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Sick List News

These are listed in loose alpha order by surname of the subject of the story

Kenton - Mrs. Margaret
Dickson fell two stories to the ground and was internally hurt while she was shaking rugs from a porch roof at her home in Ada. [Lima News, Jan 3, 1920]

Mrs. R. B.
Downing seriously injured by package thrown from baggage car as she was preparing to board Pennsylvania train at Upper Sandusky. [Lima News, Jan 9, 1920]

Hanosin of Ada who fell when he attempted to board Pennylvania train No 9 while it was in motion at Ada, Wednesday afternoon and was dragged under the wheels sustained such severe injuries to his left leg attending surgeon found it necessary for it to be amputated. Hanosin was on his way to Lima when he was injured. He is 55 years old [Lima Daily News, Jan 4, 1917]

Kenton - Homer
Lattimore was accidentally shot thru the arm by a gun held by Clell Brown. Lattimore was helping Brown butcher hogs. [Lima News, Jan 3, 1920]

Mt. Victory -- Jeff
Mabrey is incapacitated here today, but he is by no means bemoaning his fate. Mabrey considers himself lucky to be alive. At work for a power company here yesterday, he accidently touched a high tension wire carrying 6,900 volts of electricity, about three times the amount of "juice" that is ordinarily used in electrocutions. The only injury to the man was a very small hole which was burned to the bone just below the knee. Mabrey was able to descend from the pole, on which he had been working, and drive to the office of a doctor. [The Lima News, Mar 2, 1929]

Kenton - Carl
Resch, 38, meat cutter at the Orr grocery store nearly lost the sight of his eye when a spring on the door of a refrigerator door he was opening, broke and struck him in the face. [Toledo News-Bee, Feb 4, 1930]

Kenton -- Howard
Sloan, farmer of south of here, is in critical condition from injuries sustained when he was kicked by a mule. It is believed his skull is fractured. The mishap occurred when Mr. Sloan left for the barn to do the chores. Alarmed at the prolonged absence of his father, a son started in search for him, finding him lying unconscious in the mule stall. [The Lima News, Jan 9, 1929]

Ada -- Charles Streets, who was reported in critical condition last week as a result of swallowing bi-chloride of mercury tablets is sufficiently recovered to be out on the streets. [The Lima News Jan. 5, 1930]

General News Stories of Sickness

Kenton - Unsanitary conditions are blamed for the epidemic of measles which has taken a toll of 13 deaths in a settlement of Kentonians in the Scioto marsh district near McGuffy, within the last two weeks. Mrs. Izona Risner, infant daughter, and her sister, Eliza Pitts, died in the same bed at the same hour. The death of Mrs. Virgil Fletcher, 18, mother of two children, was the thirteenth death reported.
[Lima Daily News, May 25, 1920]


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