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Rutter, Ivan Lee 04/27/1931 Lewis Rutter Carrie Miller 08/05/1946 Nelsonville/Athens Co. Greenlawn
Rutter, Lewis Ray 05/07/1900 Earl Rutter Clarissa - 11/23/1955 Nelsonville/Athens Co. Greenlawn
Rutter, Mary Elizabeth 02/06/1869 Jacob Hammond Cynthia Ann Rutter 08/14/1943 Orbiston/Hocking Co. Buchtel
Rutter, Pearly 09/12/1860 Alex Rutter Keziah 02/15/1939 Buchtel/Athens Co. Whitmore
Ryan, Lizzie 07/15/1885 James Pickett           - 05/30/1938 Columbus/Franklin Co. Athens W. Union Street
Rybinski, Ethel 12/15/1906 Sank Dane Mattie McManaway 04/11/1967 Detroit MI Carbon Hil



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