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W.E. Adams
A Delayed Funeral
Cincinnati, Nov. 18 - W. E. Adams, 50 years old, who lived alone, was found in the cellar of his house, having been dead several days. [Butte Daily Miner, Butte Montana, November 19, 1880 - SW - Sub by FoFG]

Mathew Addy

CINCINNATI, Aug. 8. - Mathew Addy, aged 61 years, president of the Addyston Pipe and Steel company, founder of the suburban town of Addyston, died at Falmouth, Mass. He was connected with various interests in this city and employed thousands of men. He was several times a millionaire and had done much for the city and the Presbyterian church. He was born in Montreal and came here penniless before he was of age. [Repository (3 Aug. 1896) - MZ - Sub by FoFG - MZ - Sub by FoFG]

Adam Amburg

Suicide of a Wealthy Manufacturer
Cincinnati, September 3. - Adam Amburg, of A. & W. Amburg, hosiery manufacturers and proprietors of three establishments, committed suicide this afternoon by shooting. His business was unembarrassed and very prosperous. The cause was worrying over work. [Times Picayune - September 4, 1890 - FC - Sub by FoFG]

Catharine Longworth Anderson

Cincinnati, June 21 (1893) -A. telegram from Warm Springs, Va., announces the death yesterday at that place of Mrs. Catharine Longworth Anderson, widow of the late Lars Anderson, Sr. She was the daughter of Nicholas Longworth, Sr. and the mother of the late Colonel Nick Anderson of Washington City [Unknown newspaper - Sub. by K. Ortman]

The Richest Wornan in Cincinnati Dies Leaving a Fortune of Over $3,000,000
CINCINNATI, June 20. - Catherine Longworth Anderson, daughter of the founder of the great Longworth estate, of Cincinnati, passed away at Hot Springs, Va. She went there six weeks ago, accompanied by her children. Capt. W. P. Anderson, Larz Anderson, Dr. J. L. Anderson, Davis Anderson and Charles Anderson were at her deathbed. They will convey their mother's remains to the Pike street homestead, Cincinnati. Mrs. Anderson leaves an estate valued at over $3,000,000 to sons, daughters. grandsons, granddaughters and great grandchildren. She was the richest lady in Cincinnati and was noted for her good deeds. Though a society woman, the real leader of the old aristocracy of the East End, she was accustomed to welcome hosts of friends to the elegant old homestead, who were without this world's goods, and to them her death will be a personal loss. [Louisville Courier-Journal, 1893 - Sub by FoFG]

Mrs. Catherine Longworth Anderson
Passes Away in Virginia.
Special by Telegraph to the Times-Star
HOT SPRINGS, VA., June 20. - Mrs. Catharine Longworth Anderson died this morning at 7 o'clock. She was brought here by her sons some six weeks ago, hoping that a change in atmosphere and surroundings would work as beneficially for her health this year as it did last. For a time she irnproved but a change for the worse set in. She became weaker and the end came this morning.
Mrs. Anderson was a woman of wonderful vitality and elasticity of spirits. She was generous in the highest degree and her life was a continual blessing to her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.
Capt. W. P. Anderson, Mrs. Larz Anderson Dr. J. L. Anderson, Mr. David Anderson and Mr. Charles Anderson have been at the Springs in continuous attendance upon their mother during her illness.
The date of the funeral in Cincinnati has not yet been fixed.

Mrs. Catherine Longworth Anderson
THE death of Mrs. Catherine Longworth Anderson last week causes mourning in a large circle in Cincinnati. She was a woman of unusual force of character and though she cared little for ordinary gayety, she was a power both in church and society, and wielded an influence through her sons and their wives which was most remarkable. She lived in some retirement after the death of her husband, and devoted herself to the management of her large estates and her numerous family interests. The daughter of Nicholas Longworth, one of the founders of Cincinnati, she married in 1834 Larz Anderson, a brother of Col. Robert Anderson. the hero of Fort Sumter, and a son of Col. Richard Clough Anderson, of Revolutionary fame. The mother of ten sons, all of whom have married into prominent Cincinnati families, she naturally had a very extensive connection, and the Anderson family form quite a little social coterie of their own., Mrs. Anderson died at Hot Springs, Virginia where she had been taken some weeks ago in the hope that she might be benefited by change of air and scene. The eldest and best known of her sons, Col. Nicholas Longworth Anderson, died in Europe some months ago; he had made his home in Washington the last few years, where he lived in some magnificence. He left one son,. Larz, now the attache of Legation in London.

C. P. Anderson
Camden Inklings - March 30 (1875): On last Thursday at 10 o'clock, Mr. C. P. Anderson of this vicinity, died of erysipelas, after an illness of 12 days. The burial took place next day at 1 o'clock, which was very largely attended notwithstanding the roads were in a terrible condition. Funeral will be preached at some future time.
The deceased leaves three grownup children; one daughter and two sons - one of whom is absent in Texas - who in this their sore affliction, have the heart felt sympathy of the entire community.
Mr. Anderson was born in Hamilton County, Ohio, on the 25th day of March, 1820, consequently he lacked but one day of having lived 55 years.
He moved to this county in the year 1839, and lived the first three years in Rushville, thence he moved to this neighborhood, where he lived until his death.
On the 14th of June, 1843, he was married to Miss Lucinda Cady, who died September 16, 1867.
For the last nine years he was one of the leading members of the Christian Church of this place, holding the office of Elder from its organization. In his death his children suffer the irreparable loss of a kind and indulgent father, the church loses one of its best and most useful members, and his place in the community will be hard to fill. [The Rushville (IL) Times, April 3, 1875 - Sub by Sara Hemp]

Ida Longworth Anderson
Died Oct 24, 1897
All that was mortal of Ida Longworth Anderson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wax. P Anderson, was laid to rest Thursday in beautiful Spring Grove, beside the soldiers and statesmen, noble-hearted men and gracious women gone before and with whom she claims kinship. The services, conducted by Rev. Baker, of St. Paul's and the assistant rector of Christ Church, were highly impressive. The snowy casket was a bank of bloom, and on mantels and cabinets in tall vases bloomed flowers she loved - hundreds of American beauties, valley lilies, and snowy roses, recalling sorrowfully the music, flowers and joy which greeted the fair girl's entrance into the world of pleasure only a year ago. A brief pause upon the threshold and now she has entered that other "celestial life." The grave was lined with ferns and roses, and there w no hint of earth to earth, but only of bloom and beauty - at resurrection and the life. Unselfish and unworldly, hers was a nature that naturally turned heavenward. The desolation of her family can only be measured by the high hopes for long years of happiness and joy that centered in her young life. But, Alas!
"Death lies on her like an untimely frost, Upon the sweetest flower of all the field."

James Armstrong

ARMSTRONG, James, died Feb. 3 at Cincinnati, after being burned. (Feb. 17, 1831)
[Source: National Intelligencer (Washington D.C.), as pub. in the NGSQ, vol 55, No. 1, March 1967 - KT - Sub by FoFG]

Charles Anderson
At New Orleans Charles Anderson, of Cincinnati, was shot and fatally wounded, on the night of the 26th, by Charles A. Bridges, of Crystal Springs, Miss. [Mower County Transcript (Lansing, MN) April 8, 1885, page 1]

Nicholas Longworth Anderson

DIED - On September 18, (1892) at Lucerne Switzerland, Nicholas Longworth Anderson, in his 55th year. [Unknown newspaper - Sub. by K. Ortman]

Bela Andrews
In Cincinnati, (Ohio) suddenly, Mr. Bela Andrews, formerly a merchant in the District of Maine.
[Eastport Sentinel and Passamaquoddy Advertiser (Eastport, ME) Monday, August 31, 1818 - JD - Sub by FoFG]

Major A. M. Aten
Major A. M. Aten, a member of the various military organizations of this city, died at the hospital yesterday morning. His father is in the city and will take the remains to Springdale for burial. The Soldiers and Sailors' Memorial Association will meet at the C.H. & D. Depot at half past 8 o'clock this morning to pay their last respects to their dead comrade. [Cincinnati Daily Gazette (14 Aug. 1878) - MZ - Sub by FoFG]

Mrs. Athens
Mrs. Athens, one of the earliest settlers of Lockland, mother in law of Mr. John H. Tangeman, died at her residence on Monday evening, at the advanced age of eighty, of general infirmity. Her funeral will be held tomorrow from her late residence. [Cincinnati Commercial Tribune (25 Nov. 1874) - MZ - Sub by FoFG]


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