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Hancock County, Ohio
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Hancock County

Source: Perrysburg Journal - Jan 7, 1881
Transcribed by L. Dietz

Hancock County Early History

Hancock county was formed by a general act of the Legislature of Ohio, in 1820, but was not organized until April 1828. In 1823 all of Hancock county, and a portion of what has since been incorporated into Wyandot county, was organized as Findlay township, and attached to Wood county for judicial purposes, together with all that portion of Northwestern Ohio which is now included in Wood, Lucas, Henry, Putnam, Fulton, Williams, Defiance and Paulding counties. The seat of justice was at Maumee City a portion of the time, and afterwards at Perrysburg. After the organization of the county in 1828, Findlay township was gradually sub-divided into the townships which make up the county. The following are the names of the county officers elected at the first election held in the county in 1828:

Sheriff - Don Alonzo Hamlin

Clerk - Wilson Vance

Associate Judges - Abraham Huff, Robt. McKinnis and Ebenezer Wilson

Auditor - Matthew Reighley

Recorder - Wilson Vance

Prosecuting Attorney - Anthony Casad

Treasurer - Edwin S. Jones

Surveyor - William Taylor

Common Pleas Judge (1829) - Ebenezer Lane

Commissioners - John Long, John P. Hamilton and Chas. McKinnis

The first tax duplicate in 1829, shows the value of land at $8, 186, and personal property valued at $ 4, 116.

The amount of tax collected was $172, 44.

The rate of taxation of each $1,000 valuation in 1829 was $14.01, and the rate in 1879 was $15.35.

The total taxable valuation of real estate in Hancock county in 1828 was $8,186, and in 1880 it is $11,192,037.

The population of Hancock county in 1830 was 813, in 1880 it is 27,806.

The first entry of land in Hancock county was made July3d, 1821 by Joseph Vance, Wm. Neil and Elnathan Cory, and comprised that the tract which is now in Findlay, from Sandusky street north to the river, and contained 55 1/4 acres.

The first marriage license was granted to John Fishel and Sarah McKinnis.

The first divorce was granted to Martha Hamilton from her husband, John Hamilton, Aug. 14th, 1851.

Ghost Towns
Beagle, Ohio

Beagle was located in Hancock County. It no longer exists except for railroad tracks.
Post Office started Oct.25 1894, postmaster Benjamin Bibler, also George Beagle to April 30, 1904.
Was a general store and Flag stop for the train.

The railroad station was located on County Road 26 and just east of US 68.
[Source: Jo Ann (Beagle) Brauneller]

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