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sources: "Harrison Heritage", GNIS, "Historical collections of Harrison County, in the state of Ohio: ... by Charles A. Hannah, pub. 1900"

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Alley Cemetery   Short Creek Twp 401058N 0805309W Harrisville
aka Harrisville M.E.
Arnold Cemetery NW ¼, S24, T10, R4 German Twp     ¼ mile east of Cadiz-Amsterdam Rd. (CR31)
Atkinson Cemetery S13, T9, R4 Short Creek Twp     SW of Cadiz-Harrisville Road (U.S. 250), approx. 1 mile from Georgetown. Bodies moved to Short Creek.
Baptist Church Cemetery NE ¼, S23, T10, R6 Moorefield Twp     Moorefield.
Bare Cemetery NW ¼, S35, T10, R4 Rumley Twp.     north of the Jewett-Hopedale Road (Ohio 151). Located on a hilltop about ¼ mile on foot from a large brick house about one-tenth mile from the Jewett corporation line.
Barrett Family Cemetery S26, T10, R5 Cadiz Twp     On farm on U.S. 22, west of CR16.
Barrett Family Cemetery   Nottingham Twp     in Cadiz
aka Hopewell Friends
Beall Cemetery   Nottingham Twp.     aka Bell Cemetery | aka Hopewell Friends
Beaver Valley Cemetery SE ½, S24, T12, R6 Monroe Twp     At junction of Beaver Dam and Hedgeapple Rds
Beech Spring Cemetery SW ¼, S1, T10, R4 Green Twp 401736N 0805336W On Beech Road (TR64), 3 miles south of Hopedale
Bethel Cemetery SE ¼S28, T10, R4 Green Twp 402033N 0805706W On Jewett-Hopedale Road at junction of the Cadiz-Amsterdam Road (CR51).
Blair Family Cemetery SE ¼, S36, T11, R6 Nottingham Twp.     on Vickers Rd. Located on the hill behind house.
Blue Ridge Cemetery SE ¼, S12, T10, R4 German Twp. 402202N 0805341W aka Hilldale
Located at Blue Ridge and Murray Roads
Boone Cemetery NE ¼, S12, T11, R7 Freeport Twp     aka Sears Farm
On south side of Cummins Rd. (TR306) two-tenths mile from Birmingham Rd. (CR10). "Cemetery located in back of house and farm buildings, on or near site of first Quaker church. No stones."
Bowerston Cemetery   Monroe Twp.     aka Longview
Boyd Cemetery NE ¼, S25, T12, R7 Freeport Twp     aka Boyd-Kerr
On Steel Hollow Rd. (TR106) three-tenths mile north of Westchester Rd. (Ohio 342).
Boyle Cemetery NE ¼ S1, T11, R5 Archer Twp     On Cadiz-Jewett Rd., two miles north of Cadiz
Branson Cemetery   Short Creek Twp     aka Furbay
Bricker Cemetery NE ¼S24, T9, R4 Green Twp     On Lower Clearfork Road (CR13)
Brown Cemetery NE ¼, S1, T14, R7 Monroe Twp     on Plum Run-Bowerston Rd. (CR8), 2.3 miles north of Cadiz-Dennison Road (U.S. 250)
Buffalo Hill Cemetery NE ¼, S7, T11, R4 German Twp 402328N 0805318W ¼ mile west of Blue Ridge Rd. (TR165) and two miles north of Blue Ridge Cemetery.
Busby Cemetery S1, T11, R5 Archer Twp      
Cadiz Union Cemetery S35, T9, R4 Cadiz Twp     At Charleston St., Cadiz
Canaan Cemetery SE ¼, S19, T11, R4 German Twp. 402242N 0805634W South of Toker Rd. (TR164) ½ mile west of Miller's Station Rd. (CR4).
Cassville Cemetery NW ¼S31, T10, R5 Moorefield Twp     North of U.S. 22 on Rankin-Cassville Road (CR31) one mile, then left on old Piedmont Road (CR16) ½ mile.
Cecil Family Cemetery S20, T10, R5 Cadiz Twp     On George and Zora Dickerson farm near U.S. 22 and TR 265. "No markers."
Center Unity Cemetery SW ¼, S24, T10, R4 German Twp. 402202N 0805654W Junction of Cadiz-Amsterdam Rd. (CR51) and Cadiz Junction-Carman Rd. (CR46).
Chapel Cemetery East ½, S13, T13, R7 Franklin Twp 401840N 0811555W aka Weaver's Run | Church of Christ
At Intersection of Plum Run Rd. (CR8) and Tappan Hills Rd. (CR39)
Christian Hill Cemetery SE ¼, S13, T12, R7 Freeport Twp     North edge of village of Freeport, reached from Pine St., on top of hill. "No stones".
Church of Christ Cemetery   Franklin Twp.     aka Chapel
Colored A.M.E. Cemetery SE ¼, S23, T12, R6 Stock Twp     aka Little Zion | Mt. Zion
Two miles north of Cadiz-Dennison Rd. (U.S. 250) on TR219
Colored A.M.E. Cemetery SE ¼S13, T9, R4 Short Creek Twp     500 feet off U.S. 250 on Hawthorne Road (TR523)
Compher Farm Cemetery S22, T10, R6 Moorefield Twp     North of Holloway Road (Ohio 331) between Piedmont and Holloway.
Conotton Cemetery   North Twp 402437N 0810855W On Conotton-Tappan Rd, ½ mile south of Conotton
Conway (Conaway?) Cemetery NE ¼, S33, T11, R5       100 feet north of Lower Clear Fork Rd. (CR22) near junction of Merryman and Nixon Roads (CR45).
Copeland Cemetery NE ¼, S10, T13, R7 Franklin Twp     Easlick Rd
Corinth Cemetery   Washington Twp.     aka Jenkins
Covenanter Church Cemetery S9, T10, R4 Green Twp     Hopedale
Crabapple Cemetery          
Davidson Cemetery SW ¼, S34, T12, R7 Washington Twp     aka Zera Davidson family
North side of Cutlip Rd. (TR104) about ½ mile west of Clendening Lake Rd. (CR6).
Davidson-Latham Cemetery SE ¼, S29, T11, R7 Freeport Twp     On Mitchell Rd. (TR526) four-tenths mile from Dry Ridge Rd. (CR57) take a private road up the hill past an oil well. Stones located in trees.
Deersville Cemetery     401830N 0810946W  
Deersville Methodist Cemetery   Franklin Twp 401831N 0811130W aka Old Deersville Methodist
Dickerson Church Cemetery S32, T9, R4 Cadiz Twp 401351N 0805901W between Ohio 9 and U.S. 250, reached by Dickerson Church Road (TR93)
Dickerson Cemetery #2 unknown location Cadiz Twp     Listed by WPA in 1940 as near U.S.22. Not located in 1984
Dickerson Cemetery #3 unknown location Cadiz Twp     Listed by WPA in 1940 as near U.S. 22. Not located in 1984
Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery South ¼, S14, RT12, R5 Rumley Twp 402407N 0810137W 300 feet north of the Scio-German Rd. (Ohio 646) near New Rumley
Fairview Cemetery N ¼, S6, T11, R5 Rumley Twp 402250N 0810010W On Fairview Cemetery Rd. (CR7) Between Jewett and the Scio-German Rd. (Ohio 646).
Feed Springs Cemetery SW ¼, S10, T13, R7 Franklin Twp 402053N 0811515W On Moravian Trail Rd. (CR2) 5.5 miles west of Deersville.
Ferguson Cemetery NE ¼S3, T10, R4 Green Twp 401952N 0805226W North of U.S. 22 at Harrison-Jefferson County line.
Franklin Cemetery NE ¼, S4, T13, R7 Franklin Twp     aka Pumphrey
On Cadiz-Dennison Rd. (U.S. 250) adjoins roadside park near intersection of Willis Run Rd. (TR213)
Freeport Presbyterian Cemetery   Freeport Twp     Freeport
Freeport Methodist cemetery South ½, S13, T12, R7 Freeport Twp 401256N 0811610W Freeport. On hill at north edge of village at the end of Muskinum St.
Freeport Presbyterian Cemetery NE ¼, S18, T11, R7 Freeport Twp. 401236N 0811549W On Ohio 800 behind a house on Main St. in Freeport.
Friends Cemetery   Short Creek Twp     aka West Grove
Furbay Cemetery NE ¼S13, T9, R4 Short Creek Twp 401256N 0805521W Accessible from U.S. 250 by a lane beginning at a point about ½ mile north of Georgetown.
Gamble Cemetery SE ¼ S8, T11, R5 Archer Twp     3.75 mile north of Cadiz on Cadiz-Jewett Road (Route 9)
Georgetown Graveyard         Harrisville
aka Short Creek Cemetery
Germano Cemetery South ½, S27, T11, R4 German Twp 402439N 0805707W aka New Jefferson
On Germano-Carrollton Rd., ¼ mile north of Germano.
Grandview Cemetery SW ¼, S31, T12, R5 North Twp. 402325N 0810551W aka Scio M.E.
Southwest of Scio a short distance on Cemetery Rd.
Greenmont Cemetery SW ¼, S7, T12, R7 Freeport Twp 401251N 0811529W includes Quaker Cemetery. On Ohio 800 at the northeast edge of Freeport.
Greenwood Cemetery SE ¼S14, T10, R4 Green Twp 401855N 0805552W Five miles northeast of Cadiz on Old Hopedale Road (CR5)
Hanover Cemetery NE ¼, S29, T11, R5 North Twp 402212N 0810401W On Havanick Rd. (TR237) just north of Hanover Ridge Rd. (CR17).
Harrisville Cemetery          
Harrisville M.E. Church Cemetery East ½, S5, T8, R4 Short Creek Twp     Harrisville
Haun Cemetery NW ¼, S25, T11, R4 German Twp     "Location uncertain". One hundred feet north of TR164
Healea Cemetery SE ¼, S31, T9, R4 Archer Twp      
Heller Cemetery SE ¼, S32, T13, R6 Monroe Twp 402432N 0811215W One mile east of Patterson Rd. (Ohio 151) on Gundy Ridge Rd (CR44)
Hilldale Cemetery         aka Blue Ridge
Hines Cemetery NE ¼, S29, T10, R5 Cadiz Twp 401704N 0810404W aka Moravian Ridge
Cadiz-Deersville Road (CR2)
Hitchcock Cemetery NW ¼ S1, T11, R5 Archer Twp     on Cadiz-Jewett Rd. (Ohio 9), north of Cadiz.
Holmes Church Cemetery          
Hopedale Cemetery NE ¼S8, T10, R4 Green Twp 401908N 0805355W in Hopedale
Hopewell Friends Cemetery NE ¼, S3, T11, R6 Nottingham Twp     aka Barrett Family | Beall/Bell
1½ mile north of Cassville
Infirmary Cemetery S18, T10, R5 Cadiz Twp 401739N 0810200W On Cadiz-Dennison Road [four miles from Cadiz at the Harrison County Infirmary.]
Jenkins Cemetery NW ¼, S8, T12, R7 Washington Twp 401429N 0811520W aka Corinth
On Friendly Ridge Rd. (CR61) about four-tenths mile west of Freeport-Tippecanoe Rd
Kerr-Boyd Cemetery   Freeport Twp 401321N 0811801W aka Boyd-Kerr
Latham Cemetery   Freeport Twp     aka Davidson-Latham
Lees Run Cemetery S34, T10, R5 Cadiz Twp 401552N 0810605W Kanoski Road and Lees Run Road
Little Zion Cemetery   Stock Twp     aka "Colored A.M.E."
Longview Cemetery NW ¼S35, T8, R4 Athens Twp 402557N
on Ohio 9 just north of New Athens
Longview Cemetery NW ½, S27, T13, R6 Monroe Twp 402557N
State Street in Bowerston
Lowmiller #1 SW ¼, S27, T11, R4 German Twp     Listed by WPA as 150 feet south of Ohio 606 (646?) but not found in 1984
Lowmiller #2 NW ¼, S26, T11, R4 German Twp     ¼mile southwest of Germano Cemetery.
Lutheran Cemetery   German Twp     aka Zion
Maholm Cemetery SE ¼, S10, T11, R5 Archer Twp     Bells Hill Road (Township Rd. 186)
Malcolm Cemetery S12, T9, R5 Athens Twp     WPA reading in 1940 located it at 4 miles from Ohio 22, two miles from Ohio 9 and two miles from Ohio 519. "Could not be located in 1984"
Mattern Cemetery NE Qtr S31, T10, R4 Archer Twp 401823N 0805831W Near junction of Mattern Rd. (TR191) and Cadiz-Amsterdam Rd. (CR51)
Mays Cemetery West ½, S29, T12, R7, Washington Twp 401646N 0811831W On Mays School Road (CR24) 1.5 mile northwest of Tippecanoe, near junction of Stull Rd
McConnell Cemetery NW ¼, S11, T12, R7 Washington Twp     2.5 miles northeast of Tippecanoe
500 feet north of Tippecanoe- Brownsville Rd. (CR6)
McGaw Cemetery NW ¼ S1, T11, R5, Archer Twp.     Three miles northwest of Cadiz on Ohio 9
McGee Cemetery East ½, S19, T12, R6 Stock Twp     One mile from Deersville at intersection of Deersville Ridge Rd. (CR2) and Wallace Rd
McKain Cemetery S30, T9, R5 Athens Twp     on U.S. 22
McKinney Cemetery SE ¼, S1, T12, R6 Stock Twp     About ½ mile from Cadiz-Dennison Rd. (U.S. 250) via Addy Rd.
McMillen Cemetery NE ¼, S7, T14, R7 Monroe Twp     Cemetery in hog lot of Orville Patterson farm north of Patterson Rd.(Ohio 151) about one mile north of Cadiz-Dennison Rd. (U.S. 250)
Merryman Cemetery NW ¼, S16, T13, R7 Franklin Twp     aka Utterback
North side of Moravian Trail Rd. (CR2) about ½ mile west of Plum Run Road (CR8).
Methodist Episcopal Cemetery NE ¼, S31, T12, R5 Freeport     In Scio, just off Ohio 151 on Eastport Rd.
Miller Cemetery NE ¼, S31, T11, R4 Rumley Twp     Two miles northeast of Jewett on Jewett-Germano Road (Ohio 9), turn on Faith Ranch Rd., three-fourths mile to top of hill.  Cemetery is 100 yards west of private road. 
Minksville Cemetery SE ¼, S10, T11, R6 Nottingham Twp 401537N 0810813W North side of Brushy Fork Rd. at Minksville-Red Eye Rd.
Molesworth Cemetery NE ¼, S35, T11, R6 Nottingham Twp     On Adams Rd., south of junction with Poulson-Stewart Rd
Moore Family Cemetery SW ¼, S26, T11, R6 Nottingham Twp     Junction of Clendening Lake Rd. (Ohio 799) and Kennedy Ridge Rd. (CR20).
Moravian Ridge Cemetery   Cadiz Twp     aka Hines/Moravian Ridge
Moorefield M.E. Cemetery SE ¼S24, T10, R6 Moorefield Twp 401208N 0811007W east of Moorefield on Moore and Taggart roads
Mt. Hope Cemetery SE ¼, S10, T12, R6 Stock Twp     ¼ mile east of Tappan-Scio Rd. (Ohio 646) on Morrow Rd.
Mt. Zion Cemetery   Stock Twp     aka "Colored AME"
Myers Cemetery NW ¼, S18, T12, R7 Washington Twp     ½ mile east of Tippecanoe Rd. (Ohio 800N) on Ferguson Rd. (TR290).
New Athens M.E. Cemetery S5, T9, R5 Athens Twp     400 feet west of Ohio 9 and 15 feet north of Ohio 519. 
New Bethel Cemetery NE ¼, S22, T11, R6 Nottingham Twp     South of the crossroads at Palmer-Hill-Red Eye Rd. and Springtown Rd.
New Jefferson Cemetery         aka Germano
New Rumley Methodist Cemetery SW ¼, S14, T12, R5 Rumley Twp 402410N 0810204W Scio-New Rumley Road (Ohio 646) at New Rumley
Nottingham Cemetery S6, T10, R6 Moorefield Twp 401223N 0810711W south of U.S. 22 on Nottingham-Holloway road
Old Bethel SW ¼, S22, T11, R6 Nottingham Twp     Near junction of Palmer-Hill-Red Eye and Jones Rd. on top of hill.
Old Cadiz Cemetery S5, T10, R5 Cadiz Twp 401610N 0805952W At Ohio and South streets in Cadiz.
Old Deersfield Methodist Cemetery S25, T12, R6 Franklin Twp     North of Main St. in Deersville.
Olive Branch West ½ S5, T8, R4 Short Creek Twp 401052N 0805342W Just off U.S. 250 on Olive Branch Road
Orr-Smith Cemetery SW ¼S22, T10, R4 Green Twp 402034N 0805700W On Jewett-Hopedale Road (Ohio 151), 2.2 mile north of U.S. 22
Patterson Union Cemetery S25, T12, R6 Franklin Twp     Deersville, South of Main St.
Pleasant Valley Cemetery SE ¼, S15, T12, R6 Stock Twp 401951N 0810859W seven-tenths mile west of Tappan-Scio Rd (Ohio 646) on Cadiz-Dennison Road (U.S. 250)
Plum Run Church Cemetery SW ¼, S16, T13, R7 Monroe Twp 402255N 0811345W On Plum Run Rd. (CR8) 1.15 miles north of Cadiz-Dennison Rd. (U.S. 250)
Plum Run Hilltop Cemetery SW ¼, S6, T13, R7 Monroe Twp 402253N 0811356W On Plum Run Rd. (CR8) one mile north of Cadiz-Dennison Rd. (U.S. 250), ¼ mile west of church.
Pugh-Kent Cemetery East ½, S9, T11, R6 Nottingham Tw     On left side of Pugh Rd.(TR347) near sharp bend.
Pumphrey Cemetery   Franklin Twp     aka Franklin
Quaker Cemetery SW ¼, S7, T12, R7 Freeport Twp     part of Greenmont Cemetery.
Quillen Family Cemetery NE ¼, S31, T12, R7 Freeport Twp     2.2 miles west of Steele Hollow Rd. (TR106)
Rankin M.E. Cemetery East ½ of S31, T10, R5 Moorefield Twp 401303N 0810546W Intersection of U.S. 22 and Rankin-Cassville Road (CR31)
Ridge Cemetery          
Ridgeview Cemetery SW ¼ S23, T11, R5 Archer Twp 402143N 0810319W On Hanover Ridge Rd
Rogers Family Cemetery NW ¼, S31, T12, R7 Freeport Twp     2.2 miles west of Steele Hollow Rd. (TR106), just across fence from Quillen Family Cemetery in field in back of barn.
Scio Cemetery          
Scio M. E. Cemetery   North Twp     aka Grandview
Sears Farm Cemetery   Freeport Twp     aka Boone
Sharon-Seceder Cemetery NW ¼, S30, T11, R6 Nottingham Twp     Accessible on foot west of Adams Rd. (TR303) about one mile south of Deersville
Short Creek Cemetery S13, T9, R4, Short Creek Twp 401250N
Just off U.S. 250 about ½ mile north of Georgetown. Accessible from U.S. 250 by a lane.
Shugart Cemetery   Freeport Twp     aka Wright
Smyrna Cemetery          
Smyrna M. E. Cemetery SW ¼, S4, T11, R7 Freeport Twp 401014N 0811441W Near junction of Cadiz-Piedmont Rd. (U.S. 22) and Bridge Rd. (TR123) in Smyrna
Spiker Cemetery NW ¼, S31, T11, R5 Stock Twp     Just off Cadiz-Dennison Road (U.S. 250) on east side of Wallace Rd. (TR236).
Spring Cemetery   Moorefield Twp     aka Compher Farm
Sproat Cemetery NE ¼, S2, T11, R4 German Twp 402414N 0805218W Original location was 700 feet south of Marker Rd. (TR165). "It was moved to Blue Ridge Cemetery in 1984 because of coal stripping."
Stephens Cemetery   Washington Twp     On the Van Sickle Rd. (TR296) to where the road deadends.
Stiers Cemetery East ½ S22, T8, R4 Short Creek Twp 401009N 0805623W On Stiers Cemetery Road (TR86B), 3 miles southwest of Harrisville
Stone Cemetery NE ¼S11, T9, R4 Green Twp     on Rose Valley Road (CR14), near Rose Valley Crossing
Tappan Cemetery North ½, S34, T12, R6. Franklin Twp 402129N 0811227W Mill Hill Rd, 500 feet from Cadiz-Dennison Road (U.S. 250)
Taylor Hill Cemetery SW ¼S6, T10, R5 Cadiz Twp     one mile north on Cadiz on Hesford Road (TR243)
Tedrow Cemetery NE ¼, S19, T11, R4 German Twp 402309N 0805542W .4 mile north of Toker Rd. (TR164) and ½ mile west of Miller's Station Rd. (CR4).
Titus Cemetery SW ¼S32, T10, R5 Cadiz Twp     southwest of Cassville Road (TR268)
Tunnel Hill Cemetery South ½, S3, T14, R7, . Monroe Twp 402517N 0811325W Gundy Ridge Rd. (CR44) to Tunnel Hill Rd. (CR44A). 
Union Cemetery     401614N 0805917W  
United Brethren Cemetery SW ¼, S14, R12, R5   402416N 0810206W
On Scio-New Rumley Rd. (Ohio 646) at New Rumley.
Unity Cemetery          
Utterback Cemetery   Franklin Twp     aka Merryman
Weaver's Run Cemetery   Franklin Twp      
West Grove Cemetery NE ¼S20, T9, R4 Short Creek Twp 401343N 0805611W On Grove Road (TR511), one mile northwest of Georgetown.
Wheeler Cemetery NE ¼, S5, T10, R4 German Twp     South of Murray Road (TR168) and one mile east of junction with Marker Rd. (TR165)
Wilson Family Cemetery   Short Creek Twp     Shown on WPA 1940 map as 85 feet north of U.S. 250
Wilson Family Cemetery SW ¼S17, T10.R5 Cadiz Twp     on the hill southwest of junction of Deersville Ridge Road (CR2) and Barricklow Lane (CR3) 
Wood Cemetery NE ¼S27, T12, R5 North Twp     Twenty feet north of the Kilgore Ridge Rd. (CR47) about two miles north of Scio.
Wright-Shugart Cemetery SW ¼, S24, T11, R7 Freeport Twp     About .6 mile south of Biggs Hollow Rd. (TR106), just before Crab Orchard Rd. 
Zatt Cemetery SE ¼, S35, T12, R6 Franklin Twp.     ½ mile on Mill Hill Rd. (CR215) then walk ¼ mile west to cemetery.
Zion Cemetery NE ¼, S20, T11, R4 German Twp. 402411N 0805525W On Miller's Station Rd. (CR4) one mile south of junction with Annapolis Road (Ohio 646).


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