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Kovaleski, Georgia Mae 06/08/1907 Henry Locke Ardella Phillips 11/29/1946 Chauncey/Athens Co. Greenlawn
Kovaleski, Ronald 08/13/1938 Clem Kovaleski Mae Locke 01/04/1939 Millfield/Athens Co. Greenlawn
Kovaleski, Stephen A.03/30/1940 Clem Kovaleski Georgia Locke 12/07/1942Utah Ridge/Athens Co.Greenlawn
Kovaleski, Walter 12/25/1900 Edward KovaleskiMary Burge02/24/1955Chillicothe, OH Greenlawn
Kovaleski, Margaret 09/11/1940 Thomas McCullock         - 12/07/1970 Cincinnati, OH Greenlawn
Kozik, Joseph stillborn George Kozik Mary Klem 01/22/1949 Logan/Hocking Co. Greenlawn
Kranick, Anna Margaret 06/07/1881 John Dronsky Julia - 02/13/1960 Chillicothe, OH Greenlawn
Kranick, Mike 05/03/1874 Mike Kranick Mary Vargo 07/10/1957 Nelsonville/Athens Co. Greenlawn
Kranyik, Emma Joan stillborn Michael Kranyik Emma Pierce 09/10/1949 Athens/Athens Co. Greenlawn
Kranyik, Michael 03/08/1896 Andrew Kranyik Mary Moody 04/19/1965 Columbus/Franklin Co. Greenlawn
Kreppel, Charles George 02/10/1870 Henry Kreppel Louisa Rank 07/14/1943 Nelsonville/Athens Co. Greenlawn
Kuhn, Goldie 03/22/1892 Charles Thompson Jane  - 06/21/1968 Columbus/Franklin Co. Greenlawn
Kuhns, Lillian 05/05/1875 William Tuttle        - 03/15/1942 Nelsonville/Athens Co. Greenlawn
Kunzman, Alice Louise 10/20/1916 Edward Mason Fedora Teeter 04/17/1963 Nelsonville/Athens Co. Greenlawn
Kurloveck, George Cloid 04/02/1918 Samuel Cloid Tilda 12/30/1956 Detroit, MI St. Patrick Cemetery
Kurtz, Eunice P. 07/19/1895 Scott Cusick         - 08/14/1970 Nelsonville/Athens Co. Carbon Hill
Kyre, John 03/09/1883          - Ellen Angel 03/07/1959 Nelsonville/Athens Co. Greenlawn



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