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Hancock County, Ohio
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Adams Cemetery 405222N 0833105W  
Alspach Cemetery 410024N 0833351W  
Arcadia Cemetery 410639N 0833027W  
Ark Cemetery 410931N 0833027W  
Arlington Cemetery 405400N 0833940W  
Aurand Cemetery 410147N 0834253W  
Bechel Cemetery 410834N 0833749W  
Benton Ridge Cemetery 410013N 0834800W  
Bethel Cemetery 410944N 0834231W  
Biglick Cemetery 410208N 0832628W  
Bishop Cemetery 405636N 0833937W  
Brights Cemetery 410154N 0833230W  
Cannonsburg Cemetery 405429N 0834726W  
Castor Cemetery 405331N 0833616W  
Clymer Cemetery 405702N 0835224W  
Davis Cemetery 410335N 0833426W  
Dukes Cemetery 410304N 0834923W  
Eagle Creek Cemetery 405006N 0834215W  
Earlywine Cemetery 405212N 0833515W  
Ellis Cemetery 405728N 0833731W  
Elm Grove Cemetery 405956N 0833515W  
Enon Valley Cemetery 410406N 0832927W  
Ewing Cemetery 410326N 0832948W  
Five Points Cemetery 405513N 0833049W  
Flick Cemetery 405917N 0834712W  
Fountain Cemetery 410951N 0832549W  
Frontiers Repose Cemetery 405634N 0833532W  
Graham Cemetery 410225N 0832650W  
Hamlin Cemetery 410554N 0833429W  
Hancock County Infirmary Cemetery 410304N 0834120W  
Hartman Cemetery 405807N 0834228W  
Hasson Cemetery 405107N 0834554W  
Hedges Family Cemetery 410330N 0834048W  
Hickory Grove Cemetery 410010N 0832712W  
Hickory Grove Cemetery 410025N 0833331W  
High Bank Cemetery 410205N 0833316W  
Horn Family Cemetery 410451N 0835032W  
Indian Grove Cemetery 410342N 0834519W  
Johnson Cemetery 405028N 0833244W  
Keller Cemetery 405542N 0834336W  
Knepper Cemetery 410054N 0834849W  
Knollcrest Gardens Cemetery      
Krout Cemetery 405449N 0833322W  
Lee Cemetery 405700N 0833049W  
Line Cemetery 405635N 0834011W  
Maple Grove Cemetery      
Maple Lawn Cemetery 410243N 0834006W  
McComb Union Cemetery 410626N 0834807W  
Memory Gardens Cemetery 410550N 0833200W  
Mount Blanchard Cemetery 405413N 0833308W  
Pleasant Hill Cemetery 410725N 0834210W  
Powell Cemetery 405848N 0834336W  
Radar Cemetery 410753N 0833900W  
Riley Creek Cemetery 405107N 0834601W  
Riverview Cemetery 405449N 0833323W  
Saint Michael Cemetery 410236N 0833951W  
Saint Pauls Cemetery 405305N 0834120W  
Saint Wendelin Cemetery 410943N 0832556W  
Salem Cemetery 405732N 0833431W  
Schellbas Cemetery 405240N 0834818W  
Schwartz Cemetery 410238N 0834656W  
Siddall Cemetery 405541N 0833237W  
Smith Cemetery 405638N 0834907W  
Thomas Cemetery 410854N 0834520W  
Thompson Cemetery 405145N 0835058W  
Trinity Cemetery 405307N 0834306W  
Union Cemetery 410429N 0832716W  
Van Buren Cemetery      
Van Horn Cemetery 405838N 0833206W  
Wells Family Cemetery 410721N 0832843W  
Williamstown Cemetery 405008N 0833903W  
Zion Bloom Cemetery 405651N 0832913W  

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