The Democrat Sentinel
May 7 1925
Special Section

Boost Logan
Logan's Progress Well Worthy of Proper Praise and Credit

LOGAN has many fine organizations, which are the life of any community. There are civic, social, church, fraternal, and school clubs and societies which are adding much to the pleasure of living in Logan, of having an interest in all affairs and of creating good citizenship. We have only space enough here to enumerate these different organizations, and give a very brief outline of what they are. At some other time it is the plan of this newspaper to devote a part of its pages to these very important organizations; without them we would have no town; with them we have one of the finest, cleanest, and most desirable places in the entire country. Logan residents know that and every new family that comes to our city to take up their residence, realize it. Logan has eight churches, fourteen lodges and fraternal organizations, five of the finest school buildings to be found anywhere, three grade schools, a junior and senior high school; two very live and wide-awake civic organizations and many social clubs and women's clubs that all tend to make this the greatest little city in the state. From the very enthusiastic way in which all the business and professional men of Logan took hold of this Booster Edition of The Democrat-Sentinel and the hearty co-operation we received from everyone that we came in contact while promoting this Edition, made it indeed a great pleasure to do. Everyone thot that such an edition would as this should come more often and that everyone should take a more active interest in the welfare and betterment of Logan. We can all do at least a little and all those things added together will make one fine, big and desirable city for those living here, and for those who contemplate making Logan their residence in the future.

All For One and One for All, All the Time
This issue of The Democrat-Sentinel, appropriately termed a Civic Survey Issue, has been made possible through the hearty co-operation and good will of practically all the Logan business men; and we feel that the above slogan is a very appropriate one for all to adopt. This is an issue contemplated to inspire in every resident a feeling of confidence, good fellowship and an eagerness to trade at home, work at home and play at home. The individual articles concerning our stores, as well as those concerning our industries, churches, schools, lodges, fraternal and civic organizations, have been editorially prepared and bear the OK of each and every business man. The purpose of this evidence self-evident--it is a Booster Edition. Surely, every resident takes a justifiable amount of pride in the achievements of his home town, and there is every reason under the shining sun to feel proud of Logan. Composed of a population of reliable, honest, well-meaning citizens; with a host of excellent stores, industries, sending forth wares to all parts of the country and plenty of social and educational reaction, Logan bids fair to become still greater and better and every man, woman and child should bear in mind that, inasmuch, "as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he," likewise a city or community is exactly what the individual makes it, by personal enthusiasm, hearty co-operation, and an abiding faith in his home town. This edition is dedicated to this effort, and has for its aim this achievement.

Cherrington Hospital Leyshon's Grocery Thurness-Wright Co.
Masts Resturant Henderson-Shaw Bottling
C. F. Lewis The Soft Place John Ohlinger
McGonigal Cash & Carry Logan Wall Paper Store Armstrong Hardware
Spinning Wheel Tea Room Ewing Pharmacy Candyland
Gabriel Insurance Logan Opera House Picture Show Myers' Fine Shoe and Repair
Case's Music Parlors F. Blasius & Son Sanderson & Son
Work Bros. Hardware Store Leonard Bros. Gilbert's Studio
Lumber & Supply Co. Walter Nixon Price's Service and Filling Sta.
Harden Co., Funeral Directors Paul Fox Harry Shaw
Hub Shoe Co. Logan Transfer Co. Cohen's Five and Ten Cent Store
Logan Garage Bill's Shine Parlor M & G Pool and Billiard Parlors
Ferd Hack Auto Supply Co. Liberty Confectionary Farmer's And Merchants Bank
Spears & Son Electrical Rochester-Lytle Co. Chris Holl Hardware
Curl's Grocery Martin & Jones Main Motor Car Co.
First National Bank Weiland Jewelry and Optical Avenue Meat Market
Rarick's Furniture Case's Drug Store Heinlein Bros.
Mignon Rose Hummel Laird's Restaurant Carpenter Hardware
McCray Insurance Star Restaurant Keynes Bros.
Logan Manufacturing Logan Home Telephone Warner's Cleaning
Ohlinger Bros. Elliot Taxi & Transfer Co. Judy's Grocery & Produce
Main Baking Co. Kessel's Fashion Shop Auto Laundry And Grease Station
Eberst & Brandt Barber Shop Logan Ice Cream Co. Pure Ice and Storage Company
Geiger & Son H. E. Reedy New Navy Gas Co.
Millinery & Gift Shop Campbell's Garage The People's Store
The People's Garage Camille Beauty Parlor George W. Holl
OK Pressing Shop McGovern Shoe Co. Logan Roofing Works
Willard Service Station South Side Grocery Buckeye Garage
Mon Cook E.D.Neikirk Co. C.S. Chidester Metal Shop
Churches Lodges & Fraternal Orgs.

THERE is another side of the life of any community and that is the social side. Logan has a great many lodges and fraternal organizations and it would be impossible for us to mention all of them. Then too, there are the clubs and societies that are too numerous to make mention of here. We will have only space enough to call their names to the attention of all our readers and allow some other time and space to take care of the different ones in detail. We do want to say just a little regarding our school system in Logan, the finest that can be found anyplace, even in the larger cities. There are five of the very best school buildings that one could imagine, located: One in the East end; one in the West end; and one in the Central part of Logan, these all being Grade schools; then there is a Senior High school located on North street, next to the Central Grade school, and a Junior High School, located on the same street. In this fine building, which was completed last fall, is a first class and fully equipped gymnasium; north of these buildings is an Athletic Field, for all kinds of out-door sports. Again we repeat, so that you will not miss the assertion, that Logan has the finest school system to be found in any city, even those much larger than our city. The big cities have a large system, because of the demand, but they do not have any better.
Then we want to mention, just briefly, the two live and wide-awake civic organizations, that are working all the time to make this old town the best and most desirable place in which to live. They are, the Rotary and the Kiwanis Clubs. The Rotary Club meets every Monday evening at the Easterling club house and the Kiwanis Club meets every Thursday evening at the same place. Both organizations have done much for Logan and its citizens. They are made up of real Logan boosters who have the interest of all at heart.
Everything possible is done for the convenience of the general public at the well-known restaurant conducted on West Main street by Masts, one of Logan's leading restaurants and eating places. This establishment has achieved an excellent reputation and scored a high percentage of steady customers through their untiring efforts to please, and a meal en joyed at their restaurant is sure to be followed by others whenever you are hungry. The place is very well equipped, has comfortable tables and chairs for ladies and gentlemen, as well as a large counter. Regular meals at popular prices are served in a very pleasing and courteous manner. Meals consisting of all the highest grade meats, vegetables, pastries, good coffee and other drinks to suit, all combine to make this restaurant a very desirable place to eat. Their kitchen is always open to inspection, and their chefs have a record that is hard to beat, for they cook everything exactly right Short orders and hot and cold lunches, sandwiches of all kinds, with every other need at hand account for the high standing this restaurant has with the people of this city.
"The Soft Place" is the name Ed Hefty adopted when he took charge of the lunch room, soft drink and billiard parlors on West Main street and today there are hundreds of men and young men of Logan and surrounding territory who have become regular patrons of Ed's because they like the service given them. Ed has secured some of the best billiard tables, is making an enlargement and re-arrangement of the building so that before long all will have an opportunity to visit this modern and up-to-the-minute billiard hall. He also serves the highest grades of soft drinks, carbonated beverages and lunches, as well as candies, cigars, cigarettes, etc. This place is popu1ar with the men folks because they can go there and enjoy themselves, play billiards, enjoy a quiet smoke, watch the baseball ticker, while talking over the sporting events or other news of public interest. In brief this is one of the most used and most popular reception parlors in the city; and one that is in every sense of the word complies with the wishes and requirements of the large host of friends who trade there.
It is certainly a fine idea for any busines to maintain a full and true cash system; this is a great saving to the buyer and it proves very satisfactory to the store-keeper as well. Mr. Frank McGonigal, proprietor of the well-known McGonigal Cash and Carry Grocery, 490 West Hunter street, says that it has proven very satisfactory both to his patrons and to himself to maintain this very popular cash and carry grocery system. A real saving can be achieved and in a few months makes a most important item in the purchase and consumption groceries and table necessities. At McGonigal's you can obtain any kind of staple and fancy groceries, fruits, vegetables, canned goods, country produce and provisions of all kinds, and they are all well kept in a well-regulated and strictly sanitary manner. They also have a modern and up-to-date Meat Market where you can get all the latest cuts of fresh meats, as well as all kinds of smoked and salted meats; with a fine, new cooler and meat display counter. Everything is sold at the most reasonable prices, considering the high quality of the produce etc. This firm greatly appreciates the patronage they have received in the past and ask that we pass that appreciation on to the readers of The Democrat- Sentinel in this Booster.
The average family delights in painting, wall papering, interior and exterior decorating and improvements of a like nature about the house and home, and when this work is done, the best and safest policy of all is to have the work done by one of our reliable home painters, paper hangers and wall paper stores. In this respect we wish to make prominent mention of the well known Logan Wall Paper Store, 312 West Main Street. This store has for a long time been doing high class wall papering, decorating, painting, calcimiming, and dealing in a high-grade line of wall paper, paints, oils, varnishes, etc. Their stocks are always complete and up-to-date, and their work of a nature that stands without reflection as to their superiority and earnest desire to do every job right. They will be glad to make estimates, or to furnish bills of estimate on the wall paper, paints, oils, etc. needed for any job, or will do the work in a manner that will surely please. It is one of Logan's foremost home institutions of business, well worthy of patronage.
Throughout Logan, and all the surrounding rural territory there are hundreds of families and individuals, in all walks of life, who have been buying hardware and supplies from the well-known Armstrong Hardware Store, 82 East Main street. It is the desire of the Democrat-Sentinel, in this review of Logan's progress and attainments, to speak briefly yet sincerely, of the manner in which this company has conducted their business and the excellent service they have given all residents and strangers. The store is well-stocked with a fine line of light and heavy hardware of all kinds, tools, minors' supplies, farmers' equipment, household a n d kitchen utensils, cutlery, paints, oils, varnishes, hunting and sporting goods, stoves and hundreds of other things for building and construction purposes, as well as for about the home and farm. This store has always held a high place in the estimation of patrons, because they have always sold at reasonable prices and always given the best of service. It is one of our leading and best business establishments.
Residents of Logan have one organization in this city that they are very proud of, and justly so. That is the Spinning Wheel Tea Room, located at corner of Main and Market streets, and under the very able and courteous management of Mae Hillis-Gilbert. This is a feature that has been added to Logan within the last year and is enjoying the patronage of hundreds of Logan's citizens who appreciate such an institution. They cater to the general public, serving regular meals three times a day, as well as to all kinds of parties, entertainments, etc. Their dining room is very beautifully and artistically decorated and their meals are beyond comparison or description. In brief The Spinning Wheel Tea Room gives to you all that you could ask for in the way of service, meals and courteous treatment and is most worthy of your patronage. In one part of the Tea Room is conducted a circulating library under the very pleasing supervision of Olivia Wright; there also, are on sale all the latest books and newest fiction as well as stationery and all kinds of gift cards, place cards, etc. Other little novelties have been added until it is an ideal place for anyone to buy any of these things, and be assured that they are the very latest.
Spring and summer, rain or shine, sick or well, there is always something to be secured at the modern pharmacy that is delightful and necessary. In former years a drug atore was looked upon as a place where patent medicines were sold and prescriptions filled but with these changing times this has also been entirely changed. An example of this may be found in the Ewing Pharmacy, corner of Main and Market streets, perhaps the foremost pharmacy in Logan, and certainly one of the most up-to-date. Here may be found not only a registered pharmacist to take care of the prescription work, and a complete line of patent medicines and pharmaceutical supplies, family medicine, etc., but also an immense stock of toilet articles, perfumes, stationery, cigars, a model soda fountain and icecream parlor; in brief it contains practically every item that could well be expected in a modern pharmacy that caters to the wants and requirements of a large and steadily increasing patronage. Competent management, reliable pharmaceutical supplies and complete stocks of everything in their line, has placed this pharmacy where it is today.
The season is now here when we all enjoy a fine ice cream soda or sundae and especially the kind that is produced in a very pleasing manner and served in the same courteous way at Candyland, "The Home of Sweets", 28 W. Main street. There you can obtain the choicest kinds of pure confections, ice-cream, candies in bulk and in .boxes and many other things that appeal to everyone. This popular confectionary is one of the most modern and well equipped to be found anywhere and so far overshadows any other place in Logan that there is no comparison, with beautiful equipment, comfortable and attractive booths and tables, is modern and efficient. Mr. Francis is certainly working hard to give the people of this locality a service of the highest excellence. Nothing but the purest grades of icecream, flavoring syrups, and pure fresh fruits are used in preparing these various dishes. Their line of candies- which are all made in their fine candy kitchen, is becoming more and more popular as more people use them. Like their candies, their ice-cream is manufactured in their own plant and they guarantee everything to be pure and wholesome. It is a popular place for young and old. A courteous, cordial welcome is given every one.
One of the prominent business offices of Logan, and one that is enjoying a steady growth in their line of business is that of real estate insurance and rental office conducted by the well-known business man, J. W. Gabriel, at 30 West Main street. Today the office is known and recognized as a real leader which has been built up through the efforts of Mr. Gabriel and the policy of prompt, efficient service, always giving his patrons the best effort, securing good prices for property sold, and always selling at the very lowest prices. He conducts a rental department and property either listed for sale or rent, is sure to secure the best results through his efforts. He has an insurance department and writes fire, accident and other forms of insurance in old line and reliable companies. The office has always borne a splendid reputation for efficient service and personally Mr. Gabriel is known as a hustler and a booster who will always find time and willingness to do his full share of boosting for the home town, and to conduct his business in an efficient a n d very satisfactory manner
The old saying that "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" applies more forcibly than ever before, now that we have the movie theatre at our disposal in such splendid form, and every day there are thousands of people who delight in this realistic and pleasing form of entertainment, while spending a delightful and profitable period resting, or by taking the family for an evening's pleasure. The Logan Opera House, under the very able management of Mr. Oberle, has certainly taken an active part in providing for this form of pleasure and entertainment, and with their daily matinees and evening shows they are achieving great results in giving patrons the best results in the movie realm. The theatre is well equipped with modern projecting machines and screen large electric fans that change the air of the theatre ever so often, a fine orchestra, and along with a comfortable and desirable place, the finest pictures that can be obtained; it is little wonder that this picture house is so popular all through the valley. The pictures are booked weeks and months ahead some of them being booked before they are completed, so that patrons of this movie house, are assured of the latest and best, including educational pictures, dramas, melodramas, serials comics, western plays and other representations of the foremost movie concerns of the world.
This is the season of the year that all people want new footwear and they also want their old shoes fixed over so they can get more wear out of them. Now men folks, women . a n d children all want new shoes to fit their various needs and the place that all these needs can be taken care of in first-class manner is Myers' Shoe Store, West Main street, the store of Quality Footwear. The shoe store is not the largest, by any means, but Mr. Myers has bot the grades of shoes most in demand and sells them at prices that please. He makes a specialty of long-wearing work shoes, dress shoes that are built well and stylish, and children's shoes that will give the longest wear. Mr. Myers also has an up-to-date shoe repair shop where you can get that old pair fixed over to last many weeks longer and at moderate prices, too. This store has become very popular because everyone receives full value,either in buying shoes or having old shoes repaired, built up and made like new at the shop connected with this store. Our readers may rely upon the word and prices prevailing here, and we are to recommend them all.
Nearly every day in the week new customers are being added to the already large list of pleased patrons of Case's Music Parlors, and today there is no music house in the Hocking Valley district better equipped or prepared to handle the wants of their patrons. Featuring the Gulbransen and other equally popular makes of Player Pianos, straight Pianos, Victrolas and Edisons and Records for both makes, as well as a number of other popular stringed and wind instrument. also with a complete line of Radios and radio parts of all kinds and suitable for the wants of all radio fans. Mr. Hammond has a perfect right to be proud of his establishment and their stocks a n d large sales. They will be delighted to demonstrate any desired instrument or will furnish any information desired concerning their work, and will always guarantee entire satisfaction, reasonable terms and for prices on whatever is bought. These fair prices and honest dealing, has made this firm, under the very able management of Mr. L. F. Hammond, one of the most popular of its kind in the entire southern part of Ohio. The residents of this locality think of no other firm to buy all their musical needs from than Case's Musical Parlor: it's a leader that is hard to overshadow. They are worthy of your patronage.
From a modest, ten-bed residence building in 1908 ,this institution has grown to a fine, large, three-story hospital with a capacity of fifty beds, and is one of Logan's most prominent public institutions, which has achieved a most enviable record. It is equipped with the latest modern Pathalogical Laboratory, Hydro-Therapy, Electro- Therapy, Electric Bath, Huartz Ultra Violet Ray and X-ray equipment. It has spacious, well-lighted and ventilated rooms and wards which make a pleasant atmosphere conducive to rest and recuperation to care for all kinds of cases; and since its opening has cared for many thousands of patients. The Institution is owned and managed by Drs. J. S. and M. H. Cherrington, who have specialized in Surgery, Diagnosis, Diseases of Women, Obstetrics and Pathalogy, of which they have taken post-graduate courses in all the leading Medical Colleges in the United States and including The Royal Infirmary, the largest Medical College in Edinburgh, Scotland. The Nurse's Training School is maintained in connection with the hospital and is under the supervision of a registered nurse and a staff of instructors. The school offers a three-year course in Nursing and the students are given practical experience along with their training. Classes are graduated every year and the graduates are always in demand; scores of former graduates of this institution are now filling important and responsible positions in all sections of the country.' This school is much in demand and it is impossible for them to accommodate all the applicants from time to time. This institution, by its efficient and honest service, has won the confidence and esteem of the entire general public and enjoys the patronage of Logan and the near vicinity as well as all Southern Ohio. We are glad to recommend to our readers this fine and noteworthy institution which has so increased in patronage and good will during the past few years of its existence in our city. The two brothers, at the head of this institution are congenial and likeable men who have the interests of Logan at heart and are counted among the top most leaders in boosting this city, the place of their adoption years ago. They are always ready and willing to do anything they can for the betterment of Logan and its citizens.
During the past seasons more and more attention has been paid by pure food experts, physicians, and health officials to the quality of carbonated beverages dispensed, and all of them together have agreed that pure carbonated water, when used in connection with the manufacture of carbonated beverages, form not only a delicious drink, but is really healthful. In this respect it may well be said that the Henderson-Shaw Bottling Works, under its very able management, has taken the lead, for their plant and equipment and the manner of operation has passed all inspections of state and local health officials very successfully. Not only is their bottling work sanitary and modern thruout, but the purity and wholesomeness of their products has always been recognized, and it has grown accordingly. Nothing but the purest fruit syrups, granulated sugar, and carbonated water are used in their manufacture, thus forming a drink that is delicious and invigorating at all times of the year, whether it be the "Pop" season or not. Henderson-Shaw Bottling Works have a large output, selling to not only every place in Logan but to all the towns and cities within a large radius, and their work has always been highly recomended.
With a strictly sanitary, well regulated grocery and meat market, wholly abreast of the times and with clean, well arranged stocks of fresh and staple groceries, canned goods, provisions of all kinds for the table; country produce, fruits, vegetables and staple goods of all kinds, and in addition, a splendid stock of smoked and salted meats. Leyshon's Grocery and meat market, under the very capable management of Mr George Leyshon, has developed into a leader because everything sold there is strictly what it is represented as being, and has the quality stamp that always meets with the approval of the heartiest kind. Housewives who order from Leyshon's always are delighted with the freshness of the groceries and meats; the prompt service accorded them, and the very reasonable prices charged. For, whatever is needed from day to day, in either the grocery or meat line, there is undoubtedly no better place to buy than at Leyshon's, and we are glad to highly recommend the place to all. Mr. Leyshon asks that we extend his appreciation for past patronage given him and also invites all to visit his store in its new location, 76 West Main street.
One of the proudest business men in Logan today is C F Lewis, whose pride in the splendid new Buick cars, with all the new features, is without limits. Mr Lewis has been giving real service on Buicks longer than any other dealer in Logan. This pride is shared by Mr. Sweeney and all other members of the firm who are working diligently, day and night demostrating these new cars to prospective buyers and showing their friends what they believe to be the finest car on earth. The Buick sales and service is being most satisfactorily handled by Mr Lewis and Mr Sweeney, and they have a strictly modern establishment which not only includes sale of Buick cars, but efficient automobile service on these and other makes of cars. In addition to these many fine features they are exclusive dealers in Lancaster and Goodyear tires and tubes, carrying in stock a large assortment of sizes; also unlimited supply of accessories, filling station for gasoline, oils and greases. In brief, it is a strictly modern garage and servive station, where friends as well as strangers are received very cordially and given first-class, reasonablly priced, prompt service. It is a genuine pleasure for us to recommend this firm to our readers.
With the spring and summer season of buting, not only for the individual, but for the household, at hand, and the house-cleaning time here when you want new floor coverings; also summer weather, when you need new dresses and new tapestries and curtains and scores of other things that are greatly needed at this time and can be obtained at this store at most reasonable prices considering the quality of our merchandise. In this work there is no firm in the city of Logan taking more active interest, nor is there one more competent to fill all the wants of the women folks than the Thurness-Wright Company 48 East Main street. This well-known firm, one of the oldest and best established in the city, having served this community 21 years, has always made it a strict rule to supply their patrons with the highest grade of goods, at the most conservative prices and to give people here as varied a selection as can be found in any dry goods store anywhere. In supplying the demands and wishes of local people, the Thurness-Wright Company has fulfilled every obligation faithfully, and The Democrat-Sentinel is pleased to accord them most prominent mention at this time.
The name of Work Bros., as associated with the hardware business in Logan, can well be cited as an example of what can be achieved through careful attention and in complying with requirements placed upon a store that aims to supply the residents, to accomodate strangers, and to please everyone in general. The store, long ago known as a leader, has a fine line of all kinds of light and shelf hardware, mechanics' miners' farmers' and miscelanneous tools and equipment for the home, farm and field, as well as cutlery, aluminum ware hunting and sporting goods, stoves, paints, oils, varnishes and scores of other articles in every day use. It is especially adapted to the requirements of farmers and their families, and a most cordial welcome awaits them as well as the general public. Courteous service, reasonable prices and high quality goods are formed into a delightful combination of salesmanship, and desire to serve makes this store the leader in its field. We are glad to highly recommend it to everyone as a high grade, first-class store, worthy of their patronage.
In the great hour of need the friends and relatives are most interested in having those in charge who are qualified to see to all the necessary details without any tax upon the minds of the sorrowing. They are pleased to know that every detail even to the very smallest, will be handled by those who are experienced and most qualified to attend to such details. Then too, the fact that in this great time of sorrow there are many other details, at time that you would that others would attend to that perhaps have nothing to do with the funeral arrangements at all; yet when you have as an undertaker, those who are truly interested in all such matters, and who will attend to them properly, it lifts a great burden from the minds of those least able to carry it at that particular time. With the Leonard Bros. undertakin establishment, such matters are taken care of without the least effort on the part of the friends and relatives, all matters handled just as they should be and to the entire satisfaction of all. Although this is comparatively young firm in Logan, with these policies, they are gaining many friends.
There is nothing in this world that your friends will appreciate more than your photograph. They cherish it throughout the years and look upon it as a real treasure. Then too, there is no way for the family and friends to remember so well the faces of the little folks, as by having the photo taken at different intervals during their lives. Your children grow up very rapidly and once they have grown to womanhood and manhood there is no way that you can emember how they look, and recall delightful reminiscenses, than by having their photograph taken during their childhood. Then also, there is your own photo to be given your children so that they can remember you vividly after they have left home and gone out into the world to work for themselves. It is indeed true that there is no treasure valued so highly as a photograph of your loved ones and friends who have left the home circles, possibly never to return. Gilbert's Studio, East Main street is the place where you will receive proper work along with very courteous treatment. Mr. Gilbert can do all kinds of work, including enlargements, tinting expert amateur printing and develping, in fact all the phases of modern photography. This studio can do the work right, at very reasonable prices, and will highly appreciate the patronage of home folks.
Lumber and building materials of all kinds, builders' supplies, mill work of the finest kind and scores of other supplies needed in the building or repair work about the home or farm, are featured by the well known Lumber & Supply Company, corner of Mulberry and Front streets. Today this well-known lumber concern, one of the oldest and best established in Logan, has achieved a record that is excelled by no concern engaged in a similar line of work in the city. The company pays special attention to milling orders for lumber in any quanity desired. They are always eager and pleased to work together with prospective builders, and in helping to make plans for houses, barns and other buildings. They supply all needed materials at very reasonable prices and guarantee their stocks to be of the finest kind. They can furnish you with everything you need to build and complete your house or any other building. The company has firmly established as a strictly reliable local institution and can be relied upon at all times to do exactly as they say. This is the season of the year when the greatest amount of building is being done and this firm has stocked their yards and store rooms so that there will be nothing you need for building or repair work that they cannot supply you at once. Just give them a call. They deliver.
Walter Nixon, local agent for the very popular automobile which has gained so much favor with local auto owners, has a nice display of the new model of Franklin automobiles at his garage located on South Mulberry street, just back of the city building. He is ready to demonstrate this fine automobile to any interested people whether they are ready to buy or not. He wants you to learn by personal observation all the wonderful features, the riding qualities and the great amount of power in the new Franklin. The body lines have been changed in the new model and the paint is a very beautiful shade with the satiny finish only obtained with the new Duco finish. In brief, this car is a wonderful car, worthy of your attention whether you are in the market for a new car at this time or not. Walter Nixon also conducts a service garage for Franklin as well as all other makes of cars and his work is above question, always the best, most conscientious, and trustworthy that is obtainable anywhere. His mechanics are all experienced men who take each individual job and do the work in a real mechanical manner and their prices are reasonable, too. A garage that is deserving of your patronage.
THere is something about the manner in which Price's Filling and Service Station, East Main street is conducted and the quality of gasoline, oils, greases and assessories dispensed is so excellent, that it is rapidly becoming a real leader. readers of The Democrat-Sentinel who drive cars will find that this establishment in complying in every respect with the needs of the automobile fraternity. They handle the leading grades of straight run and peppy gasoline, and also have every facility for accommodations. They have an excellent line of tires, tubes, repair parts do first-class repair work promptly at reasonable prices, and have everything desired, from free air to auto adjustment and repairs. Courteous attention to the wants of patrons is a prevailing feature of their work, and stangers as well as acquaintances are guaranteed satisfaction. Their convenient location makes them additionally popular and in every sense of the word, this filling station and service headquarters is a recognized leader well worthy of trade.
Harden Undertaking Company, funeral directors, embalmers and ambulance service assumes a position in Logan's social and business circles that is at once attentive and complete. The services of a capable, reliable undertaker come at a time when sadness prevails in the home, and the responsibility, therefor, of properly making arrangements, taking from the loved ones the numerous cares and worries is a work that can be done only by those of a naturally considerate nature, and who have the additional advantage of being skilled and competent. This has always been the aim and the achievement of the Harden Undertaking Company, who has expended much time and money in arranging their private chapel, equipping their establishment with modern motorized funeral service, and in paying minute detailed attention to the smaller, yet no less important features. Their work has always been of such a nature as to leave a favorable impression upon loved ones and friends. The firm has many friends throughout the local territory who have learned these facts and who praise their effcient services.
One of the popular and wide awake business houses of Logan, which has always been popular with the residents here, is the grocery and meat market conducted at 601 West Hunter street. by one of our best known business men and residents, Paul Fox. This up-to-date store always handles a fine stock of first-class staple and fancy groceries, canned goods, smoked meats, country produce, vegetables, and notions of all kinds, all of which are sold at most reasonable prices, and which always represent the very best on the market. Mr. Fox has had years of experience as a grocer and always gives his patrons the same class of high-grade groceries and meats he uses in his own home. His prices have always been conservative and in strict keeping with the high quality of goods sold, and at all times he pays careful attention to the wants and requirements of his patrons whether from the city or from the rural districts. His store is up-to-date, properly conducted and courteous attention is shown to you when you enter his store; in every sense of the word it is an ideal community store, just the kind you like to deal with.
It is almost needless for us to inform our readers that Logan is the home of a number of efficient contracting firms. One of the well known and reliable contractors is Harry Shaw with office at 90 1/2 East Main street. Harry Shaw has had a wide experience in the building line and is always ready and willing to furnish estimates, pland and specifications for any kind of building that you may desire to build. He has associated with him Mr. King a well known architect and one who is capable of giving you the plans and specifications of just what you want. All this service, along with the actual building and completing of your home or other buildings is handled by this popular firm who have many buildings under construction and many more to start along with any and all kind of repair work, building alterations, etc. Mr. Shaw has built up a most substantial business in Logan and surrounding territory through his honest and conscientious dealings and his personal and undivided attention to every contract he enters into, and is most deserving of a great deal of credit for his past success. When in need of any kind of work in this line, get in touch with Harry Shaw and his crew of high-grade workmen.
Probably there is no store in the entire city of Logan that has in so short a time, built up the fine cliental of patrons that the Hub Shoe Company, 168 East Main street, has. Although they have been in business only a short time, they number among their satisfied patrons some of the best and most particular shoe buyers in our city and vicinity. They also receive very favorable comment from their patrons regarding the quality of their goods and the fine fit that they receive at the hands of these two young and enterprising business men. Their stocks are full of the latest styles and colors as well as quality shoes at moderate prices. Their specialty is to give to the shoe buyers of the valley the very best shoes obtainable, for all lines of wear, at the very lowest price. Their steadily increasing patronage shows that they certainly are fulfilling their aim and by so doing are gaining scores of patrons who appreciate true shoe values. This firm also conducts a modern and up-to-date shoe repair shop, where expert shoe repair men are at your service all the time and with their modern equipment and high-grade leather used, you are assured of a A-1 job at prices that suit.
Moving and transfer work is at best a trouble, especially when it is household goods that must be moved, and the average housewife looks upon the time of moving with a great sense of dread. In this respect, however, there is no need of dread or worry, if the work is consigned to the Logan Transfer Co. 127 East Main street, telephone 175, for this company has made a careful and sysyematic study of moving, hauling, transfer work, both long and short distances, and today -there is no firm engaged in this line of work that has a better record in safe and popular priced moving than The Logan Transfer Co.under the very able personal management of Lewis Price. They have modern trucks, suited for light or heavy loads, and have all competent, well-trained men in charge of each truck, and of the work. The prices charged for all kinds of work are no larger, and in many cases less than prices charged by firms not nearly so reliable nor so-well qualified to do satisfactory work, and then too, there is no need of worry whatsoever if the Logan Transfer company does the work. They will take the complete job, assuming absolute charge of the moving, and do it all very satisfactorily. Their prices will satisfy as well as their highclass work.
Any person, whether he be a business man, laboring man, mechanic, farmer, housewife, or, in brief, a citizen in any walk of life, will be agreeably surprised when he visits Cohen's Five, ten, Twenty-five and Dollar Store, 66 East Main street, for there are so many wonderful bargains there, and such a varied stock of high-grade merchandise that most anything desired can be bought for one or the other popular prices by which the store is named, and considering the quality of merchandise, they are exceptional bargains. Certain it is, that Marcus Cohen, proprietor and manager, has done wonders in stocking his store, and in providing a world of bargains in every department during the past nineteen years. At this time of the year and in fact at all times of the year, there are many new things for the home, the family etc. that are needed and it will pay everyone to visit this fine store and see for themselves what can be done with a few cents. The stocks include everything imaginable — notions, hardware, china ware, dress goods, millinery candies, novelties and hundreds of other things, that make it one of the choicest and best places in Logan to trade.
The real test for a motor car is the manner in which it actually stands up on the road. Those who own one of these popular makes know of the high responsibility of these sales and service cars in this county as well as the satisfactory way in which either of these cars hold up on the road, after years of use. That, we say, is the true test of any automobile, and the Overland or Willys Knight have withstood this very rigid test. There are no more completely equipped cars on the market today that are sold at such a reasonable figure as the Overland and Willys Knight cars, for which the Logan Garage, West Main street is the distributor for this section. The service department of this garage is fully equipped for work, not only on these popular makes of automobiles, but also on any other make. With expert and experienced mechanics, the modern and up-to-date tools and other equipment, motorists are assured that they will receive prompt and conscientious as well as expert work on their car when it is taken to the Logan Garage. They are open day and night and have modern truck to help you along the road whether it be emergency or accident service, and at your-call day or night.
No booster edition of Logan would be complete, nor would the average family think it complete, without a prominent article concerning the well known firm of F. Blasius & Son, one of Logan's oldest and leading clothing stores. This firm has been serving the people of this locality for over sixty years and doing it to the highest degree of satisfaction. They not only furnish clothing, both tailor-made in their own well-equipped shop, and stock suits, but also gent's furnishings of all kinds, to the residents of Logan, rural territory and other towns and cities all through the valley. Their friends and patrons are to be found in every city and town and community in the entire Hocking Valley. Founded these many, many years ago upon the sound principles of business, that is, giving to their customers the very best of everything that they have to sell and at the very smallest price that is possible to charge them, considering the quality of merchandise. The business has been rapidly and steadily growing during all these years until now it is one of the leading stores of its kind in t h e valley, their tailoring department having the same fine reputation. They are worthy of your patronage.
The firm of Sanderson & Son, 58 East Main street, sporting goods, hardware, harness saddlery and accessory store, has been closely associated with the progress of Logan for about 70 years and without question the oldest business in the city as well as one of the most progressive. They have kept up with the pace of rapidly changing times and their stocks are the latest and up-to-the-minute to be found any place in the valley. This store had its inception in the days when harness-making was one of the most important in the country, long before the days that the automobile succeeded the horse and mule as modes of travel and transportation. Today, although they still continue their harness and saddlery department, they have added many other lines of merchandise to their stock and it now includes numerous stocks of interest to and factors in the daily life of farmers and townsmen alike. They have the largest stock of fine highgrade china to be found in Logan also a complete line of sporting goods, the very latest and most-up-to-date, including base ball outfits, tennis rackets, balls, fishing tackle, rods of all descriptions; also latest in leather goods, pocket books, trunks etc; granite ware, aluminum ware, hardware, tools, and automobile accessories. In brief, practically everything that a person could want. Their oldest patron is no doubt as well pleased as the last one. They are worthy of your patronage.
Logan has one business that it has needed for a long, long time, but only recently received and that is an up-to-date Shoe Shining Parlor for Ladies and Gents. About a month ago William McLaughlin opened a parlor of this kind on West Main street and he has been receiving the entire patronage of the town, and is most deserving of it oo. he has installed a modern and up-to-date, fully equipped and clean Shoe Shing Parlor where everyone can go and be assured in advance that they will receive prompt and courteous treatment, along with first-class work, at any hour of the day or evening. In addition to the shining parlor there is a complete stock of cigars, cigarettes, tobacco, candies, pop-corn, etc. In brief, it is one little nook of our old town that it is being well patronized by the people who realize that service of this nature is worth something to them and that they can receive it more promptly and much better here than at any other place in our entire city. Although this establishment has been going for less than a month, they are enjoying a patronage that is unequalled any place in a similar business. We are glad to say a good word for this firm and it is worthy of your patronage.
There are hundreds and upon hundreds in every community that greatly enjoy a game of pool or billiards, if they can go to a place where they have first-class tables, where there is no loud talk or rowdyism and where the proprietor makes you feel hat he appreciates your business and does all that he cane to make your stay in his place of business and enjoyable one. Such is the case when one goes into the M&G Pool and Billiard parlors, West Main street and it is very ably conducted by Homer ("Speck") Gabriel. There you are assured of all the many things that one most enjoys and along with that you have a pleasant place to play and upon the best tables in the town. Then too, they have all kinds of smokers goods, cigars, cigarettes, tobacco, candies, pop and ice cream, so that you can spend a few hours in this place and enjoy yourself to the hihest degree. Then too, they have a baseball ticker which is giving the returns of all big league baseball games daily and they invite you to call and listen with them. In addition to all these things there is an up-to-date barber shop in one part of the room, where, under the very able management and operation of Vance brian, one cane receive all the desired tonsorial work. You are invited by us to visit this place of business and learn about the excellent features that they have for your enjoyment.
It is doubtful if there is a more widely varied stock of automobile replacement parts and supplies anywhere in Ohio that that is handled by the Ferd hack Auto Supply Co. of Logan. This firm has steadily advanced and grown into big proportions through persistant business effort and honest, reliable dealings with everyone. Today they are known throughout the entire Hockin Valley as one of the foremost and most responsible auto supply concerns. The replacement parts carried in their stock consist of the following very essential parts: Richmond hammered piston rings, Timken bearings, motor bearings, piston pins, Perfection springs, axels, Tung Sol bulbs, ignition parts, generator and starting motor brushes, brake lining, radiator hose and clamps. Gabriel snubbers, Ace dry batteries, auto horns, bumpers, spot lights, etc., besides a varied line of necessary automobile accessories that motorists are always needing. To illustrate the completeness of their stock it is only necessary to mention that they are now carrying a stock of springs to serve the requirements of fifty different makes of automobiles, and their reputation for fair dealing and instantaneous service had built them a standing that is unexcelled any place and a reputation for this firm throughout the southern part of Ohio that Logan is proud of.
One of the popular places of refreshment in Logan, nicely located and confortably equipped to handle the wants of patrons is the Liberty Confectionary, East Main street, across the street from the Court House. This well known place of business makes a specialty of Moores & Ross ice cream sodas and sundaes in all the popular forms and styles, as well as delicious, pure ice creams, all kinds of carbonated drinks, fruit flavors and mixtures that delight young and old. They also have a splendid assortment of candies in bulk and boxes, selling nothing but the purest and best grades of chocolates, bon-bons, mixed candies and high grade sweets at mosr reasonable prices. The Liberty is well conducted, has a large selection of everything and their place of business always kept in a sanitary, well arraned and orderly manner fine equipment and fixtures making this confectionary a place where everyone may and enjoy their favorite cream sodas or sundaes, soft drinks, candies, etc. or cigars, tobacco, cigarettes, or in brief most anything that is wanted including domestic and foreign grown fruits. This store is worthy of your inspection and patronage, prices are reasonable, quality is of the highest.
The rapid increase in the amount of electrical current used, both in industrial and domestic circles together with the added incentive of radio and numerous other uses, have combined to make the work of a skilled electrician and dealer in electrical supplies most noteworthy. In this respect, it is a pleasure to observe the excellent manner in which the well-known firm of Spears & Son, White Arcade building, one of Logan's leaders in this work, has advanced. This form has a complete stock of all kinds of electrical fixtures and electrical supplies and also equipment for the home and elsewhere, including irons, washing machines, heaters, toasters, curling irons, fans, radios and a full line of radio parts as well as many other items. They can build you a radio complete, with any particular "hook-up" that you might desire. Being first class elecrical engineers it is possible for them to install anything of an electical nature in the home, store building or farm. They have enjoyed a prosperous, steady increasing growth in business and only recently moved to a more prominent location in our city, now being in one of the well-situated store-rooms in the Arcade building. This firm and management is well-known to every one and are noted for their quality of work and supplies and strict reliability in all dealings.
Buying dry goods and ready-to-wear garments, along with numerous other articles generally carried in stock at all times by the Rochester-Lytle Company East Main street, has become a very easy and delightful task to the ladies of this city and vicinity. This is all because this well established store has achieved the best results in stocking their store to suit their customers. They handle a choice line of all kinds of dry goods, ready-to-wear garments, lingerie of all kinds, corsets, ladies' and children's dresses, suits and coats, as well as fine, medium and low-priced dresses for spring and summer in all the lastest shades and styles. The Rochester-Lytle Company has built up a trade in Logan and vincinity through honest and earnest co-operation with their customers, who come fo miles around to trade at their store. Once there, these customers realize their ambitions, for it is like trading in a large city store, with all the sociable, friendly relations of a real home store. In equipping the family and home for spring and summer, it is indeed a happy inspiration that points people to this store, and we are glad to recommend them.
With a complete stock of hih-grade hardware, both shelf and heavy tools for mechanics, farmers and townspeople, the hardware store of Chris Holl & Company, West Main street, stands out most prominently as one of the foremost business houses of Logan with a period of many years successful dealings with residents of this city that has been approved by the general public and made the store a real leader. They handle all kinds of equipment, including every imaginable item in the hardware line, aluminum ware, sporting goods, stoves, farm equipment, paints, oils, varnishes, builders' supplies, and scores of other things that are in general use both in town and in the rural districts. The store has achieved its popularity and success by always giving patrons the highest quality of goods at most reasonable prices, and at the time being a firm of business men who appreciate patronage and do everything possible to make buyin from them pleasant as well as profitable. The company has always taken an active interest in the development of the home territory, and we are glad to rate them as one of our foremost boosters and substantial business firms.
There are many good reasons why every housewife and buyer of table necessities of any kind, should patronize a grocery and meat market that is of high repute and responsible; one where their goods is always fresh and of the best quality. Such a grocery and meat market is to be found on North Market street, next to the postoffice and known by the name, which is common with every housewife, Curl's Grocery and Meat Market. In this first-class grocery you can find a complete stock of staple and fancy groceries, fruits, vegetables and in fact all the scores of things necessary to make up the table for a delightful meal. In the modern and strictly sanitary meat market you are able to obtain all the fancy cuts of meats from the best and freshest meat along with smoked and salted meats, and fish. The prices charged in both the rocery and meat market are really astonishingly low considering the high quality of produce that is obtained. Their country produce is of the very freshest and strictly sanitary in all respects, so that when you are in need of supplies of any kind all that is necessary to be assured of prompt, efficient service along with high-grade supplies is to call Number 500 and they deliver it to your door. Give them a trial.
Lovers of high-grade, pure ice-cream, candies, cigars, tobacco, etc, are delighted with the efficient manner in which Virgil Martin and Edward Jones, the two proprietors of the confectionery store bearing their names and located on West Main street, are making this establishment on of the best in the city; and as a result their trade has been steadily increasing. this place, always popular the year round, has been enlarged in stocks and variety of goods handled, and there is nothing in their line that cannot be obtained there. They handle the famous Furnas ice-cream, both retail and wholesale. Call them and order your needs, either in bulk or in bricks, and it will be delivered to your door just when you want it for that party or entertainment. In addition they handle at this store all the latest popular magazines and periodicals. In this work Messrs. martin and Jones have adopted the right idea--giving patrons efficient courteous service, high-grade goods at popular prices; and as a result they have grown and are becoming more and more patronized. The Democrat-Sentinel is pleased to bespeak for these fine young men ever-increasing business and is glad to highly recommend them to our readers. They are real boosters for Logan.
No matter what make car one operates, or where it is run, through the country or over city street, it requires repairs and replacement parts, as well as reconditioning at times and adjustment, additions to its efficiency and many other details. The Main Motor Company 14 East Main street, anticipates these wants, in that the company has equipped their shop and store rooms with a large stock of accessories, tires, tubes, authorized repair parts, of all kinds, and a hundred and one other things that are in daily use. The Main Motor Company is distributor for the Paige and Jewett, and has through their efficient service in this distibution and in handling the kinds of repair parts, accessories, ties, gasoline, oils, greases, etc. that motorists like, built up a splendid trade compassing the entire local territory. Tourists may stop at the Main for repair parts and anything else required for their car, repairs, adjustment, crank case draining, etc., with perfect confidence for this shop has determined to succeed through efficienty and intregrity. They are strictly reliable.
A great amount of the community work and civic progress conducted in any city naturally is the work of the banks of that city, and the financial institutions may well be taken as a barometer to gauge the public's pulse, in all matters concerning advancement and attainment. It is only natural that when a community is composed of thrifty, economical people who saved a part of their earnings, and who are careful of their investments, shall prosper and grow. Thus strangers judge a city, and thus strangers look upon Logan as a prosperous, thrifty city, for we have three of the best banks in any city its size in the country, bar none. In this short article we wish to speak briefly, yet enthusiastically of the splendid work of the Farmers and Merchants Bank of Logan. This bank is one of the leaders in this community and has alwaye filled the needs of this and surrounding territory, working wholeheartedly with residents, encouraging savings accounts of all and helping business men, laboring men, farmers and returned business men in their business and financial work by giving the people a bank composed of energetic, honest, sociable directors and officers, who are unbounded in their integrity and whole-souled in their responsibility. The Farmers and Merchants Bank pays special attention to numerous phases of modern banking work—savings accounts, handling securities and bonds, farm loans, checking accounts and in brief, every line of modern, safe banking procedure. The Fanners and Merchants Bank, with a capital stock of $50,000 and a surplus of $60,000 may well be considered an example, and it is looked upon today as one of the prime factors of the city's progress. The officers and directors encourage savings and promote economy. They safely guard the deposits in the checking accounts and other departments, and are always interested in the work of their depositors and friends. Residents who have not as yet started a bank account and who are seeking a home for their money, where they will feel welcome and at home, will certainly help themselves and grow by starting account in this bank.
Much has been said, and much more, fortunately, has been achieved, in an earnest, conscientious effort upon the part of Logan's citizens generally, to make Logan one of the best cities in the country. It is possible, and sooner or later, if the proper spirit of co-operation is shown, the city will find itself, with every resident, covered with glory and due credit because we have succeeded. It is only natural that success should come to the economical, the progressive and the thrifty, for these three cardinal features mark a sure course toward bigger and better things. Largely, the progress of a community is indicated by the value of the deposits in bank. One of our leading statesmen recently declared that when a community showed a large percentage of residents saving part of their earnings, he would point out a community that was headed for success end rapid growth. If it were possible to go over the list of depositors in the Fisrt National Bank, and see the list of depositors to the checking department or in the savings department, we feel certain we could show the world just who the progressive people are; for these depositors, together with those in our other two banks, certainly are the boosters and the hustlers. The First National Bank has for many years endeavored to promote this spirit of economy and has succeeded in attaining that much-desired point in their work—the confidence of I everyone, and deposits that show clearly that this confidence is backed by real business. This bank has shown every depositor how valuable it is to have a bank account. They treat everyone courteously, in a friendly way, and take a personal interest in their welfare. Their accounts are carefully safeguarded by adequate capital, resources and undivided profits that show the bank to mean what they are telling the people. They are a class of our leading financiers, all promoters of good will and civic endeavor and have the entire confidence of everyone. They are always pleased to greet their patrons, on an equal footing, to confer or consult with them, and in every possible manner, make it pleasure to be thrifty and save. Farmers, business men and residents generally are welcome and their accounts highly appeciated.
One of the prominent business establishments of Logan, and one that has for a long time been giving residents the service possible together with the highest quality goods is the jewelry and optical store conducted at 64 West Main street by Frank W. Weiland. This store has become popular because Mr. Weiland is quailified in every sense of the word to please his patrons, whether it be in line of jewelry or in having glasses properly fitted, or handling high-grade optical goods. The jewelry department is well stocked with a fine line of guaranteed watches, clocks, diamonds, rings, pendants, chains, charms, cut-glass, and scores of other items from the most reasonably priced gifts to the most expensive. Mr. Weiland has an optical department that is of the highest order, with a registered optometrist, in charge, who makes a specialty of this class of work. Examining eyes, making proper fittings of glasses, are features that are never overlooked and our readers will always be fully satisfied with the quality as well as the price charged by this store.
Every day in the week there are new faces seen at the Avenue Meat Market—people who declare when they go out— "Why haven't I been trading here all along?" This pleasant surprise awaits all who desire the best in the meat line, at any time. The Avenue has been carefully placed on a modern, up-to-date scale, perfectly sanitary and pleasant inside and out, and has a large line of meats of all kinds— beef, pork, veal and other fresh meats, all government inspected and carefully handled by competent butchers and meat cutters. They also have a nice line of choice meats, summer sausages, lard, and a fine line of canned foods, staple groceries, produce, etc. Prices will always be found perfectly satisfactory at the Avenue Market, and efficient, prompt service given to telephone orders or personal calls. The management is always appreciative of patronage and strives at all times to give each patron fullweight, the lowest possible prices and the best of service. We are pleased to highly recommend this popular market to all.
Buying furniture for the home, whether it be a complete equipment for the newlyweds or a piece or two to replace the worn furniture of those, married many years, is always a delight to those who care for the best and highest quality goods, when the selections are made from the large and widely varied stocks handled by Rarick's Furniture Store, Logan This well-known furniture store has for many years been a popular place to buy, and has given residents of the city and surrounding community service and satisfaction that cannot be excelled anywhere. Always their furniture is sold at reasonable prices, and always is their stock complete, ranging from the simplest household pieces to the best and finest stuffed living room suites, etc. They have, also, a splendid stock of floor coverings, linoleums, shades, etc., and refriegrators, kitchen cabinets, etc. This store has always been recognized as a leader by the discriminating buyers, as well as those who are inclined to be economical, and today everyone speaks in the highest terms of the efficiency and general excellence of the store.
The name Case as associated with the retail stores of Logan, stands out as a prominent and important factor in business dealings, for there you will find many different lines for sale under this well-known name; located corner, of Main and Mulberry streets. The different departments are under competent and individual management, having a spendid stock of everything in their respective lines. The Rexall Drug store is an example. Their complete line of Rexall remedies and supplies for every toilet and medical purpose is available there. Prescription work receives the careful attention of a registered pharmacist. Toilet goods, patent medicines, family medical supplies, kodaks and supplies, candies, stationety, etc. are all represented. There is also a first-class jewelry store, with a complete line of high-grade watches, clocks, diamonds, etc. and repair work of the highest excellence. Then there is also the optical department of this store under the very capable management of a man who knows this business and who can fit you out in the very kind of glasses that you need to relieve your eye strain or headache caused from lack of proper glasses. There are many departments under one roof and it is indeed a favorite establishment, and one that has made good on true merit.
The inevitable in these practical times is faced somewhat differently from the olden days. When death comes to family or friend now, there is not so much sentiment displayed. We accept the situation gracefully and proceed quietly to do our duty by the departed. In this respect, the experience and later day methods of Heinlein Bros, at 204 West Main Street, aids much in the passing event. They assume full charge of all funeral arrangements, and move about in their solemn duty in such a manner as to relieve the living from as much serious thought and sorrow as possible. Heinlein Bros. are thoroughly schooled in their profession and their fine funeral parlors and private chapel are modern and in keeping with the demands of the present day. In fact, it is beyond a doubt the most up-to-date funeral home in this section of the State. They have an invalid coach, motor- hearse, pall-bearer coach and conduct a complete auto funeral service in a most desirable way. Their motto is promptness, courtesy and efficency. Call number 28 for emergency or preliminary work. Calls answered day or night. Logan's leading ambuance service. The Democrat- Sentinel wants to compliment Heinlein Bros, for giving Logan such an excellent Funeral Home.
Every day, in every locality, not only in Logan and surrounding territory, but in all other cities and communities, more and more people, young and old, are beginning to appreciate the value of Chiropractic adjustments, and are proving by their own experiences that it is a scientific, efficient and logical method of eliminating the cause of disease and helping nature restore health through natural channels. Chiropractic works entirely thru the theory of adjusting the spine, made up of numerous small vertebrae, which, many times, become slightly out of alignment. This creates a pressure upon the great nerve forces, which are housed in the spine. Chiropractic adjusts these misplaced vertebrae and permits a free, uninterrupted nerve force to flow through the body, and gives a full measure of power to this all-important bodily influence. It has been thoroughly tried and proven, and hundreds of residents have, through their own experience become satisfied and convinced. One of the leading Chiropractors of Logan is Mignon Rose Hummel, Court Park, who has been here a long time, and who will be glad to carefully explain this system to all who call.
Residents of Logan, as well as those of surrounding towns and rural districts, together with scores of strangers passing through Logan, have become well acquainted with the excellent service, high-class foods, and reasonable prices charged at Laird's Restaurant, West Main street, and today this popular eating place is enjoying a great percentage of trade and pleasing every one of them. The restaurant with a sanitary, well-regulated kitchen, wherein are cooked the best and choicest brands of foods, and the excellent dining room and service account for the popularity of this establishment. The service is of the highest order, excellent, comfortable tables and chairs for ladies and gentlemen, where one may take their friends and be assured of a fine meal at any time and know that they will not be overcharged. They also pay special attention to short orders, sandwiches and hot and cold lunches at all hours. Their service is far above the average and prices are right. The management is always pleased to have friends as well as strangers enjoy the good things to eat, and the self-satisfaction of giving them the best of everything.
One of the best examples of progress in all lines of endeavor, and a store that has proven satisfactory to all residents that everyone may secure highgrade hardware, etc. at their store, is the Carpenter Hardware Co. This prominent concern, which for some time has been serving the Logan and Hocking Courty residents faithfully, has a complete stock of high-grade hardware of all kinds. They have all kinds of builders' supplies, paints, oils, varnishes, farm implements, tools for home, farm and field, stoves, cutlery, aluminum ware granite and tin ware, sporting goods, hunters' supplies, radios and radio supplies and hundreds of useful and necessary articles. They also have the agency for the well-known Maytag and Dexter double tub electric washing machines, the Crosley Radio Sets. Coles Hot Blast stoves and many other well-known articles that can be bought no place else in Logan. The Carpenter Hardware Company has always firmly believed in the old policy of giving patrons the very best for their money, and as a consequence they have no dissatisfied customers. They are hustlers and boosters, and form one of the lending business institution in our city under the very able management of our fellow townsman S. C. Johnston.
Dealing in insurance has increased in importance like every other business that has kept abreast with the times, and today the responsible insurance agencies of the city and community are busy today writing new policies covering practically everything in the insurance line. One of the prominent firms so engaged in Logan is the McCray Insurance Agency, the oldest, largest and strongest agency of this city and the Hocking Valley, with a business that has grown rapidly, and represents a large number of the leading companies. They handle and write all forms of insurance, covering fire, tornado, marine, accident, automobile, live stock, farms, indemnity and many other kinds. If it can be insured the McCray Agency will do it. The companies represented by this agency are known the country over, being old-time, well-established companies known for their promptness in settling claims, their reasonable rates and their fairness in all other ways. Insurance it a matter of great importance whether it is for life, livestock or property, and we are pleased to note that more and more people are beommg acquainted with this well known agency and their work.
Of all the eating places in the valley, there is none more entitled to a fuller measure of praise and credit than the Star Restaurant on Main street, opposite the park, Mrs. Heine, proprietress. This popular restaurant is open day and night, and is always ready to serve the hungry public with exactly the things that are wanted and which best suit the individual appetites. They have a well-equipped establishment, with capable cooks who know how to prepare meals, lunches-short orders, and who work hard to see that every customer is pleased. They serve regular meals three times daily, and in these meals are combined seasonable things from garden, orchard and meat market. Their short orders are all cooked, served and sold to order, and anything in the way of sandwiches, etc. can be secured at any time. The Star is always pleased to welcome their customers, old and new, and never disappoints them for they know how to cook and serve what is ordered and take a pleasure in doing it, at the same time appreciating your patronage. If you are hungry go to the Star and your wants will be satisfied to the fullest degree.
Prominent among the indrustrial and economic institutions of Logan, which has extended its scope of work throughout the entire valley and surrounding territory, is the Keynes Bros. Flour and Feed Mill, 31 East Front street, Logan. Fully equipped with a modern mill, suitable for manufacturing high-grade flour, all kinds of feeds for cattle, horses, stock, poultry, etc. and in handling wheat, oats, corn and out as a recognized leader, pop other grains, this mill has stood ular with hundreds of farmers and dealers, as well as jobbers and individuals, who want the best for their purposes, and know they can secure it at this mill. The mill buys and sells large quantities of grains, corn etc. and offers best exchange rates to farmers and others. They do custom grinding, sell both wholesale and retail and supply a large demand for feeds, flour and grain. Their work has always been most satisfactory, heir prices exactly right, and in all their dealings the firm has steadily advanced and grown with the community. They are well worthy of liberal patronage.
This city, known throughout the country for its products of clay and pottery is rapidly assuming a substantial place as a manufacturing center, especially in the line of furniture and a prominent part of his work is being done by The Logan Manufacturing Company, who have an extensive furniture factory here, in addition to a complete mill work and lumber, building material and construction equipment yard and office. The plant has been in steady operation for a great many years during the past five or six years, having branched out considerably in manufacturing, with emphasis being placed upon bed-room suites of medium price. the company has attained a considerable reputation as a producer oh high-grade bedroom suites and furniture and the equipment of the plant is being and will be, increased as rapidly as requirements demand. From sixty to seventy skilled workmen are employed at present, together with many others engaged in other work about the plant and office, as well as salesmen on the road. The company consumes large quantities of raw lumber in the manufacture of furniture and its presence here is a direct means in greatly improving commercial conditions, as well as providing a substantial pay-roll. The lumber and building material department is equally modern and up-to-date, having all facilities for turning out the highest grade of mill work of every kind; also a complete line of lumber, roofing materials, cement, building supplies, paints, oils, varnishes, etc. Adequate socks of all are carried at all times in the yards, mill and store-room and orders are promptly filled. Efficient service is afforded hose who plan to build, through plans ans specifications which indicate the approximate cost, latest plans, and other requirements in building any sort of structure desired. This service is up-to-date and is always a source of pleasure to those in charge, who delight in helping prospective builders make their plans. Thsi company has been a direct benefit to Logan in many ways, and is a source of employment and business progress in which every resident takes a justifiable pride. The Democrat-Sentinel feels it a genuine pleasure and privilege to accord this fine company comment of the most favorable mention possible to ive any one in this Logan Booster Edition; we can not say enough in praise of this firm and its management.
John Ohlinger, whose splendid store is the subject of this sketch in our Business Review and Booster Edition, conducts an establishment that is meeting with the general approval and praise of scores upon scores of the best dressed men and young men of this city and surrounding territory today. This has been made possible through the personal efforts of Mr. Ohlinger to give every patron of his establishment exactly what they want--offering a timely suggestions of the latest styles, best appearing clothes and latest haberdashery and in a general way, making his work and stocks please his patrons. The tailoring department is equipped in a most complete manner to turn out the finest tailored suits, coats, trousers, topcoats, etc., and all fashioned to the most popular and stylish manner. Mr. Ohlinger also has a splendid stock of shirts, hats, caps, ties, hosiery, underwear, and scores of other things for the well-dressed man and young man, as well as serviceable work clothes of the best makes. This place is worthy of special mention and popular patronage, which we gladly bespeak for them.
The best that the telephone company receives from the average patron of their lines and service, is a casual word, and frequently that is tinged with sarcasm over a seeming fault in the service provided by the company; and at best they receive but scant praise for what they really have achieved. As a matter of fact, the Logan Home Telephone Company, of whom we are, directly speaking as an example of what has been accomplished, to give patrons first-class service, has done what few companies have achieved in a town as small as Logan. They have put underground cables throughout the city; they have recently moved into their new home on East Second street, where all, new and up-to-date equipment is to be found; a new and unique switch board, the latest that could be bought; as well as all other new and modern equipment throughout their system. They are also owners in the entirety of the Bell Telephone Company here, and users of their service can call here with out any exchanges. In addition to all of these things, with this excellent service, modern equpiment, etc., the Logan Home Telephone is receiving less pay in return for all this than any other city of like size in the valley; and at the same time these other companies, with a higher rate, do not have all these modern and up-to-date facilities to give their users the best of service. Then too, these other companies have a smaller list of subscribers, thus limiting those that are users to a smaller number of persons who can be called over their lines. We would venture the assertion that there is no city in the whole United States that has so modern and satisfying service, at so low a rate charged for all of that. The local exchange is operated under strictly economical, money-saving basis, with expert operators in charge of the switch boards and service afforded that means much to all the patrons. Courtesy, efficiency and promptness are the watchwords in the office, and are three things that are insisted upon. Manager John Collins is desirous of having each and every one who have any suggestions to make to get in touch with him at once, so that all matters can be looked up at the earliest possible time. He also wants us to say that he very much regrets any slowness in the service during the past few weeks, but it was due to the fact that they are changing over to the new home.
This is the season of the year when everyone is having their suits cleaned and pressed. In the spring and summer there is always more need for the proper kind of cleaning and pressing of suits, and in fact, all kinds of clothes, because at Warner's they can clean and press any kind of clothing. Every man and young man knows that clothes will not only look better, but they will wear longer, if they are properly cleaned, pressed and in a good state of repair. Along with all this service they do not charge you a high and exhorbitant price for the work done, and all their work is guaranteed satisfactory. They have modern facilities for doing all kinds of work including cleaning, pressing, dyeing both men and women's clothing and garments. Expert attention is always given each job they do, and it is properly cleaned, dyed or whatever is required and then delivered promptly. It is a real pleasure to patronize this popular home establishment that does much better work than can be obtained away from Logan.
Every housewife, in buying groceries and provisions for her family, delights in trading with an establishment that she is confident is conducted in modern ways, with sanitary surroundings and a varied and excellent stock of groceries, fruits, vegetables, etc. In this respect it is a genuine pleasure to refer enthusiastically to the up-to-date grocery conducted at the corner of Main and Spring streets under the firm name of Ohlinger's Cash Grocery. It is a store, under the very able management of Ed Ohlinger, is one of the best of its kind in the city, having at all times a fine line of high grade canned goods, fresh and staple groceries, country produce, fruits, vegetables, summer delicacies and scores of other items for the home and table, that make cooking and preparing meals a pleasure instead of a drudgery. They pay especial attention to telephone calls and their work is at once efficient, courteous and with it all their goods are sold at most reasonable prices every shopping day of the year. They give you the lowest price for the quality of goods sold and that is the standard for all time; no special sales here; every day is sales day, according to prices. Thus Ohlinger's Cash Grocery has won a high place with the buyers.
No place you may go will you find so good a taxi service as we are privileged to have right here in our own city of Logan, and we do not feel that any Booster Edition that we might put out is complete with out favorable mention being made of this fine service and congenial management and drivers. The Elliot Taxi & Transfer Co., under the very capable management of Mr Elliot, has founded a business upon the sound principles of service of the very best at prices that are within reach of all and on this basis this very popular firm has built up a fine and pleasing cliental of satisfied customers. All that is necessary, if you have need of a taxi ot transfer, is to call telephone number 310 and one of their very courteous drivers will promptly be at your door to grant you any service that you may desire. Any place that you want to go Elliot Cabs will take you and in first class and satisfactory way. The offices of this firm are at West Main street and always someone is there attend to your wants. If you desire their service, either call or come to their office, or hail one of their cabs when you see it passing. All of them are distinguished by the name "Elliot" on the windshield.
One of the most popular business houses of Logan, and one that is well known to scores of families of this city and throughout the entire rural districts surrounding, is the Judy Grocery and Produce Co., located on East Main street, telephone number 36. This popular place of business is capably managed, handles a very excellent and unsurpassed line of staple and fancy groceries, fresh and dried fruits, vegetables of all kinds, country produce, the very best obtainable and many other articles including the freshest and newest of everything found in a first class grocery such as Judy's. Their produce line is complete in every respect and is at all times of the very freshest to be had. They pay the highest market price for produce and thus are enabled to sell, both retail and wholesale, the best of produce raised in this territory. Their prices on groceries as well as everything else, are always most reasonable; their services more than satisfactory and prompt at all times, and it is in every respect a most desirable place to trade, and a place where patronage of all is most sincerely appreciated. They make you feel that they are very glad to serve you and that additional patronage is solicited.
The writer of this article was talking with a miller the other day, and he said: "The reason flour is so hih, is because everyone is buying bakers' bread instead of baking it themselves." This may be, or may not be good logic, but to the tired housewife, who has a world of work to do, it certainly appears to be a fine thing that she is able to buy a pound of bread, well baked, and satisfactory to all members of her family, for a few cents, without the woory and trouble, these warm days, of baking it herself. This is exactley what is being provided by the bakeries of Logan; and prominent leader in this fine work is the Main Baking Co., bakers of the well-known "People's Bread." This well known bakery supplies a larger percentage of the families, through various groceries and in their own retail department, with delicious bread, cakes, rolls, cookies, etc. and every bit of it is the finest product of the master bakers' art. They are made from pure ingredients, baked just right in modern ovens, by skilled bakers, from receipts that contain exactly what the housewife would use if she were baking these things. This bakery is one of the recognized leaders in Logan, and is to be highly recommended to everyone.
The ladies of Logan and surrounding territory, who are the most careful buyers, and are the best patrons of a store that pleases them, have placed their OK in no hesitant manner upon Kessel's Fashion Shop, "Where Women Love To Shop," 34 West Main street, and are greatly delighted with the plewasing styles and very reasonable prices that prevail there. kessel's Fashion Shop has a fine line of various kinds of women's wearing apparel, ready-to-wear dresses, skirts, suits, coats, etc., hoisery, lingerie of all kinds; also a fine line of millinery. This store maintains itself under competant management, courteous attention to the wants of patrons, and has a firmly established rule of selling everything at the most reasonable prices and with the highest quality without defect. Although this store is the youngest in this line in Logan, they have gained a wide circle of friends and patrons in this very short time that is unequalled. They are highly appreciative of this patronage accored to them in the past, and wish to so express themselves in this Booster Edition. The Democrat-Sentinel in turn is more than pleased to thus accord this well established business house prominent mention and bespeaks for them ever-increasing patronage.
Logan's leading Auto Laundry and Alemite Greasing Station is located on the corner of Spring and Second streets and under the very able management of Barnes and Canan. They have been giving the auto owners of this locality real service along their line of work for some long time and are adding scores of satisfied patrons to their list each week, Now is the season of the year that the new automobile, or the old one as well, needs just the kind of attention that these fine young business men can give them. Your car needs to have the dirt and dust off it as well as to be greased and have the oil changed often as necessary and it is important that this work be done by an experienced person who understands the needs and just how to do it. This is the authorized station for the famous Alemite Greasing Service and their work is is backed by the company. This service station is founded on honesty and conscientious dealings with all and all of their work and dealings come up to that high standard without exception. It is a genuine pleasure for us to recommend these fine young business men and their work to the automobile owners of this locality. Once a patron of theirs, always a patron.
Times are changing and so it is in every line of business. Back in the time- when this well-known and popular barber shop started, some fifteen years ago, all that its patrons wasted .was a haircut and a shave ; but now the times have changed and this firm has kept pace with the rapidly growing requirements along their line. Today the Eberst & Brandt Barber Shop is one of the best, if not the best, equipped shops in Logan and the valley. They not only have up-to-date equipment, but they also have well-qualified and experienced workers, who have been properly trained in the tonsorial art. They are also very courteous and considerate of everyone and you can go to this shop and know that you will receive the most congenial treatment along with expert work. In addition to all the work obtainable for gentlemen they also have expert barbers who bob ladies' hair, shampoo, give scalp treatment, in brief, they can give you every necessary kind of work desired by the most particular lady, and you can be assured in advance that it will be absolutely to your satidfaction. They have been trained to do this kinf of work and along with their great experience, can do that kind of work which it is hard to have done any place in our city. They are most worthy of your patronage.
Physicians, health officials, pure food experts, in fact every one who makes a study of health and healthful foods, say that there is nothing more desirable for growing children as well as adults, than pure ice- cream which has been properly produced. It is confection not only healthful, but pleasing to taste, refreshing and invigorating, while at the same time containing high food values.1 With all this it is small wonder that The Logan Ice Cream Company is making such rapid progress, producing this wonderful food for the entire valley; because they are making this ice-cream just like it should be made, using only the best of all ingredients that go into its manufacture. The populartity of Logan I c e Cream is so rapidly growing that the firm is running full capacity a great percent of the year and over-capacity thruout the summer months. The success of this company is remarkable and the steady growth of their products is a matter of general comment everywhere ice-cream is used. Much credit must be given the very capable and hard-working manager, Merrit Wonn, for it was through his effort that this ice-cream is so popular, so healthful and is well distributed. The Logan Ice Cream Company uses only pure ingredients in the manufacture of their ice-cream; this being fully substantiated by the state inspectors who make regular trips of inspection as a matter of duty, but who have never failed to place upon Logan Ice Cream their stamp of entire approval. Cream of finest and best kind, granualted sugar, highest- grade syrups, flavoring extracts, etc form the kind of ice-cream you receive when you buy Logan Ice Cream, and it is manufactured under conditions that are entirely sanitary, unexcelled in scope and efficiency. They ship to all the cities around this locality, great quantities of this quality ice-cream, maintaining truck routes throughout the year and they are adding friends and customers all the time through the policy of giving the best to the customers at all times. Their popularity and large clientel of satisfied patrons is due to the fact that people have confidence in Logan Ice Cream and are purely satisfied with its purity and general excellence when served in their homes or at the soda fountains. It is one of Logan's best indrustries, and is one that every citizen of the city is justly proud of. The Democrat-Sentinel is among those who are glad to bespeak for this fine company and its mangement ever increasing success and continued co-operation both at home and in the surrounding territory.
The Pure Ice and Storage Company is starting on its second years' business this season. Last year's business was very good, but they anticipate a much bigger business this year and are making preparations to take care of their ever-increasing patronage in a very courteous and genuine manner. When a new business venture gains so much popularity in so short a time and builds up a cliental of sound friends who are their constant and satisfied patrons at all times, then, we must say that there is some thing that is very worth while that they are selling to attract and hold all these people. The truth is, so we understand it, that Logan people are getting the purest, best and-most desirable ice obtainable any place in the valley and are paying less for it. Certainly that is a thing to consider and of course it does alot toward building up such a fine and large list of patrons. This 4)l|nt is under very-capable management, Mr. Frank Tipton being in charge; and he is everlastingly working day and night, to put Pure Ice and Storage ice into every home in the city. The business is founded on the sound basis of giving to their customers the very best ice that can be produced in a modern and up-to-date plant, deliver that ice to people of Logan at the most reasonable price possible, taking into consideration the high quality of the product. This company does not produce cheap ice, but they do sell it at rock-bottom prices, which means a great saving to the people of this community. With the summer season coming on, the time of the year when every one has need of ice, this company is enlarging their capacity, their delivery system, their corps of experienced ice-makers a n d are making a strong drive for new patrons. They need not worry about the old patrons of last year, for they are all going to use the same kind of ice that gave them so much satisfaction last season, again this year. The colors of the Pure Ice and Storage Ice Cards are red numbers on white cardboard and if you do not happen to have one of these cards in your home, just call Number 60 and a card will be left at your door. Should you desire to buy ice direct from the plant at any time, it is located on the corner of Walnut and Bowen streets, where a courteous sales man will be to see that you receive prompt service and honest weight. Too much cannot be said of this new company, which has furnished ice to the consumers of Logan for one year, regarding the honesty and integrity of this firm and all its workers.
Now is the time of the year to have that furnace installed in your home that you wished you had so badly last winter. The spring and summer is the time of year when work of this kind must be done and then you have it ready for the cool days in the fall and for the coming winter. If you are planning a new house for this spring, let us install your furnace, water systems and all plumbing work. Also in your home now there are lots of things that need attention and work of this kind can be ably handled by the well-knowb firm of Geiger & Son, office on West Main street. This company has been engaged in high-grade plumbing and heating work for a long time and they know what they are about. They have a modern shop, well stocked with plumbing and heating equipment and fixtures for heating plants, water systems, furnaces as well as all of bathroom fixtures. Their specialty is along the line of sanitary engineering and they are qualified to do wotk of this kind. they will be pleased to make estimates on any overhauling installments, new work, or any other work required, and will guarantee satidfaction in work and price.
Every automobile owner enjoys most to be able to take his car to a garage when it needs attention and be assured that the mechanic will give it his prompt and entire attention always doing everything in a correct manner and in addition to that feel that he is not being overcharged for this work. H. E. Reedy is by no means a cheap mechanic, but he is reasonable in his charges and it is all guaranteed. He will not give you a "half-way" job leavings lot of necessary work slighted, so that it gives the automobile owner trouble, if not then, in tie near future. He believes in putting in new parts when needed and he will tell you what is needed before he goes ahead with the work, never missing one single part that is needed to put your car back into firstclass shape. There are few garages in cities that give that kind of service and when an auto owner knows of a first class place, giving high-grade work, he is sure to stay. H. E. Reedy is now building up a cliental of satisfied customers and although he has been in this new location only a short time he already has a fine list of patrons. His garage, located on Galagher Ave. just off Main street is well equipped and with the new things coming in, will make one of best equipped garages in Logan.

Probably there is no firm in the entire city of Logan nor the, surrounding territory that has gained so much popularity along with a big and rapidly growing list of satisfied customers as the New Navy Gas Co. under the very capable management of J. M. Conkle. The office of this company is located at 753 West Hunter street and they are, every week, adding new dealers and continued patrons to their group of buyers of this "Pep Gas." It is on sale at Conkles Garage, 753 West Hunter street, Riverview Filling Station, one mile west of town on the Logan-Lancaster road; Fee & Braddock, 290 South Orchard St.; Robert Brimner, R. F. D., Logan,Ohio; C. L. Carr, South Perry, Ohio; Clinton Keck, R.F. D., Logan, Ohio; and you are assured of very prompt and courteous treatment at any of these gasoline stations. This firm is also distributor for Sterling Gasoline and oils, 100 per cent Pennsylvania Product. If there are any new dealers interested in this popular gasoline and oil products, you should get in touch with Mr. Conkle at once. Get in on the and make more money than by selling any other kind of gasoline , because there is a demand for this kind and motorists who have once tried this gasoline will use no other. More miles, more pep, more power; the gasoline of the ages! In addition to the distributing of this fine grade of gasoline and oil products, Mr. Conkle also has an up-to-date filling station and accessory store at 753 West Hunter street, as well as an up-to-the-minute repair shop and battery charging equipment. He not only carries a full stock of all these things, but he also has a fine and complete stock of tires tubes, etc. which are sold at most reasonable prices. Courteous and congenial workers are always on hand to see that the needs of the auto owners are properly taken care of. This, as well as the New Navy Gas distribution is under the direct supervision of Mr. J. M. Conkle, who sees to it that you receive the best of everything. Logan, Hocking county and surrounding motorists can do well to visit this filling station, or any of the other New Navy Gas Stations, and get acquainted with the wonderful quality of this very pouular gasoline. There is none better, so they say, and we have come to almost the same conclusion; at least we have never seen it, and the price is right, too. Logan motorists should be proud of the fine work being done by this firm in giving them such a high grade of gasoline and oil products at such moderate prices.
Ably Conducted By M.N. Parsons, 57 East Main Street At M. N. Parons, Millinery & Gift Shop on East Main Street,nwill always be found the latest styles in Millinery and Gifts at prices to suit all. A new assortment of Mother's Day, Graduating and Wedding Gifts on display. The Clar-Davi Pattern Hats always in stock, in the latest models. Childrens' and Matrons' Hats, a Specialty. The beautiful Hats, Gifts and courteoud treatment, has gained for this store a large list of satisfied customers, which makes it possible to always have the latest things to show. The management of the Millinery & Gift Shop is a great booster for her home town and Democrat-Sentinel readers will do well to call and see her fine line of goods.
It makes no difference whether the accident or the emergency comes in day or night, with Campbell's Garage, for they are equipped with the modern necessaries and facilities for handling any job of repairing, from thr smallest break to the most serious wreck, in prompt, efficient manner, which includes day and night service by expert mechanics. Campbell's Garage is recognized as a leader in this work as well in their sales and service of the famous Reo and Gray cars. They have a fine display of these popular makes of automobiles at their garage and sales room, located on Front street at the head of Market street, where they also have ample space for storage in a modern and fire-proof building. They carry a complete stock of tires and tubes, accessories, as well as a first class filling station for gasoline, oil and greases. Their expert mechanics, along with up-to-date equipment in the shop, makes this the one popular garage for the motorists of this and surrounding territory. This is a place where friend or stranger may come with trouble with his car, and go away pleased with the service, prices charged and courteous, prompt attention accorded him.
There is no store in the entire Hocking Valley that has achieved the high degree of popularity and which has served more people satisfactorily in the past, than the People's Store, 53 West Main street phone 357. With a complete stock of high-grade clothing dry goods, shoes, rubbers, haberdashery, blankets, ladies wearing apparel and scores of other articles for wear play, as well as dress and style, this store has advanced steadily and surely, always giving the best to every customer, and always according each customer the same degree of efficient and courteous service that is so much appreciated by men and women. It is truly surprising the great volume of high-class merchandise that is always on display in this fine store, and it is really astonishing the low prices that are ever prevailing there. With spring and summer coming rapidly apace, it will surely pay our readers to make a call at this popular store and see for themselves the excellent stocks which they carry, and the very low prices charged. We have found it to be a fact that The People's Store in many instances undersell the mail order houses, thus affording you an opportunity to see the actual merchandise at rock-bottom prices. By doing your shopping at this store you can save yourself time, trouble and money and at the same time you are helping to boost Logan.
J. C. Wine one of the progressive and enterprising automobile men of Logan, who has established a splendid garage, sales and service station at 580 West Hunter street, known as the People's Garage, is enthusiastic over the new Olds models for this year. And, by the way, have you taken notice of the great number of new Oldsmobile cars in Logan and Hocking County? We have, and there sure are a greater number than most any other make. Mr. Wine tells us that it is now impossible for him to get cars fast enough to fill the orders for this spring's delivery. This is true in all the models of this famous car, because he says it is difficult to get enough of any the models. However, the biggest run is on the new Coach model put out this year; and you'll say the same as hundreds of others, that it sure is some car for the money. The People's Garage does repair work on all makes of car, specialty of repairs on Fords and Chevrolet; do car washing, carry tires, tubes and accessores and operate a gasoline filling station as well. Mr. Wine is always glad to demonstrate his cars, or to do anyhing in the repair or accessory line for patrons, always guaranteeing entire satisfacion and very reasonable prices.
Logan's lady residents enjoy the distinction of having one of the finest Beauty Parlors to be found any place, even in the cities much larger than our own. they can rest assured that any kind of work which is obtainable in a like institution anywhere can be gotten right here in Logan, by just as skilled workmanship and even more courteous treatment and codial reception. Under the very able management and direct supervision of Miss Camille Messmore and Betty Jean Chlupack. The ladies who once visit this popular and well-known beauty parlor never go elsewhere, because they are assured of fine treatment in any kind of work that they might desire and a reasonable price too. Their patrons are numbered by the hundreds and they are rapidly addin to that list of satisfied customers. Their patrons do not only come from Logan, but from cities and towns surrounding this community--some of them far distant--because they appreciate and know when they are receiving good work and proper, cordial reception, a thing that everyone greatly enjoys and does not easily forget. Their work consists of all the latest work such as marcel waving, latest bobs, in fact, everything pertaining to beauty culture. It is with a great deal of pleasure that we reccommend this institution to the people of this locality in our Logan Booster Edition.
There is nothing which makes a home more pleasant and cheerful than well-decorated interiors and exteriors; rooms beautifully papered in colorful arrangements that suits temperament and tastes, in this work much could be said about George W Holl & Son, East Main street, a firm that for a long time has been doing high-grade painting, decorating, wall papering and kindred kinds of work. This firm did all the decorating of Hocking Couny's New Court House as well as many other buildings in and around Logan. They carry a widely assorted stock of first-class, medium and low-priced wall-paper; a full stock of paints, oils, varnishes and other facilities; they employ expert wall-paper hangers, painters and decorators. They will be glad to show these samples, or quote prices, at any time, on any job no matter how large or small, and will guarantee to do the work satisfactorily. These gentlemen are among the real boosters and hustlers of Logan, who firmly believe in progress and attainment along civic and social lines, and it is a genuine pleasure to highly recommend them to all our readers and friends.

One of Logan's most wideawake new business establishments and a leader in their line of work, is the O K Pressing Shop, located corner Main and Spring streets, second floor, and under the very capable management of Paul and Lee Hansel. These young business men have not been in this work in Logan so many years, but they certainly have built up a most wonderful cliental of satisfied patrons in this very short time; and they are adding scores more to their list every week. They founded this business in Logan on the theory that this city needed a first-class cleaning and pressing establishment that would turn out work of the highest excellence, when it was wanted and at reasonable prices. In addition to all this they give to all patrons the most courteous treatment, favoring none and giving the best to each individual. They call and deliver any place in the city, and their work is cleaning, pressing and repairing men's suits, coats; ladies coats, dresses, etc. and in addition all kinds of draperies, curtains, etc., from the home. Their prices on all this are reasonable and their work guaranteed. They are most worthy of your consideration and patronage when services of this nature are needed they will give you most courteous and prompt attention.
The McGovern Shoe Company is a very well known and very much appreciated manufacturing establishment in our city.Indeed, they are worthy of very honorable mention in this Booster Edition and we regret that every resident of Logan, is not as appreciative of this plant and what they are doing for Logan, as we are. However, we'll venture the assertion that there are none that know of this company, that are not very much appreciative of it and hope that we may have more of the same kind of manufacturing establishments in Logan. They have only recently branched out their plant and now have another shoe factory at Nelsonville, where they are working every day in the week, except Sunday, the same as they are doing in Logan. About two years ago this company built a large addition to their Logan plant so that it practically doubled their capacity; now with the Nelsonville plant, it shows what great strides this very popular firm is making. Last year's orders far exceeded the year before and the way they are starting out for 1925, it looks like another addition to the Logan plant will be necessary in order to take care of the demand for McGovern Shoes. this plant is devoted to the manufacture of Flexible Shoes for women and children and a force of upwards of one hundred girls and a large number of men are employed at the plant, which has been operated for a great many years without the loss of any working days to those employed. the company has made a feature of establishing excellent working conditions for their employees, and the additional feature of remunerative employment in cogenial surroundings, makes this plant of wonderful value to the community in an entirety. The company has all the modern safety equipment and everything about the plant is operated upon a modern scienticific basis. The local plant is managed by Ray and Art McGovern, known to all residents, and they are boosters for Logan of the highest kind, who are proud of their connections with local business activities and always striving to better conditions generally and in direct connection with the shoe factory, a work that they are admirably adapted to.
The Logan Roofing Works, now operated by the Main Motor Car Co., one of the business establishments that has rapidly and surely come to the front, and which is very ably managed and operated by T. C. Johnson, one of our foremost business men, is today rated as one of the most reliable roofing and heating concerns in the valley and is growing at a rate that clearly indicates that Logan willl take the lead in this work as well as numerous other lines. The company is at present busy on some splendid contracts and during the last year has completed some of the best in the valley, as well as numerous smaller jobs, and have received the highest praise for their work. They handle roofing materials of numerous kinds, roofing supplies, spouting, etc. as well as doing high-grade roofing themselves. Farmers, residents in town and in surrounding territory, will surely find it to their advantage to see Mr. Johnson for his figures on any job of this kind before letting the contract and he will be glad to confer with them at any time concerning any work, guaranteeing satisfaction in every instance.
With a shop fully modern and well equipped to handle all kinds of tin, galvanized and sheet metal work from the smallest repair job to the largest contract, our well-known tin and sheet metal worker, C . S. Chidester, one of the prominent Avenue business men, has made a complete sucess of his work and is known today as one of the most expert workers in the Hocking Valley. the shop has a full line of tools, equipment and materials for doing their work in a most efficient manner and at prices that are always right. Mr. Chidester is a competent, reliable workman and contractor, who has successfully completed some large contracts in the city and elsewhere, and stands the highest repute among his fellow residents and business men. He features the famous Round oak and Weir heating systems which are installed at nominal cost and give the best satisfaction for heating purposes on an economical basis. Now is the time to install that furnace so as to have it ready for the fall and winter. He does first-class roofing, spouting, etc. in a manner that is sure to please, and will be glad to make estimates on any job, large or small, and is highly appreciative of the patronage accored him at all times.
It is truly surprisingmto those who visit the fine store conducted in Logan by the E.D. Niekirk Company, under the very able management of Mr. Schendy, that this firm is able to sell so many wonderful bargains at such an extremely low price. The art of conducting a modern five, ten and twenty-five cent store has been developed carefully by this company who have large holdings and stores in numerous cities and who buy in such immense quantities that they can afford to sell at the lowest prices. Furthermore, they handle only the kinds of goods that appeal most to people, ans which are representative of genuine bargins. The stocks are so large that to enumerate them would be impossible; but they include virtually all lines of merchandise from toys and trinkets to dress goods, hosiery, hardware, chine ware, notions, candies and hundreds of other things in use every day of the week. This store is most efficiently handled, courteous clerks are always on hand to wait upon the patrons, and in every sense of the word it is a thoroughly modern store, always eager to please, and always having in stock just what people desire in the way of bargain merchandise.
With these fine spring days and when everyone, who has any means of locomotive travel whatsoever, are out enjoying the fresh air, we all notice the other fellows automobile; and it has been our observation that there are more and more new cars and newly-painted ones than ever before. A few years ago those that would have their cars refinished were few, the reason being that it required them to do without their car six or eight weeks; that they were required to pay a very large price for the work and then after they did get their car it looked bright and new only a short time. All these difficulties have been overcome by Mon Cook in his up-to-date paint shop, 312 North Walnut street, phone 1673. With this famous spraying machine which puts on that finish which looks newer and brighter after each washing, and which will with stand all weather conditions, called "lacquer" finish this fine work is accompplished. By this new process you are only inconvenienced a few days with your car in the shop, the cost is less and the finish, this fine work is accom- the old way. Mon is spending two days this week in Columbus at a demostration, learning more about the new process of finishing cars. it is certainly your duty to see him and learn about this wonderful finish before you have your car refinished.
One of the popular and rapidly advancing Groceries in our city, is the South Side Grocery on South Mulberry street, J. G. Adcock, proprieter and owner. Having an ambition to establish and maintain a real leader in the grocery business, and to make it a place of genuine progress and attainment, Mr. Adcock has combined everything in his place of business that is modern, sanitary and efficient. He handles high-grade and fancy groceries, fruits, vegetables, country produce, smoked meats and scores of other articles for the house and table. Ice Cream and Soft Drink Department open evenings. The chief ambition and desire is to make it a real community store, where everyone may receive full weight and measure, reasonable, honest prices, and prompt, efficient service, together with high quality goods. During the past two years, the entire length of time this popular store has been running, it has amply proven that the store is fully modern and progressive and farmers, residents of Logan and all others certainly find it a pleasant and profitable place to buy their provisions for the home and table.

Prominent among the business establishments of Logan that have achieved sucess, and are outstanding in their efficiency and high-class workmanship, is the Buckeye Garage. It is the sales and service station for the Chevrolet, Maxwell and Crysler motor cars and one of the newer and more modern garages in the city. This excellent establishment has demostrated and satisfactorily proven to scores of residents of Logan and surrounding territory that their cars are all that are claimed for them, and are always ready and willing to demostrate the ability of any car. There are scores of satisfied drivers of cars bot from this popular garage, who proclaim it, in their estimation, the leader of them all. In addition to this sales and service, the Buckeye Garage has adequate storage, repair and accessory departments, as well as high-grade tires and tubes. The name of Gage has been closely associated with the automotive work here for a great many years, and their sucess has been attained through earnest effort and a desire to please their patrons, all of which is indicative of a steady growth and greatly increased patronage here and throughout their entire territory.

WILLARD SERVICE STATION Owners, in Logan and vicinity of the world famous Willard Rubber Threaded Storage Battery certainly are fortunate in having a sales and service station for this territory of such high repute and standing. Under the very able management of "Bob" Gomph The Logan Storage Battery Company, located 25 South Spring Street, has made a most wonderful advancement in the resonablby short time that they have been business. The have increased the business for Willard Batteries in this locality almost one hundred percent and in addition to that they have established a reputation for real service in re-charging batteries of all makes as well as repair work and rebuilding all makes of batteries. Radio Batteries called for and delivered; 75 cents for charging. Telephone 1981. They are pleased with is increasing and steady patronage and wish to express the appreciation in this Booster Edition of The Democrat-Sentinel. They are truly real boosters of Logan of the very best rating and are worthy of your patronage. Every customer, whether for re-charging, re-building or for a new Willard Battery, for car or radio goes away from the Logan Storage battery Co. with a kinder feeling toward them than for any other like company, and they are continued customers once they havve any business dealings with this firm and they are satisfied patrons, too.


Located on East Hunter Street, near Mulberry Street. Rev. J W Blair, pastor. The first gospel message ever delivered in the Hocking Valley was by Rev. Jas. Quinn, a Methodist preacher in the year 1799. Ever since that time the gospel has been preached in this vicinity, and the Methodist Church had a very important part in it. Rev. Blair is entering his sixth year as pastor of this church.

Located on the corner of Spring and Hunter Street. Rev. T C Harper, pastor. In the early days, when the Raccoon Circuit, comprised all of Hocking County, the pioneers of this church did not have any conception of what would take place here within the next century. Hocking County now has 21 United Brethern churches, exclusive of their fine edifice in Logan. This is Rev. Harper's first years as pastor of the local church.

Located on the corner of Hunter and Market street, Rev. C R Douglass, pastor. It was many, many years ago, when this fine church was started in this city and the founders of that day have left a church and building that everyone is proud to speak of in the highest way. Rev. Douglass has been the pastor of this church for the past four years.

Located on the corner of Market and North streets Rev. Fr. Nevin, rector. This church, like many others here, is a pioneer in this city, having been built many years ago. The members of this church are now building a new school which they expect to have open by the opening of school next fall. rev. Fr. Nevin has been here eight years.

Located on East Hunter street near Orchard street, Rev. C F Lauer, pastor. This vine covered church on East Hunter street, has served the people of Logan and vicinity for almost seventy years. The parsonage is just east of the church. This is one of the service stations along life's highway. Rev. Lauer has been here six years.

Located on north Mulberry street, Rev. Elmer Bliss, pastor. Although this is not the oldest church in Logan, it has gained a large membership and has one of the finest little church buildings to be found anywhere. Only recently the church was remodeled and redecorated. Rev. Bliss has been here two years.

Located on the corner of Main and Culver street. Rev. David McDonald, Rector. This is one of the younger churches in Logan having been here about ten or twelve years. The membership is steadily growing until there is of enlargement of their church building. Rev. McDonald is also Rector of the Lancaster Church, having been there three years.

Also one of the youngest churches in Logan and one that has not yet finished building their church edifice. Meetings are held regularly in the Clerks Hall on East Main street, second floor. Rev. Harry Smith, pastor.

Located on Iron Street, Re. Souders, pastor. This church is also one of the newer ones, but it has a nice sized, comfortable building in which to meet and the membership is growing rapidly.
Lodges & Fraternal Organizations

What is considered the oldest lodge in Logan is Mingo Lodge 171 Free and Accepted Masons, which was first chartered in 1848. It is also one of the three largest in the city.

The largest fraternal organization in Logan and the oldest Elk Lodge in southeastern Ohio, being organized 26 years ago. This is also one of the two fraternal organizations in Logan that owns its own home, a three story business and office building on East Main Street.

K.of C
One of the youngest fraternal organizations in Logan is Logan Council 2299 Knights of Columbus, which was installed in 1921. Their lodge rooms are in the Arcade building and their meeting nights are the second and fourth Wednesdays od every month.

K. of P
This organization was the first of its kind to institute a lodge in Logan, and is known as Logan Lodge 119 Knights of Pythias. With a membership of 321 it is one of Logan's three largest lodges. The Pythian Sisters is the ladies organization of this lodge.

One of the oldest lodges in Logan and one that was instituted a great many years ago and the other fraternal organization in Logan that owns its own home, a three story business and lodge building. The Rebekahs is the ladies organization of this lodge.

Jr. O.U.A.M
The local chapter of this organization, with insurance benefits for its members was instituted in 1914. The ladies organization is known as the Daughters of America.

M.W. of A
Logan Camp10005 was chartered June 20, 1906, is another fraternal organization which offers insurance benefits to its members. Meetings are held the first and third Tuesdays of each month in the Clerk's hall.

The local camp of this organization was instituted many years ago and today it has a large membership, from Logan and surrounding territory. The ladies organization is known as the Lady Maccabees.

This post of the American Legion has one of the largest percents of membership to be found in the state this year. Each and every year the membership steadily increases, although it is almost to the maximum every year. Ladies Auxillary is the name of the women's organization.

This organization enjoys a membership of about 75 and is one of the oldest Catholic Orders. The Ladies Auxillary to the Knights of St. John has a membership of over one hundred. Both organizations carry life insurance.

Although there are not many members left in this organization, every year some of them being called by death, their strength and numbers is very vividly brought before the the people of this community each year on Memorial Day, and it isn't far distant. Remember them as always.

This is one of the two fraternal organizations for young men in Logan; the other is Phi Sigma Chi, and both of these fraternities have rooms in the Elks Building.

Avenue Meat Market............................Groceries and Meats
Armstrong Hardware Co.............................Hardware
"Bill's" Shine Parlor....................................Shoe Shining
F. Blasius & Son.................................................Clothiers
Buckeye Garage.......................Auto Sales and Service
Cohen's 5 and 10-Cent Store.........................Novelty Store
Mon Cook...............................................Auto Painting
Carpenter Hardware Co....................................Hardware
Case's Drug Store........................................Pharmacy
Case's Music Parlor.......................Musical Instruments
Camille Hair Shop.................................Beauty Culture
Candyland..........................................."Home of Sweets"
Campbell's Garage.....................Auto Sales and Service
A.J.Curl..........................................Groceries and Meats
C.S. Chidester.............................................Tin Shop
Cherrington Hospital..............Hospital and Nurses Training
E. Ewing Pharmacy..........................................Pharmacy
Elliott Taxi.............................................Taxi and Transfer
Eberst & Brandt............................................Barber Shop
Paul Fox.........................................Groceries and Meats
Farmer's & Merchant's Bank................................Banking
First National Bank.............................................Banking
J.W. Gabriel.............................Real Estate and Insurance
Gilbert's Studio............................................ Photography
Geiger & Son..................................Plumbing and Heating
Chris Holl Hardware Co.......................................Hardware
Ferd Hack..............................................Auto Accessories
Heinlein Bros Furniture Store................................Furniture
Heinlein Bros. Undertaking...............................Undertaking
Harden Co......................................................Undertaking
Hub Shoe Co..........................................................Shoes
Geo. W. Holl & Son..........................................Decorators
Mignon Rose Hummel.....................................Chiropractor
Ed Heffy....................................................Soft Drink-Pool
Henderson & Shaw.................................... Bottling Works
Judy's Grocery................................Groceries and Produce
Keynes Mill..................................................Mill and Feed
Kessel's Fashion Shop..........................Ladies' Furnishings
C. F. Lewis.....................................Auto Sales and Service
Leyshon's Grocery..............................................Groceries
Leonard Bros...................................................Undertaking
Laird's Restaurant..............................................Restaurant
Logan Storage Battery Co.........................Storage Batteries
Logan Garage..................................Auto Sales and Service
Lumber & Supply Co............................Millwork and Lumber
Logan Roofing Works.............................Roofing-Metal Work
Logan Wallpaper Co...........................Wall Paper and Paints
Logan Transfer...............................................Transfer Work
Liberty Confectionary.........................Ice Cream-Confections
Logan Opera House..................................................Movies
Logan Ice Cream Co.................................Ice Cream and Ice
Logan Maunfacturing Co.............................Furniture-Lumber
Logan Home Telephone Co.................Telephone Service
Mast's Restaurant...............................................Restaurant
Main Baking Co..........................................Bakery Products
M & G Billiard Parlors.................................Pool and Billiards
Martin & Jones...................................Ice Cream-Confections
Main Motor Car Co........................Auto Sales and Service
Myers' Shoe Store.................................Shoes and Repairing
McCray Insurance Agency......................................Insurance
McGonigal Grocery................................Groceries and Meats
McGovern Shoe Co................................Shoe Manufacturing
Walter Nixon.....................................Auto Sales and Service
E. D. Neikirk's 5 and 10c Store..........................Novelty Store
New Navy Gas Co........................................Gasoline and Oil
John Ohlinger.............................................Clothier and Tailor
Ohlinger Bros. Grocery.........................Groceries -Produce
O K Pressing Shop............................Cleaning and Pressing
Price's Service & Filling Station............Auto Service-Tires
The People's Store......................Men's, Ladies' Furnishings
The People's Garage....................Auto Sales and Service
Pure Ice & Storage Co.............................Ice and Storage
M. N. Parsons...................................Millinery & Gift Shop
Rochester-Lytle Co..........................Ladies' Furnishings
Rarick's Furniture Store..............................................Furniture
H. E. Reedy..................................................Auto Repair Work
Spears & Son...................................Electrical Supplies
Star Restaurant........................................Restaurant
South Side Grocery...................................................Groceries
Spinning Wheel Tea Room..............Lunches and Dinners
Sanderson & Son......................Sporting Goods-Novelties
Harry Shaw.................................... Contractor & Builder
Thurness-Wright Co............................Ladies Furnishings
Warner's.................................... Cleaning and Pressing
Work Bros. Hardware Co...................................Hardware
F. W. Weiland...........................Jewelry and Optometrist

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