Highland County Ohio
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Ambrose Cemetery 391041N 0834016W  
Antioch Cemetery 392053N 0833642W  
Auburn Cemetery 391732N 0833756W  
Baptist Cemetery 390804N 0833956W  
Barnes Cemetery 391212N 0834358W  
Barr Cemetery 390914N 0834559W  
Beavers Cemetery 391148N 0832535W  
Belfast Cemetery 390409N 0833120W  
Bells Run Cemetery 390303N 0834642W  
Bethel Cemetery 390235N 0833742W  
Bobbitt Cemetery 391424N 0834733W  
Boyd Cemetery 391203N 0832305W  
Bratton Cemetery 390127N 0835140W  
Buford Cemetery 390427N 0835037W  
Burnett Cemetery 391950N 0833943W  
Butters Cemetery 390820N 0832611W  
Byrd Cemetery 390427N 0832326W  
Caldwell Cemetery 391745N 0832716W  
Carlisle Cemetery 390939N 0833202W  
Carmel Cemetery 390952N 0832428W  
Carrier Cemetery 390620N 0834129W  
Cedar Chapel Cemetery 390421N 0832533W  
Chapman Cemetery 390824N 0834312W  
Chapman Cemetery 391027N 0833859W  
Christian Union Cemetery 390911N 0832911W  
Clark Cemetery 391644N 0834110W  
Countryman Cemetery 390536N 0832741W  
County Home Cemetery 391059N 0833242W  
Cowman Cemetery 391831N 0832911W  
Creek Cemetery 391206N 0833243W  
Crispin Cemetery 392009N 0832825W  
Curp Cemetery 390915N 0832506W  
Davidson Cemetery 390524N 0832550W  
Dick Cemetery 390914N 0832829W  
Dodsonville Cemetery 391212N 0834856W  
Dollarhide Cemetery 391915N 0832821W  
Duckwall Cemetery 391247N 0834101W  
Dunkard Cemetery 391908N 0833511W  
Dunkard Ridge Cemetery 390406N 0832809W  
Dunns Chapel Cemetery 391419N 0834110W  
Ebenezer Cemetery 390120N 0834640W  
Ellis Cemetery 391443N 0834544W  
Emry Cemetery 390627N 0834031W  
Fairfax Cemetery 390250N 0833518W  
Fairfield Cemetery 392000N 0833252W  
Fenner Cemetery 390128N 0833538W  
Fenner Number 1 Cemetery 391155N 0833918W  
Fenner Number 2 Cemetery 391418N 0833852W  
Fenner Number 3 Cemetery 391406N 0833820W  
Fetterling Cemetery 391718N 0834326W  
Frazer Cemetery 390308N 0833304W  
Friends Cemetery 391346N 0832748W  
Gibler Cemetery 390647N 0834111W  
Gilboa Cemetery 391618N 0832708W  
Gist Cemetery 391848N 0833854W  
Glascock Cemetery 390941N 0833827W  
Greenfield Cemetery 392130N 0832300W  
Haigh Cemetery 390345N 0833205W  
Hamer Township Cemetery 390820N 0834355W  
Hansbrough Cemetery 391516N 0833410W  
Hardin Creek Cemetery 391820N 0833119W  
Hart Cemetery 390202N 0833937W  
Hartman Cemetery 391328N 0832359W  
Harwood Cemetery 390813N 0835037W  
Hastings Cemetery 390509N 0833221W  
Head Cemetery 391027N 0832329W  
Henderson Cemetery 391153N 0834649W  
Hicksite Quaker Cemetery 391408N 0832919W  
Higgins Cemetery 390156N 0835201W  
High Top Cemetery 391659N 0833611W  
Highland Cemetery 392033N 0833608W  
Hillsboro Cemetery 391253N 0833613W  
Hollowtown Cemetery 390649N 0834658W  
Huff Cemetery 391852N 0832938W  
Hulitt Cemetery 391422N 0832117W  
Hurst Cemetery 390454N 0833003W  
Independent Order of Oddfellows Cemetery 391444N 0834725W  
Johnson Cemetery 391624N 0833034W  
Kelly Cemetery 390935N 0833521W  
Knob Cemetery 390304N 0833854W  
Leaverton Cemetery 391641N 0833206W  
Lewis Cemetery 390352N 0833834W  
Lunbeck Cemetery 391743N 0832309W  
Malcom Cemetery 390438N 0834219W  
Masonic Cemetery 391458N 0834721W  
McCoy Cemetery 391526N 0834205W  
McNeely Cemetery 390147N 0834518W  
Methodist Cemetery 390428N 0833938W  
Methodist Cemetery 391711N 0833510W  
Methodist Cemetery 391257N 0833030W  
Millers Chapel Cemetery 390455N 0833809W  
Moore Cemetery 391007N 0832916W  
Mount Olive Cemetery 391703N 0834150W  
Mount Zion Cemetery 390953N 0834205W  
Mowrystown Cemetery 390207N 0834411W  
New Light Cemetery 391238N 0833037W  
Nichols Cemetery 390336N 0833959W  
Old Concord Cemetery 390250N 0833610W  
Old Dutch Cemetery 390555N 0832540W  
Old Dutch Cemetery 391025N 0834212W  
Olive Branch Cemetery 390459N 0832603W  
Palmer Cemetery 390144N 0833406W  
Parks Cemetery 390623N 0833408W  
Petithory Cemetery 390141N 0834457W  
Pisgah Cemetery 390709N 0832758W  
Pleasant Hill Cemetery 390957N 0833739W  
Pleasant View Cemetery 390622N 0833055W  
Polk Cemetery 391920N 0833819W  
Pope Cemetery 392010N 0832758W  
Presbyterian Cemetery 390904N 0832852W  
Prospect Cemetery 390809N 0833346W  
Pumill Cemetery 390830N 0832406W  
Redkey Cemetery 390726N 0834346W  
Roads Cemetery 391204N 0832352W  
Roberts Cemetery Number 1 390444N 0834438W  
Roberts Cemetery Number 2 390209N 0834218W  
Rocky Spring Cemetery 391646N 0832442W  
Rogers Cemetery 390634N 0833914W  
Ruble Cemetery 390827N 0834809W  
Runk Cemetery 391446N 0834603W  
Saint Josephs Cemetery 392125N 0832255W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 391243N 0833639W  
Salem Township Cemetery 390835N 0834832W  
Sanders Cemetery 390731N 0833831W  
Sheep Pen Cemetery 392236N 0832529W  
Shockley-Ross Cemetery 391857N 0834126W  
Sonner Cemetery 390515N 0834239W  
Spickard Cemetery 391223N 0834439W  
Storer Cemetery 390239N 0833324W  
Strain Cemetery 391237N 0833946W  
Strait Creek Cemetery 390327N 0832347W  
Strange Cemetery 391131N 0834403W  
Stroup Cemetery 391310N 0834805W  
Sugar Tree Ridge Cemetery      
Suiter-Williams Cemetery 390436N 0832457W  
Swadley Cemetery 391550N 0833602W  
Thompson Cemetery 391529N 0834345W  
Troutwine Cemetery 391341N 0835008W  
Tyler Cemetery 391849N 0832822W  
Underwood Cemetery 391755N 0834030W  
Union Chapel Cemetery 390535N 0834331W  
Van Winkle Cemetery 390714N 0833914W  
Walker Number 1 Cemetery 390326N 0833552W  
Walker Number 2 Cemetery 390341N 0833627W  
Wesley Chapel Cemetery 390202N 0833938W  
Wilkin Cemetery 390638N 0834103W  
Zink Cemetery 390810N 0832642W  


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