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The ninth family reunion of the Slusser-Stonehill families was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Slusser, four and one-half miles north east of Ada, Aug. 24. With the exception of the first reunion, this was the largest gathering of the families in the nine years history of the double family organization.
The dean of the gathering was Uncle Peter M. Slusser, of Jenera, the only surviving organizer, of the elder branch of the families in western Ohio, who with his sister, Mrs. J. J. Immel of Louisville O., were the only members of the older branch of the families present.
Since the last meeting of the organization in western Ohio, two years ago there has passed away, Mrs. Peter M. Slusser, Mrs. Jacob Stonehill, and Uncle Gabe Moses.
There were present about 150 from Uncle Peter Slusser to the great grandchildren.
The family came from all parts of the county and when dinner time came they were ready for the flue repast. Tables with a seating capacity of one hundred had been placed in the basement of the spacious home, and these were laden with the best that Ohio can produce, and the many guests will vouch for the fact that the cooks in the family are as good as the best.
After dinner was served President George Rothrock called the gathering to order and announced the program of the day, which commenced with the reading of the minutes of the previous reunion by Mrs. Murry McClelland, secretary, after which the program, consisting of readings, songs, recitations, talks and recounting early history, occupied the better part of two hours. The relatives then visited until they left for their homes, wishing the kindly host and hostess, who had made the day pleasant with their hospitality, the very best of everything.
Those present from a distance were: Mrs. S. J. Immel, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Slusser and three children and James Youtz and wife of Louisville, O.; O B Stonehill wife and three children of... (story says it is continued on page 8, but page 8 is not included) Possibly from THE ADA HERALD?, Ada, Oh., ------------- courtesy of Richard "Dick" W. Morrison


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