Henry County, Ohio
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Source: GNIS


Cemetery Name



Additional Information

Angell Cemetery 411904N 0835325W  
Bremer Cemetery 412311N 0841234W  
Brey Cemetery 412112N 0841157W  
Brinkman Cemetery 411842N 0841239W  
Cole Cemetery 411935N 0840908W  
Creager Cemetery 412413N 0840008W  
Damascus Cemetery 412503N 0840106W  
Emanuel Lutheran Cemetery 411601N 0840217W  
Emanuels Cemetery 411153N 0840924W  
Florida Cemetery 411932N 0841207W  
Forest Hill Cemetery 412329N 0840636W  
Freedom Cemetery 412831N 0841227W  
German Reformed Cemetery 411132N 0840829W  
Glenwood Cemetery 412302N 0840833W  
Grelton Cemetery 412051N 0840002W  
Gunn Cemetery 411950N 0840906W  
Heath-Colton Cemetery 412824N 0835632W  
Hockman Cemetery 412245N 0835604W  
Hope Lutheran Cemetery 411515N 0840323W  
Hoy Cemetery 412239N 0840216W  
Huston Cemetery 411819N 0841005W  
Knipp Cemetery 411842N 0840655W  
Liberty Chapel Cemetery 412819N 0840252W  
Locust Cemetery 412620N 0841538W  
Marion Township Cemetery 411144N 0840355W  
Mohler-Union Cemetery 412754N 0835843W  
North Cemetery 412311N 0835628W  
Olive Branch Cemetery 412300N 0835817W  
Parry Cemetery 411842N 0841323W  
Peace Church Cemetery 411517N 0835737W  
Pleasant Township Cemetery 411301N 0841047W  
Richfield Cemetery 411752N 0835355W  
Sacred Heart Cemetery 411132N 0840737W  
Saint Augustine Cemetery 412236N 0840702W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 411347N 0840907W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 412657N 0841022W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 411422N 0840847W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 412633N 0841831W  
Saint Johns Lutheran Cemetery 411514N 0835630W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 411422N 0840844W  
Saint Pauls Cemetery 411421N 0840134W  
Saint Pauls Cemetery 412422N 0841300W  
Saint Pauls Church Cemetery 412424N 0841124W  
Saint Peter Cemetery 412620N 0841518W  
Saint Peters Cemetery 411423N 0840845W  
Texas Cemetery 412543N 0835714W  
Township Cemetery 411300N 0841049W  
Union Chapel Cemetery 412500N 0841116W  
Woodlawn Cemetery 411334N 0835610W  
Young Cemetery 412621N 0840027W  
Zion Cemetery 412629N 0841459W  



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