Highland County Ohio
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Hillsborough, Ohio, Nov. 2
Distressing Calamity - On Sunday last a most violent storm passed through the northern end of this county, prostrating everything in its course - houses, barns, &c. were in some instances razed to their foundation, and we lament to state, Mr. Isaac McPherson of the neighborhood of Leesburg, was instantaneously killed by the falling of his house, as well as several members of his family seriously injured. Mr. Bales' large frame house in the same neighborhood was blown down and some of his family injured - a little girl was discovered and taken from among the ruins after having remained from two to three hours in that deplorable situation and is likely to recover. Mr. Woodmansee is said to have sustained a serious loss in the destruction of his barn and other buildings. Many other persons are sufferers in the destruction of timber, fencing, orchards, &c. and in the loss of horses and cattle.
[Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Penn, November 22, 1826 - NP - Sub by FoFG]


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