The Athens Messenger
June 27, 1878
A Twelve year old son of Mr. Vaughn, engineer on the branch road from Haydenville, Hocking county, to the coal mines, was thrown into the wheels of a wagon Tuesday afternoon, and one leg so badly mangled that amputation was necessary.  He survived the operation but a few minutes.
The Perrysburg Journal
Nov 26, 1880 (Fri) 
On the 17th while Corwin Call, a miner, residing at Logan, Ohio, was emptying a quantity of blasting powder into a sack which his wife was holding, the powder exploded. Mrs. Call was burned to death and Call will likely die. The room was badly shattered. 
Submitted by Linda Dietz
The Ohio Democrat
September 11, 1886
A Boy Thrown From A Train, and Receiving Injuries From which he Dies. On Wednesday evening John Fields, of this place, boarded a train for the purpose of riding home. The train as it neared his house was going at such a lively rate he was carried to New Straitsville. In the attempt while there to make up a train, Fields was thrown from a car and badly injured. His right leg was fractured from the knee down, his left hip and arm broken, a terrible gash in the left cheek below the eye and a deep cut in the abdomen. He died Thursday afternoon at three o'clock.
The Hocking Sentinel
Feb 15 1906
An Accident.
On last Saturday afternoon Mrs. George Schaffer on entering her house fell, striking her head against the sharp corner of of the house cutting a gash across the top of her right ear. Dr Campbell was called and found it nesessary to take four stitches in the wound. Mrs Schaffer is getting along nicely and her friends are glad to learn that the accident was not a dangerous one.
The Democrat Sentinel
August 20 1909
Jesse Fickel Hurt
On last Saturday a large buggy load of young men started for Crystal Springs and arrived there and spent the day. But on their was back, the whip caught on a tree overhanging the road and pulled it from the socket. Mr Jesse Fickel got out and got the whip and just as he was going to step in the rig the horses started and threw him in a wheel, dragging him a considerable distance and bruising and cutting one of his legs badly. The accompanying boys took him to the nearest town, Rockbridge, and had his leg dressed, and from there brought him home. Mr. Fickell is under special care of Dr Jacob Rutter at present and the hope of his friends is a speedy recovery.
The Ohio Democrat
July 7 1886
Bitten by a Viper.
While plowing corn Monday last, Mr Charles McClelland, living near South Perry, was bitten by a large sized viper. Mr McClelland was barefooted at the time and the snake sank its fangs into one of his feet. So deep was the bite that Mr McClelland was unable to kick it loose from its hold. After being released from the snake he walked to the house and despatched a messenger for Dr T Irwin, of South Perry, but before that gentleman arrived the neighbors had the snake victim completely under the influence of liquor, which alone preserved his life, as Doctor declares that he could not have lived until his arrival. Mr McClelland is now alright.-Adelphi Border News
The Hocking Sentinel
Feb 28 1884
While fooling with a revolver, in the rear end of Frash's saloon last Saturday, John Lower accidently shot himself through the hand. The ball passed through his left hand and lodged in the casement of a window.
The Ohio Democrat
July 7 1886
Mrs D McCarthy when entering her yard Monday evening caught the toe of her shoe in a slat walk and falling, fractured the bones of her right hand and wrist. The nesessary aid was rendered by Dr. Campbell.
The Lancaster Daily Gazette
January 3 1916
When Gun Upon Which He Was Leaning Became Accidentally Discharged About Ten Days Ago
Noah Blosser, of Bremen, was in Lancaster this morning on his way to Logan, where he will visit Andrew Nunemaker, who recently accidentally shot off his own arm with a shot gun. Nunemaker was resting his arm over the muzzle of the gun when the weapon was accidentally discharged. His condition has been serious since the time of the injury, but it now is believed he is out of danger.
The Democrat-Sentinel
May 14 1925
While Roscoe Leadbetter was washing a window in the office of Dr. Shonk, Thursday evening, a pane of glass broke, cutting three large veins in his right arm. Dr. Shonk was not present at the time and before he could be summoned Leadbetter had lost about forty ounces of blood. He is getting along finely.
The Democrat-Sentinel
May 14 1925
Clayton Saters suffered a broken collar bone and some very severe bruises Saturday evening when he attempted to crank his machine while it was still in gear. The accident occurred on North Spring Street. Mr. Saters did not know the car was in gear. When it started, he was caught between it and another machine. Altogether five different machines parked ahead of the Saters car, were pushed forward.
The Democrat-Sentinel
May 28 1925
Pearl Bowlby narrowly escaped death when the state highway truck which he was driving, was struck by a south-bound passenger train at Enterprise, Monday morning. He escaped with minor bruises but the truck was completely wrecked.
The Democrat-Sentinel
May 7 1925
Lawrence Payne an employee at the H.V. shops, received a painful injury to his eye last Thursday when he was cutting steel and a piece flew in his eye. The sight was not injured.
Merl Klinger, son of Jake Klinger of Falls township received a bruised face and both wrists were fractured Tuesday when the limb of a cherry tree on which he was standing broke, throwing him to the ground.
The Democrat Sentinel
June 25 1925
The ten-year-old son of R G Truax, who resides on the Green Hill stock farm, fractured both bones in his left arm when he fell from a horse several days ago. Necessary attention was given by Dr Shonk.
The Democrat Sentinel
June 25 1925
Walter Myers employed at the Logan Clay Products Co. received a severe cut on his right arm above the elbow while at work Monday. He was removing sewer pipe from a kiln when one broke and fell striking his arm, almost severing a part of the muscle. He was rushed to the office of Dr A K Smith where twelve stitches were required to close the wound.
The Democrat Sentinel
June 25 1925
The Ford touring car of George Anthony was rather badly damaged Sunday evening when it and another Ford belonging to W G Tschudy of Culver street collided at the corner of Front and Culver streets. The occupants of the Anthony car, consisting of Mr and Mrs Anthony, son Clyde, Helen Cook and Otho Sowers were uninjured except Miss Cook who received a bump on her forehead.
The Democrat Sentinel
June 4 1925
Thomas Tignor of East street received a badly cut eye Monday evening when a spike he was attempting to drive flew up breaking his glasses, many small pieces getting in his eyel Altho very sore and painful, he is making a nice recovery. the sight was not destroyed. Medical aid was rendered by Dr Smith.
The Democrat Sentinel
June 25 1925
Killed by the Cars
Henry Savey, a section man, son of John Savey Sexton, was killed by the cars this morning at Logan depot. He was stooping over his work on the track when the Locomotive of the up train struck him, crushing his head.
The Hocking Sentinel
Jan 7 1892
The Ohio Democrat
March 10 1904
We regret to learn that our friend John Drollinger, woodworker at the White's Factory, had the misfortune to have a finger ripped so badly with a saw that it was nesessary to amputate it.
The Athens Messenger
September 13, 1931
Oil Worker Injured
LOGAN, Sept 12-C.S. Bennett, employee of the Gordon Oil Company in the Washington Township Field, was brought to the Cherrington Hospital Friday evening for treatment for injuries in a fall. Bennett was climbing a drilling rig when he slipped and fell. His injuries consist of cuts and bruises.
The Democrat-Sentinel
Feb 7 1907
Two Fingers Severed
George Kessler Gets Caught in a Saw.
Hand Badly Hurt
At about 10 o'clock Monday, George Kessler, young man, son of Joe Kessler, had the misfortune to get his hand in a buzz saw at the Kessler factory. The saw almost destroyed his hand before he could recover it from the whizzing steel of distruction. The little finger and the one next to it were completely severed, and the two remaining fingers and thumb so horribly lacerated that it took careful surgery to save the members. The unfortunate young man was taken to Dr Lyon's office where the wounds were dressed. At this time the young man is standing the ordeal remarkably well, but has a very sore hand.
The Democrat-Sentinel
Jan 24 1907
John Linton Injured.
Mr John Linton living on Glenview Heights suffered an injury Monday morning that might have proven serious. He had gone up in the hay mow at his premises, before day light, and misjudging his way, stepped into the mow hole, falling to the stable floor below. It was a miracle that he did not kill himself in the fall, but he came out of the accident with many bruises and a few fractured ribs. He is now housed up and feeling very sore, but thankful it was no worse.
The Athens Messenger
November 11 1886
Mrs Calvin Defenbaugh, of Perry township, was thrown from an express recently, and was so severly injured as to be considered in great danger of losing her life.
The Athens Messenger
July 18 1927
Dislocates Fingers
LOGAN--July 18 Dale Glenn suffered three dislocated fingers on his left hand Saturday while roller skating at the rink on Gallagher avenue. He fell and in falling landed on his hand.
The Athens Messenger
December 14 1876
G W Alexander, says the Hocking Sentinel, fell from the east bound passenger train on the Hocking Valley Railroad on last Friday, between Logan and Enterprise, the cars passing over his right arm near the wrist. He was brought to Logan and lodged with Recorder B White, who is his nephew. His arm was amputated on Saturday morning. He is now doing well.
The Athens Messenger
Thursday, July 29, 1875
Mrs Newland, quite an aged lady, residing near Logan, fell on Wednesday morning and suffered a fracture of the forearm and a dislocation of the wrist joint.[Republican.]

J P Curtis, Esq., of Logan, was thrown from a buggy, on Tuesday of last week, and for a time rendered insensible from the injuries he received, his face being considerably bruised.

Lon Nail and Misses Kitty Montgomery and Jennie Murphy were recently thrown from a runaway buggy, the first named spraining an ankle, the ladies escaping without serious injury.
The Hocking Sentinel
May 17 1900
Fatal Runaway Accident
On last Tuesday Mrs Tobin, mail carrier on the route from Logan to South Perry, was killed in a runaway. She was on her way to Perry with the mail. She had with her a child, but a few years old. No person was a witness to the fatality. Mr Shaw, coming to town from the Falls Mill, saw the horse run the buggy against the bridge, on the road leading to town. He came up and found the woman and child on the road, the woman complaining of no particular hurt, but of being very sick. He hastened to town and Drs. Aplin and Dye hurried to the relief.
The woman was conscious, no fatal wounds appeared. In a little time she swooned and in a few hours died. It is the opinion of the physicians that she became alarmed when the horse took fright, jumped out of the buggy with her babe in her arms, and in the jar of the fall ruptured blood vessels, which by internal brought her death. The child escaped injury.
The Democrat Sentinel
June 11 1907
Died From Injuries
Robert McFall, aged 19 years, son of Mr and Mrs Robert McFall of Laurel Run near Haydenville, was accidently shot by his best friend, a young man named Cook.
The young men were at the home of the parents of Cook, Wednesday, McFall laying down upon the porch. A hawk appeared and young Cook went into the house to get the shot gun to kill the hawk. The bird flew away and the boys began playing with the gun. Cook was prodding young McFall with the gun, when it accidently discharged, the whole contents tearing through the boys leg near the groin and coming out just above the hip joint, producing a very dangerous wound which resulted in the death of young McFall about 5 o'clock Saturday morning.
He remained at the home of Cook after the shooting until Friday noon Dr Lytle of Haydenville, and Dr Campbell of Logan, were called and everything possible was done for the young man, but blood poisoning followed and death resulted as stated above.
Funeral services were held at Haydenville church Sunday at 2 p.m., conducted by Rev. Orr, and interment was made at Logan cemetery.
--Nelsonville Buckeye
The Ohio Democrat
August 28, 1886
A little son of G W Lloyd, on Tuesday last fell against the edge of a curb stone, cutting his head badly. Also on same day a little son of G W Beery fell down a cellar passage, and cut a bad gash across his forehead. Dr. Campbell was called in both cases. Both are doing well.
Ben Altop's little son while playing with a feed cutter on Monday last, caught the fingers of his left hand in the cog gearing; the bones of his fingers were badly crushed, but Dr Campbell informs us that he has hopes that his fingers can be saved.
The Ohio Democrat
July 16, 1887
Last Tuesday the clothing of Laura Cook, a little grand-daughter of David Lewis became ignighted by a spark from the anvil. It was not discovered until she was in flames, in the smothering out of which Mr. Lewis burned his hands so severely that he will not be able to work for some time. Strange to say the girl was not injured in the least.
The Ohio Democrat
July 16, 1887
Two Children Drowned.
Two sad deaths by drowning took place in Marion township on Thursday last week. A little daughter of Benjamin Poling, two years old, fell into a spring containing about fourteen inches of water and when discovered was dead. It is thought the child fell while reaching for a cup of water.
A two year old son of Clark Swick, was playing with a dog on a bridge crossing a small run and was pushed into the water. The accident was seen from the house but before assistance could be rendered the child was dead.
Ohio Democrat
January 9, 1892
--We have been informed that John Wetzler, a young man residing five miles from here out in the southwest of the township died yesterday from the effects of an accidental shot received two or three weeks ago while out hunting the shot passing through the shoulder and striking the head.
--Henry Savey, a railroad employe while engaged in sweeping snow from the track near the depot Thursday morning, was struck by a backing train. His skull was broken in the upper part of the head and raised so that a part of the brains oozed out. He has ever since been in an unconscious condition and cannot live. Dr. Campbell was the attending surgeon.
The Athens Messenger
March 3, 1881
Mr. Raymond Belt, of the Logan foundry, recently had one of his eyes seriously injured by iron fillings flying into it.
The Athens Messenger
March 3, 1881
A young man named Robert Youant, of Logan, was fooling with a pistol on Wednesday night of last week, and now he goes around with his arm in a sling. The wound is not dangerous.
The Hocking Sentinel
May 13, 1897
--Mr. William D. Bougher while on his way to Logan yesterday his team became frightened at some cattle in the road near the Falls Mill and throwing the occupants out, being Mr. Bougher and daughter, who were slightly injured, but the team broke the buggy and harness up badly.
The Hocking Sentinel
May 21, 1896
--The little daughter of Nathan Reynolds at Monday, was shot and perhaps fatally injured by the discharge of her father's revolver, last Tuesday evening. Reynolds was attempting to shot a rat near the barn, and just as he fired the child came around the corner and received the contents of the revolver in the breast.
The Democrat-Sentinel
June 24, 1909
Child in a Run-a-way is Unhurt.
On Friday morning of last week the team of T.E. Warren, the feed man, took a run from Ross's residence in west logan, east on Hunter street to the Methodist church, where the wagon skidded to the gutter, and crashed against a tree demolishing the wagon. Charley Taylor, the driver, had gone into a lot to deliver some feed, leaving hsi little boy in the wagon. The team is young and spirited, became frightened and started to run. The boy's screams did not help any. When the tree was struck the wagon had turned completely over, and the boy was found beneathe it in the street, but comparatively uninjured, except a narrow escape. The team was not hurt much.
The Democrat Sentinel
January 14 1909
Roy Comly, Injured.
Another frail awning of the village of Logan has given way and a citizen lays seriously injured at the hospital. On Wednesday night about 7 0'clock, the wooden awning in the front of the Wright building, opposite the court house, collapsed by the weight of the snow on it, and crashed to the sidewalk, catching Mr. Roy Comly beneath it, seriously cutting his head and otherwise injuring him. He was removed to the Cherrington hospital and is now in a very precarious condition.
The Democrat Sentinel
August 25 1907
Painful Accident
Mr William Geiger met with a painful accident Wednesday, that may result in the loss of an eye. He was returning from purchasing stock in the country, and in trying to clean his gun found it necessary to get a piece of wire from the fence to put through it. In trying to loose the wire a sharp end flew into his eye cutting the eye ball frightfully. It is thought that the sight has been impaired, and he went to Columbus this morning to consult a specialist.
The Ohio Democrat
November 16 1905
Accidentally Shot
Mr William Weed had a very narrow escape from death last Monday evening. He had been to Haydenville, and was returning on a coal train. When near Wrights Siding, a revolver which he was carrying in his right coat pocket was discharged in such a way that the bullet entered his breast just below the heart going completly through the left lung and lodging in the back about an inch deep. He was assisted to Dr. Campbell office on arrivinf here and the bullet, a thirty-two caliber one was discovered. The air was whistling through the hole in his lung, and considerable blood had been lost. Proper treatments and dressing were given, and at last account he was resting easily.
Mr Weed is a married man, resides in the Harlow White Building at the head of Main Street and works for the Logan Brick Mfg. Co.
Mr Weed is in a precarious condition, and little hope is entertained of his recovery.
The Ohio Democrat
June 10 1893
It Was Loaded.
But the Little Nurse didn't Know It,
And It Dealt Death to Baby.
A Fatal Accident in a Family Near Logan.
A small daughter of Mr. Jacob Myers living across the River south west of this place on yesterday forenoon was playing with a revolver, and placing it to the forehead of a baby of the family, a child aged about 15 months, discharged the weapon killing the child instantly, the ball passing entirely through the head.
The larger members of the family were all occupied with work outside the house at the time of the accident.
The family have the sympathy of the community.
The Ohio Democrat
August 13 1892
A Terrible Wreck.
A Train Goes Down into the River in the Night.
Three Men Injured and a Tramp Supposed to be Killed.
Last night about 8 o'clock, as a local freight train of the C.H.V.&T.R.R. on the river division, was crossing the long trussel bridge at Bates' about two and a half miles below Logan, the bridge gave way and 17 or 18 cars went down in a wreck in the river. The engine was left standing on the abutment on this side and the caboose and a few cars on the other side.
The fireman, Fred Moorehead and the engineer, Uriah Brown, jumped from the engine. Moorehead had his arm broken and Brown was severely injured about the head. The brakeman, Walt Norris, received a cut in the side of the forehead, but is not seriously hurt. Brown is seriously hurt and the extent of his injuries is not yet known. He was conscious when brought home last night but was unable to talk.
It was rumored that a tramp was on the train and went down with the wreck into the river.
On account of darkness, and suddenness of the accident none of the boys seem to know how it happened. Dr. Campbell looked after each case promptly.
The Ohio Democrat
August 26 1893
A Sad Affair.
Leo Canty, son of J.P. Canty, got seriously hurt yesterday. He was currying the horse when the animal kicked him in the temple and side of the head, making several bruises and crushing the skull. The little fellow is unconscious and grave doubts exist as to his recovery.
The Democrat Sentinel
November 28 1907
Foot Crushed.
On Saturday evening at the Logan depot, occured the very unfortunate accident of the train running over the foot of Dan Cage, of Union Furnace. The horrible wound necessitated the removal of the mangled foot at the ankle.
Mr Cage was waiting at the depot for the departure of his train to Union Furnace, and being engaged in talking, happened to notice the Athens train pulling out, and thinking it was the train to Union Furnace, he ran toward it and made a leap for the step. His hold slipped and he fell with one foot under the wheels.
He is about 35 years old, a son of John Cage.
The Democrat Sentinel
August 6 1908
Minnie Ambrose Sustains Painful Injuries
(Nelsonville Register)
A very painful accident occured here Tuesday afternoon, when Minnie Ambrose, of Logan, who together with her sisters, Mary Elizabeth and Jane, were spending the day with their cousins, Helen and Jamie Monahan, fell from the back of a Shetland pony, striking her head on the paved street, cutting her about the face very severly.
The children had been riding the pony for several hours under the care of older persons, but as the pony showed no disposition other than being gentle and quiet, they were left alone with it. Shortly after, however, the little girl lost her balance and fell from the pony's back, her injury being the result. The accident is not atttibuted to the animal.
The little girl was at once taken to the Dew House and given every attention, it being found that she was only injured about the face, she having sustained several cuts and bruises when she fell on the pavement. She was taken to her home in Logan last night, and it is thought that she will be all right again in a short time.
The Hocking Sentinel
Jul 2 1885
The saw mill of Mr Paxton, in Laurel township, blew up on last Friday. No cause is assigned for the accident. The boiler was torn to pieces, many of the fragments being thrown three hundred yards. Luckily no one was near at the time, and nobody was hurt. The loss is about $1500.00
The Hocking Sentinel
Aug 21 1884
A Destructive Threshing Machine Accident.
A Man Hurt and a Barn Burned.
Millville Items.
On last Sunday morning the citizens of this place were startled by a messenger running his horse in from the ridge, about four miles from town, and stating that Mathias Brillman, while threshing at Mr J Shultzs, had got his foot in the machine, and at the same time the barn catching on fire. Later we learned that the straw at the side of the machine caught fire by some cause, and Mr Brillman saw it first, and in his effort to extinguish it with some coats, he slipped and his right foot caught in the cylinder and tore off three of his toes. The flames spread so rapidly, that when he was released, nothing more could be done towards saving the barn, and it with its contents, consisting of wheat, rye, clover seed and hay burned. Mr Shultz is a poor man and we hope his friends and neighbors will help him. Drs. Rutter, Sharpe and Brown were called, and are making an effort to save part of his foot. We hope they may succeed. J.C.
The Ohio Democrat
March 30 1889
John Roby, had his left hip dislocated by a fall of slate in the Haydenville mines on Friday last. The dislocation was not reduced until Sunday. He is now doing well.

The Ohio Democrat
June 4 1887
Mr Charles Atkins of Haydenville met with a painful accident on Monday last by falling under a mine car, by which his left shoulder was dislocated and broken. Dr. Campbell was called and gave the requisite surgical aid. At this writing he is doing finely.
The Hocking Sentinel
Dec 8 1887
Mr Tom Allen, the useful man at the Grange, met with a very painful accident on Friday last. While helping to unload some barrels from a dray, had his hand crushed, producing a most painful injury. We are glad to know he is able to be out and about again.
The Hocking Sentinel
Feb 9 1888
A sad accident occurred at the Gore Furnace on February 3d., by which E-ias McC-y, a keeper at the furnace, had one of his eyes burned out, by molten iron flying into it. This makes the second man that has lost an eye in a short space of time in the same way.
The Vinton Record (McArthur, Ohio)
Dec 3 1868
A man named John Keller who was laying drunk in a brush heap, near Logan was accidential shot by James Wells who was hunting rabbits. He received the whole charge of a shotgun in his face, inflicting a painful though not dangerous wound.
The Ohio Democrat
Oct 23 1886
Sad Accident.
We learn that an invalid son of Mr John Fultz, who resides in the southern part of this (Falls) township, on yesterday week, while in a fit fell on a hot stove, on which was a pot of boiling water, one arm and his breast and back were so severely scalded that little hope of his recovery is entertained.
The Ohio Democrat
May 14 1887
A Serious Accident.
Israel Brown, while assisting Mr Andrew Voris to raise a new barn on his farm near Enterprise was struck on the head by a log chain which fell from a tie. The outer table of the skull was fractured, and severe tempory concussion was produced. Dr Campbell was called and rendered the necessary medical and surgical aid and he is now doing well.
The Logan Daily News
Aug 28 1946
James Bright, an employee of the Logan Pottery Co., was treated at the office of a local physician today for injuries to his right forearm, which he received when struck by a crank on a machine at the plant. His arm was badly bruised. 

Mrs Vernon Mauk, 58 West Front Street, suffered a fractured pelvis yesterday when she tripped over a wire in the yard of her home and fell to the sidewalk. She was treated at the office of a local physician and removed to her home where her condition is "good."
The Hocking Sentinel
March 21 1889
Geo. Unger, of Pine Creek Laurel twp, met with a distressing accident Sunday. He had ascended to the top of an old smoke house to shoot rats, when he fell off. In the fall the gun was discharged, the load entering just below the hip and lodging at the ---t of the back bone. It is a bad wound and Mr. Unger is in a dangerous condition.
The Hocking Sentinel
June 27 1889
Rat Shooter's Troubles
He Seeks Relief From the Effect of a Gun Shot Wound.
About March 18th, George Unger, residing on Pine Creek, near Gibisonville, fell from the top of a smoke house, where he had been seated shooting rats. In the fall the shot gun which he had been using was discharged, the load striking Unger in the lower part of the hip, and ranging inward and upward, lodged near the spine. Since that time he has been a constant sufferer, the load never have been removed from the wound and the wound of course not healing. Saturday he was brought to this city and took rooms at the Remple House. Monday morning, Drs. Campbell, Stedem and Pullen performed an operation on the wounded man and he is now in a fair way to recover, though his condition prior to the operation was considered critical. The wound was laid open with a knife and the load of shot and particles of clothing removed. A portion of the pelvic bone that had been affected was scraped: Unger was brought here that he might have the care of physicians following the operation, and it is hoped will soon be out again.
The Logan Daily News
Jan 30 1936
Boy Is Victim Of Coasting Accident
Ray Hickey, ten year old sone of Mr and Mrs J R Hickey, sustained a deep gash on his upper lip late yesterday when the sled on which he was riding crashed into a cement step at the foot of the Spring St Hill. The child was taken to Cherrington hospital where six stitches were requied to close the gash. This is one of the few coasting accidents reported thus far this season. The Logan Daily News
Jan 15 1936
Boy Breaks Arm
Terry Wayne, son of Mr and Mrs Carl Smith had the misfortune to fall and break his arm while playing Saturday. Miner Injured
Mr Walter Evans, was injured while working in Kimberly mine Monday. His leg was broken in two places below his knee. Mr. Evans is a day man at the mine.
The Hocking Sentinel
Jan 24 1884
Will Tannehill, aged about 14 ran against the lamp post while coasting down the school house hill, on last Thursday evening and broke his leg.
The Ohio Democrat
Jan 25 1890
Last Saturday morning Miss Rachel Andrews, a lady who had resided in the family of Jesse Collins for 45 years or more, was doing something about the fire place in her room, when her apron and clothing caught fire, and before relief could be had, she was so badly burned that death resulted on Sunday. Her funeral took place from the residence of Mr Collins on Monday afternoon. Her age was about 83 years.
The Hocking Sentinel
Aug 18 1887
Thursday morning last, Harvey Sain, of Mt Pleasant, fell, and striking his head on a stone step cut a fearful gash on his forehead. He will recover, though rendered senseless for some time by his fall.
The Hocking Republican
Nov 19, 1903
Henry Trimmer Injured
While the ----- --- stretching wires on the telephone line near his home yesterday Henry Trimmer attempted to cross the wires which were pulled at the same instant. His horse became unmanageable and ran away, breaking the buggy and throwing Mr. Trimmer to the ground. He sustained a couple of broken ribs, a cut in the head and a number of bruises. While his wounds are not serious they are painful and will keep Mr. Trimmer in the house for some days. Dr. Campbell rendered the necessary professional aid and reports the patient as getting along nicely.
The Logan Daily News
Feb 10 1936
Injures Foot
Clyde Anthony, Wash. township is recovering from an injury to his left foot suffered last week at Camp Hocking where he is enrolled. Anthony struck the member with an axe while chopping wood.
The Hocking Republican
Nov 19, 1903
Lost Two Fingers
To the numerous hunting casualities over the Buckeye state Hocking county adds one. While Henry Bussart was hunting yesterday he shot two fingers off his left hand. How the accident occurred we have not heard.
The Hocking Republican
Apr 28 1904
Both Hands Cut Off.
Harry Courter a brakeman on the Straitsville Branch was seriously injured Monday morning about nine o'clock. The crew were doing some switching in the Straitsville yard, and Courter was riding the pilot and jumped off and in so doing he slipped. In alighting both hands struck the rail and the engine passed over over dissevering them both. The boxing on the tank struck his head fracturing his skull and making a deep cut in the back of his head.
Dr. H G Campbell the railroad surgeon was summoned and rendered medical aid. The boy was conscious during the accident and remained in this condition until Wednesday morning. Amputation was made Tuesday. Two fingers and the thumb on the left hand, and the thumb of the right hand were saved.
The Hocking Republican
Oct 29 1903
A Painful Accident.
Mr. Fred Vollmer, an employee at the Haydenville works, met with a very serious misfortune last Friday. While in the discharge of his duty as blacksmith in the repair department a piece of iron struck him, breaking his leg. Dr. Wood was called and successfully set the broken member and rendered the other necessary medical attention. His many friends sympathize with him and hope for his early return to duty.
The Hocking Republican
July 30 1903
An Auto Accident
While John Frieze and family of Rockbridge were out driving Sunday, they unfortunately met one of those horseless carriages prophesied so long ago by Mother Seipton. Their horse became frightened and ran off throwing the occupants out and smashing their carriage. They were all badly shaken up but fortunately no serious injuries were sustained.
The Hocking Republican
July 30 1903
Seriously Injured
Levis Dupler, living near Rockbridge, was seriously if not fatally injured last week, by the upsetting of a load of hay, upon which he was riding. His sons, knowing that the road was bad, advised him not to get on, but he replied that he could risk it if they could. He fell, striking his head and shoulders on the ground, and was taken home where he lay for several days perfectly unconscious of his surroundings.
The Hocking Republican
Sept 29 1904
Slightly Burnt
Jack Barwell who is employed at the Logan Foundry and Machine Co. met with a painful accident Sunday. The boilers are fired with natural gas and as he was igniting the gas hs match went out. He then struck another match and by this time there was too much of the fiery vapor on hand. A slight explosion followed and a great portion of the charge struck him in the face and arms. He is taking a few days off from the effect.
The Ohio Democrat
Nov 14 1891
Fred Morehead got an arm broken and received injuries about the head yesterday while at his duties as fireman on the C.H.V.&T. Ry. We also learn that a young man by the name of Cage, son of J R Cage, of Starr Tp., a breakman on the railroad was killed by falling from a car here last night.
The Ohio Democrat
Jul 13 1889
Quite a serious accident happened Ed Price on Sunday last. While swinging in a hammock he fell striking the roots of a tree, the blow rendering him unconscious and cutting severe gash in his head.
The Ohio Democrat
Dec 17 1887
"Tot" Gallagher, son of Sheriff Gallagher, fell from a hay mow on Wednesday, breaking his left arm between the elbow and shoulder. Dr. Wright performed the necessary operation.
The Logan Daily News
Jan 20 1937
Carbon Hill Man Hurt
When he was caught by a slate fall at Kimberly Mine Monday, Ed Green of Carbon Hill suffered head lacerations, a sprained left ankle and severe bruises. His injuries were treated at Nelsonville after which he was removed to his home in Carbon Hill.
The Hocking Sentinel
July 24 1884
A 5 year old son of Mr Henry Harden's, on last Saturday evening, while swinging on a large gate, fell and dislocated his right hip joint. Dr. Campbell was immediately summoned and reduced the dislocation, and made the little sufferer comfortable.
The Hocking Sentinel
Jun 19 1884
Monday evening, June 16th Marshall Harrington, second son of Dr. H., accidently fell from a horse which he was riding, fracturing and dis locating his left arm at the elbow. After the accident he walked unassisted to the office of Drs. Campbell and Wright, where proper surgical services were rendered.
The Ohio Democrat
Aug 7 1886
Serious Accident.
On Thursday eve, Mrs Jerry Illes and little daughter, together with her sister Miss Grey, when returning in a buggy from a visit to Jos. C. McBroom's in Laurel Tp., met with a serious accident, as follows:
When coming down what is known as Klien's hill the bellyband of the harness broke by reason of which the buggy came forward against the horse, which became unmanageable and ran away.
The buggy was upset, and Mrs Iles, who had the lines wrapped around her hands, was dragged a considerable distance and received many cuts and bruises about the face. She was rendered insensible and remained so during the night.
At this writing she is doing well.
Miss Gray and the child fortunately experienced but slight injuries.
The Logan Daily News
Nov 22 1935
Railroad Employee Injured In Fall
Harry Lehman, veteran car repairman at the C&O shops is recovering from severe bruises he sustained early Thursday when he fell from the top of a rolling door, to the top of an engine at the damaged when a yard tender had been pushed through it by an engine. Lehman will be unable to resume his duties at the roundhouse for several days because of body and face bruises.
The Logan Daily News
Nov 26 1935
When her dress became ignited while she was standing before an open grate fire, Miss Ethel North, 206 Church St., suffered painful burns about the left side of her body yesterday afternoon. Miss North was treated at her home by Dr. M H Cherrington. She is reported as improved today although she is still under a physician's care.
The Logan Daily News
July 24 1942
Serious back injuries were received Thursday afternoon by Barney Matheny, New Marshfield, in a coal mine accident at the Starr-Jackson Mining Company mine near Coonville. Brought to Cherrington Hospital the extent of his injuries are undetermined as X-ray pictures have not yet been taken. His condition is "fair" according to attending physicians. Details of the accident were not learned by hospital attaches.
The Hocking Sentinel
Sept 9 1886
Lewis Bickle, of Union Furnace, caught his fore finger in a cider mill one day last week while making cider. He got his finger out as best he could, and upon examinations he found it completely mashed to the second joint. After this discovery he concluded that amputation would be necessary; so picking up an old, dull hatchet he laid his finger on a block and completely servered the mashed point off. He then went to his house and wanted his wife to tie up his finger. Sickened at the sight, she could do nothing. He then walked to Dr. Gustin's office, and with his aid suceeded in getting the wounded member dressed. He has not lost a day's work since. Now, if any of the reader of the Sentinel should be so unfortunate as to need any of their limbs amputated, do not fail to give Lewis and his hatchet a call.
The Hocking Republican
Aug 4 1904
Got His Trousers Creased
On last Sunday about noon Dallas Sherrard went to board a train near the ball grounds. In some manner he slipped and was thrown on a cinder pile and came very near rolling under the wheels. The wheels cut his pants lengthwise but luckily did not strike the flesh. He came out with his arms and limbs badly bruised. He should be thankful he got off as well as he did. This should be a lesson to a number of other boys here who make the practice of jumping on moving trains.
The Hocking Republican
Nov 10 1904
Lafe Krieg Hurt
While driving along High street in a buggy, Saturday, Lafe Krieg and a companion were run into by a street car. Mr Krieg was seriously injured, sustaining four broken ribs and a bruised arm and shoulder. They got tangled up in a pile of brick and the car cracked into them, tearing the buggy to pieces. The other man escaped injury as did the horse. It is said that the motorman made no effort whatever to stop the car although he had ample time to do so.
The Hocking Republican
May 26 1904
Serious Accident.
Arthur Hankison, son of Perrnell Hankison near Ewing, had a narrow escape from death last Friday evening about five o'clock. The young man is employed in the saw mill owned by Lon Warthman and in some way was caught by the large belt of the fly wheel, with his head turned toward the boiler. When released by the belt he was thrown about twenty feet. He received a cut on the right side of the head about three and a half inches in length, and was severely bruised in various parts of the body. Dr. Allen of Logan was called to attend the case; he is disposed to hope for a recovery. The boy was still unconscious Monday morning from the effects of his injuries.
The Hocking Republican
May 19 1904
A Serious Accident
While Mrs Judge Bright was trying to draw a nail from the wall Thursday, he fell from the step ladder, breaking the left femur just below the hip joint. Drs. Allen and Aplin were called and rendered the necessary aid. The fracture was a very painful one. On Saturday Dr. Hamilton of Columbus came down and decided that it was best to take her to the hospital, and Saturday afternoon she was taken to Mt. Carmel Hospital. Sunday Drs. Allen and Aplin went up and the injured member was placed in a plaster cast. Although weak, Mrs. Bright stood the operation very well. This morning she is resting easily and gives promise of recovery, although several months stay at the hospital will probably be nesessary. She was accompanied to the hospital by Miss Frances Pond.
The Logan Daily News (Logan, Ohio)
Mon, Feb 23, 1942 
Suffers Broken Ankle While Working Monday
Herbert Sheline, East Second Street, suffered a fracture of the right ankle and lacerations after a heavy weight had fallen on the member while working at the Logan Clay Products Co., Monday morning.
The Logan Daily News (Logan, Ohio)
Fri, Jan 8, 1937
Game Officer Rescues Tot Who Fell in Tub
Hocking County Game Protector Ed Eberst is due for a life-saving medal of some sort, according to reports of an incident which occurred yesterday afternoon at the farm home of Roy Brown north of Logan.
Calling at the Brown home, Eberst had gone around to the back door where he was knocking when he heard a loud splash nearby. Looking around he saw that Brown's three-year-old son had fallen backwards into a washtub full of water. The child was wedged fast in the tub with his head under water and was half drowned when Eberst pulled him out. Eberst applied artificial resperation which soon had the boy breathing again, semmingly not much the worse for his experience.
The Logan Daily News
Feb 7 1936
Mrs. C.W. Thompson
Little Girl Hurt
Joan Horn, two year old daughter of Mr and Mrs John Horn, had her right arm crushed in an electric wringer Tuesday. The mother had gone on an errand and left a neighbor girl with the child when the accident happened. Less than a year the child had her left arm and hand badley burned when she fell into an ash pan of hot coals. To enable her to be more conveniently cared for, she has been taken to her grandparents home in Carbon Hill.
The Democrat-Sentinel
November 07, 1907
Little Boy Killed.
On last Friday evening, a seven-year-old son of George Tucker, who lives near Gore, fell from a wagon and was run over, killing him almost instantly. The wagon bed was about half full of corn and the wheels passed over the center of his body.
The accident happened in the road and if there had been any chance to escape death an account of the ground being soft as it is in the field, there was none on the hard road surface. The little fellow was a bright boy and a favorite with those who knew him. The remains were brought to Logan, Sunday, for burial and a large number of acquaintances and relatives attended the funeral.
The Democrat-Sentinel
November 29, 1906
Scalded at Brick Plant
Daniel Struble, employed at the plant of The Logan Brick Mnfg. Co., met with a painful accident early Monday morning. About half an hour after work had started, Mr. Struble, in passing through the machine room at the old plant, slipped and fell into a vat of hot water formed by condensation of exhaust steam. There was about three feet of water in the vat at the time, owing to the clogging of a valve, and the scalding fluid reached nearly his waist. At first it appeared that his injuries would be fatal, but later reports are more encouraging. Mr. Struble is married and has a large family.
The Democrat-Sentinel
January 02, 1908
Fred Miller Meets With an Accident.
Mr. Fred Miller, son of Mr. and Mrs. Myrod Miller, met with a very painful accident on Tuesday, at the railroad bridge near the depot. He was employed at the bridge in building and repairing the coffer-dam, when a heavy timber fell from above him, striking him ont he head and knocking him down. It seems that the fall, or the timber falling on him when down, broke his leg. The concussion above the eye is a very painful wound, which, together with the fracture of the limb, has laid him up at home. He is reported to be getting along as well as possible under the circumstances.

The Logan Daily News (Logan, Ohio) · Wed, Jul 5, 1939 · Page 1

Boy Narrowly Escapes Drowning in River

Youngster Loses Footing While Wading Near Kachelmacher Park; Fisherman Pulls Him to Safety

Tragedy was narrowly averted Monday afternoon when Ronald Beougher, seven-year-old son of Mr and Mrs Jesse Beougher, Bowen street, was swept into the current of the Hocking River while he was wading with several companions near Kachelmacher Park, only to be saved by a fisherman who heard his cried for help.

Ben Cooper, West Logan, was fishing on the bank of the river when the youngster, who had been wading in the shallow riffles near the park, lost his footing and was carried into deep water. Hearing his calls Cooper plunged into the river and dragged him forth. Unconscious from the water he had swallowed, the boy was given artificial respiration by Cooper and other bystanders. Sheriff Joe Farbeann, who was called to the scene of the tragedy, summoned Dr. H. M. Cherrington who brought a pulmotor. The physician arrived just as the boy was brought from the water in an unconscious state. Water was pumped from the lungs, and by artificial respiration the boy was resuscitated and taken to his home for further restorative treatment.

City officials have allowed weeds to grow along the river bank at the park to prevent children from wading into the stream.

The Logan Daily News (Logan, Ohio) · Fri, Feb 14, 1936 · Page 6

Man Thrusts Arm Through Glass Door

When he accidentally thrust his arm through a door window, yes- West Hunter St., sustained severe cuts on his right arm which required several stitched to close.

In attempting to open a locked door at his home Frazier's hand slipped and his arm plunged thru the glass severing two small arteries and inflicting several other gashes. The injury was treated at Cherrington hospital.

(Transcriber's note: This is as the article appeared in the paper.)

The Logan Daily News (Logan, Ohio) · Mon, Feb 3, 1936 · Page 2


Joe Johnston, Logan In Serious Condition After Wreck

When his car skidded and hit a culvert near Oreville last night Joe Johnston, Buckeye Pipe Line employee, 220 Gallagher ave., sustained a crushed chest and a severe gash beneath his chin. Cherrington hospital attaches stated that his condition is serious.

Mrs. Sid Johnston of New Straitsville, Johnston's daughter-in-law, who was riding with him at the time of the accident was treated at the hospital for cuts and bruises.

The car was badly damaged.

The Logan Daily News (Logan, Ohio) · Wed, Feb 12, 1936 · Page 3


Icy Pavements Take Toll Here; Lad Suffers Cuts About Head

H.H. Marquis, 86 So. Walnut St., is recovering at Cherrington hospital today from injuries received when he fell on the ice near the Oil Well Supply Co depot where is employed.

Mr. Marquis suffered head lacerations and a simple skull fracture. He was treated at the office of Dr. H.M. Boocks and was later removed to the hospital.

Jimmy, 11 year old son of Mr and Mrs Raymond Goss, Church street suffered cuts about the head yesterday when he slipped and fell on the ice while on his way to school.

The Logan Daily News (Logan, Ohio) · Tue, Jan 5, 1937 · Page 1

Team Bolts, Man is Hurt

Washington Meldrim, Falls Twp., farmer, was seriously injured this afternoon when a team which he was driving bolted on W. Second St., throwing the wagon against a parked car. Meldrim was catapulted into tthe street.

Meldrim, who lives near Nickle Plate, was removed to Cherrington Hospital where x-rays are being taken. Hospital attaches said that he may have suffered a hip fracture.

The Logan Daily News (Logan, Ohio) · Wed, Jan 6, 1937 · Page 1


Drive of Runaway Team Receives Treatment At Hospital

X-ray pictures taken at Cherrington Hospital yesterday afternoon showed that Washington Meldrim, 69, farmer living near Nickle Plate School, suffered a badly fractured right hip yesterday afternoon when he was thrown from a wagon by a runaway team.

The accident occurred on Second St. just east of Gallagher Ave, at about 2:30 yesterday afternoon. The horses had gotten out of control and had run several blocks before the wagon tongue broke, throwing the wagon against a parked car and pitching Meldrim over the front of the wagon to the brick pavement.

The horses were held fast at the point of the accident, entangled in their harness. The car was only slightly damaged, one fender being badly dented.

Meldrim is a brother of J.M. Meldrim, well-known local feed dealer and member of Logan city Council.

The Logan Daily News (Logan, Ohio) · Tue, Dec 3, 1935 · Page 6


Mrs. C.W. Scheide, Sr., 156 E. Second St., suffered a badly crushed right arm yesterday morning when the member became entangled in an electric wringer. The injury was treated at the office of Dr. H.M. Boocks.

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