Highland County Ohio
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A man named Carroll was shot by a constable in Highland county, Ohio, on Monday last. The constable had levied on and was taking away personal property of Carroll, when the latter followed, assaulted him, and was killed by a pistol ball. The constable was discharged. [Philadelphia Inquirer, Jan 24, 1843 - NP - Sub by FoFG]

At Petersburg, Highland county, Ohio, on Wednesday evening the 16th ult., Mr. John Hoke, recently of this borough, was stabbed by a knife in the thigh near the body, which occasioned his death in a short time afterwards, in a reencounter with a man of the name of John Davis, who is, at present, confined in the Jail at Hillsborough, in said county.  They were both, at the time the stab was inflicted, under the influence of strong drink. [Republican Compiler, Gettysburg, PA, January 5, 1830; NP,Sub by FoFG]

It was stated in the Compiler of the 5th inst. that Mr. John Hoke had been killed by a Mr. Davis, in Highland county, Ohio; and that they were both under the influence of liquor, when the death happened.  The following extract of a letter from the gentleman in whose employment Mr. Hoke had been for two months, shows that the latter part of the statement was incorrect.  The letter was addressed to Mr. Jas. Hoke, in this place, and is dated, Petersburg, Highland county, Ohio, 8th January, 1830:
“Your Brother left my shop in the evening about sunset.  He had been busily engaged all day, and had not drank a drop of ardent spirits, to my knowledge, through the day; and, in about twenty minutes after he left my shop, news came that Davis had killed him. John Stephenson.” [Republican Compiler, Gettysburg, PA, January 26, 1830; NP, Sub by FoFG]

It never rains but it pours. One murder in the city, then another and another. Next from the country we hear the name of the last in that long list, at the head which stands the name of Cain, a tiller of the ground, the murderer of his shepherd brother. On Sunday evening, near the village of Samantha, Highland county, Ohio, two colored men got into a quarrel about a debt of two dollars, due from one to the other. John Nooks and Peter Lamb were the disputing parties. Lamb owed Nooks. The dispute passed out of the province of persuasion into the realm of force, Nooks lay hold of an ax, and swinging it in the air sunk it nearly to the eye in Peter Lamb's skull. Yesterday morning, when our informant left the village, the wounded man was but just breathing, with his death a question of but a few moments. The criminal was not arrested at that hour, but officers were in pursuit of him.
[Cincinnati Daily Gazette, Aug 31, 1869]


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