Hocking County Ohio

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Maccombs, Adda 01/04/1899 George Hankison Mary Alice Roberts 06/13/1964 Nelsonville/Athens Co. Greenlawn
Maccombs, Catherine I. 09/17/1892 John Lenox Mary Robson 04/11/1967 Nelsonville/Athens Co. Greenlawn
Maccombs, Charles E. 09/07/1889 James Maccombs Lacretia Bradley 01/20/1961 Nelsonville/Athens Co. Greenlawn
Maccombs, David Alec 09/22/1876 James Maccombs Lacretia Bradley 05/29/1959 Nelsonville/Athens Co. Greenlawn
Maccombs, Lucretia 02/15/1858 Samuel Bradley Mary Figgins 01/30/1941 Happy Hollow Greenlawn
MacCombs, William Porter 07/12/1897 John MacCombs Cora Koon 11/16/1958 Nelsonville/Athens Co. Greenlawn
Mace, Calvin C. 02/14/1919 Rome Mace Rosa Young 07/11/1961 Verdune, France New Marshfield



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