Highland County Ohio
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Wm. Vanzant
A Singular And Distressing Case.
---Mr. Wm. Vanzant, a respectable farmer of Jackson tp. left his home on the 19th of last month, while laboring under temporary mental derangement, and concealed himself under a straw stack, where he was found by some of his neighbors on the 25th. His legs were so badly frozen by exposure to the extreme cold weather, that it was found necessary to amputate them in the hope of saving his life, but it proved too late, and after enduring much suffering he died. We learn that some years ago he wandered off in the same way and was absent several days before he was found, almost dead from starvation and exposure. He was a worthy, temperate and industrious man, and was generally respected by his neighbors and acquaintances.
[The Highland Weekly News (Hillsboro, Highland Co., Oh.), March 2, 1865 - Sub. by Kathy McDaniel]


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