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Henry County, Ohio
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Birth Records

(Submitted by Janice Rice)


Birth Date

Birth Place



Ballard, Mary F

22 Aug 1942

Henry Co

Ballard, Russell

Clapp, Elsie

Blakley, Isom W


Henry Co

Blakley, Samuel 

Brown, Victorene

Both, Margaret

27 Oct 1871

Henry Co

Both, John

(?), Catharina

Boyer, Harriet L

Jan 1894

Henry Co

Boyer, David

Butler, Agnes

Champion, Eliza

12 Jan 1852

Henry Co

Champion, Geo.


Edwards, Province


Henry Co

Edwards, Grant

Dillion, Mary

Haynes, Ida M

29 Aug 1870

Henry Co

Haynes, Pete

Mosey, Lucy

Deters, Donald J

20 Nov 1928


Deters, George

King, Violet

Durham, Ruth A

31 Dec 1929

Henry Co

Durham, Fred

Brubaker, Alta

Gerken, Esther M

22 Nov 1924

Freedom Twp

Gerken, Alfred

Tietje, Emelie

Irelan, James H

24 Nov 1900

Henry Co

Irelan, William H

Caper, Lillie B

Leaders, Robert

26 Mar 1928

Henry Co

Leaders, Peter

Keehn, Anna

Lester, Ella

17 Dec 1887

Henry Co

Lester, Chas. E

Lain, Ella E

Motter, Julian R

7 Mar 1934

Henry Co

Motter, Earl A

Whealer, Luella

Pope, Alverda

12 Jan 1903

Henry Co

Pope, Elmos

Fisher, Maude

Powers, Chas. A

24 Feb 1905

Henry Co

Powers, John

McManns, Margaret J

Pruden, Frank H


Henry Co

Pruden, John

Tolles, Anna B

Trees, Mary


Henry Co

Trees, Jessie

Altman, Mary

Wenzinger, Paul J

20 May 1912

Henry Co

Wenzinger, Mathias

Steffan, Gertrude

Young, Harley D


Henry Co

Young, Levi D

Jameson, Mary


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