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Obituaries and Death Notices

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James Ferguson
The oldest inhabitant of Cincinnati, James Ferguson, died on the 25th ult. He came to that city in the year 1794, and resided there during the rest of his life. He saw the Northwest advance from a wilderness, inhabited by savage Indians, to the home of over three millions of civilized men. As an instance of the wonderful changes he witnessed, it is stated that in 1804 he bought for the sum of $950, from Patrick Dickey, all the ground lying between Elm and Vine streets, and Fifth and Seventh, embracing four squares in the very heart of Cincinnati,---now worth not less than two millions of dollars! It is probable that the sum originally paid for this whole tract, would not now purchase a strip of ten feet front in any part of it!
Jonah Martin, Esq., is by the death of Mr. Ferguson, left the oldest surviving inhabitant of the city, having settled there in 1795. [
Gallipolis Journal (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, November 10, 1853 - Sub by Kathy McDaniel]

Barnard Ferrell
Barnard Ferrell recently met his death in Cincinnati, by drinking oil of vitriol. He mistook it for porter. [Daily Herald and Gazette, (Cleveland, OH) Monday, July 02, 1838 - Submitted by K. Ortman]

Capt. C. W. Fisher
Cincinnati Gazette, Jan. 13.--- Capt. C. W. Fisher died at 5 o'clock yesterday morning. He had been United States Local Inspector of Boilers for this port for fifteen years. He was married November 4 to Miss Fanny Clift, of Maysville. By his first wife he leaves four grown children.
["Gallipolis Journal", (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, Date: January 22, 1880 - Sub By: Kathy McDaniel]

Wm. H. Forman
DEATHS. -- In Cincinnati, O., on Saturday, March 28th, at 12 o'clock, p.m., after a long and severe illness, Wm. H. Forman, in the 42d year of his age.
["Western Reserve Chronicle", (Warren, OH.) Wednesday, April 15, 1868 - Sub by Kathy McDaniel]

John Lawrence Forrest
Forrest, John Lawrence, Cincinnati, O., , re. 43. He was a native of Cork, Ireland, and was a contributor to the Irish press during the stirring times of 1848. During the year 1857 many of his pieces appeared in the Pilot, over the signature of " One of Ireland's Ballad Poets." The Pilot calls him one of Ireland's sweetest poets. [Source: "Annual Obituary Notices of Eminent Persons who have died in the United States for 1858" by Hon. Nathan Crosby; John P. Jewett and Co., pub. 1859.]

"Baby" Franklin
Lockland & Wyoming -- Mrs. Stella Franklin's baby died of whooping cough last Thursday. [Cleveland Gazette (8 Apr. 1905) - MZ - Sub by FoFG]

Ira D. French
French, Ira D., Esq., Cincinnati, O., Dec. -, ae. 35, a lawyer of whom the bar say, - Whereas, Ira D. French, Esq., a member of this bar, has been taken, at the early age of 35, from our number by death; and whereas he commenced the study and the practice of the law in our midst, here formed his character as a lawyer, and rapidly attained to a position of distinction and usefulness, and before us presented an example of strict integrity, spotless morals, and social worth ; and also of the aspirations, tastes, and attainments of the general scholar, in connection with high acquirements and unremitting industry as a lawyer, unusual facility and correctness as a practitioner, and unyielding devotion to all the demands of professional duty. "Resolved, that with profound respect for the memory of our departed brother, we deplore his death, as a great loss to the community and our body, and personally to all of us."
[Source: "Annual Obituary Notices of Eminent Persons who have died in the United States for 1858" by Hon. Nathan Crosby; John P. Jewett and Co., pub. 1859.]



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