Henry County, Ohio
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County Officials

County Officials - 1916
Sheriff - Watt Gray
Treasurer - Frank Fisk
Recorder - Fred Hilgendorff
County Surveyor - C.W. Showman
Common Pleas Judge - Orville Smith
Prosecuting Attorney - R.W. Cahill
County School Supt. - W.T. Hatcher
County Auditor - G.E. Rafferty
probate judge - J.M. Rieger
County Commissioners - J.F. Veigel, Richard Nelson, George Wolf

Justices of the Peace, 1916

Bartlow Township:
P. W.Tussing, Deshler, Ohio
E. A. Blakely, Deshler, Oh
Damascus Township:
J. C. Conn, McClure, Oh
I. E. Ingle, McClure, Oh
Flatrock Township
Chas. Travis, Florida, Oh
Ray Farison, Holgate, Oh
Freedom Township
Ferd. Bindermann, Napoleon, Ohio.
Harrison Township
Lewis Sturdavant, Napoleon, Oh
Liberty Township
Frederick Stewart, Liberty Center, Ohio
R. D. Rigal Liberty Center, Oh
Marion Township
F. A. Lutz, Hamler, Ohio
J. B. Mess, New Bavaria, Oh
Monroe Township
E. S. Mohler, Malinta, Oh
Napoleon Township
Dow Bretz, Napoleon, Oh
W. A. Cuff, Napoleon, Oh
Pleasant Township
J. M. Bauer, Holgate, Oh
G. H. Lampman, Holgate, Oh.
Andrew J. Hornung, New Bavaria, Oh
Richfield Township
Fred Barnes, West Hope, Oh
Fred Bretz, West Hope, Oh
Ned F. Mulcahy, Custar, Oh
Ridgeville Township......
John E. Root, Ridgeville Cors., Oh
Washington Township
John Rozell, Liberty Center, Oh
S. L. Shonk, Colton, Oh
Source: "The Farm Journal of Henry Co, Ohio", 1916, by Wilmer Atkinson Co, Philadelphia 1916 - Tr. by K. Torp


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