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Harrison County, Ohio
Genealogy and History

Sales of Land due to
Delinquent Taxes

A LIST OF LANDS, on the non resident duplicate in Harrison County, Ohio which will be sold as the law directs, for the tax due thereon if said tax is suffered to remain unpaid. Submitted by John Hanna, Auditor, Of Harrison Co.

Alleson, Garven
Alleson, Garvin
Asher, Luck
Auld, John
Auld, John
Ball, James
Barber, Arnold
Barner, Henry
Barnes, Henry
Barnes, James
Barnhill, William
Barrett David
Barrett, David
Baxton, Zenas
Beatty, Zacheus
Best, Elias
Best, Elias
Bossort, John
Boyd, John
Brown, John
Bufkin, Thomas
Burch, Crtherine
Burus, Leonard
Cable, Benjamin
Cadwellender, Isaac
Callwell, James
Calven, William
Cambell, James
Cambell, James
Castner, Michael
Christy, Thomas
Clark, James
Clark, James
Colvin, William
Cook Joseph
Cook, Joseph
Cosby, James
Cox, John
Cox, John
Crabtree, Peter
Cramer, Henry
Crawford, John
Creamer, Valentine
Custard, David
Custard, Emanuel
Custer, Emmanuel
David, Henry
Dickenson, William R.
Dickinson, William R.
Early, Daniel
Early, Daniel
Elder, Thomas
England, David
England, David
Ensley, Andrew
Foster, Samuel
Gallaspey, William
Garrison, Casper
Genkins, William
Gibbons, David
Gutshall, Jacob
Gutshall, John
Gutshall, John
Hall, Edward
Hartman, Solomon
Hendricks, Andrew
Henry, James
Henton, Thomas
Hestends, John
Hicks, James
Hicks, James
Hooster, Jessee
Howard, Horton
Howard, Horton
Hunter, John
Hutcheson, James
Hutchinson, James
Jinkinson, Isaac
Johnston, Derrick
Johnston, James
Johnston, James
Johnston, James
Johnston, James
Johnston, James J.
Johnston, James Sen.
Johnston, Thomas
Johnston, William
Jones, Archibald
Jones, Enoch
Jones, John
Keisher, Joseph
Kisor, Joseph
Knight, Jeremiah
Knight, Jeremiah
Knox, Samuel
Lafferty, Samuel
Laughlin, Robert
Laughlin, Robert
Lemon, Jacob
Leones, Charles
Little Samuel Heirs
Little, Adam
Longshore, John
Loyd, Able
Malendish, William
Markley, Peter
McAdams, John
McClue, Daniel
McClure, Daniel
McConnel Robert
McCormish, John
McDonnel, Joseph
McFadden, Thomas
McFadden, Thomas
McIlroy, James
Means, James
Merriman, Caleb
Merriman, Nicholas
Michael Castner
Miller, Peter
Milligan, David
Mills, Thomas
Mitshenor, John
Moody, David
Moody, David
Moore, Michael
Ogle, David
Ogle, John
Orrick, B. Ezekiel
Peirce, Thomas
Person, Abner
Persons, Abner,
Price, Richard
Provines, Thomas
Rantnor, Christian
Ratston, Joseph
Rector, William
Rector, William
Reed, Benjamin
Ritchey, Samuel
Rowell, Karr
Rowland, John
Sampson, Robson
Scott, John
Scott, Joseph
Sellers, John
Sheephard, Samuel
Shenenbarger, Jacob
Skinner, Ezekiel
Snyder, Jacob
Spencer, Timothy
Townery, Eli
Trien, Jacob
Tyler, Buell
Vanhor, Daniel
Vanhorn, Daniel
Vanhorn, William
Varbanna, Joseph
Walker, James
Wells, Isaac
Wells, Thomas
Wheeller, Thomas
Wilson Charles
Wilson, Charles
Wilson, Charles
Wilson, Charles
Wilson, Charles
Wilson, Charles
Wilson, John
Winder, James
Winder, James
Wright, James
Wright, Samuel
Zellors, Frederick

[Source: "The Harrison Telegraph", 27 June 1821 - Submitted by a Friend of Free Genealogy]


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