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Hardin County, Ohio
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William Spar
Last Will & Testament of William Spar of Marion Tp Hardin County, Ohio in the Name of the Benevolent Father of All.
I William Spar of Marion Tp Hardin Co., Ohio do make and publish this my last will and testament.
Item #1 I bequeath to my beloved wife Elizabeth Spar in lieu of a dower in property the sum of one thousand dollars. If she should be living at the time of my death, she however relinquishing all rights of dower or maintenance which the law might otherwise provide.
Item # 2 The balance of my property both chattels and real estate -should I possess any at the time of my death to my sons Franklin Spar, David Spar, James Spar and my daughters Mary J. Mertz, Irena Southwick and Minnie Conner do I bequeath the same to be equally distributed among them and should either of my sons or daughters be dead at the time this my last will and testament go into effect, I devise that this interest shall be equally divided among his or her children and if no children living, then it shall revert equally to my sons and daughters living and heirs of those deceased.
Item # 3 I do hereby revoke all former wills made by me.
Filed October 4, 1904

[Submitted by William Ream]



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