he has a very fine wife. Hesakiahs children are ail married but one, and Sampsons the same but one son single, Pollys are all married but two. William Hubbell is still single, and Harry is doing the same Business that he was when you was at Eaton, your Aunt Cooper is still living in Eaton with her Daughter Elisabeth, and your uncle Cooper is down the river, it has been a year sens he has ben at home well i hardly no what to rite to you that will be enteresting but i will try to make out a letter. I have recived a letter from my daughter Mary Brown in Texas and they are all well and her oldest son has ben in the Battle of montera and was an officer and servd his time out and returned home safe and well dear neas I simpethise with you in your loss of sepperating from your son it is a hard triel i can say to you that i have tasted the same bitter cup but dear nies we must look to god to give us Christian fortitude to bare our afflictions in this life for the lords will be don and may we both live a life so that when we come to die that we may meet them that has before is my prayer dear nies I have sent some of my dear daughter lydias hair to you as a token of her love t o you for she often spok of you while living and wisht that she could see you pleas answer this letter as soon as you receive it and let me no how Mr. Sanfords health is for he looked very bad when i seen him last the fami ey all sens there love to you all and ex- cept for yourself my best love pleas pardon my riting for my sight is failing fast and my hand is verry feeble no more but remain

Your effectionate aunt

Jane Hubbell rite soon.


my dear Belinda
I received your leterSom time since and my neglect of writing is only feeling it such a task for me to write but I am glad that you think it worth your while writing to mee I was glad to hear from you but sorry to hear of the death of your son James1 who went for his contrys sake and sufferd so longe and so much without your care it makes my hartake while I am writing to you and poor boy how much he wanted his mother and how much better belinda you would have felt if you had bin with him thro all his sickness but the will of the lord bee don my dear belinda you must not grieve after your little thomas no mor for his early decay since tis taken from scenes of afliction away to man- sions of glory above I went down to Cincinatia in march there I hird from your father he had a slite stroke of the palsy but did not inger him I am truly glad religon is all his____ it shurly the best of all I was sent for by your aunt Orpah she was very sick and wished mee to come to see hir I got redy as soon as I could but I was too lait to see hir she was burried the same day I started from home I was very sorry that I did not see hir she died in peace and gon go glory she died the sixth of march and your unkle was married in July to a miss gasly a sister of lawyer gasly perhaps you and mr Snadford may know hir I went from Cincinatti to louisville to see my children_my eldist son lives there William the secont son in and Jacob the youngest child is married beterthen a year and lives ln Branding Bury and his father is down there at this time with him mr Sandford has past the plais going down the river we air all well but Carolin she has not bin well this sumer aunt jain is at hamliton yet she is all most dun working your aunt snowdens famely are well I hear from them after I am living with Elisabeth she sais I can write all she sendes hir love to you so dose Carolin Harry Hubbell and William getes to see the leters you send mee but they are poor handes to write to friendes they air not like mee if I could write beter I wold lik to write oftner but I want you to continu writing as long as we both live and when I am gon I think som of the children will write to you why cant you come to see us again o how I would love to go and see you if it was in my power doo write as often you can give my love to all the famley

Your afectnat aunt Elisabeth Cooper.


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