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John Adams
John Adams, a native of Ireland settled in Short Creek Township, Harrison County, Ohio, about 1805, where he d.(?) 1812; m._________, d. 1846; had issue: 1. William; 2. James; 3. Samuel, b. Dec. 1, 1809; m. (1st) 1842, Sarah Chambers, d. February 7, 1851, daughter of David Chambers of Green township; m. (2d) April 2, 1857 to Mary Clark, daughter of James Clark, of Athens township (had issue by first wife: i. Joshua, b. August 2, 1842; ii. Rachel, b. September 3, 1844; iii. John, b. December 11, 1850; d. April 27, 1882; had issue by second wife: iv. Clark m. November 26, 1884, Dora Copeland, daughter of Henry Copeland of Green township; v. Sarah-Elizabeth); 4. Hannah; 5. Joshua; 6. John.
[Source: "Historical Collections of Harrison County, in the state of Ohio..." By Charles Augustus Hanna, 1900 - Sub. by Melody Beery]

John Adams
John Adams, a native of Pennsylvania, b. November 13, 1744; settled in Freeport township, Harrison county, Ohio, about 1807, where he d. 1835; m. May 2, 1799, Rachel Asher; b. in Pennsylvania May 16, 1776; d. August 25, 1851; had issue; I. Rebecca, b. February 29, 1800. II. Elizabeth, b. April 16, 1801. III. Rachel, b. December 18, 1803. IV. Samuel, b. January 16, 1806, in Erie County, Penn.; came with his parents to Ohio; settled in Moorefield township, Harrison County, 1828, where he d. November 17, 1880; m. January 14, 1828, Elizabeth Johnson, d. May 19, 1833, daughter of William and Nancy Stalson Johnson, early settlers in Moorefield township; had issue: 1. John, b. January 17, 1831, in Moorefield township; m. January 13, 1853, Mary E. Swearingen, b. December 30, 1835, daughter of John and Nancy Pumphrey Swearingen, natives of Virginia (had issue: 1. Henry-T.; ii. Annie E; iii. Albert-D.; settled in Chicago, Ill. iv. W-S; v. Emma-V;; vi. Sadie; vii. Mary-E.); 2. Rachel-A., m._______Romans; 3. Mary, m. _________Johnson; settled in Washington, Davis county, Ind.; 4. William; 5. Samuel, d. young; 6. Rebecca, m. J. Moore. V. John, b. June 20, 1808. VI. Julia-A., b. December 13, 1811. VII. Anthony, b. October 4, 1815.
[Source: "Historical Collections of Harrison County, in the state of Ohio..." By Charles Augustus Hanna, 1900 - Sub. by Melody Beery]

Thomas Adams
Thomas Adams, b. in Pennsylvania, about 1790; removed to Cadiz township, Harrison county, Ohio, 1815; settled in Nottingham township, in 1846, where d. 1855; m. Charity Blair, a native of Ohio. b. 1792, d. 1866, daughter of John Blair; had issue: 1. John, d. in infancy; 2. Maria Rogers; 3. Percival, b. September 10, 1820, in Cadiz township; m. March 27, 1845, Mary J. Downs, b. August 26, 1822, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth McKinney Downs (the former b. 1797, in Carroll county, Ohio; the latter b. January 22, 1797, in Lancaster county, Penn.); (had issue: i. John-F., b. March 20, 1846; ii. Albert-B., b. May 23, 1849; iii. Eliza-J., b. March 14, 1851 d. November 14, 1887; iv. Richard-M., b. August 27, 1853; vi. James-B., b. July 12, 1860; vii. Margaret-B., b. December 13, 1865); 4. James, d. in Nottingham township, October 8, 1888; 5. Matthew, settled in Cadiz; 6. Albert, settled in Missouri; 7. Isabelle, m. Thomas Rogers, settled in Crawford county, Ohio; 8. William, settled in Cadiz; 9. John, settled in Uhrichsville, Tuscarawas county, Ohio; 10. Sarah-E.
[Source: "Historical Collections of Harrison County, in the state of Ohio..." By Charles Augustus Hanna, 1900 - Sub. by Melody Beery]

William Adams
William Adams, a native of Pennsylvania, of Scotch-Irish descent, m. Mary_______, b. in Pennsylvania; settled in Archer township, Harrison county, Ohio, 1819; had issue, among others: 1. Samuel, b. January 20, 1808; d. June 13, 1874, in Archer township; m. 1833, Jane C. Stewart, b. in Pennsylvania, daughter of James Stewart, a native of Ireland who settled in Philadelphia July 4, 1811, thence removing to Washington county, Penn. (had issue, among others: 1. Samuel-W., b. November 18, 1839, m. Flora J. Gray, daughter of Samuel and Eliza Gray, residents of Findlay).
[Source: "Historical Collections of Harrison County, in the state of Ohio..." By Charles Augustus Hanna, 1900 - Sub. by Melody Beery]

William Adams
William Adams, b. September 5, 1799, in Fayette county, Penn.; resided in Short Creek township, Harrison county, Ohio, until 1880; thence removed to Freeport township; d. January 8, 1881; m. in Pennsylvania, Elizabeth Clark, d. December 10, 1869, daughter of Joshua Clark; had issue: 1. David, settled in Short Creek township; m. (1st) November 10, 1855, Lucinda Marsh, of Iowa, d. December 9, 1865; m. (2d) March 14, 1867, Mary Ann Moore (had issue by second wife: i. ______, d. in infancy; ii. William-Moore; iii. Robert-C.).
[Source: "Historical Collections of Harrison County, in the state of Ohio..." By Charles Augustus Hanna, 1900 - Sub. by Melody Beery]

James Aiken
James Aiken, a native of Ireland, emigrated to America and settled, about 1803, near Hickory, in Washington county, Penn.; had issue: 1. James, b. 1802, in Ireland; came to Washington county, Penn., with his parents; removed in 1826, to Jefferson, German township, Harrison county, Ohio, and in 1870 to Jewett, Rumley township, where he d. 1885; m. in Jefferson, 1829, Jane Scott (had issue: i. Elizabeth; ii. John, a minister, settled in Wayne county, Ind.; iii. Martha; iv. Jane, m. John Roberts; v. Annie, m. James Dennis, settled at Wellsville, Ohio; vi. Robert, settled in Amsterdam, Jefferson county, Ohio; vii. James, b. June 19, 1840; m. March 11, 1865, Maria Mikesell, daughter of Joseph and Magdalene Hoobler Mikesell; viii. Samuel-B; ix. Josiah; x. Alexander, served in the Civil War; xi. Benjamin; xii. George); 2. John, settled in Chester county, Penn.; 3. William, settled in Baltimore, Md.; 4. Alexander, settled in Pittsburg, Penn.; 5. David, settled in Washington, D.C.; 6. Margaret, m. ________Agnew, settled in Washington county, Penn
[Source: "Historical Collections of Harrison County, in the state of Ohio..." By Charles Augustus Hanna, 1900 - Sub. by Melody Beery]

John Alexander
John Alexander, a native of County Antrim, Ireland, emigrated to America and; about 1826, settled in Pennsylvania; two years later removed to Freeport township, Harrison county, Ohio, where he d. June, 1869; m. in Ireland Mary Allen; d. 1838; had issue: 1. Eleanor; 2. Thomas; 3. Jesse; 4. Mary-Ann; 5. John, settled in Kansas; 6. James, b. March 8, 1829; m. May 27, 1852, Margaret Forsythe, daughter of Matthew Forsythe, of Freeport (had issue: i. Matthew, settled in Freeport township; m. November 20, 1888, Nancy Harbison; ii. Mary; iii. John; iv. Maggie-E.); 7. Hannah-J; 8. Elizabeth, settled in Kansas.
[Source: "Historical Collections of Harrison County, in the state of Ohio..." By Charles Augustus Hanna, 1900 - Sub. by Melody Beery]

James Allen
James Allen, a native of Maryland, d. 1792; m. Rebecca Miller; had issue, among others: I. Reuben, b. in Maryland, 1783; removed in 1812 to Cadiz township, Harrison county, Ohio, where he d. July 8, 1875; m. 1812, Johanna McMillan, d. 1869, daughter of John McMillan, a resident of Harrison county; had issue: 1. Isaac, b. September 16, 1813; m. 1841, Sarah Barrett, daughter of David Barrett, of Cadiz township (had issue; i. Reuben; ii. Rebecca-J., m. R. M. Black; iii. Albert; iv. Winifred); 2. Rebecca; 3. Esther; 4. Amos; 5. Mary-Jane; 6. Ruthann; 7. Johanna; 8. James.
[Source: "Historical Collections of Harrison County, in the state of Ohio..." By Charles Augustus Hanna, 1900 - Sub. by Melody Beery]

James Allison
James Allison, a native of Ireland, b. 1790; d. at Hopedale, Ohio, 1881; emigrated to America and first settled in Philadelphia, Penn., about 1805; removed to Pittsburg, Penn., and thence to Cadiz, Harrison county, Ohio, where he resided until about 1818; removing thence to Stark county, where he resided until about 1825; m. in Cadiz, Margaret Hervey, d. 1837; daughter of William and Margaret Hervey; had issue: 1. Margaret m. John Galbraith; 2. John-Rea; 3. David, b. in Stark county, Ohio, April 20, 1820; m. (1st) 1854, Mary Crouch, d. 1865, daughter of Levi Crouch, who settled in Green township before 1817, where he d. 1862; m. (2d) 1867, Martha-E. Smith, daughter of Joel Smith (had issue: i. Henry F.; ii. Willard-R; iii. Howard-Smith); 4. Henry; 5. Sarah; 6. James, d. 1859; 7. Mary-Jane, m. John Hammond; settled in Athens township, Harrison county; 8. Joseph; 9. Elizabeth, m. Daniel Eaton; settled in Jefferson county, Ohio; 10. Isabella, d. 1830.
[Source: "Historical Collections of Harrison County, in the state of Ohio..." By Charles Augustus Hanna, 1900 - Sub. by Melody Beery]

Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson, b. in Ireland, 1753; d. September 2, 1838, in Claysville, Washington County, Penn.; emigrated to America and first settled in Maryland about 1780, where he removed until 1786, and then removed to Washington County, Penn.; m. 1781, in Maryland, Margaret Johnson, b. in Ireland, 1760; d. September 13, 1827; had issue: I. Samuel, b. 1783, in Maryland; d. February 22, 1866; removed to the Stillwater Valley in Stock township, Harrison county, Ohio, about 1838, locating seven miles west from Cadiz; m. 1813, Catherine Forbes, daughter of John Forbes, of Scotch-Irish ancestry; had issue: 1. Robert, b. in Claysville, Penn., October 11, 1815; came with his father to Harriosn county, in 1838; located in North township; m. July 1, 1840, Esther McCollough, a native of Archer township, of Scotch descent (had issue: i. Sarah-A., b. May 23, 1842; m. Thomas McDivitt; ii. William-B., served in the Civil War; m. Sept. 6, 1870, Mary Buchanan, b. near Jewett, Ohio, Dec. 19, 1845; of Scotch-Irish descent, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Hines Buchanan; iii. Samuel-L., b. in Harrison county, January 22, 1846; iv. Isabel-J., b. in Harrison county, January 12, 1848; m. S.J. Rippeth, who d. Dec. 19, 1883; v. Joseph-M., b. in Carroll county, Feb. 20, 1850; a Presbyterian minister; settled in Cincinnatii; vi. Mary-E., b. in Carroll county, March 5, 1852; m. Thomas Brough; vii. Thomas-H; b. in Carroll county, August 23, 1854; viii Martha-F; b. in Carroll county, December 30, 1856, d. Feb.17, 1888; m. Thomas Whittaker; ix. E., b. August 15, 1862; d. March 25, 1864); 2. John; 3. James; 4. Samuel E., 5. Hugh; 6. William; 7. Jane; 8. Thomas II. Richard, b. in Maryland; III. John, b. in Washington county, Penn, as were also his younger brother and sisters; IV. William; V. Robert VI. Mary; VII. Hugh; VIII. James, IX. Jane; X. Margaret; XI. Thomas, XII.__________, d. in infancy.
[Source: "Historical Collections of Harrison County, in the state of Ohio..." By Charles Augustus Hanna, 1900 - Sub. by Melody Beery]

William Arbaugh
William Arbaugh, a native of Maryland of German descent, and a soldier of the Revolution, had issue; I. Jacob; II. Daniel; III. Rachel; IV. Margaret; V. John, b. in Maryland where he m. Rosanna Wentz, a native of that State; removed to Rumley township, Harrison county, Ohio about 1820; had issue: 1. Sarah; 2. Margaret; 3. Lavina; 4. Lydia; 5. John; 6. James; 7. Adam; 8. Levi, b. October 23, 1825 m. (1st) December 23, 1858, Elizabeth Reid, d. 1885; daughter of Hugh and Margaret Fulton Reid, pioneers of Archer township, Harrison county m. (d) April, 1889, Louisa Hilbert of Defiance, Ohio.
[Source: "Historical Collections of Harrison County, in the state of Ohio..." By Charles Augustus Hanna, 1900 - Sub. by Melody Beery]

Johnathan Arnold
Johnathan Arnold, of Welsh descent, removed probably from Virginia to Luzerne township, Fayette County, Penn., before 1786, there settling at a place called the West Bend of Monogahela River, six or seven miles above Redstone Old Fort (now Brownsville); d. 1799 (before July 5th); m. Sarah Scott; had issue; I. Johnathan; II. Benjamin, d. about 1804 m. Comfort (or Mary) Cullum (her father of Scotch-English descent; her mother, Dutch), b. about 1753 d. in Archer township, Harrison county Ohio, 1856, having removed there with her children from Fayette county about 1810; had issue: I. Resin, b. in Luzerne township, Fayette county, Penn., February 25, 1786; d. at Mahattan Kan., Nov. 23, 1858; served in the War of 1812, m. (1st), Dec. 24, 1821, Anna Arrison, b. July 1794; d. Feb. 16, 1823; m. (2d) at Cadiz, Dec 9, 1824, Maria Eleanor Robertson, b. Aug. 25, 1802; d. Nov 15, 1869, daughter of Robert and Beulah Stanley Robertson (the latter descended from George Maris, a Quaker preacher who emigrated to Pennsylvania in 1683; the former, son of John and Eleanor Dick Robertson); (had issue: i. Josephine-A. b. Sept 30, 1825; m. J.H. Brouse: ii. Marion, b. April 25, 1827; m. Mary O. Borden; iii. William-Stanley, b. March16, 1829; d. at Los Angeles, Cal., Sept. 7, 1870, ; m. Katharine Davidson; iv. Maria-Louisa, b. May 3, 1831; m. Dr. S. Whitehouse; v. Laura-Anna, b. June 19, 1833; m. D. W. Lane; vi. Benton, b. March 7, 1835; vii. Amanda-Tingley, b. March 18, 1837; viii. Robert-Robertson, b. in Morgan county, Ohio, Feb. 15, 1839; d. March 5, 1863; ix. John-Hanna, b. July 18, 1841; d. Nov. 7, 1862; x. James-D. b. May 5, 1844; d. Jan. 8, 1891; xi. Charles-Robertson, b. Aug. 15, 1846); 2. Johnathan; 3. James; 4. Comfort, m. Jonathan West (see West family); 5. Aneka (Axie), m. James Mehollin; 6. Sophia, m. 1815, Nathan Ross, of Richland; 7. Frances, m. 1819, Charles Conaway; 8. William, b. 1798; d. at Cadiz, 1874, m. May 17, 1831, Jane C. Hoyt, b. 1808; d. 1872; daughter of Jesse and Sarah Hoyt, natives of New York (descendents of Simon Hoyt, who emigrated from England to Massachusetts about 1638); (had issue: i. John, d. in Kansas, 1855, while serving as a Government Surveyor; ii. Mary-A., m. John W. Simmons; iii. Sarah, d. in Washington, Guernsey county, Ohio, 1869; m. James Knox, of Cadiz; iv. Jesse, settled in Washinton, D.C.; v. William-H., m. (1st) 1866, Lydia Hunter, d. Feb. 28, 1886, daughter of Judge Joseph R. Hunter, of Cadiz; m. (2d) Caroline Thompson, daughter of James Thompson, of Cadiz township; vi. George, settled at Columbius, Ohio; vii. Jane, settled at Portland, Oregon). III. Levi. IV. William. V. Jemina, m. Rezin (?) Birgin. VI. Rachel, m. William (?) Hammond. VII. Hannah. VIII. Sarah.
[Source: "Historical Collections of Harrison County, in the state of Ohio..." By Charles Augustus Hanna, 1900 - Sub. by Melody Beery]

Elmer D. Busby
BUSBY Elmer D, Moorhead (MN). Educator. Born Feb 27, 1861 in Harrison county Ohio, son of Abraham and Sarah (Stall) Busby. Married June 17, 1884 to Leah Mikesell. Educated in Hopedale (Ohio) Normal School; graduated from Thiel College Greenville Pa, A B 1891. Taught school in Ohio 2 years; after graduation 1891 moved to Moorhead and has been instructor in mathematics, civics and economics to date in Concordia College.
["Little Sketches of Big Folks in Minnesota". Publ. 1907, Transcribed by Renae Donaldson]

Thomas E. Chandler
Thomas E. Chandler, S. T. D., district superintendent of the Ottawa district, Methodist Episcopal church, and a resident of Ottawa, Kan., was born at New Athens, Harrison county, Ohio, June 1, 1864. He is the son of John A. and Elizabeth C. (Morris) Chandler, both natives of Ohio and early settlers in Harrison county. The Chandler ancestry can lie traced back in England to William the Conqueror, under whom one of the direct ancestors was a general. John A. Chandler is a descendant of the old and well known Chandler family of Pennsylvania and was a birth-right Quaker. He served in the Civil war as a member of the One Hundred and Thirty-first Ohio infantry and saw service at Harper's Ferry and in the Virginia campaign. His brother, Thomas, was one of Lincoln's body-guard and is now a minister in New York. After the war John A. Chandler gave his attention to farming at New Athens, Ohio, until 1867, at which time he removed to near Kansas City, Mo., and continued his occupation of farming. Later he removed to Baldwin, City, but is now a retired resident of Belton, Mo. He is an ardent Republican and an active participant in political affairs, though he has himself never sought official preferment. He and his wife are consistent members of the Methodist Episcopal church. Isaac Chandler, grand­father of Thomas E., was a native Quaker of Pennsylvania, but while yet a young man he settled at Flushing, Ohio, where he accumulated a large estate, and where he continued to reside until his death. He was with Perry in September, 1813, when the latter won his brilliant victory on Lake Erie, when for the first time in history was effected the capture of an entire English fleet. John Morris, the maternal grandfather of Dr. Chandler, was born in West Virginia, was of English descent, and relative of Bishop Thomas Morris. In 1805, when yet a young man, he moved to New Athens, Ohio, where he became wealthy and where he lived until his death.
Dr. Chandler, after being a student in the Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio, graduated at Baker University, Baldwin, Kan., in 1890. Then after two years in the Northwestern University, he entered the Boston Theological Seminary, where he was graduated in 1894. Four years later he returned to Boston where he took a post-graduate course in the graduate school of arts and sciences in Boston University, completing the course in 1900. He began his ministry as pastor of the Central Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church at Kansas City, Kan., followed by a pastorate at the Kansas Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church, Topeka, Kan. From there he was transferred to the Swampscott, Mass., Methodist Episcopal Church, thence to the First, Methodist Episcopal Church, Newport, R. I., the oldest Methodist church structure standing in the New England states. He remained there for three years, then accepted the charge at the Pawtucket Methodist Episcopal Church, Providence, R. I, at the conclusion of which pastorate he went abroad and traveled throughout Europe. In 1905 he was transferred to Paola, Kan., where he held the charge three and a half years, and was then made successor to Dr. Bernard Kelly, as district superintendent of the Methodist Episcopal church, Ottawa district. He removed to Ottawa in 1909.
In 1894 Dr. Chandler was united in marriage with Caroline Boughton, his classmate at Baker University and the daughter of Homer Boughton of Topeka. Mr. Boughton settled in Auburn, Kan., about 1870, but has been a resident of Topeka for the past twenty-six years and is there engaged in the real estate and investment business. He is a brother of Gen. Horace Boughton of Massachusetts. Dr. and Mrs. Chandler have one daughter, Elizabeth, who is attending the Ottawa public schools.
Dr. Chandler is prominent on the lecture platform as well as in the ministry, one of his best lectures being entitled, "Kissing the Blarney Stone." In 1900 he was chaplain of the Rhode Island state legislature and while at Newport, R. I., he became a member of the old Washington Commandery No. 4, Knights Templars. He is also a member of the Kansas State Historical Society, and in 1910 he was made president and manager of the Ottawa Chautauqua Assembly.
[Kansas Biography, Vol. III, Part 2, 1912, Page: 1001-1002 Transcribed as written by Millie Mowry.]

George A. Custer
George A. Custer was born at New Rumley, Ohio, in 1839. He was appointed a cadet at the U. S. Military Academy from Michigan and graduated in 1861, just at the beginning of the Civil War. He was in the active service all through that conflict, winning promotion through all of the grades to that of major general of volunteers. In the re-organization of the Regular Army, in 1866, he was commissioned lieutenant colonel of the 7th Cavalry. His ten years of service in that capacity terminated with his death in the fight on the Little Bighorn, June 25, 1876.
[Source: A History of Oklahoma by Joseph B. Thoburn and Isaac M. Holcomb, Doub & Company, San Francisco, 1908, Page 116 - Submitted By Jim Vandermark]

John W. Cunningham
CUNNINGHAM John Wesley, St Paul (MN). Res 495 Portland av, office 505 Manhattan bldg. Real estate and loans. Born July 23, 1838 in Harrison county O, son of Dr William and Nancy (Cummings) Cunningham. Married 1869 to Lillian A Smith of Buffalo N Y. Graduated from Ohio Wesleyan Univ 1861; from Ohio State and Union Law College Cleveland 1862. Practiced law in Steubenville O, 1862-63; cashr for D W Ingersoll & Co St Paul 1863-65; city editor St Paul Press 1865-67; founder of Cunningham Bros stationery firm and member 1867-73; member printing and publishing firm of Romaley & Cunningham St Paul 1873-82; head of J W Cunningham & Co 1882-1900; real estate and loans as John W Cunningham 1900 to date.
["Little Sketches of Big Folks in Minnesota". Publ. 1907 - Transcribed by Kim Mohler]

Joseph Martin
JOSEPH MARTIN, ex-President of the First national Bank at Monmouth, a gentleman of more than ordinary business ability, retired from the active labors of life on a competency acquired by individual effort and good judgment, coupled with economy and perseverance, resides on section 28, Monmouth Township, near the limits of the city of that name. He was born in the North of Ireland, Aug. 15, 1816, and is of Scotch-Irish extraction. His father, William Martin, was a native of the Emerald Isle, and resided there until his heath, engaged in the vocation of farming. His death occurred about 1845. His wife, Mary Forbes, was born in the North of Ireland and was likewise of Scotch-Irish extraction, and also died in her native country.
The gentleman whose name heads this sketch, was next to the youngest in order of birth of a family of six children, and he and a brother, James, (who is residing in Page County, Iowa, where he is engaged in farming and cattle raising) are the only survivors. Joseph Martin resided with his parents on his native Isle until he reached the age of 19 years, when he was united in marriage to Miss Jane Groves, a daughter of Joseph and Jane Groves. Soon after they were weded (sic), they crossed the briny waters and located in the United States, the date thereof being 1834. His first location was in New Castle, Lawrance Co., Pa., where after residing for a short time, he moved to Mercer Co., Pa., where he purchased land and for 12 years followed agricultural pursuits. Leaving Pennsylvania he came to Galena, this State, and in the neighborhood of that place purchased 200 acres of land, which had been partly worked for lead. He re-opened the mines and succeeded in striking an exceedingly rich vein, which yielded him about $25,000. He continued to operate his mines in that vicinity for about nine years, until 1860, when in the fall, he came to this county and purchased 160 acres of partly improved land, in Tompkins Township, where he operated only a short time; then rented his land and moved to Monmouth with a view to educating his children. He afterward sold his farm in Tompkins township and purchased other property and cleared $8,000. His success as a speculator has been more than ordinary. In the fall of 1863, he with others, established the First National Bank at Monmouth, with a capital of $50,000, which was later increased to $75,000. The institution at times represented a capital of $500,000, and was doing a good and increasing business until its recent failure. Mr. Martin was a stock holder for about 20 years, and was elected President of the institution sometime previous to its failure, but no word of censure has ever been heard against Mr. Martin on account of the disaster to the bank, it being too well known by every depositor and by the citizens of Warren County, who was the cause of its failure. Mr. Martin has been actively engaged in many financial operations, and at present is the proprietor of a 200 acre farm in Page Co., Iowa, which is under an advanced state of cultivation. He owns 22 acres on which he at present resides, and also a large brick store-house, of which the Y. M. C. A. occupy the second story.
The first wife of Mr. Martin died in Monmouth in 1871. He was again married in that city to Mrs. Jennie Patton, nee Lee, widow of Rev. Samuel Patton, of Detroit, and daughter of Judge Thomas and Nancy (Wilson) Lee, natives of Pennsylvania and Ohio respectively, of American parentage and Scotch descent. She was born in Cadiz, Ohio, Oct. 5, 1830. Her father was formerly a farmer by occupation, but later in life engaged in the business of a tanner, and still later was connected with politics, being almost continuously the incumbent of an official position thereafter until his death, which occurred in Cadiz, Ohio, in 1853, during his 57th year. Her mother died Sept. 20, 1885, at the venerable age of 87 years. Mrs. Martin has borne her husband one child, - Nannie L., born June 12, 1872. Seven children were born to Mr. Martin by his first union, - William W., is married and lives in Salem, Oregon, the maiden name of his wife being Belle Myers; James is also married and is likewise a resident of Salem, Oregon; the other five children are deceased. Mr. and Mrs. Martin are members of the United Presbyterian Church at Monmouth, to the building of which Mr. Martin contributed $2,000. He is present trustee and member of the session.
In politics he is a staunch supporter of the principles of the Republican party, having always opposed the institution of slavery, and during the late Civil War was a strong and unswerving Union man.
[Source: "Portrait and Biographical Album of Warren County, Illinois" (1886), published by Chapman Brothers of Chicago, p. 293-294. - Transcribed by Carol Parrish]


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