Hocking County, Ohio


1876 Atlas of Hocking County, Ohio

Good Hope Township

Gibisonville Business Directory

I. W. Brashears , School Teacher.

F. W. Dollison , School Teacher and Township Clerk.

G. W. Dawson , Physician, Surgeon, Obestretition. Calls attended promptly. Office at residence, first house west of village.

I. S. Palmer , Cooper, Manufacturer of open and tight work and Cooperage of every description.  repairing of all work in my line done promptly, and work solicited.

??itcraft & Co ., Proprietors of Portable Saw Mill.  Custom sawing done at all time and on reasonable terms.  The mill will be removed and set when a sufficient number of logs can be procured.  Bills of lumber filled promptly.

J. M. Cook , General Blacksmith.  Blacksmithing done in all its branches.  Repairing done promptly;  custom work solicited and done in a workmanlike manner, and satisfaction guaranteed.  Horse shoeing done at all times.

Woods, Cline and Co ., Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Glassware, Queensware, Drugs, Patent Medicine, Hardware, and a general stock for country trade.  Wagon run in connection with store, and highest price paid for produce.

A. R. McBroom , Manufacture of and Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Stoneware of every description.  Stone pumbs, tiling, sewer drains and &c.  Orders solicited for anything in my line, and promptly filled.   Orders by mail filled at all times.  Pottery situated on Sec. 15.

Wm. Mitchell pays special attention to the Boring and Digging of Wells; also the hunting of water.  Wells put down at reasonable rates.

R. Good , proprietor of the Rock House, situated on Sec. 19, Laurel Township.  A place of resort for the traveling public.   First-class accommodations, fine scenery and natural curiosities.

John Hagly , Proprietor of Saw Mills, Situated on Sec. 35, Laurel Township.  Custom sawing done to order on reasonable terms, and satisfaction guaranteed.  Bill of lumber of all kinds furnished on order and filled promptly.  Lumber of all descriptions always on hand.

Wm. Anderson , Book Bindery, situated on Sec. 26, Laurel Township.  Old Books bound at all times in every description and in a satisfactory manner.  Work of every description in my line done promptly and at as low rates as any other point.  Work solicited.

Peter Wynekoop , proprietor of Steam Saw Mills, situated on Sec. 30, Laurel Township.  Custom sawing done to order and to satisfaction guaranteed.  Bills of lumber filled at all times.  Lumber of all sizes and descriptions on hand.  Orders solicited.

G. T. Kelch , Justice of the Peace. 


Millville Business Directory

Wm. Carpenter, Cabinetmaker, Justice of the Peace;  Also Dealer in Drop Handle Cucumber Pumps.  Pumps put in order, and orders solicited for the same. 

O. R. Huls, Dealer in Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Notions, Groceries, Glassware, Queensware, Hardware, Nails, Glass, Cutlery and General Variety Stock at R. R. Depot.

Gillispie & Son, Dealer Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Glassware, Queensware, Hardware, Cutlery, Glass, and General Variety Stock.  The highest market price paid for produce.  Wagon run in connection with store.

Wm. H. Huls, Carpenter, Contractor, and Builder.  Buildings put up on short notice and in a workmanlike manner.  Orders for work solicited.

Wm. Peters, Carpenter, Joiner, Contractor and Builder.  All work done satisfactorily and in a workmanlike manner.  Orders Solicited.

Dr. J. A. Brook, Physician.

Peter Smith, Blacksmith, Shop situated on corner of Main and Mill Sts. Blacksmithing done in all its branches in a workmanlike manner.  Horseshoeing and repairs done promptly, and satisfaction guaranteed.

Joseph Imboden, Stone Mason.  Contracts taken in stone work.  All work done in a workmanlike manner and satisfaction guaranteed.

A. E. Williams and Co., Propieters of Rockbridge Flouring Mills.  Merchant and custom milling done at all times.  Flour, Feed and Meal kept constantly on hand, and orders solicited for the same.  The highest market prices paid for wheat and grain at all times.

? Tannahill , Farmer and Stock Dealer.  Stock bought and sold.  Residence on Sec. 23.

M. V. Imboden , Plasterer.  Jobs of plastering solicited and done on short notice and in a workmanlike manner.

K. Hiles , Propieter of Steam Saw Mill situated on Sec. 33, Good Hope Township.  Lumber of every size and description sawed on order and bills furnished.  Orders soliticed for the same.  Custom sawing done on short notice and satisfaction guaranteed.  The highest prices paid for timber and logs at all times.

Donnelly and Klinker , Proprietors of Portable Steam Saw Mills.  Custom sawing done at all times and on short notice, and satisfaction guaranteed.  We will remove our Mill and set at any point, when a sufficient number of logs can be procured for a set.  Timber kept on hand at all times and orders filled promptly and solicited.


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